Active Skill Gems Gem /330
Attack Melee Strike Slam Warcry Spell Arcane Brand Orb Nova Channelling Physical Fire Cold Lightning Chaos Bow Projectile Chaining Prismatic Minion Mine Trap Totem Golem Aura Herald Stance Guard Movement Travel Blink Curse Hex Mark AoE Vaal Duration Trigger Critical Link
VaalCleaveVaal Cleave (1)
Attack, AoE, Physical, Vaal, Duration, Melee
VaalMoltenStrikeVaal Molten Strike (1)
Attack, Projectile, AoE, Melee, Strike, Fire, Chaining, Vaal
VaalSmiteVaal Smite (1)
Lightning, Attack, AoE, Duration, Melee, Strike, Aura, Vaal
BloodSandSpearsSkillGemPerforate (1)
Physical, Attack, AoE, Slam, Melee
CleaveCleave (1)
Attack, AoE, Physical, Melee
GlacialHammerGlacial Hammer (1)
Attack, Melee, Strike, Cold
GroundslamGround Slam (1)
Attack, AoE, Slam, Melee
HeavyStrikeHeavy Strike (1)
Attack, Melee, Strike
MoltenStrikeMolten Strike (1)
Attack, Projectile, AoE, Melee, Strike, Fire
ShieldCrushShield Crush (1)
Attack, AoE, Physical, Melee
SmiteGemSmite (1)
Lightning, Attack, AoE, Duration, Melee, Strike, Aura
VaalGlacialHammerVaal Glacial Hammer (1)
Attack, Melee, Strike, Duration, AoE, Vaal, Cold
VaalGroundslamVaal Ground Slam (1)
Attack, AoE, Vaal, Slam, Melee
VaalRejuvinationTotemVaal Rejuvenation Totem (4)
Totem, Aura, Spell, AoE, Vaal
AncestorTotemAncestral Protector (4)
Attack, Totem, Melee, Strike
BloodSandStanceGemBlood and Sand (4)
Spell, Stance
DecoyTotemDecoy Totem (4)
Totem, Spell, AoE
DevouringTotemDevouring Totem (4)
Totem, Spell
FlameTotemHoly Flame Totem (4)
Totem, Spell, Projectile, Fire, Channelling, Physical
MoltenShellMolten Shell (4)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Fire, Physical, Guard
QuickGuardGemSteelskin (4)
Spell, Duration, Guard
RejuvinationTotemRejuvenation Totem (4)
Totem, Aura, Spell, AoE
RepulseReckoning (4)
Trigger, Attack, AoE, Physical, Melee
VaalMoltenShellVaal Molten Shell (4)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Fire, Physical, Vaal, Guard
VigilantStrikeGemVigilant Strike (4)
Attack, Melee, Strike
WarbannerWar Banner (4)
AoE, Spell, Duration, Aura, Physical
EnduringCryEnduring Cry (10)
Warcry, AoE, Duration
IntimidatingCryIntimidating Cry (10)
Warcry, AoE, Duration, Physical
LeapSlamLeap Slam (10)
Attack, AoE, Movement, Travel, Slam, Melee
ShieldChargeShield Charge (10)
Attack, AoE, Movement, Travel, Physical, Melee
VitalityVitality (10)
Aura, Spell, AoE
VaalAbsolutionBlastGemVaal Absolution (12)
Spell, Minion, Duration, Physical, Lightning, Vaal, AoE
VaalVolcanicFissureSkillGemVaal Volcanic Fissure (12)
Melee, Attack, Projectile, AoE, Slam, Fire, Vaal
VolcanicFissureSkillGemVolcanic Fissure (12)
Melee, Attack, Projectile, AoE, Slam, Fire
AbsolutionBlastGemAbsolution (12)
Spell, Minion, Duration, Physical, Lightning, AoE
BloodTendrilsSkillGemExsanguinate (12)
Spell, Chaining, Physical, Duration
ChainStrikeGemChain Hook (12)
Attack, AoE, Movement, Melee
InfernalBlowInfernal Blow (12)
Attack, AoE, Melee, Strike, Fire, Duration
SearingBondSearing Bond (12)
Spell, Totem, Fire
ShockwaveSlamSunder (12)
Attack, AoE, Slam, Melee
SpikeSlamGemEarthshatter (12)
Attack, AoE, Slam, Duration, Melee
SweepSweep (12)
Attack, AoE, Physical, Melee
StaticGemStatic Strike (12)
Attack, Melee, Strike, AoE, Duration, Lightning, Chaining
AncestralCryAncestral Cry (16)
Warcry, AoE, Duration
ArmourandEvasionBannerDefiance Banner (16)
AoE, Spell, Duration, Aura, Physical
BloodSandArmourGemFlesh and Stone (16)
Spell, Aura, AoE, Stance
CorruptedBloodStreamCorrupting Fever (16)
Spell, Duration, Physical
HeraldOfLight%20GemHerald of Purity (16)
Spell, Herald, Minion, Duration, Physical
HeraldofAshHerald of Ash (16)
Spell, AoE, Fire, Herald, Duration
SeismicCrySkillGemSeismic Cry (16)
Warcry, AoE, Duration
WarlordsMarkWarlord's Mark (16)
Spell, Curse, Mark
AngerAnger (24)
Aura, Spell, AoE, Fire
DeterminationDetermination (24)
Aura, Spell, AoE, Physical
DivineCryGemBattlemage's Cry (24)
Warcry, Critical, Trigger, AoE, Duration
DreadBannerDread Banner (24)
AoE, Spell, Duration, Aura, Physical
FireResistAuraPurity of Fire (24)
Aura, Spell, AoE, Fire
GeneralsCryGeneral's Cry (24)
Warcry, AoE, Duration
InfernalCryInfernal Cry (24)
Warcry, AoE, Duration, Fire, Attack, Trigger, Melee
PetrifiedBloodGemPetrified Blood (24)
PrideAuraGemPride (24)
Spell, AoE, Aura, Physical
PunishmentPunishment (24)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Curse, Hex
RallyingCrySkillGemRallying Cry (24)
Warcry, AoE, Duration
VaalFireResistAuraVaal Impurity of Fire (24)
Aura, Spell, AoE, Duration, Vaal, Fire
VengeanceVengeance (24)
Trigger, Attack, AoE, Physical, Melee
VulnerabilityVulnerability (24)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Curse, Physical, Hex
VaalBloodreapGemVaal Reap (28)
Spell, Physical, AoE, Duration, Vaal
VaalDominatingBlowVaal Domination (28)
Spell, Minion, Duration, Vaal, Attack, Melee, Strike
AnimateArmourAnimate Guardian (28)
Spell, Minion, Physical
BoneshatterSkillGemBoneshatter (28)
Attack, Melee, Strike, AoE, Duration, Physical
BloodreapGemReap (28)
Spell, Physical, AoE, Duration
BladestormGemBladestorm (28)
Attack, AoE, Duration, Melee
DominatingBlowDominating Blow (28)
Attack, Minion, Duration, Melee, Strike
HolyPathGemConsecrated Path (28)
Fire, Attack, AoE, Movement, Duration, Slam, Melee
IceCrashGemIce Crash (28)
Attack, AoE, Cold, Slam, Melee
QuakeSlamEarthquake (28)
Attack, AoE, Duration, Slam, Melee
RageVortexRage Vortex (28)
Attack, AoE, Duration, Melee
ShockwaveTotemShockwave Totem (28)
Totem, Spell, AoE, Physical, Nova
SlamTotemGemAncestral Warchief (28)
Attack, Totem, AoE, Slam, Melee
SlamTotemGemVaalVaal Ancestral Warchief (28)
Attack, Totem, AoE, Vaal, Melee, Slam
TectonicSlamTectonic Slam (28)
Fire, Attack, AoE, Slam, Melee
VaalQuakeSlamVaal Earthquake (28)
Attack, AoE, Duration, Vaal, Slam, Melee
FrozenLegionSkillGemFrozen Legion (34)
Spell, Cold, Attack, AoE, Melee
BeserkGemBerserk (34)
BlockLinkGemProtective Link (34)
Spell, Duration, Link
FireElementalSummonSummon Flame Golem (34)
Fire, Minion, Spell, Golem
FlameLinkGemFlame Link (34)
Spell, Duration, Link, Fire
ImmortalCallImmortal Call (34)
Spell, Duration, Guard
RockGolemSummon Stone Golem (34)
Minion, Spell, Golem, Physical
VaalImmortalCallVaal Immortal Call (34)
Spell, Duration, Vaal, Guard
VaalIceShotVaal Ice Shot (1)
Attack, Projectile, AoE, Cold, Vaal, Duration, Bow
VaalPoisonArrowVaal Caustic Arrow (1)
Attack, Projectile, AoE, Duration, Chaos, Vaal, Bow
VaalSplitArrowVaal Split Arrow (1)
Attack, Projectile, Physical, Vaal, Bow
BurningArrowBurning Arrow (1)
Attack, Projectile, Fire, Bow
CobraLashCobra Lash (1)
Critical, Attack, Projectile, Chaos
DoubleStrikeDouble Strike (1)
Attack, Melee, Strike, Physical
DualStrikeDual Strike (1)
Critical, Attack, Melee, Strike
EtherealKnivesEthereal Knives (1)
Spell, Projectile, Physical, Duration
GhostlyThrowSpectral Throw (1)
Attack, Projectile
IceShotIce Shot (1)
Attack, Projectile, AoE, Cold, Bow
IceStrikeFrost Blades (1)
Attack, Projectile, Melee, Strike, Cold
ImpactingSteelGemSplitting Steel (1)
Attack, Projectile, AoE, Physical
PoisonArrowCaustic Arrow (1)
Attack, Projectile, AoE, Duration, Chaos, Bow
ShrapnelShotGalvanic Arrow (1)
Lightning, Attack, Projectile, AoE, Bow
ShrapnelTrapExplosive Trap (1)
Trap, Spell, AoE, Fire, Physical
SplitArrowSplit Arrow (1)
Attack, Projectile, Physical, Bow
VaalBurningArrowVaal Burning Arrow (1)
Attack, Projectile, AoE, Vaal, Fire, Bow
VaalGhostlyThrowVaal Spectral Throw (1)
Attack, Projectile, Vaal
VaalDoubleStrikeVaal Double Strike (1)
Attack, Melee, Strike, Duration, Vaal, Physical
ViperStrikeViper Strike (1)
Attack, Duration, Melee, Strike, Chaos
VaalAnimateWeaponVaal Animate Weapon (4)
Duration, Minion, Spell, Vaal, Physical
AnimateWeaponAnimate Weapon (4)
Duration, Minion, Spell, Physical
BearTrapBear Trap (4)
Trap, Spell, Duration, Physical
DetonateDeadDetonate Dead (4)
Spell, AoE, Fire
ProjectileWeaknessSniper's Mark (4)
Spell, Curse, Mark
PuncturePuncture (4)
Attack, Projectile, Duration, Melee, Strike, Physical, Bow
QuickDashGemDash (4)
Spell, Movement, Travel, Blink
RiposteRiposte (4)
Trigger, Attack, Melee, Strike, Physical
ShotgunTotemBowSkillGemShrapnel Ballista (4)
Attack, Projectile, Totem, Physical, Bow
VaalDetonateDeadVaal Detonate Dead (4)
Spell, AoE, Vaal, Fire
DexterityGemSnipe (5)
Attack, Projectile, Bow
VaalFlickerStrikeVaal Flicker Strike (10)
Attack, Melee, Strike, Movement, Vaal, Duration
AccuracyandCriticalChanceAuraPrecision (10)
Aura, Critical, Spell, AoE
BoneLanceUnearth (10)
Spell, Projectile, AoE, Physical
BlinkArrowBlink Arrow (10)
Attack, Minion, Duration, Movement, Travel, Bow
FlickerStrikeFlicker Strike (10)
Attack, Melee, Strike, Movement, Duration
MirrorArrowMirror Arrow (10)
Attack, Minion, Duration, Movement, Travel, Bow
SmokeBombSmoke Mine (10)
Mine, Spell, AoE, Duration, Movement, Travel, Blink
WhirlingBladesWhirling Blades (10)
Attack, Movement, Travel, Melee
WitheringStepGemWithering Step (10)
Travel, AoE, Chaos, Movement, Blink, Spell, Duration
VaalLightningArrowVaal Lightning Arrow (12)
Attack, AoE, Projectile, Lightning, Vaal, Bow
VaalSnappingAdderVaal Venom Gyre (12)
Attack, Projectile, Chaos, Duration, Vaal
BarrageBarrage (12)
Attack, Projectile, Bow
BladeTrapSkillGemBlade Trap (12)
Trap, Attack, AoE
CrossBowTotemGemSiege Ballista (12)
Attack, Projectile, Totem, Bow
DoubleSlashLacerate (12)
Attack, AoE, Physical, Melee
ElementalhitElemental Hit (12)
Attack, Projectile, Melee, Strike, Fire, Cold, Lightning, AoE, Prismatic, Bow
FireTrapFire Trap (12)
Trap, Spell, Duration, AoE, Fire
LightningArrowLightning Arrow (12)
Attack, AoE, Projectile, Lightning, Bow
LightningStrikeLightning Strike (12)
Attack, Projectile, Melee, Strike, Lightning
PoisonousConcoctionPoisonous Concoction (12)
Attack, AoE, Chaos, Projectile
RainofArrowsRain of Arrows (12)
Attack, AoE, Projectile, Bow
RainofSporesGemToxic Rain (12)
Attack, AoE, Chaos, Duration, Projectile, Bow
ReaveReave (12)
Attack, AoE, Melee
ShatteringSteelShattering Steel (12)
Attack, Projectile, AoE, Physical
SnappingAdderVenom Gyre (12)
Attack, Projectile, Chaos, Duration
SpectralSpiralGemSpectral Helix (12)
Attack, Projectile
SpinningEtherealBladesGemBlade Vortex (12)
Critical, Spell, AoE, Duration, Physical
VaalLightningStrikeVaal Lightning Strike (12)
Attack, Melee, Strike, Duration, Vaal, Lightning, Projectile
VaalSpinningEtherealBladesGemVaal Blade Vortex (12)
Critical, Spell, AoE, Duration, Vaal, Physical
VaalRainofArrowsVaal Rain of Arrows (12)
Attack, AoE, Projectile, Vaal, Bow
VaalReaveVaal Reave (12)
Attack, AoE, Vaal, Melee
VolatileDeadVolatile Dead (12)
Spell, AoE, Fire
VaalIceShieldVaal Arctic Armour (16)
Spell, Duration, Cold, Vaal
BloodRageBlood Rage (16)
Spell, Duration, Physical
BladeBurstBlade Blast (16)
Spell, AoE, Physical
DesecrateDesecrate (16)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Chaos
EnsnaringArrowEnsnaring Arrow (16)
Attack, Projectile, AoE, Bow
FrenzyFrenzy (16)
Attack, Projectile, Melee, Strike, Bow
HeraldOfAgonyGemHerald of Agony (16)
Spell, Herald, Minion, Chaos, Physical
HeraldofIceHerald of Ice (16)
Spell, AoE, Cold, Herald
IceShieldArctic Armour (16)
Spell, Duration, Cold
PoachersMarkPoacher's Mark (16)
Physical, Spell, Curse, Mark
AlchemistsMarkSkillGemAlchemist's Mark (24)
Spell, Curse, Mark, AoE, Duration, Fire, Chaos
ColdResistAuraPurity of Ice (24)
Aura, Spell, AoE, Cold
GraceGrace (24)
Aura, Spell, AoE
HasteHaste (24)
Aura, Spell, AoE
HatredHatred (24)
Aura, Spell, AoE, Cold
PlagueBearerGemPlague Bearer (24)
Spell, Chaos, AoE
TemporalChainsTemporal Chains (24)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Curse, Hex
VaalColdResistAuraVaal Impurity of Ice (24)
Aura, Spell, AoE, Duration, Vaal, Cold
VaalGraceVaal Grace (24)
Aura, Spell, AoE, Duration, Vaal
VaalHasteVaal Haste (24)
Aura, Spell, AoE, Duration, Vaal
VaalBladeFlurryVaal Blade Flurry (28)
Attack, AoE, Channelling, Physical, Vaal, Melee
BlastRainGemBlast Rain (28)
Fire, Attack, AoE, Projectile, Bow
ChargedAttackBlade Flurry (28)
Attack, AoE, Channelling, Physical, Melee
ChargedDashGemCharged Dash (28)
Movement, AoE, Channelling, Attack, Lightning, Melee
CorpseEruptionCremation (28)
Spell, AoE, Fire, Duration, Projectile
CycloneCyclone (28)
Attack, AoE, Movement, Channelling, Physical, Melee
ElementalStrikeWild Strike (28)
Attack, Melee, Strike, Lightning, Cold, Fire, Projectile, AoE, Chaining, Prismatic
ExplosiveArrowExplosive Arrow (28)
Attack, Projectile, AoE, Duration, Fire, Bow
ExplosiveFlaskSkillGemExplosive Concoction (28)
Attack, AoE, Fire, Cold, Lightning, Projectile
FlamethrowerTrapFlamethrower Trap (28)
Trap, Spell, Duration, AoE, Fire
IceTrapRuneIce Trap (28)
Trap, Spell, AoE, Cold
LancingSteelLancing Steel (28)
Attack, Projectile, Physical
MambaStrikePestilent Strike (28)
Attack, Melee, Strike, AoE, Duration, Chaos
MortarTotemBowSkillGemArtillery Ballista (28)
Attack, Totem, AoE, Fire, Projectile, Bow
PrismaticRainStorm Rain (28)
Attack, AoE, Lightning, Projectile, Bow
RainOfBladesBladefall (28)
Critical, Spell, AoE, Physical, Duration
SubterraneanTrapSeismic Trap (28)
Trap, Spell, Duration, AoE, Physical
Thrown%20ShieldSpectral Shield Throw (28)
Attack, Projectile, Physical
TornadoShotTornado Shot (28)
Attack, Projectile, Bow
VaalCycloneVaal Cyclone (28)
Attack, AoE, Duration, Vaal, Melee, Movement, Channelling, Physical
VirulentArrowScourge Arrow (28)
Attack, Projectile, Channelling, Chaos, Bow
SniperSkillGemSnipe (34)
Attack, Projectile, Channelling, Physical, Bow
AmbushSkillGemAmbush (34)
Critical, Spell, Movement, Duration, Travel
ChronomancerTemporal Rift (34)
IceElementalSummonSummon Ice Golem (34)
Critical, Cold, Minion, Spell, Golem
LeechLinkGemVampiric Link (34)
Spell, Duration, Link
PhaseRunPhase Run (34)
Spell, Duration, Movement, Physical, Travel
TornadoGemTornado (34)
Spell, Duration, Physical, AoE, Orb
TriggerLinkGemIntuitive Link (34)
Trigger, Spell, Duration, Link
BlightGemBlight (1)
Spell, Chaos, AoE, Channelling, Duration
FireMortarRolling Magma (1)
Spell, AoE, Fire, Projectile, Chaining
FireballFireball (1)
Projectile, Spell, AoE, Fire
FrostBoltFrostbolt (1)
Spell, Projectile, Cold
FreezingPulseFreezing Pulse (1)
Spell, Projectile, Cold
LightningExplosionMineSkillGemStormblast Mine (1)
Mine, Spell, AoE, Lightning, Aura, Nova
LighteningTouchLightning Tendrils (1)
Spell, AoE, Lightning, Channelling
PurifyingFlamePurifying Flame (1)
Fire, Spell, AoE, Duration, Physical
RaiseZombieRaise Zombie (1)
Spell, Minion
SparkSpark (1)
Spell, Projectile, Duration, Lightning
VaalBlightGemVaal Blight (1)
Spell, Chaos, AoE, Duration, Vaal, Nova, Channelling
VaalFireballVaal Fireball (1)
Projectile, Spell, AoE, Vaal, Fire
VaalSparkVaal Spark (1)
Spell, Projectile, Duration, Vaal, Lightning
ZigZagWandSkillKinetic Bolt (1)
Attack, Projectile
ContagionGemContagion (4)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Chaos
ConversionTrapConversion Trap (4)
Trap, Spell, Duration
FirewallFlame Wall (4)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Fire
FrostBombFrost Bomb (4)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Cold, Orb
FrostWallFrost Wall (4)
Spell, Duration, Cold
FrostblinkSkillGemFrostblink (4)
Spell, Movement, Duration, Cold, Travel, Blink, AoE
HolyRelicSummon Holy Relic (4)
Minion, Spell
StormCloudGemOrb of Storms (4)
Lightning, Spell, AoE, Chaining, Orb
SummonElementalSummon Raging Spirit (4)
Spell, Minion, Duration, Fire
CorpseWarpBodyswap (10)
Movement, Spell, AoE, Fire, Travel
ClarityClarity (10)
Aura, Spell, AoE
FlameDashFlame Dash (10)
Spell, Movement, Duration, Fire, Travel, Blink
IceSiphonSiphoning Trap (10)
Trap, Spell, Duration, AoE, Cold
LightningWarpLightning Warp (10)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Movement, Lightning, Travel
SummonSkeletonsSummon Skeletons (10)
Spell, Minion, Duration
VaalClarityVaal Clarity (10)
Aura, Spell, AoE, Duration, Vaal
VaalLightningWarpVaal Lightning Warp (10)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Vaal, Lightning, Movement, Travel
VaalSummonSkeletonsVaal Summon Skeletons (10)
Spell, Minion, Duration, Vaal
WitherGemWither (10)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Chaos, Channelling
ArcArc (12)
Spell, Chaining, Lightning
ArcticBreathCreeping Frost (12)
Spell, Projectile, Duration, AoE, Cold
BoneOfferingBone Offering (12)
Minion, Spell, Duration
ConduitSigilStorm Brand (12)
Lightning, Spell, AoE, Chaining, Duration, Brand
ColdProjectileMineSkillGemIcicle Mine (12)
Mine, Critical, Spell, Projectile, Cold, Aura, AoE
EmberBlazing Salvo (12)
Spell, AoE, Fire, Projectile
FireBeamScorching Ray (12)
Spell, Fire, Duration, Channelling
FlamethrowerIncinerate (12)
Spell, Fire, Channelling, AoE
FlamewhipFlame Surge (12)
Spell, AoE, Fire, Duration
FleshOfferingFlesh Offering (12)
Minion, Spell, Duration
IceNovaIce Nova (12)
Spell, AoE, Cold, Nova
IceSpearIce Spear (12)
Critical, Spell, Projectile, Cold
LightningTrapLightning Trap (12)
Trap, Critical, Spell, Projectile, Lightning
ManaVoidGemManabond (12)
Spell, AoE, Lightning, Arcane
PowerSiphonPower Siphon (12)
Critical, Attack, Projectile
SiphonGemEssence Drain (12)
Spell, Projectile, Duration, Chaos, AoE
SpiritOfferingSpirit Offering (12)
Minion, Spell, Duration
StormBurstStorm Burst (12)
AoE, Spell, Lightning, Channelling, Duration, Physical
StormcallStorm Call (12)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Lightning
VaalArcVaal Arc (12)
Spell, Chaining, Vaal, Lightning, Duration
VaalIceNovaVaal Ice Nova (12)
Spell, AoE, Vaal, Cold, Nova
VaalLightningTrapVaal Lightning Trap (12)
Trap, Critical, Spell, Projectile, Duration, Vaal, Lightning
VaalStormcallVaal Storm Call (12)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Vaal, Lightning
VaalPowerSiphonVaal Power Siphon (12)
Critical, Attack, Projectile, Vaal
VoidburstSkillGemVoltaxic Burst (12)
Spell, AoE, Chaos, Lightning, Nova, Duration
WintertideBrandGemWintertide Brand (12)
Spell, AoE, Cold, Duration, Brand
AssassinsMarkAssassin's Mark (16)
Critical, Spell, Curse, Mark
ArcaneCloakArcane Cloak (16)
Spell, Duration, Guard, Lightning, Arcane
ColdSnapCold Snap (16)
Spell, AoE, Cold, Duration
GalvanicFieldSkillGemGalvanic Field (16)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Lightning, Chaining, Orb
HeraldofThunderHerald of Thunder (16)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Lightning, Herald
PurgeWave of Conviction (16)
Fire, Lightning, Spell, AoE, Duration, Physical
RecallSigilBrand Recall (16)
Brand, Spell
RighteousFireRighteous Fire (16)
Spell, AoE, Fire
SkitterbotSkillGemSummon Skitterbots (16)
Trap, Mine, Spell, Minion, Cold, Lightning, AoE, Aura
SoulfeastGemForbidden Rite (16)
Spell, AoE, Chaos, Projectile
TempestShieldTempest Shield (16)
Spell, Lightning, Chaining
VaalColdSnapVaal Cold Snap (16)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Vaal, Cold
VaalRighteousFireVaal Righteous Fire (16)
Spell, AoE, Fire, Vaal, Duration
ConvocationConvocation (24)
Minion, Spell, Duration
ConductivityConductivity (24)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Lightning, Curse, Hex
DarkRitualGemBane (24)
Chaos, Trigger, Spell, AoE, Duration, Hex
DeliriumGemMalevolence (24)
Aura, Spell, AoE
DespairDespair (24)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Chaos, Curse, Hex
DisciplineDiscipline (24)
Aura, Spell, AoE
ElementalWeaknessElemental Weakness (24)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Curse, Hex
EnfeebleEnfeeble (24)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Curse, Hex
FlammabilityFlammability (24)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Fire, Curse, Hex
FrostBiteFrostbite (24)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Cold, Curse, Hex
LightningResistAuraPurity of Lightning (24)
Aura, Spell, AoE, Lightning
PurityPurity of Elements (24)
Aura, Spell, AoE
SpellDamageGemZealotry (24)
Aura, Critical, Spell, AoE
SpellslingerSpellslinger (24)
Trigger, Spell
StormBladeGemEnergy Blade (24)
Spell, Lightning
VaalDisciplineVaal Discipline (24)
Aura, Spell, AoE, Duration, Vaal
VaalLightningResistAuraVaal Impurity of Lightning (24)
Aura, Spell, AoE, Duration, Vaal, Lightning
WrathWrath (24)
Aura, Spell, AoE, Lightning
VaalFirestormVaal Firestorm (28)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Fire, Vaal
ArmageddonBrandArmageddon Brand (28)
Spell, AoE, Fire, Duration, Brand
BallLightningBall Lightning (28)
Spell, Projectile, AoE, Lightning
ChargedBlastFlameblast (28)
Spell, AoE, Fire, Channelling
ClusterBurstKinetic Blast (28)
Attack, Projectile, AoE
DischargeDischarge (28)
Spell, AoE, Fire, Cold, Lightning, Nova
DisentegrateGemCrackling Lance (28)
Spell, AoE, Lightning
DivineTempestDivine Ire (28)
Lightning, Spell, AoE, Channelling, Physical
DoomBlastSkillGemHexblast (28)
Spell, AoE, Chaos, Hex
EnergyReleaseSkillGemLightning Conduit (28)
Spell, AoE, Lightning
FireMortarBarrageMineSkillGemPyroclast Mine (28)
Mine, Spell, Projectile, Fire, AoE, Aura, Nova
FirestormFirestorm (28)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Fire
FrozenSphereSkillGemEye of Winter (28)
Spell, Projectile, Cold
FrostFuryWinter Orb (28)
Cold, Spell, Channelling, AoE, Duration, Projectile, Orb
FrostVortexVortex (28)
Spell, AoE, Cold, Duration, Nova
LightningSpireLightning Spire Trap (28)
Trap, Critical, Spell, Duration, AoE, Lightning
PenanceBrandGemPenance Brand (28)
Spell, AoE, Physical, Lightning, Duration, Brand
RaiseSpectreRaise Spectre (28)
Spell, Minion
SkeletalChainsDark Pact (28)
Minion, Spell, AoE, Chaining, Chaos, Nova
ShockNovaShock Nova (28)
Spell, AoE, Lightning, Nova
SoulrendSoulrend (28)
Chaos, Spell, AoE, Duration, Projectile
StormbindSkillGemStormbind (28)
Spell, AoE, Channelling, Lightning, Duration, Arcane
SummonReaperSkillGemSummon Reaper (28)
Physical, Minion, Spell
UpheavalGlacial Cascade (28)
Spell, AoE, Cold, Physical
VaalChargedBlastVaal Flameblast (28)
Spell, AoE, Vaal, Fire, Channelling
BlackHoleVoid Sphere (34)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Physical, Chaos, Orb
ChaosElementalSummonSummon Chaos Golem (34)
Chaos, Minion, Spell, Golem
CircleofPowerSkillGemSigil of Power (34)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Lightning, Arcane
CriticalLinkGemDestructive Link (34)
Critical, Spell, Duration, Link
FrostGlobeFrost Shield (34)
Critical, Spell, AoE, Duration, Cold
HydrosphereHydrosphere (34)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Cold, Orb, Lightning, Physical
LightningGolemSummon Lightning Golem (34)
Lightning, Minion, Spell, Golem
SoulLinkGemSoul Link (34)
Spell, Duration, Link
SummonCarrionGolemGemSummon Carrion Golem (34)
Physical, Minion, Spell, Golem
ArcanistBrandGemArcanist Brand (38)
Trigger, Spell, Duration, Brand
QuickStepGemQuickstep (1)
Spell, Movement, Travel, Blink
DetonateMinesDetonate Mines (8)
Mine, Spell
PortalPortal (10)
VaalBreachPortalVaal Breach (10)
Spell, Vaal
Active Skill Gems Summary /330 ⍟
IconNameLevelCritical Strike ChanceEffectiveness of Added DamageCast Time
VaalBreachPortalVaal Breach100.00%100%2.50
DetonateMinesDetonate Mines80.00%100%0.00
LeapSlamLeap Slam100.00%150%1.40
GroundslamGround Slam10.00%188%1.00
VaalGroundslamVaal Ground Slam10.00%375%1.00
ShieldChargeShield Charge100.00%100%1.00
EnduringCryEnduring Cry100.00%100%0.80
ImmortalCallImmortal Call340.00%100%0.00
VaalImmortalCallVaal Immortal Call340.00%100%0.00
InfernalBlowInfernal Blow120.00%166%1.00
GlacialHammerGlacial Hammer10.00%269%1.00
VaalGlacialHammerVaal Glacial Hammer10.00%250%1.00
WarlordsMarkWarlord's Mark160.00%100%0.50
HeavyStrikeHeavy Strike10.00%313%1.00
DominatingBlowDominating Blow280.00%238%1.00
MoltenShellMolten Shell40.00%100%0.00
VaalMoltenShellVaal Molten Shell40.00%100%0.00
ShockwaveTotemShockwave Totem285.00%110%0.60
RejuvinationTotemRejuvenation Totem40.00%100%0.60
DecoyTotemDecoy Totem40.00%100%1.00
DevouringTotemDevouring Totem40.00%100%1.00
FlameTotemHoly Flame Totem45.00%35%0.25
SearingBondSearing Bond120.00%100%1.00
AnimateArmourAnimate Guardian280.00%100%0.60
FireResistAuraPurity of Fire240.00%100%0.00
VaalFireResistAuraVaal Impurity of Fire240.00%100%0.00
MoltenStrikeMolten Strike10.00%185%1.00
HeraldofAshHerald of Ash160.00%100%0.00
HeraldOfLight%20GemHerald of Purity160.00%100%0.00
StaticGemStatic Strike120.00%188%1.00
FireElementalSummonSummon Flame Golem340.00%100%1.00
IceCrashGemIce Crash280.00%350%1.00
RallyingCrySkillGemRallying Cry240.00%100%0.80
InfernalCryInfernal Cry240.00%100%0.80
VigilantStrikeGemVigilant Strike40.00%350%1.00
RockGolemSummon Stone Golem340.00%100%1.00
AncestorTotemAncestral Protector40.00%180%1.00
SlamTotemGemAncestral Warchief280.00%166%1.00
TectonicSlamTectonic Slam280.00%275%1.00
VaalQuakeSlamVaal Earthquake280.00%106%1.00
SlamTotemGemVaalVaal Ancestral Warchief280.00%154%1.00
HolyPathGemConsecrated Path280.00%230%1.00
WarbannerWar Banner40.00%100%0.00
DreadBannerDread Banner240.00%100%0.00
BloodSandStanceGemBlood and Sand40.00%100%0.00
ChainStrikeGemChain Hook120.00%169%1.00
BloodSandArmourGemFlesh and Stone160.00%100%0.00
IntimidatingCryIntimidating Cry100.00%100%0.80
SeismicCrySkillGemSeismic Cry160.00%100%0.80
AncestralCryAncestral Cry160.00%100%0.80
GeneralsCryGeneral's Cry240.00%100%0.80
CorruptedBloodStreamCorrupting Fever160.00%100%0.00
PetrifiedBloodGemPetrified Blood240.00%100%0.00
ArmourandEvasionBannerDefiance Banner160.00%100%0.00
RageVortexRage Vortex280.00%62%1.00
DivineCryGemBattlemage's Cry240.00%100%0.80
ShieldCrushShield Crush10.00%100%1.00
FlameLinkGemFlame Link340.00%100%0.50
BlockLinkGemProtective Link340.00%100%0.50
VolcanicFissureSkillGemVolcanic Fissure120.00%185%1.00
VaalVolcanicFissureSkillGemVaal Volcanic Fissure120.00%220%1.00
FrozenLegionSkillGemFrozen Legion390.00%100%0.70
VaalCleaveVaal Cleave10.00%400%1.00
VaalMoltenStrikeVaal Molten Strike10.00%110%1.00
VaalSmiteVaal Smite10.00%430%1.00
VaalBloodreapGemVaal Reap286.00%420%0.80
VaalAbsolutionBlastGemVaal Absolution120.00%100%0.50
VaalDominatingBlowVaal Domination280.00%100%0.50
VaalRejuvinationTotemVaal Rejuvenation Totem40.00%100%0.10
ChargedDashGemCharged Dash280.00%121%1.00
ChargedAttackBlade Flurry280.00%49%1.00
DoubleStrikeDouble Strike10.00%140%1.00
VaalDoubleStrikeVaal Double Strike10.00%41%1.00
ElementalhitElemental Hit120.00%100%1.00
DualStrikeDual Strike10.00%244%1.00
WhirlingBladesWhirling Blades100.00%150%2.60
DetonateDeadDetonate Dead46.00%160%0.60
VaalDetonateDeadVaal Detonate Dead45.00%200%0.60
VolatileDeadVolatile Dead125.00%170%0.80
SplitArrowSplit Arrow10.00%119%1.00
PoisonArrowCaustic Arrow10.00%64%1.00
BloodRageBlood Rage160.00%100%0.00
FlickerStrikeFlicker Strike100.00%210%1.00
VaalFlickerStrikeVaal Flicker Strike100.00%210%1.00
ViperStrikeViper Strike10.00%154%1.00
PhaseRunPhase Run340.00%100%0.00
ExplosiveArrowExplosive Arrow280.00%100%1.00
TemporalChainsTemporal Chains240.00%100%0.50
ProjectileWeaknessSniper's Mark40.00%100%0.50
RainofArrowsRain of Arrows120.00%60%1.00
VaalRainofArrowsVaal Rain of Arrows120.00%100%1.00
LightningStrikeLightning Strike120.00%225%1.00
VaalLightningStrikeVaal Lightning Strike120.00%163%1.00
LightningArrowLightning Arrow120.00%154%1.00
VaalHasteVaal Haste240.00%100%0.00
VaalGraceVaal Grace240.00%100%0.00
BurningArrowBurning Arrow10.00%300%1.00
VaalBurningArrowVaal Burning Arrow10.00%400%1.00
BearTrapBear Trap46.00%260%1.00
FireTrapFire Trap126.00%260%1.00
EtherealKnivesEthereal Knives16.00%220%0.60
IceShotIce Shot10.00%174%1.00
IceShieldArctic Armour160.00%100%0.00
VaalIceShieldVaal Arctic Armour160.00%100%1.00
VaalCycloneVaal Cyclone280.00%109%1.00
VaalReaveVaal Reave120.00%350%1.00
SmokeBombSmoke Mine100.00%100%0.50
Thrown%20ShieldSpectral Shield Throw280.00%100%1.00
GhostlyThrowSpectral Throw10.00%125%1.00
VaalGhostlyThrowVaal Spectral Throw10.00%110%1.00
AnimateWeaponAnimate Weapon40.00%100%0.60
ColdResistAuraPurity of Ice240.00%100%0.00
VaalColdResistAuraVaal Impurity of Ice240.00%100%0.00
TornadoShotTornado Shot280.00%120%1.00
HeraldofIceHerald of Ice160.00%80%0.00
HeraldOfAgonyGemHerald of Agony160.00%100%0.00
PoachersMarkPoacher's Mark160.00%100%0.50
BlinkArrowBlink Arrow100.00%100%1.00
MirrorArrowMirror Arrow100.00%100%1.00
IceElementalSummonSummon Ice Golem340.00%100%1.00
IceStrikeFrost Blades10.00%225%1.00
ElementalStrikeWild Strike280.00%231%1.00
IceTrapRuneIce Trap285.00%290%1.00
BlastRainGemBlast Rain280.00%36%1.00
ShrapnelShotGalvanic Arrow10.00%99%1.00
SpinningEtherealBladesGemBlade Vortex126.00%30%0.50
VaalSpinningEtherealBladesGemVaal Blade Vortex126.00%60%0.80
CrossBowTotemGemSiege Ballista120.00%145%1.00
ShrapnelTrapExplosive Trap16.00%100%1.00
FlamethrowerTrapFlamethrower Trap285.00%30%1.00
SubterraneanTrapSeismic Trap285.00%190%1.00
VirulentArrowScourge Arrow280.00%40%1.00
RainofSporesGemToxic Rain120.00%73%1.00
LancingSteelLancing Steel280.00%106%1.00
ShatteringSteelShattering Steel120.00%159%1.00
CobraLashCobra Lash10.00%125%1.00
WitheringStepGemWithering Step100.00%100%0.00
PlagueBearerGemPlague Bearer240.00%100%0.00
MambaStrikePestilent Strike280.00%160%1.00
SnappingAdderVenom Gyre120.00%165%1.00
ShotgunTotemBowSkillGemShrapnel Ballista40.00%44%1.00
EnsnaringArrowEnsnaring Arrow160.00%175%1.00
MortarTotemBowSkillGemArtillery Ballista280.00%65%1.00
BladeBurstBlade Blast166.00%70%0.50
ImpactingSteelGemSplitting Steel10.00%210%1.00
SpectralSpiralGemSpectral Helix120.00%150%1.00
BladeTrapSkillGemBlade Trap120.00%96%1.00
PrismaticRainStorm Rain280.00%58%1.00
ExplosiveFlaskSkillGemExplosive Concoction280.00%100%1.00
PoisonousConcoctionPoisonous Concoction120.00%100%1.00
ChronomancerTemporal Rift340.00%100%0.25
LeechLinkGemVampiric Link340.00%100%0.50
TriggerLinkGemIntuitive Link340.00%100%0.50
AlchemistsMarkSkillGemAlchemist's Mark240.00%100%0.50
VaalPoisonArrowVaal Caustic Arrow10.00%400%1.00
VaalSnappingAdderVaal Venom Gyre120.00%165%1.00
VaalBladeFlurryVaal Blade Flurry280.00%343%1.00
VaalAnimateWeaponVaal Animate Weapon40.00%100%0.60
VaalLightningArrowVaal Lightning Arrow120.00%78%1.00
VaalIceShotVaal Ice Shot10.00%87%1.00
VaalSplitArrowVaal Split Arrow10.00%190%1.00
VaalFireballVaal Fireball16.00%240%0.75
IceNovaIce Nova126.00%190%0.70
VaalIceNovaVaal Ice Nova126.00%120%0.70
ColdSnapCold Snap166.00%320%0.85
VaalColdSnapVaal Cold Snap166.00%350%0.85
RaiseZombieRaise Zombie10.00%100%0.85
RighteousFireRighteous Fire160.00%100%0.00
VaalRighteousFireVaal Righteous Fire160.00%100%0.00
VaalSparkVaal Spark15.00%40%0.65
IceSpearIce Spear127.00%130%0.70
RaiseSpectreRaise Spectre280.00%100%0.85
FrostWallFrost Wall40.00%100%0.50
FreezingPulseFreezing Pulse16.00%330%0.65
ShockNovaShock Nova286.00%190%0.70
ElementalWeaknessElemental Weakness240.00%100%0.50
AssassinsMarkAssassin's Mark160.00%100%0.50
LightningWarpLightning Warp105.00%90%0.70
VaalLightningWarpVaal Lightning Warp105.00%50%1.00
SummonSkeletonsSummon Skeletons100.00%100%0.50
VaalSummonSkeletonsVaal Summon Skeletons100.00%100%0.80
TempestShieldTempest Shield166.00%220%0.00
PowerSiphonPower Siphon120.00%159%1.00
VaalPowerSiphonVaal Power Siphon120.00%184%1.00
PurityPurity of Elements240.00%100%0.00
VaalDisciplineVaal Discipline240.00%100%0.00
VaalClarityVaal Clarity100.00%100%0.00
ColdProjectileMineSkillGemIcicle Mine126.00%110%0.75
ConversionTrapConversion Trap40.00%100%1.00
ArcticBreathCreeping Frost126.00%120%0.60
VaalArcVaal Arc125.00%180%0.70
StormBurstStorm Burst126.00%35%0.25
LightningTrapLightning Trap126.00%240%1.00
VaalLightningTrapVaal Lightning Trap126.00%250%1.00
LightningResistAuraPurity of Lightning240.00%100%0.00
VaalLightningResistAuraVaal Impurity of Lightning240.00%100%0.00
StormcallStorm Call126.00%250%0.50
VaalStormcallVaal Storm Call126.00%130%0.50
VaalChargedBlastVaal Flameblast285.00%60%0.50
BallLightningBall Lightning285.00%60%0.70
SummonElementalSummon Raging Spirit40.00%100%0.50
FlamewhipFlame Surge126.00%190%0.50
FleshOfferingFlesh Offering120.00%100%1.00
BoneOfferingBone Offering120.00%100%1.00
SpiritOfferingSpirit Offering120.00%100%1.00
UpheavalGlacial Cascade285.00%65%0.60
FireMortarBarrageMineSkillGemPyroclast Mine285.50%80%0.18
HeraldofThunderHerald of Thunder160.00%100%0.00
LighteningTouchLightning Tendrils16.00%130%0.23
ClusterBurstKinetic Blast280.00%155%1.00
ChaosElementalSummonSummon Chaos Golem340.00%100%1.00
LightningGolemSummon Lightning Golem340.00%100%1.00
FlameDashFlame Dash106.00%140%0.80
FireMortarRolling Magma15.00%280%0.70
FrostBombFrost Bomb46.00%310%0.50
StormCloudGemOrb of Storms45.00%110%0.50
SiphonGemEssence Drain125.00%90%0.70
SkeletalChainsDark Pact285.00%100%0.50
FireBeamScorching Ray120.00%100%0.25
IceSiphonSiphoning Trap100.00%100%1.00
LightningSpireLightning Spire Trap286.00%85%1.00
VaalBlightGemVaal Blight10.00%100%0.60
HolyRelicSummon Holy Relic40.00%100%1.00
FrostFuryWinter Orb286.00%60%0.25
ConduitSigilStorm Brand126.00%30%0.75
ArmageddonBrandArmageddon Brand285.00%200%0.40
RecallSigilBrand Recall160.00%100%0.00
PurifyingFlamePurifying Flame15.50%300%0.70
PurgeWave of Conviction166.00%330%0.70
DivineTempestDivine Ire286.00%45%0.22
SummonCarrionGolemGemSummon Carrion Golem340.00%100%1.00
LightningExplosionMineSkillGemStormblast Mine16.00%110%0.75
SkitterbotSkillGemSummon Skitterbots160.00%100%0.00
ArcaneCloakArcane Cloak160.00%100%0.00
ZigZagWandSkillKinetic Bolt10.00%175%1.00
ArcanistBrandGemArcanist Brand380.00%100%0.80
PenanceBrandGemPenance Brand286.00%40%0.75
WintertideBrandGemWintertide Brand120.00%100%0.70
EmberBlazing Salvo126.00%60%0.70
BlackHoleVoid Sphere345.00%75%0.60
DisentegrateGemCrackling Lance286.00%165%0.65
FrostGlobeFrost Shield340.00%100%0.50
CircleofPowerSkillGemSigil of Power340.00%100%0.50
FirewallFlame Wall40.00%100%0.50
VoidburstSkillGemVoltaxic Burst126.50%230%0.50
SoulfeastGemForbidden Rite166.00%110%0.75
SummonReaperSkillGemSummon Reaper280.00%100%0.60
FrozenSphereSkillGemEye of Winter286.00%55%0.80
StormBladeGemEnergy Blade240.00%100%1.00
SoulLinkGemSoul Link340.00%100%0.50
CriticalLinkGemDestructive Link340.00%100%0.50
EnergyReleaseSkillGemLightning Conduit286.00%140%0.50
GalvanicFieldSkillGemGalvanic Field166.00%100%0.50
VaalFirestormVaal Firestorm286.00%760%0.75

Community Wiki


Active Skill Gems

Active skill gems, or known as skill gems are an item class which grants active skills to the characters by placing them into an item socket. Similar to Support Skill Gemss active skill gems can gain experience and level up increasing both their attribute and level requirement as well as the effect of the stats granted by the skill.

Active skill gems can be further augmented by placing appropriate Support Skill Gemss into a linked socket.

Active skill gems have gem tags which are used to categorize them, but note that gem tags are not intended to indicate whether an active skill gem can be supported by other skill gems or whether specific stats (or modifiers) apply.

In term of item mod and passive skill, such as the mod +2 to Level of all Minion Skill Gems from Unnatural Strength, the "skill gem" refers to Active skill gem only. Support skill gems are refers as "support gems" in passive skill and item mods, such as Catarina, Master of Undeath's +# to Level of Socketed Support Gems.

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