Prophecy Perandus Rampage
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Metamorph Gem /42

Metamorph Gem /42

AoE Attack Aura Bow Chaining Channelling Chaos Cold Duration Fire Hex Lightning Melee Minion Physical Projectile Spell Strike Support Totem Trigger
AddedFireDamagePlusAwakened Added Fire Damage Support (72)
Fire, Physical, Support
MirageStrikePlusAwakened Ancestral Call Support (72)
Support, Melee, Attack, Strike
BrutalityPlusAwakened Brutality Support (72)
Physical, Support
IncreasedBurnDurationPlusAwakened Burning Damage Support (72)
Fire, Support
FirePenetrationPlusAwakened Fire Penetration Support (72)
Fire, Support
GenerosityPlusAwakened Generosity Support (72)
Support, Aura
IncreasedPhyscialDamagePlusAwakened Melee Physical Damage Support (72)
Melee, Physical, Support, Attack
SplashPlusAwakened Melee Splash Support (72)
Support, Melee, Attack, Strike, AoE
MultipleAttacksPlusAwakened Multistrike Support (72)
Attack, Melee, Support
RangedAttackTotemBallista Totem Support (8)
Bow, Projectile, Support, Totem
ElementalDamageWithAttacksPlusSupportAwakened Elemental Damage with Attacks Support
GreenRainSupportGemArrow Nova Support (8)
Bow, Attack, Support, Projectile
MortarTotemBowSkillGemArtillery Ballista (28)
Attack, Totem, AoE, Fire, Projectile, Bow
AddedColdDamagePlusAwakened Added Cold Damage Support (72)
Cold, Support
GreenRainPlusAwakened Arrow Nova Support (72)
Bow, Attack, Support, Projectile
CastOnCritPlusAwakened Cast On Critical Strike Support (72)
Support, Spell, Trigger
ChainPlusAwakened Chain Support (72)
Support, Chaining, Projectile
ColdPenetrationPlusAwakened Cold Penetration Support (72)
Cold, Support
DeadlyAilmentsPlusAwakened Deadly Ailments Support (72)
ForkPlusAwakened Fork Support (72)
Support, Projectile
GreaterMultipleProjectilesPlusAwakened Greater Multiple Projectiles Support (72)
Support, Projectile
SupportRapidDecayPlusAwakened Swift Affliction Support (72)
Support, Duration
RangedPhysicalAttackDamagePlusAwakened Vicious Projectiles Support (72)
Projectile, Attack, Physical, Chaos, Support
VoidManipulationPlusAwakened Void Manipulation Support (72)
Chaos, Support
GreenBarrageSupportGemBarrage Support (38)
Bow, Attack, Support, Projectile
EnsnaringArrowEnsnaring Arrow (16)
Attack, Projectile, AoE, Bow
GreaterVolleySupportGreater Volley Support (38)
Support, Projectile
ShotgunTotemBowSkillGemShrapnel Ballista (4)
Attack, Projectile, Totem, Physical, Bow