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แผนที่ /10

zPier Map(Pier Map) 3Ancient Architect
!Arachnid Tomb Map(Arachnid Tomb Map) 3Hybrid Widow
KAshen Wood Map(Ashen Wood Map) 3Lord of the Ashen Arrow
[Mausoleum Map(Mausoleum Map) 3Tolman, the Exhumer
1Relic Chambers Map(Relic Chambers Map) 3Litanius, the Black Prayer
GLeyline Map(Leyline Map) 3Mirage of Bones
?Flooded Mine Map(Flooded Mine Map) 3The Eroding One
cArid Lake Map(Arid Lake Map) 3Drought-Maddened Rhoa
bPen Map(Pen Map) 3Arwyn, the Houndmaster
Arwyn, the Houndmaster
Arwyn, the Houndmaster
ËWharf Map(Wharf Map) 3Stone of the Currents