Cavas, Forgotten Spirit Audio /76 ⍟

IntroductionAn Exile...? Please, you must help me.

I-... I don't know where I am or how I got here. I don't remember my name... I don't-... I don't remember anything. I suppose for now you can call me... Cavas...

The NexusAll these memories we've collected... When I gaze upon them, I feel as though I'm close to remembering something important. Like there are memories trapped in my mind but I just can't quite reach them.

Oh. Oh dear. Oh DEAR! I've remembered something! Exile, it is time we go to the Nexus.

Lost MemoryI... I think this was a memory of mine. It has been corrupted, but I indeed recall fragments... A sunny day at the beach when I was but a boy. I remember the warm sand between my toes. I chose a seashell to bring home... A happy day.

But... I do not remember taking the shell home. I do not remember home at all. So much is yet missing... Wait! I remember seeing another of these memories. Where was it? Oh dear. I don't remember...

I'll take this with me. I might remember if I take it with me. I hope we run into each other again soon.

Memory FragmentsEven shattered as I am, I know that memories floating around like this is not... normal. I believe something terrible has happened to me.

What if other men fall victim? What if mothers forget their children? What if... what if the children are left alone and scared to fend for themselves in a world of nightmare... Exile, can you fathom the horror?

Cavas' PastI remember nothing at all, save the flash of the sun on my mortal skin in a dream. I was a living man. I know I was. Ask me again when we have retrieved further memories, and I shall hopefully have more to tell you.

Cavas' PastI was... a good man! I fought for God. I remember saying so. That symbol... the Descry... it stirs my half-remembered blood to think of it. I wanted to do good things. Important things. Can you imagine finding the truth of oneself on the wrong side of morality? I have thought long on this fearful notion... but now I know, exile, and that relieves me. I am no longer afraid to recover more of my memories.

Cavas' PastI'm certain now that I was a Templar. Yes, I remember watching their mighty parades through Oriath Square as a child, and I can still feel that sense of satisfaction the day I truly donned the mantle. All of the pain and sacrifice was worth it, to do good, to protect mankind... to protect the children...

Cavas' PastI was a Templar, yes, but now I remember that I secretly despised them. I understood that they were a diseased organization prone to brutal oppression. Friend, was I exiled as well? I cannot imagine my resentment would have gone over well with my superiors. Maybe I kept my thoughts to myself and lived a life of quiet desperation, but I feel like I was the kind of man to act.

So what did I do?

Memory BridgesExile, there is something about all this that I cannot fathom. The memories I somewhat understand. A man's thoughts, a woman's remembrance, a child's sorrow - these things come from the living, or the once-living. They are real. But the ancient bridges that you cross between memories? Those were already out there. They came from no man, woman, or child of our land.

I suspect those pathways are not made of the iron we think we see. To dwell on their origins or true nature could send one over the brink, I suspect!

The SynthesiserThese are memories, yes, but they are also real in a sense. We feel pain within them. We find real material objects within them. Yet some of these objects are not quite right. It is as though they are stuck, half-remembered.

There's a device in the Nexus that seems attuned to such objects. It seems to draw upon their properties to create something new. Its creator must have been seeking something very important in his or her past... I wonder if they ever found it.

Lost MemoryI don't know who I am, but I do know that this... thing here is important. That there are answers inside.

You look strong... Could you spare a moment to help an old man? Perhaps we can solve this mystery together.

Lost MemoryAn Exile...? Please, you must help me -

Oh, it's you, my friend. I can't seem to hold on to my thoughts for long...

Can you spare another minute to help me? Enter this memory... let us experience it together so that we might ascertain its owner.

Lost MemoryI thought for a moment I knew that place... I cannot be sure, and now it is gone. Oh dear... Wait...! I think I remember seeing another one of these memories somewhere... Where was it? Oh dear. I don't remember.

I must have a look around. It was around here somewhere... Or was it back in that cave? Was I in a cave? Hmm.

Lost MemoryIt's alright, Exile. I'm sure that memory was nothing I truly needed... after all, how many memories does a man really need to be considered himself again? We'll keep looking.

__reaction__There was more to that memory, I'm sure of it. We must keep looking!
That memory ended so suddenly... I wonder if perhaps we can find the whole memory somewhere.
I get the distinct impression that there's more to that memory than we've seen... Oh, I hope we find the rest of it soon!

__reaction__ This memory seems ancient. I do not believe this was mine, and I hope I never learn more of it.

__reaction__Oh dear. I don't know whose memory this was, but they were far too young for such cruelty. Sometimes, Exile, mankind makes me weep. Who could create such an inhuman system of exploitation, and for what purpose?

__reaction__Exile, was this me? I'm no master of the spoken or written word, so I don't think I was a scholar.

__reaction__Oh dear, such violence and hate... I wonder why the tribes were at war. It's clear this is not something I ever experienced, at least.

__reaction__Oh, Exile, though I am a mere shade with only figments of memory, I can say with certainty that no man has ever felt the nuances of rage and love so strongly. His was the strongest memory I have ever felt, an imprint of his entire essence. His name... was Victario.

__reaction__I saw you through someone else's eyes, Exile! That was a memory from someone that knew you! He was relieved to see you. Were you close?

__reaction__Who was that, Exile? I felt such drive and focus. Nothing mattered but my one goal. It was... terrifying.

__reaction__The last vestiges of human thought in a woman consumed by madness... she saw her beloved in every passing ship, and sang to them all, never realizing their true fates.

__reaction__Exile, I think a historian somewhere made a grave mistake by keeping quiet.

__reaction__Eugh, no! I can still feel them crawling on me!

__reaction__I find myself less perturbed by that memory than I should be. It was almost... peaceful. What does that say about me?

__reaction__Such suffering and loss in this world... sometimes I wonder if I'm better off not remembering.

__reaction__ I could almost feel the blade. What a chilling moment from a terrible time in history. Far older than I, I'm afraid.

__reaction__It seems the Empire was harsher than even its citizens knew. I doubt their bodies were ever found.

__reaction__I fear that man never again saw the light of day. I'm so grateful I was never incarcerated.

__reaction__Oh, Exile, I was caught up in the memory. It felt so familiar. Was it one of mine?

__reaction__From the look of the carnage around that 'Daresso' person, I think that ancient gladiator was in for quite a surprise.

__reaction__I don't think I was some sort of cultist... his urge toward self-destruction was overwhelming.

__reaction__Exile... the sensation... that man recalled another memory while I was in his memory... but I couldn't see that one! Why did he leave, I wonder?

__reaction__Hmm... a ritual of some sort. I do not recognise the names, though they sound Ezomyte to my ear. Silly superstitions, if you ask me.

__reaction__Exile... this is a memory I would rather not have experienced. How nauseating.

__reaction__Ohh, such might, Exile. I felt so strong, yet I felt I was losing control. Another memory that felt too ancient to be mine, however.

__reaction__Thank the Gods I'm no Ezomyte, Exile. I'd not stand for such treatment.

__reaction__Maligaro... that name rings a bell... was it mine? No... this memory feels too old.

__reaction__Can such a horrible tale be true? I pray not. It is no memory of mine, of that I am certain.

__reaction__Oh, my friend, these memories are sometimes too much to bear.

__reaction__Oh, I remember this... Mother was never the same after that day. I wish I had understood at the time... I might have been able to do something.

__reaction__What a barbaric memory. Were all Mutewind this vicious? I certainly hope I was not one of them.

__reaction__Why is Wraeclast beset by such evils? My friend, we must find a way to protect the people.

__reaction__Quite the twist on that memory, Exile, but I was never a servant, nor a manor-bound spirit. At least, as far as I know...

__reaction__Exile! I felt a wolf's fur... whose life was that? So very different from what I expected!

__reaction__The words of the story he read were... so poignant... and yet they escape me, like sand blown from the ridge of a dune.

__reaction__We were just following orders. Hollow words. He didn't believe his own absolution.

__reaction__If I still possessed a heart, it would now be broken. We are no strangers to the returning dead, but this was not my memory.

__reaction__From what I've seen in my time with you, Exile, the owner of that memory must have been uncommonly lucky to avoid Wraeclast's dangers. Or, seemingly, unlucky.

__reaction__Some of these events have the ring of familiarity, yet I cannot place myself in this one. I suspect it is simply too old to be mine.

__reaction__Such a strange evolution of beliefs... that is most assuredly not my memory. I know I was a man of conviction.

__reaction__Wow... Exile... that was a very strange memory. Certainly not my own.

__reaction__Even if I could remember my life, Exile, I am certain no single drink would ever have tasted so good.

__reaction__I can relate to that feeling, Exile.

__reaction__I remember this well, Exile. I remember hearing that snap in my dreams for many years.

__reaction__I think this is one of mine, Exile. I feel it: at eight years old, I was almost exiled by mere happenstance. If my mother had not found me and gotten the Templars to release me, I would have been lost...

__reaction__So peaceful. I could have dwelt in that memory forever. Alas, I do not think it belongs to me.

__reaction__How horrid! Are all people as corrupt, Exile? Thankfully I'm certain this was not me.

__reaction__I don't think I was ever a slave. What did they find, I wonder?

__reaction__I'm certain I was never exiled, and thank the Gods. What a terrible fate... oh... oh, dear. Sorry.

__reaction__What a ghastly man. I pray it was not me.

__reaction__A changing of the guard? I don't think this was me, but it feels strangely familiar.

__reaction__Was I a person of faith, Exile? I think... I might have been. At the very least, I remember the trappings of faith, though I cannot say to which God.

__reaction__How curious... this feels familiar to me. What was inside the box? Perhaps another memory will tell us.

__reaction__Exile, what a horrible moment I just experienced. I feel for whoever this memory belonged to. I'm glad it was not mine.

__reaction__Did I lead a life of crime? I don't think so... I expect this story did not end well. The Empire was not too kind to thieves.

__reaction__Was I poor and hungry on the streets of Sarn? I think not, exile. This memory feels foreign to me.

__reaction__He killed me. Exile! That Emperor Chitus, he cut me in half...! No, not me. I am no backstabber. I would have faced him head-on.

__reaction__Oh, no! I can still feel them crawling on me!

__reaction__After that memory, I think I'm afraid of spiders.

__reaction__Exile, this terrible memory is far too old to have been mine. Let's keep looking.

__reaction__Oh dear, what a frightful situation. I don't think I did much midnight hiking, Exile.

Talk to CavasAn Exile...? Please, you must help me... do... something...
An Exile...? Please, you must help me... do... something... I can't remember...

Linked MemoriesI remember this! This place is the Nexus of... uh... something. The name doesn't matter. What matters is what it can do! A doorway! A doorway into these memories!

Here. Take them and lay them out in this machine. It will reinforce the stability of the memories. They won't last too long, mind you, but they'll remain long enough to be explored. Build a path to the memories that lay out of reach. I'm sure this will help us. Sure of it!

Linked MemoriesYes, that was wonderful Exile. For a brief moment I felt whole again. Here, let me try something...

Hello Exile, my name is-...

Oh. Oh dear. I thought, maybe... But no.

Well perhaps we can try again. Though the machine seems to keep the memories more stable, they still degrade. Keep that in mind - because I'm not so sure I will be able to.