Prophecy Perandus Rampage
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Expedition Gem /19

Expedition Gem /19

AoE Arcane Attack Aura Bow Chaos Cold Duration Fire Lightning Melee Minion Movement Nova Physical Projectile Slam Spell Strike Support Totem Trap Travel Warcry
AbsolutionBlastGemAbsolution (12)
Spell, Minion, Duration, AoE, Physical, Lightning
DivineCryGemBattlemage's Cry (24)
Warcry, AoE, Duration
ExecutionerSupportGemBehead Support (38)
Support, Melee, Attack, Strike
BoneshatterSkillGemBoneshatter (28)
Attack, Melee, Strike, AoE, Duration, Physical
ArmourandEvasionBannerDefiance Banner (16)
AoE, Spell, Duration, Aura, Physical
AncestorSlamTotemEarthbreaker Support (8)
Attack, Melee, Slam, AoE, Support, Totem
RageVortexRage Vortex (28)
Attack, AoE, Duration, Melee
ShieldCrushShield Crush (1)
Attack, AoE, Physical, Melee
AmbushSkillGemAmbush (34)
Spell, Movement, Duration, Travel
BladeTrapSkillGemBlade Trap (12)
Trap, Attack, AoE
ExplosiveFlaskSkillGemExplosive Concoction (28)
Attack, AoE, Fire, Cold, Lightning, Projectile
FocussedBallistaSupportFocused Ballista Support (31)
Projectile, Support, Totem
SpectralSpiralGemSpectral Helix (12)
Attack, Projectile
PrismaticRainStorm Rain (28)
Attack, AoE, Lightning, Projectile, Bow
FrozenSphereSkillGemEye of Winter (28)
Spell, Projectile, Cold
SoulfeastGemForbidden Rite (16)
Spell, AoE, Chaos, Projectile
ManaVoidGemManabond (12)
Spell, AoE, Lightning, Arcane
SummonReaperSkillGemSummon Reaper (28)
Physical, Minion, Spell
VoidburstSkillGemVoltaxic Burst (12)
Spell, AoE, Chaos, Lightning, Nova, Duration