Aspect of the Cat
Cooldown Time: 0.5 sec
While active, grants the Cat's Stealth and Cat's Agility buffs in sequence. Cat's Stealth increases your critical strike chance, makes you harder to see, and gives you a chance to avoid damage for a short duration. Cat's Agility increases your attack and cast speed for a longer secondary duration.
Supported Skills have 100% increased Critical Strike Chance
50% reduced Visibility to Enemies

Aspect of the Cat

BaseType Aspect of the Cat
TypeBuff, ManaCostPercent, Spell, ManaCostReserved, Duration, Instant, , ,

Aspect of the Cat Unique /2

Level Effect /1

LevelRequires LevelMana ReservedSupported Skills have 100% increased Critical Strike Chanceavoid_damage_% [15]50% reduced Visibility to Enemiesattack_speed_+%_granted_from_skill [10]cast_speed_+%_granted_from_skill [10]base_skill_effect_duration [4000]base_secondary_skill_effect_duration [6000]Experience