Prophecy Perandus Rampage
Anoint Cluster Jewel The Pantheon Passive Skill Tree Fossil Catalysts Delirium Orb Scarab Breachstone Emblem Timeless Jewel Divination Card

Strongbox /15

Prefix /15

LevelNameModDrop Rate
8ArcticFreezes you when activated4.42%
chest play warning sound [1]
8ContaminatedSpreads Caustic Ground
chest play warning sound [1]
25VibratingCasts Lightning Storm
chest play warning sound [1]
10ScorchedCasts Firestorm
chest play warning sound [1]
1IncandescentIgnites you when activated4.42%
15WhisperingCasts a random Hex Curse Spell when activated4.42%
4PutrifyingDetonates nearby corpses
chest play warning sound [1]
35RallyingGuarded by a stream of Monsters1.11%
1Reaper'sRevives nearby dead Monsters with Onslaught4.42%
10Intimidatingchest delay drops until daemons finish [1]
Guarded by a pack of Magic Monsters
35Menacingchest delay drops until daemons finish [1]
Guarded by 3 Rare Monsters
12ContestedGuarded by a Rogue Exile4.42%
2Ossifiedchest delay drops until daemons finish [1]
Summons Skeletons
1Frigidchest play warning sound [1]
Casts Ice Nova

Suffix /15

LevelNameModDrop Rate
40of UnityContained Items are fully Linked0.44%
1of Ascendance+1 Chest level1.33%
1of Ascendance+(2–3) Chest level1.33%
1of Ascendance+(4–5) Chest level1.33%
40of KalandraContains Mirrored Items3.54%
1of ProphecyContains (2–4) additional Silver Coins0.44%
20of ComplexityContained Items have (1 to 2) Socket3.54%
1of QualityContained Items have (1–20)% Quality3.54%
8of AffluenceContains (1–3) additional Rare Item3.54%
4of CuriositiesContains (1–5) additional Magic Item3.54%
1of AbundanceContains (3–8) additional Items3.54%
1of WisdomContains Identified Items3.54%
45of SingularityContains an additional Unique Item0.22%
4of Treasures(100–250)% more Rarity of Contained Items3.54%
1of Bounty(30–60)% increased Quantity of Contained Items3.54%