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Tangmazu /7 ⍟

Tangmazu /7 ⍟

Fractal Thoughts"The more the warrior understood Tangmazu's gift, the less the mask aided him.
His dreams were filled with divine laughter."
- Tenth Song of the Islands
PerfidyThe Trickster God turned the very Day and Night against each other.
What hope have you?
Algor MortisTangmazuarmourgloves.png
Beacon of MadnessTangmazuarmourboots.png
SinOnLunarisOriginOne of two sisters who ruled the most populous and powerful of the ancient Azmerian tribes. Solaris, was thought to guide the sun across the sky with threads of shimmering gold, whilst Lunaris saw to the wax and wane of moon with a sickle of purest silver.

It was a peaceful partnership, until the trickster, Tangmazu, happened upon their domain. In turning sister against sister he saw to the massacre of thousands whilst concealing the source of their futile feud beyond all reckoning.

Feel no pity for the moon. She is a cold and distant fool, far less radiant than she would suppose.
Strange Voice /168 ⍟

Strange Voice /168 ⍟

AreaText AudioAudio
The Torched CourtsFarewell Innocence, and hello, my agent of anarchy. It appears I've returned just in time for the party...
The Karui FortressTukohama is expecting you... Don't keep him waiting.
Monster: Tukohama, Karui God of War
The RidgeNew paths lead to new nightmares.
The Lower PrisonAre you any more free than the bones trapped down here? Or are you caught in a prison of a different kind?
Shavronne's TowerClimb to great heights, only to leap... You feel the temptation, do you not?
Prisoner's GateThe Soul Drinker... Abberath awaits...
Monster: Abberath, the Cloven One
The Western ForestThe Puppet Mistress is calling your name...
The RiverwaysCan you hear it, Exile? Madness approaches.
The WetlandsLife would be so much simpler if you accepted Ryslatha's offer...
Monster: Ryslatha, the Puppet Mistress
The Southern ForestSalt on the wind... The river sours. The King has returned.
The Cavern of AngerAre you being led into a trap?
The Ruined SquareI know you can hear me, exile. You're not mad... not yet...
The BeaconHe calls to you from beyond the horizon...
The Brine King's ReefThe Lord of Salt and Sea shall set you free... Well, your soul anyway.
Monster: Tsoagoth, The Brine King
The Broken BridgeAll these rotten rattlers were brought down by your hand. Will they return the favour?
The CrossroadsIt was madness which strangled this place. You can feel it, can't you?
The Fellshrine RuinsLook what faith does. Ignore not this lesson.
The CryptNoplace better to hide your heresy than right beneath the bishop's nose...
The Chamber of Sins Level 1Skill bound by logic built this grim sanctuary. Madness tore it down.
Maligaro's SanctumSuch magnificent talent. And you wish to ruin it...
The Chamber of Sins Level 2Deeper still, Exile. Deeper still.
The DenThe walls are closing in...
The OssuaryWhat magnificent monuments to mortal absurdity. Yet it is somehow... aspirational.
The Ashen FieldsRalakesh... My brother has been busy, hasn't he...
Monster: Greust, Lord of the Forest
The Northern ForestCan you feel it? Despair, thick as cloth.
The Dread ThicketGruthkul got a lot less fun after, you know, all her children died. Not my fault.
Monster: Gruthkul, Mother of Despair
The CausewayGreat works require a touch of insanity.
The Vaal CityAn entire civilization caught in a blood-hungry frenzy. What a delight it was to witness.
The Temple of Decay Level 1The Mother of Shadows makes herself known.
The Temple of Decay Level 2Nice of you to help rid Sin of his former lover. I'd have told him exactly where he could put such a request.
Monster: Arakaali, Spinner of Shadows
The Sarn RampartsWhat were such large walls trying to keep out? Or... keep in...?
The Toxic ConduitsTake a deep breath, Exile. That is the smell of civilised society.
Doedre's CesspoolWhy do mortals insist on burying all the fun things?
The ReliquaryIf only you knew what this place truly hides...
The QuayMy greatest regret is not being there to witness the bedlam that led to the state of this city.
The Grain GateRun through your tunnels, ugly little rat! Pick up your scraps! Beware of the cat!
The Imperial FieldsThis looks like a lovely spot to lay down and die, Exile.
The Solaris Temple Level 1Oh, this brings back memories. Solaris was not so gaudy when I knew her.
The Solaris Temple Level 2They used to be so close, you know... The Celestial Sisters.
The Solaris ConcourseSuch grand monuments built to honour a petty hot-head.
The Grand PromenadeParade your victories, hide your defeats. Mortals are so insecure.
The Bath HouseThat little creep is near. How exciting.
The High GardensYugul, the silver terror. Now we shall see what you're made of, Exile.
Monster: Yugul, Reflection of Terror
The Lunaris ConcourseI'd not have wasted so much stone on these sisters.
The Cathedral RooftopFlames and madness. I'm so glad I didn't miss the fun.
The Lunaris Temple Level 1Lunaris was always the moody one.
The Lunaris Temple Level 2It wasn't hard to turn them against each other. A little nudge here and there. That's all it took.
The Harbour BridgeYou wish to fight the very skies themselves. Win or lose, this will be a pleasure to see.
Monster: Lunaris, Eternal Moon, Solaris, Eternal Sun
The Blood AqueductTake a sip. What's the worst that could happen?
The DescentYou're quite the slaughterer. Should I be wary of you?
The Vastiri DesertSavour the sand that stings your face. It is a reminder that I still let you live.
The FoothillsYou cannot slay gods. Gods are immortal. Do you question what you are told?
The OasisSin is sending you to slay his daughter now, too? You'd think he would be more upset...
Monster: Shakari, Queen of the Sands
The Boiling LakeWhy do you believe Sin can be trusted?
The TunnelIt was Sin's creation that brought about Wraeclast's ruin. We are simply here to restore it.
The Twilight StrandOne person's beginning is another's end. I wonder what your end will begin...
The QuarryGarukhan nests near. What I wouldn't give to relive the halcyon days of ancient Keth, when we kept mortals in their rightful place.
Monster: Garukhan, Queen of the Winds
The RefineryTechnology is a poor substitute for power.
The Belly of the BeastI will not miss this thing's strangling slumber.
The Rotting CoreThe smell is bad, but the tenants are worse...
The Cathedral RooftopOnce more into the bleeding heart of fury and depravity.
The Ravaged SquareYou seek to end the madness, yet you were its herald. It was you who allowed Kitava's return.
The Control BlocksFaith is born in the strangest of places.
The ReliquarySuch fine trinkets show their true value in times of crisis.
The Torched CourtsOrder is ephemeral. Chaos is the natural state of things.
The Desecrated ChambersNothing shatters sanity quite like blind faith.
The CoastDeath still crashes upon the sands. But who are these new inhabitants?
The OssuaryHow deep do the dead dwell? How many will stand atop your own bones?
The CanalsKitava will welcome you with open jaws.
The Feeding TroughYou walk through the corridors of madness and into the mouth of death itself. I do believe you have finally lost your mind.
Monster: Kitava, the Insatiable
The Tidal IslandFeel compelled to stride beneath the waves? Perhaps you should.
The Mud FlatsThe God of War has reshaped this region. He's always been... unimaginative.
DeliriumVoiceBoss1-Can't keep still...? Neither can he...
DeliriumVoiceBoss2-Do you hear it? Your misery manifest now seeks you out.
DeliriumVoiceBoss3-Panic builds within you. You can feel it hunting you, can't you?
DeliriumVoiceBoss4-Your eyes do not deceive you. That demon has come for your head.
DeliriumVoiceBoss5-I wonder... what horrid visions will this being bring?
DeliriumVoiceBoss6-Not dead yet? You'll soon wish you were...
DeliriumVoiceBoss7-Have you met my friend? He is so eager to meet you...
DeliriumVoiceBoss8-It seems we have a visitor. Why don't you welcome them?
DeliriumVoiceEventEightTime is an illusion.
DeliriumVoiceEventElevenYour actions serve no one.
DeliriumVoiceEventFiveYou are completely alone.
DeliriumVoiceEventFourFear controls you.
DeliriumVoiceEventNineThis world is an illusion.
DeliriumVoiceEventOneSomeone wants you dead...
DeliriumVoiceEventSevenNo one will remember you.
DeliriumVoiceEventSixGuilt is weighing you down.
DeliriumVoiceEventTenYour greed will be your downfall.
DeliriumVoiceEventThirteenRich and poor alike are destined to rot.
DeliriumVoiceEventThreeYou are being followed...
DeliriumVoiceEventTwelveYou are your own worst enemy.
DeliriumVoiceEventTwoAnd the rivers ran red with the blood of innocents...
DeliriumVoiceQuestState1-Pleased with yourself? Feel all high and mighty, o powerful 'Godslayer?'
DeliriumVoiceQuestState2-With all the gods dead, I suppose I should turn my full attention to you. We shall see how far you can be pushed.
DeliriumVoiceRandom10They are plotting against you.
DeliriumVoiceRandom11You are the only one who matters.
DeliriumVoiceRandom12You are greater than a god. Untouchable.
DeliriumVoiceRandom13You have already done this before. You are caught in a loop.
DeliriumVoiceRandom14Your life will leave no trace.
DeliriumVoiceRandom15You will die alone and afraid.
DeliriumVoiceRandom16Everything you have done has only made things worse.
DeliriumVoiceRandom17You will be remembered as a traitor and a tyrant.
DeliriumVoiceRandom18You are the cause of great misery.
DeliriumVoiceRandom19You have fabricated your entire memory.
DeliriumVoiceRandom2What will be the straw that finally breaks you? I will find it.
DeliriumVoiceRandom20You are being controlled by greater forces.
DeliriumVoiceRandom21Nothing you have done was real.
DeliriumVoiceRandom22Your life has been one long lie.
DeliriumVoiceRandom23They are using you. Everyone is simply using you.
DeliriumVoiceRandom24You will never get that which you seek.
DeliriumVoiceRandom25They are getting closer. They will find you and they will destroy you.
DeliriumVoiceRandom26They know all your secrets. Nothing is hidden from their view.
DeliriumVoiceRandom27You have experienced no real pain. That will soon change.
DeliriumVoiceRandom28All suffering in this world stems from your actions.
DeliriumVoiceRandom29Feeling OK...? You're looking a little pale, Exile...
DeliriumVoiceRandom3I will never stop searching for that which sends you spiralling into the abyss.
DeliriumVoiceRandom30Ohh, the weary traveler draws close to the end of its life!
DeliriumVoiceRandom31Still alive, exile? For now...
DeliriumVoiceRandom32You are rotting from the inside out.
DeliriumVoiceRandom33Everyone you trust has been replaced by illusions. They are trying to get you.
DeliriumVoiceRandom34My lord, you are murdering innocent souls!
DeliriumVoiceRandom35Time is a veil. You exist in the singular eternity.
DeliriumVoiceRandom36You can never die. Why don't you test it...?
DeliriumVoiceRandom37The face that stares back in the mirror is a stranger.
DeliriumVoiceRandom38Why don't you lay down your weapons and talk it over...?
DeliriumVoiceRandom39You are destined to bring ruin to all you touch.
DeliriumVoiceRandom4You cannot stop death.
DeliriumVoiceRandom40They will all abandon you when they learn the truth.
DeliriumVoiceRandom41You will be captured, stupid beast.
DeliriumVoiceRandom42You are just another stumbling corpse.
DeliriumVoiceRandom43You are lost in the middle of the jungle.
DeliriumVoiceRandom44The unrighteous will be turned to ash.
DeliriumVoiceRandom45Still sane, exile?
DeliriumVoiceRandom46They are watching you from beyond this world. Can you feel them?
DeliriumVoiceRandom47They will turn you into red milk.
DeliriumVoiceRandom48No one knows your name. No one but me.
DeliriumVoiceRandom49You will never know my name.
DeliriumVoiceRandom5Your life will end, and you will be forgotten.
DeliriumVoiceRandom50You are free to explore this vast world, yet here you are doing the bidding of others.
DeliriumVoiceRandom51Warriors far greater than you ever will be are long forgotten.
DeliriumVoiceRandom52You can't leave this dream.
DeliriumVoiceRandom53You will never escape this nightmare.
DeliriumVoiceRandom54This is your eternity.
DeliriumVoiceRandom55True strength comes from within, and I know for a fact you are empty.
DeliriumVoiceRandom56Everyone you have slain had a life, had a family. Your turn will come one day.
DeliriumVoiceRandom57You destroy that which you cannot control.
DeliriumVoiceRandom58Are you the hunter or are you the prey?
DeliriumVoiceRandom59Stupid dog, you are chasing your own tail.
DeliriumVoiceRandom6This is all in your head.
DeliriumVoiceRandom60They've come to you to die. You are their mercy.
DeliriumVoiceRandom61Are you the fisherman or are you the bait?
DeliriumVoiceRandom7This is all an illusion.
DeliriumVoiceRandom8Nothing you do will be remembered.
DeliriumVoiceRandom9They {are} out to get you.
DeliriumVoiceRandomRandomYour tolerance of the intolerable is admirable.
DeliriumVoiceSimulacrum1-Remember this ramshackle place? A second home... And yet, something seems off, does it not?
DeliriumVoiceSimulacrum10-I will break you.
DeliriumVoiceSimulacrum11-I will not be made the fool!
DeliriumVoiceSimulacrum12-So be it. Keep your precious sanity, my agent of chaos. You shall serve me, whether you like it or not. I'm not going anywhere...
DeliriumVoiceSimulacrum2-You've stood against so many horrors and survived. I think it is time to at last test your limits.
DeliriumVoiceSimulacrum3-This is only the beginning.
DeliriumVoiceSimulacrum4-Let yourself be drawn into the mire!
DeliriumVoiceSimulacrum5-Are you trying to cleanse yourself of me?
DeliriumVoiceSimulacrum6-You can't get rid of me, Exile. I am you.
DeliriumVoiceSimulacrum7-Nothing you do matters. The dream will end, and the dreamer will pass into the next world.
DeliriumVoiceSimulacrum8-Do you not wonder what tugs at the strings of fate? What stands astride the abyss and beckons you to fall?
DeliriumVoiceSimulacrum9-Believe me, you will fall, Exile.