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Map /14

¿Death and Taxes(Death and Taxes) Avatar of Apocalypse
°Necropolis Map(Necropolis Map) 6Burtok, Conjurer of Bones
ÔActon's Nightmare(Acton's Nightmare) Rose
¾Overgrown Shrine Map(Overgrown Shrine Map) 6Maligaro the Mutilator
×Pit Map(Pit Map) 6Olof, Son of the Headsman
ÂPrimordial Pool Map(Primordial Pool Map) 6Nightmare's Omen
,Lair Map(Lair Map) 6Lycius, Midnight's Howl
ÙHall of Grandmasters(Hall of Grandmasters)
;Promenade Map(Promenade Map) 6Blackguard Avenger
Blackguard Tempest
)Vault Map(Vault Map) 6Guardian of the Vault
ŸSepulchre Map(Sepulchre Map) 6Doedre the Defiler
Doedre the Defiler
"Geode Map(Geode Map) 6Avatar of Undoing
TResidence Map(Residence Map) 6Excellis Aurafix
EBurial Chambers Map(Burial Chambers Map) 6Witch of the Cauldron