Beyond Demons /17 ⍟

Flesh of BamethDefault Attack
Blood of HaastDefault Attack
Storm Call
Ice Nova
Eye of TzteoshDefault Attack
Righteous Fire
Flame Surge
Hand of Na'emDefault Attack
Tornado Shot
Worshipper of BamethDefault Attack
Flicker Strike
Hound of TzteoshDefault Attack
Holy Flame Totem
Storm Call
Servant of HaastDefault Attack
Storm Call
Mouth of EphijDefault Attack
Lightning Warp
Tzteosh, Hungering FlameFirestorm
Molten Strike
Default Attack
Ephij, Crackling SkyLightning Warp
Lightning Strike
Default Attack
Haast, Unrelenting FrostIce Spear
Vaal Cold Snap
Glacial Cascade
Default Attack
Bameth, Shifting DarknessRaise Zombie
Split Arrow
Smoke Mine
Temporal Chains
Default Attack
Na'em, Bending StoneEnduring Cry
Default Attack
Leap Slam
Abaxoth, the End of All That IsFlicker Strike
Default Attack
Ice Spear
Enduring Cry
Fanatic of EphijStorm Call
Disciple of HaastGlacial Hammer
Creeping Frost
Zealot of TzteoshMolten Strike