Eyes of the Greatwolf

Eyes of the Greatwolf
Greatwolf Talisman
Requires Level 52
Implicit Modifier magnitudes are doubled
(Implicit Modifiers are those that come from an item's type, rather than its random properties)
I am but a vessel for a greater force.
It acts through me. Speaks through me.
Decides what lives and dies through me.
And will change the world through me.
「Talisman」League Specific
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Release Version2.1.0
BaseTypeGreatwolf Talisman
Divination CardMawr Blaidd

Implicit Modifier magnitudes are doubled

DomainsItem (1)
GenerationTypeUnique (3)
Req. level65 (Effective: 52)
  • local_implicit_stat_magnitude_+% Min: 100 Max: 100 Local