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¿Death and Taxes(Death and Taxes) Avatar of Apocalypse
# Shock and Horror
°Necropolis Map(Necropolis Map) 7Burtok, Conjurer of Bones
³Villa Map(Villa Map) 7The High Templar
ÎFactory Map(Factory Map) 7Pesquin, the Mad Baron
ÃSpider Forest Map(Spider Forest Map) 7Enticer of Rot
_Waste Pool Map(Waste Pool Map) 7Portentia, the Foul
YBazaar Map(Bazaar Map) 7Ancient Sculptor
qUnderground Sea Map(Underground Sea Map) 7Merveil, the Reflection
Merveil, the Returned
RAncient City Map(Ancient City Map) 7Legius Garhall
6Conservatory Map(Conservatory Map) 7The Forgotten Soldier
The Perandus Manor(The Perandus Manor) Platinia, Servant of Prospero
Auriot, Prospero's Furnace Guardian
Rhodion, Servant of Prospero
Osmea, Servant of Prospero
Pallias, Servant of Prospero
Argient, Servant of Prospero
Rheniot, Servant of Prospero
OChateau Map(Chateau Map) 7Hephaeus, The Hammer
ePort Map(Port Map) 7Unravelling Horror
Unravelling Horror
Unravelling Horror
Unravelling Horror
Unravelling Horror