Jack Audio /19 ⍟

EventPietyMonologue3Such a pretty meatbag!
EnterLabyrinthMapMany paths, many beasts. Let's have some fun!
EnterLunaris2There is nothing but death here.
EnterMaelstromOfChaosThis place... I have been here before, long ago...
EnterMines1Flay them. Flay them all!
EnterMudGeyserMapFilthy rhoas. Let's kill them all!
EnterCityOfSarnSarn... my home.
EnterSceptreOfGodSo much pain here. I like it.
EnterSpiderForestMapUgh, spiders.
EnterVaalTempleMapThe horrors here... they are many.
EnterVaultsOfAtziriThere is nothing I want here. Let's leave.
EnterAlluringAbyssI feel a great power here. We shall feast on it!
EnterApexOfSacrificeThere is great power here. Let us devour it!
EnterBarracksSo many to feast upon.
EnterBellyOfTheBeastFresh meat to slaughter!
EnterDriedLakeCut the flesh, break the bone!
EnterDungeonMapI can sense suffering here. Let's make it end.
EnterGrottoMapBig beasts... lots of flesh for me.
EnterJungleMapThere are spiders here... I hate spiders.