Prophecy Perandus Rampage
Anoint Cluster Jewel The Pantheon Item Passive Skill Tree Fossil Catalysts Delirium Orb Scarab Breachstone Emblem Timeless Jewel Divination Card
Crafting Bench /24

Crafting Bench /24

Zanamap item drop quantity +% [1]Map, Map FragmentLevel 1
Zanamap item drop quantity +% [2]Map, Map FragmentLevel 3
Zanamap item drop quantity +% [3]Map, Map FragmentLevel 5
Zanamap item drop quantity +% [4]Map, Map FragmentLevel 7
Zanamap item drop quantity +% [5]Map, Map FragmentLevel 9
Zanamap item drop quantity +% [6]Map, Map FragmentLevel 11
Zanamap item drop quantity +% [7]Map, Map FragmentLevel 13
Zanamap item drop quantity +% [8]Map, Map FragmentLevel 15
ZanaFortune Favours the Brave3x CurrencyRerollRareChaos OrbMapLevel 5
ZanaArea is inhabited by 12 additional Rogue Exiles
map ignore rogue exile rarity bias [1]
map set league category [2]
map extra content weighting [1]
MapLevel 1
ZanaArea contains 10 additional packs with a Rare monster
Rare Monsters each have a Nemesis Mod
map set league category [6]
map extra content weighting [1]
MapLevel 1
ZanaArea contains 6 additional Shrines
map set league category [5]
map extra content weighting [1]
MapLevel 1
ZanaMagic Monster Packs each have a Bloodline Mod
map set league category [12]
Area contains 6 additional Magic Monster packs
map extra content weighting [1]
MapLevel 1
ZanaSlaying Enemies in a kill streak grants Rampage bonuses
map set league category [9]
20% increased Quantity of Items found in this Area
MapLevel 1
ZanaArea contains 6 additional Strongboxes
map set league category [7]
map extra content weighting [1]
MapLevel 1
ZanaArea can contain Mysterious Harbingers
Area contains 4 additional Harbingers
map set league category [23]
map extra content weighting [1]
MapLevel 1
Zanamap set league category [18]
Area contains 5 additional Perandus Chests
Area contains Cadiro Perandus
map extra content weighting [1]
MapLevel 1
ZanaAreas can contain Abysses
Area contains an additional Abyss
map set league category [24]
map extra content weighting [1]
2x CurrencyRerollRareChaos OrbMapLevel 2
ZanaArea is inhabited by 3 additional Rogue Exiles
map ignore rogue exile rarity bias [1]
map set league category [2]
map extra content weighting [1]
2x CurrencyRerollRareChaos OrbMapLevel 4
ZanaArea contains 3 additional Shrines
map set league category [5]
map extra content weighting [1]
3x CurrencyRerollRareChaos OrbMapLevel 6
ZanaArea contains 5 additional packs with a Rare monster
Rare Monsters each have a Nemesis Mod
map set league category [6]
map extra content weighting [1]
4x CurrencyRerollRareChaos OrbMapLevel 9
ZanaArea contains Metamorph Monsters
map extra content weighting [1]
5x CurrencyRerollRareChaos OrbMapLevel 12
ZanaAreas contain Ritual Altars
map extra content weighting [1]
13x CurrencyRerollRareChaos OrbMapLevel 15
Zanamap affliction league [1]
map set league category [33]
Areas contain a mirror of Delirium
16x CurrencyRerollRareChaos OrbMapLevel 16
Zana Audio /153

Zana Audio /153

IntroductionI need your help checking and securing a map. I apologise for the intrusion, but it's somewhat urgent.
Back for more? I could use a hand turning back the tides of madness.
Every moment we spend talking is time better spent finding a way to protect our homes. Let's get to work.

_give_rewardEvery one of our forays into the Atlas makes our homes just a little bit safer. It may not mean much to you, but it means the world to me.
Fantastic! Let's just hope it makes a difference.
Wraeclast's survival is a race against time. A race I think we can win.
I think we're on the brink of a breakthrough.

Talk to ZanaMistakes happen. I just hope the consequences aren't too dire.

_extra_mission_infoThaumaturgically-charged Lodestones placed throughout this map were providing a stable footing for me and my former allies. They've since been knocked out of alignment. I don't think we need much guesswork to figure out who is behind it, but that's a matter for later. Right now, I need those Lodestones realigned.

_extra_mission_infoThere's a powerful presence in this map, and I think we'd be fools to leave it unchecked. Head on through and put it out of its misery before it can overcomplicate things.

_extra_mission_infoIn my attempts to evade capture by my former allies, I lost track of some maps I'd been working on. I believe at least one is in the area I'm sending you to. I don't need it back, but I do need it kept out of dangerous hands.

_extra_mission_infoFrom time to time I'd come across items of curious origin. The Elderslayers were particularly interested in such finds, often adding them to their growing arsenal. There's one such item where I'm sending you, and I need you to get to it before they do.

_extra_mission_infoI'm trying to enlist the help of one of our friends, but it seems one favour demands another. If you can go and help me help them, then I can in turn help you.

_extra_mission_infoThe group of exiles that slew the Elder was, unfortunately, not the first group I'd enlisted. The rest went mad or were slain much more quickly, and yet even the dead ones are still rattling around out there. I don't think they will cause much of a problem for you, unless one of my former allies gets to them first.

_extra_mission_infoThe map I'm sending you to is infested with one of the Atlas' many strange manifestations -- this time, groups of corrupted monsters. It's not integral to our defense of Oriath, but ridding the Atlas of these fiends will make our efforts at least somewhat safer.

_extra_mission_infoBy the way, I've limited the access into and out of this map. You'll only get one shot at this, I'm afraid. We simply can't risk anything or anyone coming out of that portal besides you! So, watch yourself.

_extra_mission_infoAnother thing: Someone or something is tampering with my map device's ability to provide a stable connection between here and there. We've only got a small time window to do this before we'll need to call it off, so once inside, you'll need to be quick.

_extra_mission_infoThere's a caveat. The connection between here and there is tenuous. I believe the creatures that lie on the other side are the source of the instability. Each one you slay should allow you to stay there a little longer. But if the connection becomes too weak, we'll have to call it off.

_extra_mission_infoAlso, this connection appears to be inherently unstable, so I'm not sure how long I can keep it open. That said, if you can activate any standing stones on the other side, then I should be able to buy you a little more time.

_extra_mission_infoSomething on the other side of my map device has gotten ahold of a divination card, one that radiates with enough energy that I can detect it even from here. Find that card before any of our rivals do. I know they'll be hunting for it.

_extra_mission_infoThere's a strange object of Wraeclast origin in this map, and as far as I can tell, it didn't come from myself or any of my previous companions. Can you track it down? I just need to ensure we don't have yet another eager explorer like yourself making a mess.

_extra_mission_infoAs if we didn't have enough problems already, there's something trying to tear a literal hole in the fabric of reality in this map. You need to stop it, or else I think our problems will continue to multiply.

_extra_mission_infoThe area I'm sending you to was displaying some curious seismic activity. At first I thought it was a quirk of the location, but I could hear... movement... below my feet. Exile, please stabilise this location by destroying whatever it is that's causing those tremors.

_extra_mission_infoStrange anomalies spring up throughout the Atlas from time to time, tempting fools to their deaths. One such anomaly has appeared in the map I'm sending you to -- it's a gauntlet of deadly traps. I'm not sure what's at the end of it, but I don't want any of the Elderslayers getting there before you do.

_extra_mission_infoI've discovered the presence of a strange shrine in this map. Normally such things wouldn't concern me, but if one of my former allies were to discover it, it could pose a problem for us later. Get there before they do, and make sure they can't use it.

_extra_mission_infoA group of fiends is putting out a strange energy -- the sort usually associated with monsters from beyond the Atlas. I'm worried they are trying to bring something into the map. Make sure whatever it is doesn't cause us trouble.

_extra_mission_infoI've managed to track down a potent cache of goods that might help us. That was the easy part. Now I need you to do the hard part: securing it before someone else with more nefarious intentions does. Whatever is in there is yours, so long as you get there first.

_extra_mission_infoThe Atlas contains many strange manifestations, the least of which are mirror-cultures of Wraeclast. I've come across a few groups of mercenaries that, if left alone, may become a real thorn in our sides. Exile, I need you to find and eliminate them.

_extra_mission_infoSomething in this next map is exhibiting some extremely strange energies, but... It's immobilised. I'm worried about what could happen if someone else gets to it before we do. And if it poses a danger, well, you know what to do.

_extra_mission_infoEven among the erratic swarms of fiends, I've accidentally stumbled across an oddity. It's strong and dangerous, and doesn't belong in this map, so please make sure it doesn't stay there either.

_extra_mission_infoThis map contains certain inexplicable entities that we Elderslayers faced a few times. They appear to be the advance scouts of an invasion from some unknown realm. I strongly suggest you do not give them time to gain a foothold in the Atlas.

_extra_mission_infoYou must think me a fool for taking so long to understand just how mad the Elderslayers have become, but... you don't know what we were up against. Look, I'm going to show you a memory of a battle against one of the Elder's guardians. Perhaps then you'll see why it wasn't so clear.

_extra_mission_infoExile, I think it's important you understand what you're up against. Words don't adequately convey just how dangerous the Elderslayers are. So to that end, I've managed to recover a memory of one of the trials they had to endure, so you can see for yourself just what they're made of. This map is identical to one they conquered on their journey to face my father, the Shaper.

_extra_mission_infoThis will no doubt sound strange, but there's a map with an odd stone monolith in it, and everything seems to indicate it's actually of Wraeclast origin. To make things even stranger, it appears to be surrounded by people from Wraeclast, except... not. I know, it sounds like nonsense. That's why I need you to see what's really going on.

_extra_mission_infoMy father was dragged into the Atlas by the High Templar Venarius. Surely you remember just how cruel and conniving he was before he "disappeared". Well, I discovered he didn't simply disappear... He was trapped and slain in the Atlas, and now his soul haunts the fragmented memories that are scattered across the Atlas. See for yourself, but... be careful.

_extra_mission_infoI've discovered a location in the Atlas with some... unique properties. Even by Atlas standards, this place is strange. I want you to check it out. It could be nothing, but I'd feel better knowing either way.

_extra_mission_infoWe may have defeated the Elder, but there are still traces of whatever cosmic force it served. Be careful of the Decay. It lingers in this map, germinating unknown dangers, so stay on high alert.

_extra_mission_infoAlas, though my father is no more, some of the maps continue to resonate with echoes of his presence. I know not what shape it may take, so be ready for anything.

_extra_mission_infoTane, a young but ambitious friend of mine, is researching manifestations of what he calls the intrinsic darkness, some primordial essence of ill intent that he believes pervades every living creature. I'd like you to help him source samples to further his research.

He's waiting for you on the other side of those portals.

_extra_mission_infoI'm picking up a presence that, well, I just don't have any explanation for. It's not unlike that left in the wake of the Elderslayers, but it's... indistinct. I've tried to find a source, but it's as if it is concentrated one moment and everywhere the next. Just as I think I'm making progress, something changes. It's maddening.

I'm hoping you will have better luck. Look for something -- {anything} -- out of the ordinary.

_extra_mission_infoI've found something highly unusual. Plants supported by mechanisms that are remarkably similar in style to the kind employed by modern-day Oriathans. It seems someone has been carefully maintaining a crop of some kind, though not one likely to whet the appetite.

Please investigate this strange garden, and be wary of its fruits.

_extra_mission_infoSister Cassia has alerted me to a fungal growth that seems to have completely taken over a landmass of some significance. I'll send you her way. She's got her pump set up, but needs someone combat-capable to help hold back the fungal defenders.

_extra_mission_infoI'm sending you to a location that shows signs of a malign fungal infestation. Sister Cassia is already there, and setting up her equipment. I need you to help her exterminate the Blight before it can spread and infect other regions of the Atlas. Cassia can provide more information, should you need it.

_extra_mission_infoI'm not sure if it's my former allies or simply manifestations of the Atlas itself, but there are foul creatures plaguing this map, and I need them gone.

Talk to ZanaIt's unwise to rush into places unknown so quickly. Let me formulate a plan, then we'll talk.
With a handful of torches, a bookshelf, perhaps a nice little reading nook, this place could be very homey indeed.

NikoI'm no stranger to madness, as you know, and Niko's definitely heading down that path. The madness of the Atlas creeps up slowly and almost imperceptibly until you're too far gone to be rescued. Niko seems to be aware, to some degree, of what's happening to him, and even what the cause is, yet he continues to expose himself to it, and even craves it.

Exile, I urge you to keep an eye on him. I know I will.

EinharI've spent far more time with far worse people than Einhar. He's eccentric, sure, but his actions come from a place of love. Well, not for his game, but for us. Yes, he keeps bringing me slabs of completely inedible animal flesh, and yes, he is loud enough to draw every fiend in a ten mile radius towards us, but you can be damned sure he'll stand and fight each and every fiend that comes running.

The meat I could do without.

AlvaI worry about that girl... I don't think she fully understands what she is getting herself into. I used to be like her -- headstrong, impulsive and results-focused, and all it got me was more trouble. Alva has completely glossed over what a miracle she has access to.

NavaliIf it weren't for the surprising accuracy of Navali's predictions in Wraeclast, I'd have thought she was as mad as the exiles in the Atlas. In my experience, anyone who claims to know the future is a few cogs short of a timepiece, or they're trying to trick you.

I have to question her motives though... She claims to be an agent of Hinekora, and so far even the most benevolent of gods tend to cause utter chaos. Let alone a god of death...

JunI don't think Jun trusts me yet. When we speak, she always averts her eyes and keeps her sentences short, like she wants to leave. I've caught her staring at me too. I understand why she might be suspicious, especially given what she has been through, but... We need all the close friends we can get. We need to be able to trust each other!

What can I do to win her over?

HelenaNot long ago I would have had a tough time trusting someone like Helena. The training the Blackguards underwent borders on brainwashing, and it's tough to undo something like that. But I've learned that trust isn't about someone's past -- it's about someone's actions.

Helena's actions have gone a long way to prove just how trustworthy she is.

The ElderslayersI suppose I was a fool for thinking I could just lock us all away -- it was always only a matter of time before someone's curiosity got the better of them.

Exile, I know who you are and what you've done. I know you are strong. Capable of slaying gods! But the other exiles in the Atlas... they are beyond compare.

Yet, they must be stopped. We have a small window while they do not understand that there is a way back to Wraeclast. They are trying to find other ways out.

I've begun finding altars like this one hidden in the spaces between maps. I'm worried the others are building them as a means of escape. We need to find a way to stop them.

I'm sorry. I know you've done so much... but who else can possibly do what I ask?

These Exiles have found hidden pathways like this one. I'm not sure where they hide, but if you can find out, I can get us there. I'll be waiting in your hideout.

Searching the AtlasI don't know for sure where the exiles are hiding, but it's probably safe to assume they are going to move deeper into the Atlas to evade us. I'd suggest moving farther out in your search for them.

KiracBaran did mention he had a brother who served on a distant deployment, a career military man. I'd like to think that Kirac could bring Baran back to reality, but I think he may be too far gone. I think they all might be.

KiracKirac is fixated on saving Baran, and I can't blame him. I've been in his shoes. I know the desperation and powerlessness that comes from losing a loved one out there. It's why he works tirelessly to track the movements of the Elderslayers. It's why we keep plunging headlong into that mad place. For Kirac's sake, I hope we do save Baran.

KiracKirac blames me for Baran's affliction. Maybe he's right. I led these people into the Atlas. I put them in the path of The Elder. But he can't yet understand the importance of our mission - not really. He didn't see what the Elder was capable of. He doesn't know the fate worse than death that would have befallen our entire world were it not for our sacrifice. Were it not for... Sirus' sacrifice. Kirac will come around in time. Perhaps even Sirus will, as well.

KiracSirus attempted to kill me, and were it not for Kirac's quick thinking and selflessness, he would have succeeded. That beam carried a unique type of disintegrating energy I still can't identify or heal... I don't know why Kirac did what he did, but just as he will remain forever scarred, I will remain forever grateful.

With Oriath now in ruins, it seems I'm off the hook in the eyes of the Citizen Vanguard as well. Perhaps Kirac vouched for me, or perhaps they simply have their hands full with other things. Either way, it's one small relief amongst a mountain of new worries... but it is something.

Sirus' DeathThe man Sirus was and the entity that destroyed our homes are night and day. Whatever happened to him in the wake of the Elder's sealing stole the very essence of his being. When Sirus returned, he returned incomplete, missing that vital essence.

Not long ago I might've held hope that we'd find that piece out there, that the true Sirus might be drifting through the Atlas, waiting for us to find him and bring him home.

I know better now than to hope. Perhaps the Atlas has eroded that part of me, as well.

The MavenThere are two sources of entities within the Atlas that I know of, and I'm certain no one has entered from this side.

Whatever that thing is, it has come from somewhere beyond the Atlas; some unknown parallel realm. It is entirely possible it has the same provenance as the Elder, though I desperately hope not. We simply don't have the tools to seal away another such creature.

Perhaps we're lucky. Perhaps we are too insignificant for it to take notice of us. We are on a small island of safety for the time being, but the waters are rising, and strange new things are beginning to wash ashore. Be careful, Exile. We know not what we are dealing with, and we should all fear the unknown.

The MavenI hope you know what you're doing, Exile. We don't have the tools we need to seal away another creature like the Elder, or even begin constructing anything like the Cosmic Arcana. We barely have what we need to get by day to day.

If that... that {thing} were to turn its gaze towards us, toward our home... We have no idea what it is capable of, or what it wants. Not really.

The Maven's GiftI've never seen anything quite like it. It's clearly mechanical in part, almost like the map device itself. But there's an energy that swirls within it that fills me with dread. It's reminiscent of the Elder, but there's something less malignant, less in-control about it.

I'd find some way to destroy it if I were you. The forces of the Atlas are not to be trifled with. They are beyond any reason or sense. They are chaotic, and you cannot expect to be able to wield chaos without it turning on you. I fear no good can come of this.

Accepting the Maven's GiftDo you have any idea what you've just done?! Because I don't, and we are meant to be cooperating!

How do you know this isn't some sort of scrying orb designed to allow that entity to peer into our realm, or even pass into it uncontested? Or perhaps it will simply turn you into dust when you next attempt to journey into the Atlas! You're playing with tools you have no comprehension of, Exile. You're following in the footsteps of my father and Venarius when they released The Elder.

I want to work with you, for the sake of Wraeclast's safety, but... I can't help but question your judgement right now.

MapsNot too long ago I'd have told you that maps were a beautiful mix of science, thaumaturgy, and imagination, that I need only picture a place to conjure a path to it.

I thought them a paradise waiting to happen, but they're more like a tempting morsel sitting below a massive cage. The hunter may be no more, but all the traps are still set.

Exploring the AtlasDuring my first forays into the Atlas, I felt like every bit of progress unlocked deeper understanding about the nature of existence. Now I'm beginning to wonder if it isn't the reverse.

There are times when I feel like the Atlas is watching me, observing me, and offering me a glimpse of my desires to keep me coming back. It's as though the deeper into it I explore, the more it wraps itself around my mind.

Baran, The CrusaderLike many of those once loyal to the Templar regime, Baran held particular contempt for his former brethren. Our mutual disdain for Dominus helped us bond. We stayed up far too late on many nights, discussing where science and spirituality overlapped... and where they clashed.

While I tended to agree with Veritania's secular view that people must be responsible for their own actions, Baran was still a firm believer that trust in God was necessary for good moral judgement. Despite everything the Templar put him through, his faith was unshaken.

We didn't always see eye-to-eye, but we respected each other's positions. Of course, once the madness set in, that respect vanished, replaced by fevered argument and name-calling. As the group dwindled, he found reasons to cast doubt on each of the departed. In our last fight before the two of us went our separate ways, he accused me of being sent by a shadowy demon to draw him away from the righteous path...

And then I was alone.

Baran, The CrusaderKirac says he's pinpointed the location of an Exile Citadel. It seems they must anchor their Citadel to an existing location, which should make getting there straightforward.

I've drawn up a map that should land you there. Be careful, though. You have no idea just how strong these Exiles are.

Baran, The CrusaderKirac has located another Citadel, so I've taken the liberty of drawing up another map. Good luck out there. We're counting on you.

Veritania, The RedeemerWhen I met her, Veritania was a paradox. She was quiet and reserved to the point of reclusiveness, yet she seemed to feel compelled to help others by a humanistic moral code she'd profess by the campfire. Before, she took care of the hungry, the down-on-their-luck, the homeless, the addicted, and the enslaved alike. She was, in fact, exiled for her charity work... helping one too many mistreated Maraketh or Karui made powerful people in Oriath very angry.

As we explored the Atlas, Veritania's mind became an invaluable resource. Thanks to her, we were able to stretch our limited resources farther than I could've possibly hoped, avoiding fruitless confrontations and conserving our strength for moments that mattered most. She'd see a bad situation coming sooner than anyone, and help steer us away from it.

But her mind, like the others, soon broke beneath the weight of the Atlas, and the once-merciful Veritania became contemptuous of all we encountered. It was impossible for anyone but Drox to meet her increasingly high standards. She broke away from the group not long after we left him. The last time I saw her, she accused me of using the mysteries of Atlas as a drug to distract myself from the loss of my father. After that barb, you can imagine I'm not too eager to see her again.

Veritania, The RedeemerKirac has located another Citadel, so I've taken the liberty of drawing up another map. Good luck out there. We're counting on you.

Drox, The WarlordI've seen my fair share of combat, Exile, but never have I seen someone more comfortable on the battlefield than Drox. Though he was not our leader, he was our commander. When an impossible decision had to be made in the midst of battle, somehow, Drox always found the right path forward. He led us through numerous situations we thought fatal with an unflagging warm grin that let us know he believed in us.

But at some point, almost imperceptibly, Drox stopped making decisions for the group, and started focusing only on his new dream. His smiles turned to scowls. He remained fixated on this mad idea of building a kingdom in the Atlas. He became cold to Veritania and distant to the rest of us. All his efforts went towards securing the Atlas and establishing law. His obsession was putting us in danger, and that is something I could not tolerate.

When I led the group away from him, he either didn't notice, or didn't care.

Drox, The WarlordKirac has located another Citadel, so I've taken the liberty of drawing up another map. Good luck out there. We're counting on you.

Al-Hezmin, The HunterWhen you spend as much time in the Atlas as we did, basic survival skills no longer suffice, and it becomes necessary to master the lay of the land. That's a tall ask in a place where the land changes from day to day, and yet Al-Hezmin took to it like a rhoa to mud. I could not count the number of times he saved us from getting lost in endless twisting caverns, or spotted the tracks of a dangerous beast far sooner than the rest of us would have.

Our praise must have gone to his head, because he began to strive to be the best at all times. If Drox brought back two boars from a hunt, he needed to bring back three. In battle, he had to deal the flashiest and most devastating blows, and he had to make sure we all saw him do it.

His fixation on honing his skills was actually quite useful during our campaign against the Elder, so at the time we thought nothing of it, but... It hollowed him out in some fundamental way. He was full of bravado, yet at the same time desperately afraid of being exposed as merely second or third best. He was never unkind to me, even as the madness crept upon him, but for capable warriors like Drox that threatened his self-image... A clash was inevitable. We slipped away in the dead of night, but I doubt we've escaped a man of his talents. He's out there, lurking and watching, waiting for the best time to strike...

Al-Hezmin, The HunterKirac has located another Citadel, so I've taken the liberty of drawing up another map. Good luck out there. We're counting on you.

Sirus, The AwakenerNo... Sirus is still alive? Gods, I thought he was dead! He took the brunt of the energy released when we sealed the Elder. How did he survive?

Sirus was the leader of the group of Exiles I recruited. Brilliant and determined, and a force to be reckoned with even before we travelled the Atlas together. We... grew close. I was distraught when he vanished with the Elder. At first I thought the other Exiles were looking for him as I was, but perhaps they knew he was still alive...

I have a terrible feeling that Sirus may be tied to the madness of the others. Or perhaps he is just as mad as they are. We need to find and stop him -- if the others are looking for a way out, I'm certain he is too.

Eye of the StormExile, this is urgent. While you were gone, our Map Device began acting strangely. Vibrating, humming, aligning its gears as though being tugged by invisible strings. I fear I know the cause...

There's an enormous storm at the heart of the Atlas that has masked all information in that region since Sirus' return. Sirus wants to escape, and he may have found a way. A Map Device of his own creation, built inside the Atlas, for a journey back to Wraeclast. That's the only possible explanation for our own Map Device's erratic movements. Even that storm wouldn't be able to diffuse the energies of another Device.

We must hurry, Exile. If Sirus makes it back to Oriath... Gods... We must destroy that device, or all is lost.

ResearchI first started exploring the Atlas as a way to grow closer to my estranged father. I had no idea just how close I would get to him, though there was not much left of his mind by then...

Looking back, I think I was overly optimistic about what the Atlas could mean for... well, for everyone. Imagine limitless worlds, limitless resources, limitless open space in which to live.

But now I understand that it all comes at an insurmountable price. To dwell there is to leave yourself vulnerable to unspeakable madness. It's inescapable and insidious. It taps into your greatest desires, offering you a glimpse of what might be, and that temptation... it's all I could do to stop myself from falling into the same patterns as my friends...

The work we're doing is important, but it's also risky. Please, if you start to feel your sanity slip away, you need to tell me.

HideoutI'm sorry if I came across as harsh, but by entering the Atlas, you may have jeopardised all of humanity.

My name is Zana, and some time ago I took a group of exiles like yourself into the Atlas. Our task, to ensure a creature named the Elder never reached our world, was of immeasurable importance. Even though the exiles I recruited were adept combatants, the journey was difficult. Yet we succeeded. We defeated the Elder. Though we couldn't save--... we still succeeded.

I thought we were done, but... but my companions just kept... returning. Over and over again, they would enter the Atlas, wiping clean entire worlds. It wasn't about saving Oriath, or discovery, it was just... killing.

The Atlas does strange things to one's thought processes. I thought at first the madness was a symptom of the Elder, but now... it's the Atlas itself. I'm sure of it.

But these exiles are now so strong... I saw no other choice but to destroy our only way out. I sealed us all in and waited for death to find us.

Instead, I found you.

The Map DeviceThe map device Kirac assembled is very similar to the one Venarius had my father put together. My clever father managed to find a few optimisations he could make. I've taken the liberty of enhancing yours in the same way. It's nothing major, but it will help you scavenge a little more out of each map.

Baran's WatchstoneWhen Baran fled, he left a stone behind. Superficially, it resembles a virtue gem, but I don't think that's quite what it is.

When we defeated the Elder, we didn't kill it. I don't think something like that can be killed. Instead, we sealed the Elder using a device designed by my father -- a design we salvaged from physical memories of his we found. When we sealed the demon, some of my father's memories were expelled, along with those of the Elder's countless other victims. They were muddled together, completely unparsable.

These stones are what's left of the Elder's victims from across aeons. Crystallised and concentrated, and drawing the latent energies of the Atlas towards them. To hold one is to hold countless lives in your hand, to fill your mind with a maddening mix of sounds and images and emotions.

I don't know if Baran knew what he had, but I think he knew what it did. They are intoxicatingly powerful. It took all my willpower to lift my hand from the stone and step away. I can't in good conscience let you take them, but that doesn't mean we can't use them in our fight against the Elderslayers.

WatchstonesEach Watchstone contains an immense amount of information from the earliest explorers of the Atlas. As the Exiles seek to hide from us, they will undoubtedly move into deeper territories, masking their paths. But these paths are known to the souls in these stones.

I know of places in the Atlas where these stones might be used to reveal those paths. Show me on the Atlas where you want to explore more deeply, and I can use the stones to reveal locations long-hidden. Be careful, though, for these Watchstones will empower everything near them, and are certain to draw our foes out of hiding.

CorruptionI long thought corruption a phenomenon unique to Wraeclast, but you need only a passing glance at any one of the lands in the Atlas to see that something frighteningly similar, if not identical, has taken hold there.

Is it the corruption that is unique to Wraeclast, or is it the apparent lack of corruption elsewhere that's truly the rarity? Instead of lamenting the cursed continent, perhaps we should be counting our uncorrupted blessings.

OriathI returned to Oriath with one of the early survivor fleets, excited to finally have the opportunity to put my knowledge to good use. During the rebuilding effort, we stumbled across the golden device -- a device I later learned once belonged to my father.

I'd hoped that it might be useful in the resettlement effort at first, but when we discovered the Elder, it became clear that what lay beyond the device's portals was more likely to harm than help. I assembled a team in absolute secrecy, comprised of exiles who had proved their combat know-how in Wraeclast, and set to work sealing the Elder away. We were successful. The relief I felt... it was indescribable. But...

The Atlas is a dangerous place. It assaults both body and mind. It makes Wraeclast seem positively tame. My team, my friends, they were deeply affected by the journey. The allure of power finally caused them to lose their grip on reality.

And it was only a matter of time until I joined them.

OriathMy home... Our home... It's... it's just... gone. After everything it has been through, I still thought Oriath could recover, could become the place I always hoped it would be...

Now...? Now it's just ash. There's not even enough rubble left for us to scavenge through.

Sirus, why did you have to--...?

I'm sorry, Exile. I should be happy. I should be thanking you for your help. I should be focused on the future. But I don't even know where to begin. Oriath, and the people who were in it, are scattered to the wind. We'll just... keep going, I suppose. What else can we do? Perhaps we can settle here... Stay in one place for a change.

But at least you're done now, right, Exile? You'll leave the Atlas alone... right?

Citadel MovedUnfortunately, we've lost track of one of the Exile citadels. You'll have to hunt it down again. I'm sure Kirac could be of help there.

Citadel OccupiedI have some good news and some bad news. The Watchstones we placed in the Atlas have been captured by one of the Elderslayers. The good news is Kirac can now track the location of this Elderslayer. The bad news, they are not going to give up the stones without a fight.

CraftingWhile you've been pursuing the exiles, I've been tinkering with the map device. I've added some new functionality. I've set it up so you can try it out immediately, but after that you'll need to provide some reagents.

The ElderIt's happening, isn't it? The Elder is on its way. We are at the end of the road, Exile. Does it look off into success? Or does the horizon hold nothing but death and decay? I hope you're ready, my friend.

We need to weaken the creature before the Cosmic Arcana can do its job. I wish you luck, and should we not meet again... it's been an honour to fight by your side.

The ShaperI think I understand it now... This Atlas, these maps... they aren't so much worlds as they are like the performance stage in the Theopolis Amphitheatre. These worlds are merely disguises for what truly lies behind the curtain.

This place... this is the nexus of the Elder's worlds, the place from which all its hunting grounds are formed... We are close to the void from which it was birthed, yet my Father has chosen this as his home. Curious indeed. Hiding in plain sight perhaps? Though, what captain regularly frequents the bowels of his ship? Maybe the Elder rarely visits this place. It is busy, I suppose, hunting and feasting elsewhere in the maps...

Exile, I will ready my Father's memories. You go on ahead, scout this place, find my Father, but be wary of what horrors might lurk down here in the belly of this evil machine.

IntroductionI'm sorry if I came across as harsh, but by entering the Atlas, you may have jeopardised all of humanity.

My name is Zana, and some time ago I took a group of exiles like yourself into the Atlas. Our task, to ensure a creature named the Elder never reached our world, was of immeasurable importance. Even though the exiles I recruited were adept combatants, the journey was difficult. Yet we succeeded. We defeated the Elder. Though we couldn't save--... we still succeeded.

I thought we were done, but... but my companions just kept... returning. Over and over again, they would enter the Atlas, wiping clean entire worlds. It wasn't about saving Oriath, or discovery, it was just... killing.

The Atlas does strange things to one's thought processes. I thought at first the madness was a symptom of the Elder, but now... it's the Atlas itself. I'm sure of it.

But these exiles are now so strong... I saw no other choice but to destroy our only way out. I sealed us all in and waited for death to find us.

Instead, I found you.

IntroductionDo you have any idea what you've done!? No one was meant to ever come back here. No one was ever meant to even know this place existed! Your brash stupidity may have just doomed everyone back home!

We need to talk, but it isn't safe here. Follow me through this portal.

The ShaperHe's been forced back for now, but without all the fragments of my father's memories, he'll never free him from his mental prison. Exile, please, let's continue on this path. My father doesn't deserve this. He should be at peace.

The ElderWe did it... It's over... it's finally over. My father, wherever he is, I can sense him. He's at peace... Thank you, exile.

The Arcana! It worked! And I wasn't worried for a second! Though... The Elder and the Decay... Although we have banished them both, the encounter has... changed me somehow. I feel the creature, scratching at the skin between our dimensions. It's desperate. It's hungry. It's... trying to find a way back in.

I don't think I'll sleep again for a long while. I need to make sure we are prepared in case it returns. Perhaps I'll restore the Watchers of Decay to guard our world... This place - the Atlas, is of the Elder. With more research it could give us further clues to the exact nature of the Decay. If you wish to, you're free to study and explore these worlds alongside me. Perhaps you could still do some good in this place - the Elder's victims - all those children... there must be thousands of them, wandering these lands, twisted and corrupted, alone - perhaps even afraid. Like my Father, they beg to be set free from their torment. Killing them would be an act of mercy. You could be an agent of that mercy, my friend.

For now, I must leave you. I need to prepare for my next expedition.

Lost MemoryI'm sorry Exile, that memory is gone. We were just not quick enough.
Oh... We were just too slow to save that memory... At least Venarius won't get his hands on it.

__reaction__Interesting... It seems as though there may be more to that memory. We'll have to keep looking!
I think perhaps that isn't the whole story... Let's keep looking.
There's more to that memory, I just know it. Perhaps we'll find the rest somewhere else.

__reaction__Monsters... To use a child like that... The Eternal Empire was truly cruel.

__reaction__A single decision made out of fear had such grave consequences. I wonder, if that researcher had spoken up, could the cult of Kitava have been stopped before ravaging Oriath?

__reaction__Exile, if you ever find me trapped in webbing like that... put me out of my misery.

__reaction__I've never met him directly, but I think I know whose memory this was. It's someone Helena talks about: Eramir. I believe he lives with the Azmeri now.

__reaction__What devious maliciousness. War truly brings out the worst in people, doesn't it. It's clear to me this belongs to some unfortunate Karui.

__reaction__You know what I find most disturbing about this memory, Exile? None of the bystanders so much as lifted a finger to help poor Drusus.

__reaction__That was exhilarating, Exile! Like truly seeing the mind and heart of another person, living and breathing right here with me. Why was his memory so intense? I can still feel Victario, as if he has just left the room only now.

__reaction__Ugh, my neck feels stiff. Was that you, Exile? You were in that memory, though looking a little worse for wear!

__reaction__Ugh, I am left sickened and dirtied by the vile thoughts of someone intensely self-absorbed. Was that... Malachai? The monster who brought about the Cataclysm? Did I just relive that moment?

__reaction__That was... deeply uncomfortable to witness.

__reaction__I saw her, Exile... I saw the Queen of the Vaal! She had such a terrible presence...

__reaction__Was that Merveil? That poor woman. Somewhere within her monstrous form lived the woman she once was. What a terrible curse.

__reaction__Human beings seem to believe the world has an inherent decency. It cost those men their lives.

__reaction__After everything that has happened, this one hits too close to home.

__reaction__You know all too well how little true justice the Templar meted out. I hope you at least got to argue your case.

__reaction__Exile! That was the moment Venarius decided to seize life and vie for power. That was the moment doom for men like my father was assured.

__reaction__With Oriath in the state it's in, I worry we're not far from tumbling down this same road. At least we can rule Venarius out of that memory.

__reaction__Hmm, this memory seems too ancient to have belonged to Venarius.

__reaction__Ha! We know how that ended, don't we?

__reaction__Bastard... that bastard! Do you think he knew what he was about to loose upon us? No... I can't believe anyone would knowingly do that.

__reaction__I wish I could tell you what he remembered, Exile. It seems these memories have their limits.

__reaction__So that's what faith feels like... I'm no stranger to religion, but I never truly believed what the Templars taught us. I just had a brief glimpse into a life without doubt. I must say, I understand the allure.

__reaction__They ate-- Gods, Exile...! I feel sick to my stomach.

__reaction__I felt so... so strong! Yet I couldn't shake the feeling I was at my breaking point. What a terrible sensation! Was that the Warden of Axiom?

__reaction__It's hard to believe, but the Eternals of Sarn back then were even more rotten than the people of Oriath today. Sometimes I wonder if the Empire was doomed with or without the Cataclysm.

__reaction__A memory from someone close to the Inquisitor. How exciting! I bet there are many historians who would be interested in such a find.

__reaction__Could it be...? Exile, this sounds just like the entity hunting my father. But... the memory is so old. How is this possible?

__reaction__The most horrible thing is, I'm certain that parent was doing their child a mercy.

__reaction__How horrible... I wonder what ever happened to those children. Perhaps it's better not to know.

__reaction__We've collected a lot of memories, Exile. Now might be a good time to visit the Memory Nexus. Perhaps we can lure that vicious little snake Venarius out of wherever he is hiding...

__reaction__I think... I think this is a memory from Venarius. How horrible. Why would he want to join an organisation like this?

__reaction__That was quite a brutal memory. You know, I'd never dare ask her, but is Jun Mutewind?

__reaction__Gods, the terror that gripped him in those final moments. I hope I never feel that again!

__reaction__Exile, how does a ghost form memories without a brain? It seems there's much more left to discover in this world.

__reaction__I never knew barren mountains could be so beautiful.

__reaction__So many books have been destroyed by Wraeclast's troubles through the years. I hope one day I can help rebuild Oriath's libraries with new knowledge.

__reaction__Just following orders... spineless little--! How many lives were lost because someone wouldn't stand up for what's right? Wouldn't think for themselves?

__reaction__She leapt, Exile. I felt her fall. What terrible anguish she felt...

__reaction__She leapt, Exile. I felt her fall... What terrible anguish she felt...

__reaction__Ah, what I would give for a boring life...

__reaction__It seems the mines of Highgate were sealed before everyone could be evacuated... what a terrible fate...

__reaction__Somewhere in history, the old religions lost their way. Or perhaps this is the journey every religion takes eventually...

__reaction__Well, I'm not sure whose memory that was, but it's safe to say you shouldn't eat mushrooms you don't know.

__reaction__At long last, a memory that didn't make me want to curl up into a ball and weep!

__reaction__Confronting one's mortality is always troubling, isn't it? I believe Venarius would not be so humble as the owner of this memory.

__reaction__Was that Venarius as a child? I think perhaps it was... society has not changed much since he was young.

__reaction__A young Venarius, innocent and helpless. If only he'd stayed that way. It never ceases to amaze me how much a person can change over their lifetime.

__reaction__This was almost certainly one of the High Templar's memories. In fact, I think this was not long before he spoke to my father!

__reaction__It's not all doom and gloom, Exile. It's worth remembering that.

__reaction__The most upsetting thing about this memory is how unsurprising it is. It's hard to tell whose memory this was. Certainly not Venarius, but I wouldn't be shocked to hear he was the judge.

__reaction__This must have been one of the Eternal slaves... an Ezomyte, maybe. But sinew beneath stone? What could that be?

__reaction__Roth? Could it be-- no, that is simply too much of a coincidence. Still, I can't help but wonder...

__reaction__Just goes to show, even as the world around us lays in ruins, things could always be worse.

__reaction__It's hard to feel pity for a man like that, desperate as he was.

__reaction__That was Dominus' ascension to power. I remember seeing the smoke from the orphanage... it was so soon after my father's disappearance.

__reaction__Knowing what we now know about the gods, I think we can safely say benevolence was not the cause.

__reaction__Exile, who was that? How did he come to have pieces of the map device? Were they then delivered to my father?

__reaction__Ugh, I feel disgusting after that. Even within that memory I could feel Malachai's presence wrapping around my mind like grasping little fingers.

__reaction__There are times, Exile, when I wish those memories weren't so vivid. Sometimes I don't need to know what a memory smells like.

__reaction__I felt my body split into two. Agony! That's the last thing I remember. This memory must have belonged to Ondar, the Betrayer. For some reason, I always thought that was a myth... but apparently not.

__reaction__Ugh, what a horrid way to die. Exile, if you ever find me in that state, you know what to do, right?

__reaction__How horrible... the founders of Sarn! Not such a promising start.

__reaction__Huh... I've never felt lost like that before... I didn't care for it. I think I prefer knowing exactly where I stand.

VenariusI can't... I don't...

Exile, did you know? No, of course not. I don't think Venarius even knew who he was, how could you? But he knows now, and it seems he may remember many other things as well.

If Venarius is capable of rewriting memories, he could plant very dangerous ideas into the minds of the vulnerable. We need to find those memories before he does. Don't worry, you're not alone in this. We are a team.