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Anarchy and Onslaught Unique /6 ⍟

Anarchy and Onslaught Unique /6 ⍟

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CitrineAmuletUniqueDaresso's Salute Citrine Amulet
+(16–24) to Strength and Dexterity
50% reduced maximum Energy Shield
+(30–40)% to Fire Resistance
+(30–40)% to Cold Resistance
10% increased Movement Speed when on Full Life
+2 to Melee Strike Range
(Affects Melee Strikes, including the Default Attack. Does not apply to Areas of Effect)
60% increased Melee Damage when on Full Life
AmethystRingUniqueDeath Rush Amethyst Ring
+(17–23)% to Chaos Resistance
(0.6–0.8)% of Physical Attack Damage Leeched as Life
(Leeched Life is recovered over time. Multiple Leeches can occur simultaneously, up to a maximum rate)
+(260–300) to Armour
+(300–350) to Accuracy Rating
+(15–20)% to Chaos Resistance
You gain Onslaught for 4 seconds on Kill
(Onslaught grants 20% increased Attack, Cast, and Movement Speed)
+(40–50) to maximum Life
DiamondRingUniqueGifts from Above Diamond Ring
(20–30)% increased Global Critical Strike Chance
Trigger Level 10 Consecrate when you deal a Critical Strike
(30–35)% increased Global Critical Strike Chance
(10–15)% increased Light Radius
(40–50)% increased Rarity of Items Dropped by Enemies killed with a Critical Strike
50% increased Damage while on Consecrated Ground
+5% Chance to Block Attack Damage while on Consecrated Ground
MoonstoneRingUniqueShavronne's Revelation Moonstone Ring
+(15–25) to maximum Energy Shield
+(60–75) to Intelligence
Right ring slot: You cannot Regenerate Mana
Right ring slot: +100 to maximum Mana
Right ring slot: Regenerate 3% of Energy Shield per second
Left ring slot: You cannot Recharge or Regenerate Energy Shield
Left ring slot: +100 to maximum Energy Shield
Left ring slot: Regenerate 40 Mana per Second
TurquoiseAmuletUniqueVictario's Acuity Turquoise Amulet
+(16–24) to Dexterity and Intelligence
+(30–40)% to Lightning Resistance
+(8–10)% to Chaos Resistance
10% chance to gain a Frenzy Charge on Kill
10% chance to gain a Power Charge on Kill
5% increased Projectile Speed per Frenzy Charge
5% increased Projectile Damage per Power Charge
AgateAmuletUniqueVoll's Devotion Agate Amulet
+(16–24) to Strength and Intelligence
+(30–40) to maximum Life
+(20–30) to maximum Energy Shield
+(15–20)% to all Elemental Resistances
30% reduced Power Charge Duration
30% reduced Endurance Charge Duration
Gain an Endurance Charge when you lose a Power Charge