Shadow Audio /68 ⍟

EnterPrisonTheopolis Prison's a child's playhouse compared to this. They sure don't make them like they used to.
KillOakNow that's what you get for bringing a stick to a knife-fight.
KillKraitynAll that flashy sword swinging, when all you need is one good stab.
KillAliraDid the earth move for you, baby? Probably. You hit the ground quite hard.
KillVaalOversoulI like darkness as much as the next assassin, but that was overdoing it.
KillGraviciusHad I killed you back in Oriath, I'd have been showered in gold. Where's the justice, eh?
KillPietyI try not to take my work personally, but you, Piety, were a satisfying exception.
KillDominusIt's funny, your grace. I always thought you'd be taller.
EventWashedUpAh, nothing like a brisk dip to start the day. Now, where on God's arse am I?
EventUnleashDarknessThis Shadow is starting to feel a little inadequate.
NoManaLow on mana!
EnterShipGraveyardI'm usually the one making the ghosts. Someone's been busy.
InvFullI need more pockets.
FlaskThat feels better!
LowSTRI'm not strong enough for that.
LowINTI'm not smart enough for that. Yet.
LowDEXA bit too fiddly, even for me.
QuestItemI should save that for later.
SkillTownI don't think I need to be doing that right now.
LevelUp2It's nice not being dead yet.
LevelUp3I'm impressed by how much this place wants me dead.
LevelUp5With every death, I live a little bit more.
EnterChamberofSinsI've seen some dark places in my line of work, but this is something else.
LevelUp10I'm so good at this, I scare myself.
LevelUp15I'm a gardener, clearing the weeds so that the crops may grow.
LevelUp20No point in looking back now, there's just death... and a lot of it.
LevelUp30I'd question what I've become, if I felt the need. I don't.
EventFairgravesDisappearPoor Fairgraves. Your plans just don't end well, do they.
EventPietySacrificeNow there's a contract I'll most happily fulfill, Piety.
EnterAqueductAll this water and not a single working boat in sight. More walking and killing for me then.
EnterBellyOfTheBeastAn amazing creature, this Beast. Almost a shame to kill it.
EnterBarracksI'm inside the Blackguard stronghold... like a fox in a henhouse.
EnterCannibalBayThe furnace down at the slaughterhouse... yes, that's what this place smells like.
EnterCrematorium1Treat life and death with equal grace, it said. If I were Death, I'd take offense at this place.
EnterSouthernForestForest. Death has too many damned places to hide in a forest.
EnterHarvestI'm working with Piety. That sounds even stranger when I say it out loud.
EnterLunaris2I was once off my tits for three days after taking bad lethe-drops. Felt just like this place.
EnterMines1Swallowed by the darkness, and I seem to be causing it a little indigestion.
EnterMines2Someone or something is keeping very busy in the bowels of this mountain.
EnterCrystalVeinsI do hope these constipated bowels don't find their release while I'm still inside them.
EnterCityOfSarnAh! It's so good to be back in the city.
EnterSceptreOfGodWhoever built this was desperately compensating for something.
EventFreedDeshretIt's always comforting to witness an honest, permanent death.
KillDaressoOh, can you sing one for me too, Merveil? Something upbeat, please.
EnterSolarisTempleNot a speck of dust or brick out of place. Someone's got too much time on their hands.
KillDoedreOh, do stop mumbling.
KillBiteZombieIs it possible to murder someone who's already dead?
KillMalachaiAnd that's where you missed the point, Malachai. Death is the only thing that gives life any meaning.
KillMaligaroI don't know much about Art, but I know what I like.
KillShavronneFor someone so obsessed with looks, that wasn't a pretty death.
KillVollI just killed an emperor. With a feather that size, I'm going to have to get a bigger cap.
CooldownJust need a moment to catch my breath.
CooldownJust need a moment to catch my breath.
CooldownJust need a moment to catch my breath.
KillRareNow that was satisfying!
Downed a bad vial of Lethe milk once. It felt just like this place.
KillRareNow that was satisfying!
KillRareNot all murders are equal!
KillRareNot all murders are equal!
KillRareThat was fun!
KillRareThat was fun!
KillRarePlay dead. Good doggy!
Look on death as a holiday, Kaom. A chance to relax, put your feet up.
Dry as a joke in a mortuary.
What a disturbingly angry place.
KillBrutus"Big" just means "more places to stick a blade".
KillFairgravesI almost feel sorry for you, Fairgraves. Dying twice... can't be fun.
KillMerveilMy first dance with a lady of quality. Pity she let herself go like that.