Pestilent Strike
Attack, Melee, Strike, AoE, Duration, Chaos
Level: 1–20
Cast Time: 1 sec
Mana Cost: 6
Effectiveness of Added Damage: (125–160)%
Requires Level 28
Attacks with your weapon, inflicting a debuff on enemies hit by the strike. If a debuffed enemy dies while poisoned, Pestilent Strike inflicts a secondary chaos damage over time debuff on enemies around them, based on the poisons on the slain enemy. This damage is not affected by your damage modifiers. Requires a Claw or Dagger.
Per 1% Quality:
+0.5% to Damage over Time Multiplier for Poison
Deals (125–160)% of Base Attack Damage
Base duration is 1 seconds
Secondary Debuff deals 50% of the total remaining Expected Poison Damage of all Poisons on the dying Enemy per second as Chaos Damage
Base secondary duration is 1 seconds
60% chance to Poison on Hit
50% of Physical Damage Converted to Chaos Damage
30% more Poison Duration
(20–113) to (30–169) Added Chaos Damage
+(0–2) to Melee Strike Range
Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.

Pestilent Strike

DropLevel 28
BaseType Pestilent Strike
Class Active Skill Gems
CostOrb of Chance x 1
WeaponClaws, Daggers, Rune Daggers
TargetTypesGround, Enemy
TypeAttack, Melee, MeleeSingleTarget, AttackCanRepeat, Area, Duration, ChaosSkill

Quest Reward /1

ActQuest CompleteCharacter
3Sever the Right HandShadow

Quest Vendor /3

ActQuest CompleteNPCCharacter
3Sever the Right HandClarissaRanger Shadow Scion
6Fallen from GraceLilly Roth (Level 1)All Classes
3A Fixture of FateSiosa (Level 1)All Classes
Secondary Debuff deals 50% of the total remaining Expected Poison Damage of all Poisons on the dying Enemy per second as Chaos Damage
Base secondary duration is 1 seconds
60% chance to Poison on Hit
50% of Physical Damage Converted to Chaos Damage
30% more Poison Duration
Mana Cost: 6

Level Effect /40

LevelRequires LevelDexterityIntelligenceBase Damage20 to 30 Added Chaos Damage+X to Melee Strike RangeExperience
1284129125%20, 300199,345
2314531126.8%23, 350285,815
3344934128.7%27, 400401,344
4375337130.5%31, 460554,379
5405740132.4%35, 530477,437
6426042134.2%38, 580583,786
7446343136%42, 631710,359
8466545137.9%45, 6811,355,511
9486847139.7%49, 7411,138,877
10507149141.6%53, 8011,368,233
11527351143.4%58, 8611,638,338
12547653145.2%62, 9311,956,648
13567954147.1%67, 10113,655,184
14588156148.9%73, 10923,017,327
15608458150.8%78, 11727,759,995
16628660152.6%84, 126215,138,193
17648962154.4%91, 136226,083,825
18669264156.3%98, 146262,620,247
19689466158.1%105, 1572211,708,088
20709767160%113, 1692
2172161.8%121, 1813
2274163.7%130, 1953
2376165.5%139, 2093
2478167.3%149, 2243
2580169.2%160, 2393
2682171%171, 2563
2784172.9%183, 2743
2886174.7%196, 2934
2988176.5%209, 3144
3090178.4%223, 3354
3191178.4%231, 3464
3292180.2%239, 3584
3393182.1%247, 3704
3494183.9%255, 3824
3595185.7%263, 3955
3696187.6%272, 4085
3797189.4%281, 4215
3898191.3%290, 4355
3999193.1%300, 4495
40100194.9%309, 4645

helmet /6

LevelModDrop Rate
The Merciless LabyrinthPestilent Strike deals 25% increased Damagehelmet(16.67%)
The Eternal LabyrinthPestilent Strike deals 40% increased Damagehelmet(16.67%)
The Merciless LabyrinthPestilent Strike has 25% increased Durationhelmet(16.67%)
The Eternal LabyrinthPestilent Strike has 40% increased Durationhelmet(16.67%)
The Merciless LabyrinthPestilent Strike has 16% increased Area of Effecthelmet(16.67%)
The Eternal LabyrinthPestilent Strike has 24% increased Area of Effecthelmet(16.67%)

Supported By /74

  • Active Type: Attack, Melee, MeleeSingleTarget, AttackCanRepeat, Area, Duration, ChaosSkill
  • Support GemActiveType
    Added Fire Damage SupportHit, Attack
    Faster Attacks SupportAttack, Type56
    Added Cold Damage SupportAttack, Hit
    Additional Accuracy SupportAttack, Type56
    Increased Area of Effect SupportArea, CreateMinion, Type53
    Added Lightning Damage SupportAttack, Hit
    Increased Critical Strikes SupportHit, Attack
    Increased Critical Damage SupportHit, Attack
    Knockback SupportHit, Attack
    Life Leech SupportHit, Attack
    Mana Leech SupportAttack
    Added Chaos Damage SupportHit, Attack
    Stun SupportHit, Attack
    Melee Physical Damage SupportMelee
    Item Rarity SupportHit, Attack, DamageOverTime
    Concentrated Effect SupportArea, CreateMinion, Type53
    Increased Duration SupportDuration, Type55
    Cold to Fire SupportHit, Attack
    Combustion SupportHit, Attack
    Elemental Damage with Attacks SupportAttack, Type56
    Bloodlust SupportMelee
    Life Gain on Hit SupportAttack, Type56
    Elemental Proliferation SupportHit, Attack, CauseElementalStatus
    Culling Strike SupportHit, Attack
    Damage on Full Life SupportAttack
    Chance to Flee SupportAttack, Hit
    Blind SupportHit, Attack
    Fire Penetration SupportHit, Attack
    Cold Penetration SupportHit, Attack
    Lightning Penetration SupportHit, Attack
    Multistrike SupportAttackCanRepeat
    Melee Splash SupportMeleeSingleTarget
    Power Charge On Critical SupportHit, Attack
    Burning Damage SupportHit, Attack, CausesBurning
    Curse On Hit SupportAttack, Hit, AppliesCurse
    Cast On Critical Strike SupportAttack
    Cast on Melee Kill SupportMelee
    Endurance Charge on Melee Stun SupportMelee
    Less Duration SupportDuration, Type55
    Block Chance Reduction SupportHit, Attack
    Physical to Lightning SupportHit, Attack
    Fortify SupportMelee
    Ice Bite SupportHit, Attack
    Hypothermia SupportHit, Attack, DamageOverTime
    Innervate SupportHit, Attack
    Poison SupportHit, Attack
    Void Manipulation SupportHit, Attack, DamageOverTime
    Controlled Destruction SupportHit, Attack, Type59
    Swift Affliction SupportDuration, Type55, Hit, Attack
    Elemental Focus SupportHit, Attack, CausesBurning
    Ignite Proliferation SupportHit, Attack
    Chance to Bleed SupportAttack
    Lesser Poison SupportHit, Attack
    Deadly Ailments SupportHit, Attack
    Decay SupportHit, Attack
    Efficacy SupportHit, Attack, Type59, Duration, Type55, DamageOverTime
    Vile Toxins SupportHit, Attack
    Maim SupportAttack, Maims
    Immolate SupportHit, Attack
    Unbound Ailments SupportHit, Attack, CauseElementalStatus
    Brutality SupportHit, Attack
    Ruthless SupportMelee
    Onslaught SupportHit, Attack
    Ancestral Call SupportMeleeSingleTarget
    Summon Phantasm SupportAttack, Hit, CreatesMinion
    Withering Touch SupportAttack
    Bonechill SupportAttack, Hit, NonHitChill, ChillingArea
    Energy Leech SupportHit, Attack
    Close Combat SupportMelee
    Shockwave SupportMelee
    Impale SupportAttack
    Pulverise SupportMelee
    Rage SupportMelee
    Nightblade SupportAttack