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Forsaken Masters

The Forsaken Masters

Throughout your journeys you will encounter other exiles. The Forsaken Masters are a set of such exiles who, when found, will offer you a quest for the area you're in. Each Master has a different style of quest, and within those quests there are many randomised features, so although you might have a general idea of what your task may be, the specifics may vary greatly. Be prepared! If you succeed in helping one of these Masters, they will gain experience and eventually level up. Whenever a master levels up, you unlock something within their realm of expertise.

Levelled-Up Masters

When a Master reaches level 3, they can grant you the ability to create a hideout -- a place all to yourself that you can decorate as you see fit. If you have a hideout, a Master of level 2 or higher can also give you their crafting bench.

Each Master's crafting bench offers different crafting options. Elreon's Blessing Font primarily works with rings and amulets, for example, while Vagan's Sharpening Wheel improves melee weapons. As you level up the associated Master, their crafting bench options grow.

Masters also buy and sell items. At high levels, some of the items they offer can't be found anywhere else. They will also sell hideout decorations in exchange for favour, which is earned as you help them. Their range of decorations for sale also grows as they level up.

Daily Missions

Masters in your hideout can also offer you a daily mission. Daily missions take the same structure as their ordinary missions but offer significantly more Master experience and favour. Whenever you complete a Master's daily mission their inventory of wares for sale changes. Be sure to check your hideout daily if you want to rapidly level up your Masters!