Cruel Eternal Merciless Normal belt boots gloves helmet
Labyrinth Enchantment Belt /15 ⍟

Labyrinth Enchantment Belt /15 ⍟

LevelModDrop Rate
8315% increased Area of Effect while you have Arcane Surgebelt(6.67%)
83+300 to Armour while you have Fortifybelt(6.67%)
83Recover 2% of Life when you Kill an Enemy while you have Ragebelt(6.67%)
83+300 to Evasion Rating while you have Phasingbelt(6.67%)
8320% chance to Avoid Elemental Ailments while you have Elusivebelt(6.67%)
8330% reduced Effect of Curses on you while on Consecrated Groundbelt(6.67%)
8330% increased Accuracy Rating while you have Onslaughtbelt(6.67%)
83Enemies Hindered by you have 50% reduced Life Regeneration ratebelt(6.67%)
83Elemental Ailments inflicted on Enemies Exposed by you have 20% increased Durationbelt(6.67%)
83Enemies Maimed by you take 8% increased Damage Over Timebelt(6.67%)
83Enemies Taunted by you deal 5% less Area Damagebelt(6.67%)
83Enemies Withered by you have -6% to all Resistancesbelt(6.67%)
83Enemies Blinded by you have 30% reduced Critical Strike Chancebelt(6.67%)
83Enemies Intimidated by you have 20% increased duration of stuns against thembelt(6.67%)
83Hits against Enemies Unnerved by you have 50% increased Spell Critical Strike Chancebelt(6.67%)