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My nightmares... they were prophecy.
KillMerveilA woman corrupted beyond humanity. I must cure this plague before it sickens all of God's creation.
KillOakYou dare to speak for peace, outlaw? There's the peace your lies have earned you.
KillKraitynYou own nothing, thief. Not even the life you wasted on spite and avarice.
KillAliraYou are thus blessed, daughter of God. He will show what true friendship is.
KillVaalOversoulBack where you belong, Nightmare! The faithful need not fear your kind.
KillGraviciusYou chose the road, old friend. God put me at the end of it.
KillPietyRest while you can, mistress of suffering. Judgement will not go easy on you.
KillDominusBy exiling me, you were my Genesis, Dominus. And now, here I stand, countless miles and murders later, honoured to be your Revelation!
EventUnleashDarknessI beg of you, God. Help me to lead this world back into the light.
NoManaMy mana is spent.
EnterPrisonIn this cage, evil claws at the bars and howls for freedom.
InvFullI am no beast of burden.
FlaskAh, that's better.
Go with God!
LowSTRI have not the brawn to use this yet.
LowINTI'm baffled by this at the moment.
LowDEXI'll need to be lighter on my feet to use this.
QuestItemIt doesn't seem right to destroy this.
SkillTownThis is neither the time nor the place.
LevelUp2It would seem my God has no need for my company just yet.
LevelUp3My prayers are thus answered.
EnterShipGraveyardThis is a mortuary for lost children, hidden from the eyes of their father.
LevelUp5The path becomes clearer with each bloody step.
LevelUp10Your humble servant thanks you, my God.
LevelUp15Your trust is the only reward I need, my Lord of Light.
LevelUp20The night must give way to the day.
LevelUp30I was born to this land, delivered to this task. I will prevail.
EventFairgravesDisappearThe longer you run from God, Fairgraves, the more damned you become.
EnterAqueductMay these waters wash away my sins and baptise me anew.
EnterDriedLakeI am sorry, God. We must learn not to abuse your creations.
EnterSouthernForestThis forest... so twisted. I pray that I am not too late to turn the tide of this corruption.
EnterBellyOfTheBeastThis is not Creation. This is perversion.
EnterChamberofSinsThe lair of a toymaker... with pretensions of godhood.
EnterCannibalBayWhat, in God's name, is that smell?
EnterCatacombsI shall wipe the filth from this house of God.
EnterFellshrineCryptA house of Faith, fallen to desecration.
EnterHarvestPiety, my God? I am sure you will reveal your purpose in time.
EnterKaomDreamThe air here burns with wrath.
EnterMines1The earth here trembles with the fear of judgement.
EnterMines2Corruption eats away at the roots of this mountain.
EnterCrystalVeinsThis land is teetering on the brink of Cataclysm.
EnterCityOfSarnSarn, birthplace of the Templar. A fitting place to put things right.
EnterSceptreOfGodEvery stone placed for the glory of God. Beautiful!
EnterCrematorium1Life in his right hand, Death in his left... and then there are those who fell through God's fingers.
EventFreedDeshretNo soul should suffer as you have, Deshret.
KillDaressoWe give our fallen heroes more glory than they ever earned in life.
KillDoedreEmbrace death, Doedre, for your flesh was your undoing.
KillFairgravesTemptation may turn even the noblest of men. I should take heed.
KillKaomYour Way led to damnation, Kaom. Find another.
KillMalachaiYou fought against Death your whole life, Malachai, when it was one thing that would grant you true immortality.
KillMaligaroYour God-given talents were wasted, Maligaro.
EventPietySacrificeNo need, Piety. Just you go and see for yourself.
KillShavronneYou were imprisoned by your own vanity, Shavronne.
KillVollYou are free now, Voll. Go with God.
EnterSolarisTempleSomething Eternal remains in this Empire. The question is, how?
KillRareGo with God!
KillRareGo with God!
KillRareDeath to Sin!
KillRareDeath to Sin!
KillRarePurity will prevail!
KillRarePurity will prevail!
KillRareThe corrupt shall fall!
KillRareThe corrupt shall fall!
KillRareTo damnation with you!
KillRareTo damnation with you!
EnterLunaris2And so, I take my first steps into damnation incarnate.
CooldownI must have time to gather my will.
KillBiteZombieEven death gives no solace in this tortured land.
KillBrutusRest now, tormented soul.