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The Passive Skill Tree

Your character build is primarily composed of the items the character is wearing, the skill and support gems that are socketed within those items, and the passive skills you have chosen from the passive skill tree. Because the passive skill tree lays the groundwork for your items and gems, the passive skill tree is arguably the core of every character build. Whenever you level up, and upon completing certain quests, you'll get a passive skill point. Each point can be allocated on the passive skill tree to gain the benefits of the passive skill (often referred to as a 'passive') it is spent on. You can only allocate points on passives that are connected to your other allocated passives. There are far, far more passive skills on the tree than you can ever allocate, so you need to think carefully about what you want to choose. It is often worth planning ahead. There are three types of passive skill:

Many clusters have art in the centre of them to signify what that cluster grants. If you're looking to focus on a particular kind of damage or defence, identify one cluster that fits the bill, then look for other clusters that use the same art.

Jewel Sockets:

The passive skill tree also contains jewel sockets. An allocated jewel socket can hold a jewel, but won't grant any sort of benefit by itself:

Planning and Changing Your Build:

The tree is shared by all of the character classes, but each class begins in a different location. Learning what is near each starting location will help you plan out future characters. You can undo your choices with the passive refund points you get from certain quests and from using Orbs of Regret. You can only undo a single point per refund point, so if you plan on making changes later, make sure you can afford to do so.