Attack, AoE, Physical, Melee
Level: 1–20
Cast Time: 1 sec
Mana Cost: 8
Attack Speed: 60% of base
Effectiveness of Added Damage: (100–123)%
Requires Level 12
Slashes twice, releasing waves of force that damage enemies they hit. Enemies in the middle of the slashes can be hit by both. The slashes will have a chance to inflict bleeding in Blood Stance, or have a wider angle in Sand Stance, Can be used with Axes and Swords. You are in Blood Stance by default.
Per 1% Quality:
0.5% increased Area of Effect
Deals (100–122.8)% of Base Attack Damage
+(0–9) to radius
(50–88)% more Damage with Bleeding while in Blood Stance
25% chance to cause Bleeding while in Blood Stance
(5–75) to (8–113) Added Attack Physical Damage
50% increased angle while in Sand Stance
Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.


DropLevel 12
BaseType Lacerate
Class Active Skill Gems
CostOrb of Transmutation x 1
WeaponOne Hand Swords, Thrusting One Hand Swords, One Hand Axes, Two Hand Swords, Two Hand Axes
TargetTypesGround, Enemy
TypeAttack, Area, AttackCanRepeat, Melee, PhysicalSkill

Quest Reward /1

ActQuest CompleteCharacter
1The Siren's CadenceDuelist

Quest Vendor /3

ActQuest CompleteNPCCharacter
1The Siren's CadenceNessaMarauder Templar Duelist Ranger Shadow Scion
6Fallen from GraceLilly Roth (Level 1)All Classes
3A Fixture of FateSiosa (Level 1)All Classes
25% chance to cause Bleeding while in Blood Stance
50% increased angle while in Sand Stance
is_area_damage [1]
console_skill_dont_chase [1]
Mana Cost: 8

Level Effect /40

LevelRequires LevelStrengthDexterityBase Damage+X to radius50% more Damage with Bleeding while in Blood Stance5 to 8 Added Attack Physical DamageExperience
1121420100%0505, 815,249
2151724101.2%0527, 1041,517
3192029102.3%1548, 1381,983
4232435103.7%15611, 16147,968
5272840104.8%25813, 19250,557
6313145106%26016, 24405,086
7353551107.2%36219, 28447,718
8383855108.3%36422, 32615,318
9414159109.7%46625, 37834,639
10444363110.8%46828, 421,570,760
11474667112%57032, 471,633,987
12504971113.2%57236, 542,151,030
13535275114.3%67440, 602,812,189
14565479115.7%67645, 685,099,360
15595782116.8%77851, 769,400,731
16626086118%78056, 8515,273,366
17646289119.2%88261, 9126,286,582
18666492120.3%88465, 9862,890,590
19686694121.7%98670, 105212,046,017
20706797122.8%98875, 113
2172124%109081, 122
2274125.2%109287, 130
2376126.3%119493, 140
2478127.7%1196100, 150
2580128.8%1298107, 160
2682130%12100114, 172
2784131.2%13102123, 184
2886132.3%13104131, 197
2988133.7%14106140, 210
3090134.8%14108150, 224
3191135.4%14109155, 232
3292136%15110160, 240
3393136.6%15111165, 248
3494137.2%15112171, 256
3595137.8%15113176, 265
3696138.3%16114182, 273
3797138.9%16115188, 282
3898139.5%16116194, 292
3999140.1%16117201, 301
40100140.7%17118207, 311

Labyrinth Enchantment /8

LevelModDrop Rate
The Merciless Labyrinth25% increased Lacerate Damagehelmet(12.5%)
The Eternal Labyrinth40% increased Lacerate Damagehelmet(12.5%)
The Merciless Labyrinth40% increased Lacerate Critical Strike Chancehelmet(12.5%)
The Eternal Labyrinth60% increased Lacerate Critical Strike Chancehelmet(12.5%)
The Merciless Labyrinth16% increased Lacerate Area of Effecthelmet(12.5%)
The Eternal Labyrinth24% increased Lacerate Area of Effecthelmet(12.5%)
The Merciless LabyrinthLacerate deals (4–8) to (10–15) added Physical Damage against Bleeding Enemieshelmet(12.5%)
The Eternal LabyrinthLacerate deals (14–18) to (20–25) added Physical Damage against Bleeding Enemieshelmet(12.5%)

Microtransactions /2

Gore Lacerate Effect
Your Lacerate becomes a Gore Effect.
Celestial Lacerate Effect
Your Lacerate becomes a Celestial Effect.

Supported By /70

  • Active Type: Attack, Area, AttackCanRepeat, Melee, PhysicalSkill
  • Support GemActiveType
    Added Fire Damage SupportHit, Attack
    Faster Attacks SupportAttack, Type56
    Added Cold Damage SupportAttack, Hit
    Additional Accuracy SupportAttack, Type56
    Increased Area of Effect SupportArea, CreateMinion, Type53
    Added Lightning Damage SupportAttack, Hit
    Increased Critical Strikes SupportHit, Attack
    Increased Critical Damage SupportHit, Attack
    Knockback SupportHit, Attack
    Life Leech SupportHit, Attack
    Mana Leech SupportAttack
    Added Chaos Damage SupportHit, Attack
    Stun SupportHit, Attack
    Melee Physical Damage SupportMelee
    Item Rarity SupportHit, Attack, DamageOverTime
    Concentrated Effect SupportArea, CreateMinion, Type53
    Cold to Fire SupportHit, Attack
    Combustion SupportHit, Attack
    Elemental Damage with Attacks SupportAttack, Type56
    Bloodlust SupportMelee
    Life Gain on Hit SupportAttack, Type56
    Elemental Proliferation SupportHit, Attack, CauseElementalStatus
    Culling Strike SupportHit, Attack
    Damage on Full Life SupportAttack
    Chance to Flee SupportAttack, Hit
    Blind SupportHit, Attack
    Fire Penetration SupportHit, Attack
    Cold Penetration SupportHit, Attack
    Lightning Penetration SupportHit, Attack
    Multistrike SupportAttackCanRepeat
    Power Charge On Critical SupportHit, Attack
    Burning Damage SupportHit, Attack, CausesBurning
    Curse On Hit SupportAttack, Hit, AppliesCurse
    Cast On Critical Strike SupportAttack
    Cast on Melee Kill SupportMelee
    Endurance Charge on Melee Stun SupportMelee
    Block Chance Reduction SupportHit, Attack
    Physical to Lightning SupportHit, Attack
    Fortify SupportMelee
    Ice Bite SupportHit, Attack
    Hypothermia SupportHit, Attack, DamageOverTime
    Innervate SupportHit, Attack
    Poison SupportHit, Attack
    Void Manipulation SupportHit, Attack, DamageOverTime
    Controlled Destruction SupportHit, Attack, Type59
    Swift Affliction SupportDuration, Type55, Hit, Attack
    Elemental Focus SupportHit, Attack, CausesBurning, NonHitChill
    Ignite Proliferation SupportHit, Attack
    Chance to Bleed SupportAttack
    Lesser Poison SupportHit, Attack
    Deadly Ailments SupportHit, Attack
    Decay SupportHit, Attack
    Efficacy SupportHit, Attack, Type59, Duration, Type55, DamageOverTime
    Vile Toxins SupportHit, Attack
    Maim SupportAttack, Maims
    Immolate SupportHit, Attack
    Unbound Ailments SupportHit, Attack, CauseElementalStatus
    Brutality SupportHit, Attack
    Ruthless SupportMelee
    Onslaught SupportHit, Attack
    Summon Phantasm SupportAttack, Hit, CreatesMinion
    Withering Touch SupportAttack
    Bonechill SupportAttack, Hit, NonHitChill, ChillingArea
    Energy Leech SupportHit, Attack
    Close Combat SupportMelee
    Shockwave SupportMelee
    Impale SupportAttack
    Pulverise SupportMelee
    Rage SupportMelee
    Nightblade SupportAttack

    Lacerate Monster /4

    The Steel Soulmonster_slain_experience_+% [100]
    monster_dropped_item_quantity_+% [1500]
    monster_dropped_item_rarity_+% [2000]
    unique_boss_curse_effect_on_self_+%_final [-33]
    cannot_be_stunned_while_stunned [1]
    cannot_be_stunned_for_ms_after_stun_finished [2000]
    Justicar CasticusBlocks Attacks
    base_block_%_damage_taken [15]
    Executioner Bloodwingmonster_slain_experience_+% [100]
    monster_dropped_item_quantity_+% [1500]
    monster_dropped_item_rarity_+% [2000]
    unique_boss_curse_effect_on_self_+%_final [-33]
    Blocks Attacks
    base_block_%_damage_taken [15]
    cannot_be_stunned_while_stunned [1]
    cannot_be_stunned_for_ms_after_stun_finished [2000]
    Ondar, the BetrayerY