Strongbox /398 ⍟

Bone Pile
Bone Chest
Copper Chest
Large Chest
Golden Chest
Silver Chest
Tribal Chest
Bloodworm Jar
Plaguerat Crate
Sealed Remains
Gold Pot
Rotted Cocoon
Decayed Cocoon
Putrid Cocoon
Silver Pot
Rhoa Nest
Slave Girl
Strange Device
Ornate Chest
Blackguard Chest
Supply Container
Book Stand
Experimental Supplies
Tomb of the First Templar
Karui Relic Case
Solaris Throne
Storage Chest
Flag Chest
Container of Sins
Dirty Lockbox
Kishara's Lockbox
Sealed Casket
Tomb of Hector Titucius
Theurgic Precipitate Machine
Sealed Chest
Pearl Case
Dominus' Desk
Weapon Rack
Armour Rack
Scribe's Rack
Crucified Corpse
Bound Corpse
Impaled Corpse
Booty Chest
Pirate Lord's Treasure
Treasure Pile
Lost Maraketh Treasure
Warmonger's Stash
Shipwrecked Treasure
Sculptor's Tools
Arcanist's Strongbox
Grandmaster's Cache
Armourer's Strongbox
Blacksmith's Strongbox
Artisan's Strongbox
Cartographer's Strongbox
Chemist's Strongbox
Gemcutter's Strongbox
Jeweller's Strongbox
Large Strongbox
Ornate Strongbox
Diviner's Strongbox
Vaal Vessel
Decorative Chest
Locked Chest
Perandus Chest
Temple Stash
Perandus Cache
Perandus Hoard
Perandus Coffer
Perandus Jewellery Box
Perandus Safe
Perandus Treasury
Perandus Wardrobe
Perandus Catalogue
Perandus Trove
Perandus Locker
Perandus Archive
Perandus Tackle Box
Cadiro's Locker
Cadiro's Treasury
Cadiro's Archive
Cadiro's Jewellery Box
Cadiro's Catalogue
Grand Perandus Vault
Prospero's Vault
Hidden Coffer
Supply Cache
Labyrinth Trove
Ascendant's Treasures
Emperor's Gifts
Battle Supplies
War Spoils
Warmonger's Cache
Guard Supplies
Guard Vault
Guard Treasury
Emperor's Trove
Emperor's Vault
Emperor's Treasury
Emperor's Charts
Curious Lockbox
Intricate Locker
Izaro's Treasure
Izaro's Largesse
Fortune Teller's Chest
{Clasped Hand}
{Xoph's Clasped Hand}
{Tul's Clasped Hand}
{Esh's Clasped Hand}
{Uul-Netol's Clasped Hand}
{Chayula's Clasped Hand}
Relic Vault
Abyssal Trove
Captain's Stash
Shipwrecked Booty
Vase of the Mariner
War Chest
Ancient Hoard
Anomalous Objects
Pulsating Growth
Portentous Trunk
Regal Coffer
Shimmering Vault
Sealed Trunk
Ancient Excavation
Augur's Wares
Stolen Remnants
Judicial Offerings
Ritualist Regalia
Heirloom Vessel
Ancient Cache
Dusty Charts
Ceremonial Adornments
Thaumaturgy Vessel
War Regalia
Ancient Armaments
War Vault
Glittering Trove
Stone Coffer
Pools Coffer
Grove Vessel
Fortified Casket
Storm Coffer
Thunder Coffer
Fireproof Chest
Experimental Chest
Flashpowder Cache
Strange Webbing
{Flawed Azurite Vein}
{Azurite Vein}
{Rich Azurite Vein}
{Pure Azurite Vein}
{Flawed Azurite Chest}
{Azurite Chest}
{Rich Azurite Chest}
{Pure Azurite Chest}
{Mining Supplies}
{Flare Cache}
{Large Flare Cache}
{Dynamite Cache}
Scorched Fossilised Remains
Frigid Fossilised Remains
Metallic Fossilised Remains
Jagged Fossilised Remains
Aberrant Fossilised Remains
Pristine Fossilised Remains
Dense Fossilised Remains
Corroded Fossilised Remains
Prismatic Fossilised Remains
Aetheric Fossilised Remains
Serrated Fossilised Remains
Bound Fossilised Remains
Perfect Fossilised Remains
Enchanted Fossilised Remains
Lucent Fossilised Remains
Shuddering Fossilised Remains
Encrusted Fossilised Remains
Faceted Fossilised Remains
Bloodstained Fossilised Remains
Hollow Fossilised Remains
Fractured Fossilised Remains
Glyphic Fossilised Remains
Tangled Fossilised Remains
Sanctified Fossilised Remains
Gilded Fossilised Remains
Resonator Stash
Resonator Cache
Resonator Trove
Forgotten Loot
Forgotten Armour
Forgotten Armaments
Forgotten Jewellery
Forgotten Wealth
Lost Loot
Lost Armour
Lost Armaments
Lost Jewellery
Lost Wealth
Hidden Loot
Hidden Armour
Hidden Armaments
Hidden Jewellery
Hidden Wealth
Hidden Riches
Hidden Opulence
Gleaming Offering
Glittering Offering
Gilt Offering
Golden Offering
Glowing Offering
Grand Offering
Sealed Lockbox
Hidden Treasures
Murmuring Lockbox
Bloodstained Lockbox
Opulent Lockbox
Encrusted Lockbox
Light Lockbox
Foreboding Lockbox
Enchanted Lockbox
Eldritch Lockbox
Astral Lockbox
Pale Lockbox
Clean Lockbox
Treasured Lockbox
Hidden Heirlooms
Abandoned Armour
Twisted Armour
Traveller's Armour
Vital Armour
Pocked Armour
Resistant Armour
Unusual Armour
Superior Armour
Astral Armour
Eldritch Armour
Flexible Armour
Exceptional Armour
Abandoned Armaments
Twisted Armaments
Heavy Armaments
Runed Armaments
Light Armaments
Superior Armaments
Eldritch Armaments
Astral Armaments
Honed Armaments
Hexed Armaments
Exceptional Armaments
Masterwork Armaments
Abandoned Jewellery
Abandoned Amulets
Abandoned Rings
Abandoned Jewels
Twisted Jewellery
Flexible Jewellery
Light Jewellery
Eldritch Jewellery
Astral Jewellery
Unusual Jewellery
Ritualistic Jewellery
Abandoned Gems
Gemcutter's Gems
Superior Gems
Ancient Gems
Inscribed Gems
Exceptional Gems
Abandoned Riches
Pocked Riches
Bloodstained Riches
Light Riches
Glimmering Riches
Packed Riches
Cartographer's Riches
Shattered Riches
Abandoned Charts
Cartographer's Charts
Bloodstained Charts
Strange Charts
Explorer's Charts
Astral Charts
Beautiful Charts
Puzzling Charts
Maddening Charts
Prehistoric Riches
Grim Armour
Grim Jewellery
Grim Loot
Grim Treasures
Heavy Armour
Heavy Jewellery
Heavy Loot
Heavy Treasures
Smouldering Armour
Smouldering Armaments
Smouldering Jewellery
Smouldering Loot
Smouldering Treasures
Frosty Armour
Frosty Armaments
Frosty Jewellery
Frosty Loot
Frosty Treasures
Charged Armour
Charged Armaments
Charged Jewellery
Charged Loot
Charged Treasures
Malignant Armour
Malignant Armaments
Malignant Jewellery
Malignant Loot
Malignant Treasures
Feral Talismans
Feral Armour
Feral Jewellery
Whispering Coffer
Inspiring Armour
Inspiring Jewellery
Inspiring Loot
Inspiring Treasures
Gazing Jewellery
Bloodstained Loot
Handcrafted Antiques
Mythical Crate
Disturbing Loot
Rattling Coffer
Abyssal Jewellery
Abyssal Treasures
Prehistoric Ore
Prehistoric Fossils
Prehistoric Resonators
Prehistoric Rings
Safehouse Stash
Fractured Chest
Flawless Fractured Chest
Perfect Fractured Chest
Synthesised Chest
Flawless Synthesised Chest
Perfect Synthesised Chest
Celestial Synthesised Chest
Synthesised Bloom
Synthesised Bones
Synthesised Explosives
Synthesised Cairn
Synthesised Nest
Synthesised Cursed Pot
Synthesised Sarcophagus
Synthesised Scribe's Rack
Synthesised Stash
Synthesised Vase
{Karui Chest}
{Karui War Hoard}
{Maraketh Chest}
{Maraketh War Hoard}
{Eternal Chest}
{Eternal War Hoard}
{Templar Chest}
{Templar War Hoard}
{Vaal Chest}
{Vaal War Hoard}
Vaal Reliquary
Treasure Chest
{Blight Cyst}
{Blight Pustule}
{Blight Sack}
Seed Cache