Marauder Audio /83 ⍟

I am a warrior, raised to honour my Ancestors, to die with a weapon in my hand and the Karui Way in my blood. Oriath chained me, made me its slave. For three years I have lived without my family, my pride, my Way. I welcome Exile. I welcome Wraeclast. Hear me, Ancestors! A slave stands behind you. A warrior stands before you. And Death walks at our side.
EnterShipGraveyardHinekora, Mother of the Dead, is this your land I walk upon?
GlyphKarui4When bones walk, they are not Karui.
GlyphKarui5The 'black spirit'. Lavianga speaks of Kitava, Father of Corruption.
GlyphKarui6Kaom bowed to Kitava. He betrayed us!
KillFairgravesThe Karui remember you, Fairgraves. Your death will be much celebrated.
KillMerveilYour curse is over, siren. Rest with Hinekora, Mother of the Dead.
EnterSouthernForestAll life is twisted in Wraeclast.
EnterChamberofSinsThe Eternal Empire was built by sickened minds.
EventUnleashDarknessAncestors, forgive me. I have opened the 'Way' to Kitava, Father of Corruption.
KillVaalOversoulI give this warrior of Kitava to you, Tukohama, my Father of War.
KillKraitynYour death had more honour than your life, Kraityn.
KillAliraThere's no blacker magic than death, witch.
KillOakYour reign is over, bandit king.
EnterCityOfSarnIt is good to feel your warmth again, Ramako, Father of Light.
MetMaramoaYou are a welcome sight, daughter of Ngamakanui.
EnterMarketsKarui slaves were once bought and sold like pigs here.
EventFairgravesDisappearTo live too long is to live in pain.
EnterSolarisTempleThis is the Eternal Way, pretty and lifeless.
EnterLunaris2Piety, you are truly Kitava's slave, a daughter of corruption.
KillPietyI will take everything Dominus loves, as he took it from me.
KillBiteZombieThe dead should remember their place.
EnterSceptreOfGodThe Karui do not hide in towers built of fear.
KillDominusThe Empire dies with you, Dominus. The Karui will never again be slaves.
MetSiosaI am honoured to serve you, my Ancestor.
EnterAqueduct"Follow a dead river to the foot of Kitava's kingdom." Just how the elders at home told it.
EnterDriedLakeThe Eternals had no respect for their land.
KillVollYour Empire is dead, Voll. Join it.
EnterMines1I hear you Kitava. I walk in your kingdom, and I am coming for you.
EnterMines2Kitava's belly rumbles. He is hungry for me.
EventFreedDeshretKarui and Maraketh once fought together. I honour that friendship.
EnterCrystalVeinsYou will feast no longer, Kitava! The Ancestors demand it!
EnterCannibalBay I am surrounded by living corpses and dying Oriathans.
KillDaressoOriathans. How they love to sing about themselves.
GlyphKaom1Tukohama did not call you, Kaom. Kitava did.
GlyphKaom2They followed you, Kaom. They trusted you.
GlyphKaom3It is not the Karui Way to question our king. The Way needs to change.
GlyphKaom4I reject your honour, Kaom.
EnterKaomDreamThe Ancestors would weep to see what Kaom has created here.
KillKaomI honour you with a warrior's death, Kaom. It is more than you deserved.
EnterBellyOfTheBeastThe way to a god's heart is through his guts.
EnterHarvestPiety. Betray me and I will have your head.
KillMaligaroYour sickness is ended.
GlyphKarui1Show me the way, Kaom.
KillShavronneThe Ancestors demand it.
KillDoedreYou are free now, slave.
EventPietySacrificeMay your Ancestors forgive you, Piety.
KillMalachaiDo you hear me, Kitava?! Your slaves are dead and your kingdom dies with them! You are the Father of Corruption no more!
CooldownI cannot do this yet.
NoManaMy mana is gone.
InvFullI cannot carry this.
InvFullI cannot carry this.
FlaskAhhhh... better.
LowSTRI am not strong enough to use this yet.
GlyphKarui2Dominus took my home, my family.
LowINTI do not know how to use this yet.
LowINTI do not know how to use this yet.
LowDEXI am not swift enough to use this yet.
LowDEXI am not swift enough to use this yet.
QuestItemMy instincts tell me not to destroy this.
QuestItemMy instincts tell me not to destroy this.
SkillTownIt would be wrong to do that here.
SkillTownIt would be wrong to do that here.
KillRareFor Tukohama!
KillRareFor Tukohama!
GlyphKarui3This is not what the elders told us.
KillRareGo to Hinekora!
KillRareGo to Hinekora!
KillRareReturn to the dirt!
KillRareReturn to the dirt!
KillRareI give you to my Ancestors!
KillRareI give you to my Ancestors!
KillRareReturn to Kitava!
KillRareReturn to Kitava!
LevelUp2I live to see another dawn.
LevelUp3Dominus wanted me to die here. I will disappoint him.
EnterPrisonA slave is not a man. A slave is not even worthy of death.
LevelUp5To kill is to live in Wraeclast.
LevelUp10Every death brings me life.
LevelUp15The Ancestors watch over me.
LevelUp20Thank you, my Ancestors. I will repay your gift.
LevelUp30This land has forgotten Karui strength. I will remind it.
KillBrutusYour spirit is the plaything of the Ancestors, slavemaster.