Blight Item /38 ⍟

Akil's Prophecy
Divination Card
Fated Unique Item
Amber Oil
Stackable Currency
Requires Level 19
+5% Monster pack size
20% reduced Cost of Building and Upgrading Towers
Azure Oil
Stackable Currency
Requires Level 44
+5% Monster pack size
15% increased Experience gain
Azyran's Reward
Divination Card
Prismatic Jewel
Relic Chambers Map
Black Oil
Stackable Currency
Requires Level 68
+5% Monster pack size
10% chance for Blight Chests to drop an additional Reward
Cerulean Ring
Requires Level 80
(8–10)% increased maximum Mana
Clear Oil
Stackable Currency
+5% Monster pack size
10% reduced Monster Movement Speed
Convoking Wand
Physical Damage: 30-56
Critical Strike Chance: 7%
Attacks per Second: 1.4
Requires Level 72, 242 Int
Can roll Minion Modifiers
Crimson Oil
Stackable Currency
Requires Level 60
+5% Monster pack size
3 Blight Chests are Lucky
Feral Incubator
Adds an incubated Bestiary item to an equippable item Item drops after killing %1% monsters
Gilded Legion Scarab
Map Fragments
map_legion_league [1]
Area contains an additional Legion Encounter
Each Legion contains a War Hoard
Each Legion is accompanied by a General
map_extra_content_weighting [1]
Golden Oil
Stackable Currency
Requires Level 80
+5% Monster pack size
25% chance for Blight Chests to drop an additional Reward
More is Never Enough
Divination Card
Gilded Scarab
Infested Valley Map
Nook's Crown
Divination Card
Bone Helmet
Item Level: 100
Elder Item
Opalescent Oil
Stackable Currency
Requires Level 73
+25% Monster pack size
Polished Legion Scarab
Map Fragments
map_legion_league [1]
Area contains an additional Legion Encounter
Each Legion contains a War Hoard
Each Legion is accompanied by a General
map_extra_content_weighting [1]
Divination Card
Precursor's Emblem
Rusted Legion Scarab
Map Fragments
map_legion_league [1]
Area contains an additional Legion Encounter
Each Legion contains a War Hoard
Each Legion is accompanied by a General
map_extra_content_weighting [1]
Sepia Oil
Stackable Currency
Requires Level 10
+5% Monster pack size
Towers deal 20% more Damage
Silver Oil
Stackable Currency
Requires Level 78
+5% Monster pack size
5 Blight Chests are Lucky
Teal Oil
Stackable Currency
Requires Level 36
+5% Monster pack size
2 Blight Chests are Lucky
The Bargain
Divination Card
Pure Breachstone
That Fled
The Damned
Divination Card
Soul Ripper
Ancient City Map
Vaults of Atziri
Vaal Temple Map
The Deal
Divination Card
Cartography Scarab
The Demon
Divination Card
The Eye of Terror
Divination Card
Pure Chayula Breachstone
The Heroic Shot
Divination Card
17x Chromatic Orb
Arcanist's Strongboxes
The Mountain
Divination Card
Jewel of Potency
The Ascent[L40]
The Descent[L61]
Summit Map
The Old Man
Divination Card
Fishing Rod
The Price of Loyalty
Divination Card
Skin of the Loyal
{Item Level: 25
The Side Quest
Divination Card
A Master Seeks Help
The Skeleton
Divination Card
Level 1 Summon Skeletons
Quality: +23%
The Wolf's Legacy
Divination Card
Vaults of Atziri
Verdant Oil
Stackable Currency
Requires Level 27
+15% Monster pack size
Vermillion Ring
Requires Level 80
(5–7)% increased maximum Life
Vile Power
Divination Card
Ancient Doom
Core Map
Toxic Sewer Map
Violet Oil
Stackable Currency
Requires Level 52
+5% Monster pack size
30% increased Quantity of Items found in this Area
Void of the Elements
Divination Card
Overpowering Opal Ring
Item Level: 100
Elder Item

History /237 ⍟

ItemItem ThemesMetamorph
ItemMicrotransactionsGrand Sanctum Portrait Frame
ItemMicrotransactionsGrand Sanctum Body Armour
ItemMicrotransactionsGrand Sanctum Gloves
ItemMicrotransactionsGrand Sanctum Boots
ItemMicrotransactionsGrand Sanctum Helmet
ItemMicrotransactionsGrand Sanctum Hood
ItemMicrotransactionsSanctum Portrait Frame
ItemMicrotransactionsSanctum Wings
ItemMicrotransactionsSanctum Weapon Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsEternal Damnation Portrait Frame
ItemMicrotransactionsEternal Damnation Body Armour
ItemMicrotransactionsEternal Damnation Gloves
ItemMicrotransactionsEternal Damnation Boots
ItemMicrotransactionsEternal Damnation Helmet
ItemMicrotransactionsEternal Damnation Hood
ItemMicrotransactionsDamnation Portrait Frame
ItemMicrotransactionsDamnation Character Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsDamnation Weapon Effect
ItemItem ThemesExileCon
ItemMicrotransactionsDevourer Portal Effect
HideoutsHideoutEntombed Hideout[L60]
ItemMicrotransactionsDemonic Cat Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsEye in the Back
ItemMicrotransactionsStygian Phoenix Wings
ItemMicrotransactionsMiracle Golem Skin
ItemMicrotransactionsHavenwood Deer Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsHavenwood Portal Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsHavenwood Cloak
ItemMicrotransactionsHavenwood Body Armour
ItemMicrotransactionsHavenwood Gloves
ItemMicrotransactionsHavenwood Boots
ItemMicrotransactionsHavenwood Hood
ItemItem ThemesHavenwood
ItemItem ThemesChiyou
ItemItem ThemesCarnival
ItemItem ThemesVoid Emperor
ItemItem ThemesMiracle
ItemItem ClassesDelve Stackable Socketable Currency
ItemItem ClassesWarstaves
ItemItem ClassesRune Daggers
ItemItem ClassesShard Heart
ItemItem ClassesShard
ItemStackable CurrencyGolden Oil
ItemStackable CurrencySilver Oil
ItemStackable CurrencyOpalescent Oil
ItemStackable CurrencyBlack Oil
ItemStackable CurrencyCrimson Oil
ItemStackable CurrencyViolet Oil
ItemStackable CurrencyAzure Oil
ItemStackable CurrencyTeal Oil
ItemStackable CurrencyVerdant Oil
ItemStackable CurrencyAmber Oil
ItemStackable CurrencySepia Oil
ItemStackable CurrencyClear Oil
ItemSupport Skill GemsInfernal Legion Support
ItemActive Skill Gems[DNT] Coiling Assault
ItemMap FragmentsGilded Legion Scarab
ItemMap FragmentsPolished Legion Scarab
ItemMap FragmentsRusted Legion Scarab
ItemMicrotransactionsSalvage Box
ItemMicrotransactionsChiyou Mystery Box
ItemMicrotransactionsCarnival Mystery Box
ItemIncubatorFeral Incubator
ItemDivination CardThe Wolf's Legacy
ItemDivination CardThe Deal
ItemDivination CardVoid of the Elements
ItemDivination CardThe Damned
ItemDivination CardAkil's Prophecy
ItemDivination CardThe Demon
ItemDivination CardThe Eye of Terror
ItemDivination CardThe Skeleton
ItemDivination CardAzyran's Reward
ItemDivination CardThe Bargain
ItemDivination CardVile Power
ItemDivination CardMore is Never Enough
ItemDivination CardRemembrance
ItemDivination CardThe Heroic Shot
ItemDivination CardThe Price of Loyalty
ItemDivination CardThe Side Quest
ItemDivination CardNook's Crown
ItemDivination CardThe Old Man
ItemHideout DoodadsMiracle Map Device III
ItemHideout DoodadsMiracle Map Device II
ItemHideout DoodadsMiracle Map Device I
ItemHideout DoodadsMiracle Map Device
ItemHideout DoodadsHarlequin Apparition Environment Decoration
ItemHideout DoodadsHarlequin Spectators
ItemHideout DoodadsHarlequin Building Supplies
ItemHideout DoodadsRingmaster Fireworks Environment Decoration
ItemHideout DoodadsRingmaster Spectators
ItemHideout DoodadsRingmaster Building Supplies
ItemHideout DoodadsBlight Challenger Trophy
ItemHideout DoodadsSister Cassia
ItemSupport Skill GemsSwift Assembly Support
ItemActive Skill GemsVenom Gyre
ItemActive Skill GemsPestilent Strike
ItemSupport Skill GemsHigh-Impact Mine Support
ItemActive Skill GemsSummon Skitterbots
ItemActive Skill GemsStormblast Mine
ItemSupport Skill GemsMeat Shield Support
ItemSupport Skill GemsNightblade Support
ItemActive Skill Gems[DNT] Serpent Strike
ItemSupport Skill GemsDeathmark Support
ItemSupport Skill GemsFeeding Frenzy Support
ItemActive Skill GemsPlague Bearer
ItemActive Skill GemsWithering Step
ItemActive Skill GemsSummon Carrion Golem
ItemActive Skill GemsCobra Lash
ItemActive Skill Gems[DNT] Bone Armour
ItemSupport Skill GemsCharged Mines Support
ItemRingsCerulean Ring
ItemRingsVermillion Ring
ItemWandsConvoking Wand
ItemMicrotransactionsDemonic Moth Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsChiyou Premium Expired Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsChiyou Premium Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsChiyou Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsHarlequin Pranksters Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsRingmaster Circus Jester Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsRingmaster Parakeet Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsHarlequin Monkey Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsNine-Tailed Fox Premium Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsArctic Dragon Hunter Premium Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsDragon Hunter Premium Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsGargoyle Amaranthine Premium Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsCelestial Steam-powered Portal Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsVoid Emperor Summon Skitterbots Skin
ItemMicrotransactionsVoid Emperor Blastchain Mine Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsVoid Emperor Stormblast Mine Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsVoid Emperor Icicle Mine Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsVoid Emperor Pyroclast Mine Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsCelestial Summon Raging Spirit Skin
ItemMicrotransactionsArcane Raise Spectre Skin
ItemMicrotransactionsChiyou Portrait Frame
ItemMicrotransactionsChiyou Portal Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsChiyou Character Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsChiyou Footprints Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsChiyou Weapon Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsChiyou Weapon
ItemMicrotransactionsChiyou Cloak
ItemMicrotransactionsChiyou Back Attachment
ItemMicrotransactionsChiyou Body Armour
ItemMicrotransactionsChiyou Gloves
ItemMicrotransactionsChiyou Boots
ItemMicrotransactionsChiyou Helmet
ItemMicrotransactionsChiyou Apparition Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsCelestial Summon Skeletons Skin
ItemMicrotransactionsCelestial Raise Zombie Skin
ItemMicrotransactionsCelestial Raise Spectre Skin
ItemMicrotransactionsArcane Infernal Axe
ItemMicrotransactionsDivine Arcane Portal Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsDivine Arcane Wings
ItemMicrotransactionsHavenwood Quiver
ItemMicrotransactionsHavenwood Bow
ItemMicrotransactionsHavenwood Character Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsVoid Emperor Aura Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsVoid Emperor Character Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsVoid Emperor Portal Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsVoid Emperor Weapon
ItemMicrotransactionsVoid Emperor Body Armour
ItemMicrotransactionsVoid Emperor Gloves
ItemMicrotransactionsVoid Emperor Boots
ItemMicrotransactionsVoid Emperor Helmet
ItemMicrotransactionsMiracle Portal Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsMiracle Wings
ItemMicrotransactionsMiracle Body Armour
ItemMicrotransactionsMiracle Gloves
ItemMicrotransactionsMiracle Boots
ItemMicrotransactionsMiracle Helmet
ItemMicrotransactionsBlight Brimmed Hat
ItemMicrotransactionsBlight Wings
ItemMicrotransactionsBlight Portal Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsBlight Helmet
ItemMicrotransactionsDismal Harlequin Footprints Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsDismal Harlequin Portal Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsDismal Harlequin Wings
ItemMicrotransactionsDismal Harlequin Cloak
ItemMicrotransactionsDismal Harlequin Body Armour
ItemMicrotransactionsDismal Harlequin Gloves
ItemMicrotransactionsDismal Harlequin Boots
ItemMicrotransactionsDismal Harlequin Helmet
ItemMicrotransactionsDismal Harlequin Hat
ItemMicrotransactionsHarlequin Leap Slam Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsHarlequin Aura Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsHarlequin Footprints Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsHarlequin Character Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsHarlequin Portal Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsHarlequin Weapon Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsHarlequin Weapon
ItemMicrotransactionsHarlequin Wings
ItemMicrotransactionsHarlequin Cloak
ItemMicrotransactionsHarlequin Body Armour
ItemMicrotransactionsHarlequin Gloves
ItemMicrotransactionsHarlequin Boots
ItemMicrotransactionsHarlequin Helmet
ItemMicrotransactionsHarlequin Hat
ItemMicrotransactionsJovial Ringmaster Footprints Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsJovial Ringmaster Portal Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsJovial Ringmaster Wings
ItemMicrotransactionsJovial Ringmaster Cloak
ItemMicrotransactionsJovial Ringmaster Body Armour
ItemMicrotransactionsJovial Ringmaster Gloves
ItemMicrotransactionsJovial Ringmaster Boots
ItemMicrotransactionsJovial Ringmaster Helmet
ItemMicrotransactionsJovial Ringmaster Hat
ItemMicrotransactionsRingmaster Whirling Blades Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsRingmaster Aura Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsRingmaster Footprints Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsRingmaster Character Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsRingmaster Portal Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsRingmaster Weapon Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsRingmaster Weapon
ItemMicrotransactionsRingmaster Wings
ItemMicrotransactionsRingmaster Cloak
ItemMicrotransactionsRingmaster Body Armour
ItemMicrotransactionsRingmaster Gloves
ItemMicrotransactionsRingmaster Boots
ItemMicrotransactionsRingmaster Helmet
ItemMicrotransactionsRingmaster Hat
ItemMicrotransactionsSentinel Overlord Weapon
ItemMicrotransactionsCelestial Arc Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsMiracle Footprints Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsDragon Hunter Helmet Attachment
ItemMicrotransactionsTencent S8 Frame 3
ItemMicrotransactionsTencent S8 Frame 2
ItemMicrotransactionsTencent S8 Frame 1
ItemMicrotransactionsTencent Two Years Frame
ItemMicrotransactionsTencent Top Player Frame
ItemDelve Stackable Socketable CurrencyPrime Chaotic Resonator
ItemDelve Stackable Socketable CurrencyPowerful Chaotic Resonator
ItemDelve Stackable Socketable CurrencyPotent Chaotic Resonator
ItemDelve Stackable Socketable CurrencyPrimitive Chaotic Resonator
ItemDelve Stackable Socketable CurrencyPrime Alchemical Resonator
ItemDelve Stackable Socketable CurrencyPowerful Alchemical Resonator
ItemDelve Stackable Socketable CurrencyPotent Alchemical Resonator
ItemDelve Stackable Socketable CurrencyPrimitive Alchemical Resonator