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Prophecy Perandus Rampage
The Pantheon Fossil Catalysts Delirium Orb Scarab Breachstone Emblem Timeless Jewel Divination Card
Support Skill Gems Gem /178

Support Skill Gems Gem /178

AoE Arcane Attack Aura Bow Brand Chaining Channelling Chaos Cold Duration Fire Hex Lightning Melee Mine Minion Movement Physical Projectile Slam Spell Strike Support Totem Trap Trigger Warcry
AddedFireDamageAdded Fire Damage Support (8)
Fire, Physical, Support
ReducedManaCostInspiration Support (31)
KnockbackKnockback Support (8)
LifeLeechLife Leech Support (31)
StunStun Support (8)
IncreasedPhysicalDamageMelee Physical Damage Support (18)
Melee, Physical, Support, Attack
IncreasedDurationIncreased Duration Support (31)
Support, Duration
ColdtoFireCold to Fire Support (18)
Cold, Fire, Support
WeaponElementalDamageElemental Damage with Attacks Support (18)
Attack, Support
BloodlustBloodlust Support (18)
Attack, Physical, Support, Melee
LifeonHitLife Gain on Hit Support (8)
Attack, Support
BloodMagicArrogance Support (31)
Aura, Support
IronGripIron Grip Support (18)
Projectile, Physical, Support
IronWillIron Will Support (18)
Spell, Support
MeleeDamageonFullLifeDamage on Full Life Support (18)
Attack, Support
TotemSpell Totem Support (8)
Support, Spell, Totem
RangedAttackTotemBallista Totem Support (8)
Bow, Projectile, Support, Totem
FirePenetrationFire Penetration Support (31)
Fire, Support
multipleattacksMultistrike Support (38)
Attack, Melee, Support
SplashMelee Splash Support (8)
Support, Melee, Attack, Strike, AoE
IncreasedBurnDurationBurning Damage Support (31)
Fire, Support
CastOnMeleeKillCast on Melee Kill Support (38)
Support, Melee, Attack, Spell, Trigger
EmpowerEmpower Support (1)
EnduranceChargeStunEndurance Charge on Melee Stun Support (18)
Support, Melee, Attack
ReduceDurationLess Duration Support (31)
Support, Duration
CastOnDmgTakenCast when Damage Taken Support (38)
Support, Spell, Trigger
GenerositySupportGenerosity Support (31)
Support, Aura
FortifyGemFortify Support (31)
Attack, Support, Melee
ChanceToBleedChance to Bleed Support (1)
Attack, Physical, Support
MaimMaim Support (8)
Attack, Physical, Support
BrutalityBrutality Support (38)
Physical, Support
RuthlessRuthless Support (1)
Slam, Support, Melee, Attack, Strike
MirageStrikeAncestral Call Support (4)
Support, Melee, Attack, Strike
MultipleTotemsMultiple Totems Support (38)
Totem, Support
ShockwaveShockwave Support (18)
Support, Melee, Attack, AoE
PulverizePulverise Support (31)
AoE, Support, Melee, Attack
RageSupportRage Support (18)
Support, Melee, Attack
AddedFireDamagePlusAwakened Added Fire Damage Support (72)
Fire, Physical, Support
MirageStrikePlusAwakened Ancestral Call Support (72)
Support, Melee, Attack, Strike
BrutalityPlusAwakened Brutality Support (72)
Physical, Support
IncreasedBurnDurationPlusAwakened Burning Damage Support (72)
Fire, Support
FirePenetrationPlusAwakened Fire Penetration Support (72)
Fire, Support
GenerosityPlusAwakened Generosity Support (72)
Support, Aura
IncreasedPhyscialDamagePlusAwakened Melee Physical Damage Support (72)
Melee, Physical, Support, Attack
SplashPlusAwakened Melee Splash Support (72)
Support, Melee, Attack, Strike, AoE
MultipleAttacksPlusAwakened Multistrike Support (72)
Attack, Melee, Support
FistOfWarGemFist of War Support (38)
Slam, Attack, Melee, AoE, Support
UrgentOrdersSupportUrgent Orders Support (31)
Warcry, Support
BloodPriceSupportGemBloodthirst Support (31)
Attack, Physical, Support
FragilityCruelty Support (18)
Support, Duration
LifeTapLifetap Support (8)
Support, Duration
AncestorSlamTotemEarthbreaker Support (8)
Attack, Melee, Slam, AoE, Support, Totem
ExecutionerSupportGemBehead Support (38)
Support, Melee, Attack, Strike
FasterAttacksFaster Attacks Support (18)
Attack, Support
GreaterMultipleProjectilesGreater Multiple Projectiles Support (38)
Support, Projectile
LesserMultipleProjectilesLesser Multiple Projectiles Support (8)
Support, Projectile
GreaterVolleySupportGreater Volley Support (38)
Support, Projectile
FasterProjectilesFaster Projectiles Support (31)
Support, Projectile
AddedColdDamageAdded Cold Damage Support (8)
Cold, Support
IncreasedAccuracyAdditional Accuracy Support (8)
Attack, Support
ManaLeechMana Leech Support (31)
PiercePierce Support (1)
Support, Projectile
TrapTrap Support (8)
Support, Trap
CullingStrikeCulling Strike Support (18)
PointBlankPoint Blank Support (18)
Projectile, Attack, Support
ChancetoFleeChance to Flee Support (8)
BlindBlind Support (8)
ColdPenetrationCold Penetration Support (31)
Cold, Support
chainChain Support (38)
Support, Chaining, Projectile
ForkFork Support (31)
Support, Projectile
CastOnCritCast On Critical Strike Support (38)
Support, Spell, Trigger
MultiTrapMultiple Traps Support (8)
Support, Trap
SlowerProjectilesSlower Projectiles Support (31)
Support, Projectile
CastOnDeathCast on Death Support (38)
Support, Spell, Trigger
enhanceEnhance Support (1)
RangedPhysicalAttackDamageVicious Projectiles Support (18)
Projectile, Attack, Physical, Chaos, Support
BreakBlockBlock Chance Reduction Support (18)
Support, Duration
FrenzyChargeOnShatterIce Bite Support (31)
Cold, Support
DamageAgainstChilledHypothermia Support (31)
Cold, Support
TrapAndMineDamageTrap and Mine Damage Support (18)
Support, Trap, Mine
PoisonCritical Strike Affliction Support (31)
Chaos, Support
VoidManipulationVoid Manipulation Support (8)
Chaos, Support
SupportRapidDecayGemSwift Affliction Support (31)
Support, Duration
ClusterTrapCluster Traps Support (38)
Trap, Support
TrapCooldownRecoveryAdvanced Traps Support (31)
Trap, Support
LesserPoisonChance to Poison Support (1)
Chaos, Support
DeadlyAilmentsDeadly Ailments Support (18)
VileToxinsVile Toxins Support (38)
OnslaughtOnslaught Support (1)
ParallelProjectileVolley Support (4)
Support, Projectile
MirageArcherMirage Archer Support (4)
Bow, Attack, Support, Duration
PowerFrenzyChargeCharged Traps Support (31)
Support, Trap
WitherGemSupportWithering Touch Support (38)
Chaos, Physical, Attack, Support, Duration
CloseCombatClose Combat Support (18)
Support, Melee, Attack, Duration
impaleImpale Support (31)
Attack, Physical, Support
NightbladeNightblade Support (18)
Attack, Support
TrapMineSupportGemSwift Assembly Support (4)
Support, Trap, Mine
GreenRainSupportGemArrow Nova Support (8)
Bow, Attack, Support, Projectile
GreenBarrageSupportGemBarrage Support (38)
Bow, Attack, Support, Projectile
AddedColdDamagePlusAwakened Added Cold Damage Support (72)
Cold, Support
GreenRainPlusAwakened Arrow Nova Support (72)
Bow, Attack, Support, Projectile
CastOnCritPlusAwakened Cast On Critical Strike Support (72)
Support, Spell, Trigger
ChainPlusAwakened Chain Support (72)
Support, Chaining, Projectile
ColdPenetrationPlusAwakened Cold Penetration Support (72)
Cold, Support
DeadlyAilmentsPlusAwakened Deadly Ailments Support (72)
ForkPlusAwakened Fork Support (72)
Support, Projectile
GreaterMultipleProjectilesPlusAwakened Greater Multiple Projectiles Support (72)
Support, Projectile
SupportRapidDecayPlusAwakened Swift Affliction Support (72)
Support, Duration
VoidManipulationPlusAwakened Void Manipulation Support (72)
Chaos, Support
RangedPhysicalAttackDamagePlusAwakened Vicious Projectiles Support (72)
Projectile, Attack, Physical, Chaos, Support
SecondWindSupportSecond Wind Support (31)
FocussedBallistaSupportFocused Ballista Support (31)
Projectile, Support, Totem
IncreasedAOEIncreased Area of Effect Support (38)
Support, AoE
AddedLightningDamageAdded Lightning Damage Support (8)
Lightning, Support
IncreasedCriticalStrikesIncreased Critical Strikes Support (8)
IncreasedCriticalDamageIncreased Critical Damage Support (18)
AddedChaosDamageAdded Chaos Damage Support (31)
Chaos, Support
IncreasedQualityItem Rarity Support (31)
FasterCastFaster Casting Support (18)
Support, Spell
ConcentratedAOEConcentrated Effect Support (18)
Support, AoE
MinionDamageMinion Damage Support (8)
Support, Minion
ChancetoIgniteCombustion Support (8)
Fire, Support
MinionSpeedMinion Speed Support (18)
Movement, Support, Minion
MinionLifeMinion Life Support (18)
Support, Minion
ElementalProliferationElemental Proliferation Support (1)
Cold, Fire, Lightning, Support, AoE
RemoteMineBlastchain Mine Support (8)
Support, Mine
LightningPenetrationLightning Penetration Support (31)
Lightning, Support
ElementalPenetrationElemental Penetration Support (31)
EchoSpell Echo Support (38)
Spell, Support
PowerChargesPower Charge On Critical Support (18)
SummonsElementalResistsElemental Army Support (31)
Support, Minion
CurseOnHitHextouch Support (38)
Support, Hex, Trigger
CastOnStunCast when Stunned Support (38)
Support, Spell, Trigger
EnlightenEnlighten Support (1)
PhysicalToLightningPhysical to Lightning Support (18)
Lightning, Physical, Support
AurifyBlasphemy Support (31)
Support, Hex, Aura
OnslaughtOnSlayingShockedInnervate Support (31)
Lightning, Support, Duration
ControlledDestructionGemControlled Destruction Support (18)
Spell, Support
ElementalFocusElemental Focus Support (18)
MinefieldMinefield Support (38)
Support, Mine
CastWhileChannelingCast while Channelling Support (38)
Support, Channelling, Spell, Trigger
IgniteProliferationIgnite Proliferation Support (38)
Fire, Support, AoE
DecayDecay Support (38)
Chaos, Support
EfficacyEfficacy Support (8)
Support, Duration
ImmolateImmolate Support (38)
Fire, Support
UnboundAilmentsUnbound Ailments Support (8)
ArcaneSurgeArcane Surge Support (1)
Arcane, Support, Spell, Duration
StormBarrierInfused Channelling Support (4)
Support, Channelling, Duration
SpellCascadeSpell Cascade Support (4)
AoE, Spell, Support
SummonPhantasmSummon Phantasm Support (4)
Support, Minion
IntelligencePowerFrenzyChargeCharged Mines Support (31)
Support, Mine
BoneChillSupportBonechill Support (38)
Cold, Support
EnergyShieldLeechsupportEnergy Leech Support (31)
SpellFocusSupportIntensify Support (31)
AoE, Spell, Support
UnleashSupportUnleash Support (38)
Spell, Support
OffensiveMinionFeeding Frenzy Support (31)
Support, Minion, Duration
MinionFocusFirePredator Support (18)
Support, Minion, Spell, Duration
DefensiveMinionMeat Shield Support (31)
Support, Minion
AltRemoteMineSupportGemHigh-Impact Mine Support (31)
Mine, Support, AoE, Aura
AddedChaosDamagePlusAwakened Added Chaos Damage Support (72)
Chaos, Support
AddedLightningDamagePlusAwakened Added Lightning Damage Support (72)
Lightning, Support
AurifyPlusAwakened Blasphemy Support (72)
Support, Hex, Aura
CastWhileChannelingPlusAwakened Cast While Channelling Support (72)
Support, Channelling, Spell, Trigger
ControlledDestructionPlusAwakened Controlled Destruction Support (72)
Spell, Support
CurseOnHitPlusAwakened Hextouch Support (72)
Support, Hex, Trigger
ElementalFocusPlusAwakened Elemental Focus Support (72)
LightningPenetrationPlusAwakened Lightning Penetration Support (72)
Lightning, Support
MinionDamagePlusAwakened Minion Damage Support (72)
Support, Minion
SpellCascadePlusAwakened Spell Cascade Support (72)
AoE, Spell, Support
EchoPlusAwakened Spell Echo Support (72)
Spell, Support
UnboundAilmentPlusAwakened Unbound Ailments Support (72)
UnleashPlusAwakened Unleash Support (72)
Spell, Support
InfernalLegionSupportGemInfernal Legion Support (8)
Fire, AoE, Support, Minion
ManaweaveSupportGemArchmage Support (31)
Lightning, Arcane, Support, Spell
SwiftbrandSupportGemSwiftbrand Support (31)
Brand, Support
ViciousHexSupportImpending Doom Support (31)
Support, Hex, Spell, AoE, Chaos
ProjectileIntensityPinpoint Support (31)
Support, Projectile, Spell
TrinitySupportGemTrinity Support (18)
Support Skill Gems List /180 ⍟

Support Skill Gems List /180 ⍟

IconSkillNameLevelCost & Reservation MultiplierAdded Tag
!CastOnDmgTakenCast when Damage Taken Support38250%Triggered, SecondWindSupport
!CastOnDeathCast on Death Support380%Triggered
!CastOnStunCast when Stunned Support38100%Triggered, SecondWindSupport
&CastOnMeleeKillCast on Melee Kill Support38140%
&CastOnCritCast On Critical Strike Support38140%
&CastOnCritPlusAwakened Cast On Critical Strike Support72140%
&CurseOnHitHextouch Support38130%
&CurseOnHitPlusAwakened Hextouch Support72130%
+EmpowerEmpower Support1130%
+enhanceEnhance Support1120%
+EnlightenEnlighten Support1100%
-IntelligencePowerFrenzyChargeCharged Mines Support31120%
3multipleattacksMultistrike Support38150%
3MultipleAttacksPlusAwakened Multistrike Support72150%
8SecondWindSupportSecond Wind Support31200%
=ParallelProjectileVolley Support4130%
AMirageStrikeAncestral Call Support4130%
AMirageStrikePlusAwakened Ancestral Call Support72130%
AFasterAttacksFaster Attacks Support18110%
aIncreasedAccuracyAdditional Accuracy Support8110%
AAurifyBlasphemy Support31100%ManaCostReserved, DamageCannotBeReflected, Type27, Aura, AuraDebuff, CanHaveBlessing, SecondWindSupport
aEfficacyEfficacy Support8130%
AAurifyPlusAwakened Blasphemy Support72100%ManaCostReserved, DamageCannotBeReflected, Aura, AuraDebuff, CanHaveBlessing, SecondWindSupport
BBloodMagicArrogance Support31220%
bIncreasedBurnDurationBurning Damage Support31130%
bIncreasedBurnDurationPlusAwakened Burning Damage Support72130%
bPointBlankPoint Blank Support18110%
BBreakBlockBlock Chance Reduction Support18100%Duration
bStormBarrierInfused Channelling Support4130%Duration
BBoneChillSupportBonechill Support38130%
CBloodPriceSupportGemBloodthirst Support31140%
CAddedColdDamageAdded Cold Damage Support8120%
cchainChain Support38150%
CAddedColdDamagePlusAwakened Added Cold Damage Support72120%
cChainPlusAwakened Chain Support72150%
cIncreasedCriticalDamageIncreased Critical Damage Support18130%
CControlledDestructionGemControlled Destruction Support18140%
CControlledDestructionPlusAwakened Controlled Destruction Support72140%
DIncreasedDurationIncreased Duration Support31130%
dReduceDurationLess Duration Support31130%
dRangedPhysicalAttackDamageVicious Projectiles Support18130%
DDamageAgainstChilledHypothermia Support31130%
dRangedPhysicalAttackDamagePlusAwakened Vicious Projectiles Support72130%
dMinionDamageMinion Damage Support8140%
DDecayDecay Support38120%
dMinionDamagePlusAwakened Minion Damage Support72140%
eEnduranceChargeStunEndurance Charge on Melee Stun Support18120%
EChanceToBleedChance to Bleed Support1120%
eVileToxinsVile Toxins Support38130%
EIncreasedAOEIncreased Area of Effect Support38130%
eMinionSpeedMinion Speed Support18120%
EIncreasedAOEPlusAwakened Increased Area of Effect Support72130%
FAddedFireDamageAdded Fire Damage Support8120%
fMeleeDamageonFullLifeDamage on Full Life Support18130%
FAddedFireDamagePlusAwakened Added Fire Damage Support72120%
FPowerFrenzyChargeCharged Traps Support31120%
fFasterCastFaster Casting Support18110%
FElementalFocusElemental Focus Support18130%
FElementalFocusPlusAwakened Elemental Focus Support72130%
GGenerositySupportGenerosity Support31100%
gRageSupportRage Support18130%
GGenerosityPlusAwakened Generosity Support72100%
GGreenRainSupportGemArrow Nova Support8150%
GGreenRainPlusAwakened Arrow Nova Support72150%
GSummonPhantasmSummon Phantasm Support4120%CreatesMinion, CreateMinion
gEnergyShieldLeechsupportEnergy Leech Support31130%
hLifeonHitLife Gain on Hit Support8130%
HExecutionerSupportGemBehead Support38130%
HAddedChaosDamageAdded Chaos Damage Support31120%
hOffensiveMinionFeeding Frenzy Support31120%Duration
hMinionFocusFirePredator Support18130%
HAddedChaosDamagePlusAwakened Added Chaos Damage Support72120%
iIronGripIron Grip Support18110%
iDeadlyAilmentsDeadly Ailments Support18140%
IimpaleImpale Support31130%
iDeadlyAilmentsPlusAwakened Deadly Ailments Support72140%
iChancetoIgniteCombustion Support8130%
IIgniteProliferationIgnite Proliferation Support38130%Area
jFasterProjectilesFaster Projectiles Support31120%
JSlowerProjectilesSlower Projectiles Support31120%
kKnockbackKnockback Support8100%
KFrenzyChargeOnShatterIce Bite Support31120%
kEchoSpell Echo Support38150%
KOnslaughtOnSlayingShockedInnervate Support31120%Duration
kEchoPlusAwakened Spell Echo Support72150%
lLifeLeechLife Leech Support31110%
LBloodlustBloodlust Support18140%
lLesserMultipleProjectilesLesser Multiple Projectiles Support8130%
LClusterTrapCluster Traps Support38140%
LAddedLightningDamageAdded Lightning Damage Support8120%
lElementalPenetrationElemental Penetration Support31130%
LAddedLightningDamagePlusAwakened Added Lightning Damage Support72120%
MIncreasedPhysicalDamageMelee Physical Damage Support18130%
mMaimMaim Support8130%
MIncreasedPhyscialDamagePlusAwakened Melee Physical Damage Support72130%
mManaLeechMana Leech Support31100%
MMirageArcherMirage Archer Support4130%Duration
MMinefieldMinefield Support38140%
mImmolateImmolate Support38120%
nOnslaughtOnslaught Support1110%
NGreenBarrageSupportGemBarrage Support38150%
nMinionLifeMinion Life Support18120%
NArcaneSurgeArcane Surge Support1130%Duration
OFortifyGemFortify Support31130%
oUrgentOrdersSupportUrgent Orders Support31130%
oPoisonCritical Strike Affliction Support31130%
OLesserPoisonChance to Poison Support1120%
oConcentratedAOEConcentrated Effect Support18140%
OInfernalLegionSupportGemInfernal Legion Support8120%CausesBurning
PPulverizePulverise Support31130%
PGreaterMultipleProjectilesGreater Multiple Projectiles Support38150%
pPiercePierce Support1120%
PGreaterMultipleProjectilesPlusAwakened Greater Multiple Projectiles Support72150%
PPowerChargesPower Charge On Critical Support18120%
pSpellCascadeSpell Cascade Support4130%
pSpellCascadePlusAwakened Spell Cascade Support72130%
qUnleashSupportUnleash Support38150%
qUnleashPlusAwakened Unleash Support72150%
rReducedManaCostInspiration Support31120%
RRangedAttackTotemBallista Totem Support8120%SkillCanTrap, SkillCanMine, Totem, ManaCostPercent
rSupportRapidDecayGemSwift Affliction Support31140%
RTrapCooldownRecoveryAdvanced Traps Support31120%
rSupportRapidDecayPlusAwakened Swift Affliction Support72140%
RIncreasedQualityItem Rarity Support31100%
rSummonsElementalResistsElemental Army Support31120%
SSplashMelee Splash Support8130%Area
sShockwaveShockwave Support18140%
SSplashPlusAwakened Melee Splash Support72130%Area
sCloseCombatClose Combat Support18140%Duration, Buff
sIncreasedCriticalStrikesIncreased Critical Strikes Support8120%
SElementalProliferationElemental Proliferation Support1110%Area
tStunStun Support8100%
TTotemSpell Totem Support8200%SkillCanTrap, SkillCanMine, Totem, ManaCostPercent
TLifeTapLifetap Support8300%Duration
TTrapTrap Support8120%Trap, ManaCostPercent
tMultiTrapMultiple Traps Support8140%
TSpellFocusSupportIntensify Support31140%
tSwiftbrandSupportGemSwiftbrand Support31130%
UBrutalityBrutality Support38140%
uRuthlessRuthless Support1120%
UBrutalityPlusAwakened Brutality Support72140%
uNightbladeNightblade Support18140%
UUnboundAilmentsUnbound Ailments Support8120%
UUnboundAilmentPlusAwakened Unbound Ailments Support72120%
VFirePenetrationFire Penetration Support31130%
vMultipleTotemsMultiple Totems Support38140%
VFirePenetrationPlusAwakened Fire Penetration Support72130%
VColdPenetrationCold Penetration Support31130%
vVoidManipulationVoid Manipulation Support8130%
VColdPenetrationPlusAwakened Cold Penetration Support72130%
vVoidManipulationPlusAwakened Void Manipulation Support72130%
VLightningPenetrationLightning Penetration Support31130%
vDefensiveMinionMeat Shield Support31120%
VLightningPenetrationPlusAwakened Lightning Penetration Support72130%
WWeaponElementalDamageElemental Damage with Attacks Support18130%
wIronWillIron Will Support18110%
WWeaponElementalDamagePlusAwakened Elemental Damage with Attacks Support72130%
WTrapAndMineDamageTrap and Mine Damage Support18130%
wWitherGemSupportWithering Touch Support38130%Duration
WCastWhileChannelingCast while Channelling Support38140%
WCastWhileChannelingPlusAwakened Cast While Channelling Support72140%
xColdtoFireCold to Fire Support18120%
XFistOfWarGemFist of War Support38140%
XCullingStrikeCulling Strike Support18110%
xBlindBlind Support8110%
xPhysicalToLightningPhysical to Lightning Support18120%
XViciousHexSupportImpending Doom Support31130%
YFragilityCruelty Support18140%Duration
YForkFork Support31130%
YForkPlusAwakened Fork Support72130%
YRemoteMineBlastchain Mine Support850%Mine, ManaCostReserved
YAltRemoteMineSupportGemHigh-Impact Mine Support3150%Mine, ManaCostReserved, Area, Aura, AuraDebuff
yTrinitySupportGemTrinity Support18140%
zChancetoFleeChance to Flee Support8100%
ZTrapMineSupportGemSwift Assembly Support4110%
^FocussedBallistaSupportFocused Ballista Support31140%
^ManaweaveSupportGemArchmage Support31100%
|AncestorSlamTotemEarthbreaker Support8200%Totem
«ProjectileIntensityPinpoint Support31140%
GreaterVolleySupportGreater Volley Support38150%

Community Wiki

Wiki Edit

Support Skill Gems

Support Skill Gems, more commonly referred to as support gems or just supports are an item class used to augment active skill gems (or known as "skill gem").

They are socketed in the same way as active skill gems, with the difference that they do not give access to another active skill. Instead, they modify any active skill gems in sockets linked to the support gem, while also typically increasing the manaMana cost of the skill. The modifications vary based on both the active skill being altered and the support gem, and certain skill gem - support gem combinations will leave the skill unmodified. For instance a Clarity gem linked with Added Fire Damage Support remains unchanged. Please note that gem tags do not determine the supportability.

Multiple skill gems may be linked to a support gem, in which case it will modify all of the skills, and multiple support gems may be linked to a skill gem, in which case it will be modified by all of them. However, if two copies of a support gem are linked to the same skill, only the higher level gem will be used. If a [[body armour]] contains two copies of a skill gem linked to different sets of support gems, two separate versions of the skill will be available, each with their own modifications. This may be desirable if for instance one version has been modified for single target damage, while another has been modified for area of effect damage. Support Gems add an icon in the form of a coloured letter or symbol to any supported skills' icons on the Skill Bar.

In terms of modifiers, support gems with # gem tag (e.g. fire/minion) DOES NOT benefit from mod such as +1 to Level of all # (e.g. Fire/Minion) Skill Gems, since support [skill] gems is not a [active] skill gem.

Lastly, the "base" Support Skill Gems and Awakened Support Skill Gems are considered the same gem. If socketing Awakened and non-Awakened gems together, only the Awakened gem has effects. This also applies to supporting the active skill with two copies of the same Support Skill Gems. In that case, only the higher level Support Skill Gem has effects.

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