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Map /7

Imprintชื่อTierUpgrade MapBossTags
§Carcass Map(Carcass Map) 14Maze of the Minotaur MapAmalgam of Nightmares
\Palace Map(Palace Map) 14Basilica MapGod's Chosen
The Hallowed Husk
®Dark Forest Map(Dark Forest Map) 14Reef MapThe Cursed King
»Basilica Map(Basilica Map) 14Forge of the Phoenix MapKonley, the Unrepentant
Sunken City Map(Sunken City Map) 14Lair of the Hydra MapArmala, the Widow
ðTerrace Map(Terrace Map) 14Colosseum MapVarhesh, Shimmering Aberration
fCourthouse Map(Courthouse Map) 14Haunted Mansion MapBolt Brownfur, Earth Churner
Thena Moga, the Crimson Storm
Ion Darkshroud, the Hungering Blade