Prophecy Perandus Rampage
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Metamorph Unique /23 ⍟

Metamorph Unique /23 ⍟

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AstralProjectorAstral Projector Topaz Ring
+(20–30)% to Lightning Resistance
+(30–50) to Intelligence
(20–25)% increased Spell Damage
30% chance to Avoid Elemental Ailments
(Elemental Ailments are Ignited, Scorched, Chilled, Frozen, Brittle, Shocked, and Sapped)
Nova Spells have 20% less Area of Effect
Nova Spells deal 30% less Damage to Players
Nova Spells Cast at the targeted location instead of around you
IvoryWatchstone7Booming Populace Ivory Watchstone
(10–20)% increased Pack size
15 uses remaining
CrownOfTheInwardEyeCrown of the Inward Eye Prophet Crown
333% increased Armour and Energy Shield
(9–21)% increased maximum Life, Mana and Global Energy Shield
Transfiguration of Soul
(Increases and Reductions to Maximum Energy Shield
also apply to Spell Damage at 30% of their value)

Transfiguration of Body
(Increases and Reductions to Maximum Life also apply to Attack Damage at 30% of their value)
Transfiguration of Mind
(Increases and Reductions to Maximum Mana also apply to Damage at 30% of their value)
EyeOfDesireEye of Malice Callous Mask
(400–500)% increased Evasion and Energy Shield
+(20–40)% to Fire Resistance
+(20–40)% to Cold Resistance
25% chance to inflict Cold Exposure on Hit
(Cold Exposure applies -10% to Cold Resistance for 4 seconds)
25% chance to inflict Fire Exposure on Hit
(Fire Exposure applies -10% to Fire Resistance for 4 seconds)
Nearby Enemies have 50% increased Fire and Cold Resistances
MetamorphosisAmuletFury Valve Jade Amulet
+(20–30) to Dexterity
(15–25)% increased Evasion Rating
+(15–20)% to all Elemental Resistances
Skills fire 2 additional Projectiles
(20–30)% increased Projectile Speed
Modifiers to number of Projectiles instead apply
to the number of targets Projectiles Split towards
HandsOfTheHighTemplarHands of the High Templar Crusader Gloves
Can be modified while Corrupted
Can have up to 5 Implicit Modifiers while Item has this Modifier
(Loses all but 1 Implicit Modifier if this Modifier is lost)
(150–200)% increased Armour and Energy Shield
(7–12)% increased maximum Life
+(20–30)% to Fire and Lightning Resistances
IvoryWatchstone4Irresistable Temptation Ivory Watchstone
Map has 1 additional random Prefix
18 uses remaining
LeashOfOblationLeash of Oblation Leather Belt
+(25–40) to maximum Life
+(15–20) to all Attributes
(Attributes are Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence)
+(50–70) to maximum Life
You can have an Offering of each type
Offering Skills have 50% reduced Duration
ManastormManastorm Fossilised Spirit Shield
(15–20)% increased Spell Damage
(80–120)% increased Energy Shield
+(50–70) to maximum Mana
(30–50)% increased Mana Regeneration Rate
When you Cast a Spell, Sacrifice all Mana to gain Added Maximum Lightning Damage
equal to 25% of Sacrificed Mana for 4 seconds
IvoryWatchstone3Misinformation Ivory Watchstone
+1 to Monster Level of Area
map mod effect +% for non unique maps [20,30]
12 uses remaining
MistwallMistwall Lacquered Buckler
6% increased Movement Speed
(120–150)% increased Evasion Rating
10% increased Movement Speed
+(10–20)% to Fire and Cold Resistances
+(8–15)% chance to Avoid Elemental Damage from Hits while Phasing
(No chance to avoid damage can be higher than 75%)
You are at Maximum Chance to Block Attack Damage if you have not Blocked Recently
(Recently refers to the past 4 seconds)
You have Phasing if you have Blocked Recently
MothersEmbraceMother's Embrace Heavy Belt
+(25–35) to Strength
+(50–70) to maximum Life
+(20–30)% to Cold Resistance
Your Minions use your Flasks when summoned
Minions have (25–40)% reduced Flask Charges used
Minions have (50–80)% increased Flask Effect Duration
GripOfUnmakingPainseeker Shagreen Gloves
Adds (16–19) to (25–29) Fire Damage
Adds (16–19) to (25–29) Cold Damage
Adds (6–10) to (33–38) Lightning Damage
(60–120)% increased Evasion Rating
Critical Strikes do not inherently apply non-Damaging Ailments
Inflict non-Damaging Ailments as though dealing (100–200)% more Damage
(Ailments that do not deal Damage are Scorched, Chilled, Frozen, Brittle, Shocked, and Sapped)
IvoryWatchstone2Stalwart Defenders Ivory Watchstone
+1 to Monster Level of Area
(20–40)% more Monster Life
12 uses remaining
IvoryWatchstone5Territories Unknown Ivory Watchstone
Map has 1 additional random Suffix
18 uses remaining
IvoryWatchstone1Terror Ivory Watchstone
+1 to Monster Level of Area
(15–30)% more Monster Damage
12 uses remaining
TheBlackCaneThe Black Cane Royal Sceptre
24% increased Elemental Damage
+(20–30) to Intelligence
(8–15)% increased Cast Speed
(40–60)% increased Mana Regeneration Rate
Minions deal (40–60)% increased Damage
Each Summoned Phantasm grants you Phantasmal Might
(Phantasmal Might grants Added Spell Physical Damage based on the level of the Phantasm. Multiple instances of Phantasmal Might stack)
TheIvoryTowerThe Ivory Tower Saint's Hauberk
+(40–70) to Intelligence
+30 to maximum Energy Shield per 100 Reserved Life
+(80–100) to maximum Mana
Regenerate 2% of Energy Shield per second
Chaos Damage is taken from Mana before Life
MirageBladeThe Saviour Legion Sword
40% increased Global Accuracy Rating
summon mirage warrior on crit [100]
Triggers Level 20 Reflection when Equipped
(40–50)% increased Physical Damage
Adds (16–22) to (40–45) Physical Damage
(8–12)% increased Attack Speed
(8–12)% increased Critical Strike Chance
ConnectedJewelThread of Hope Crimson Jewel
Only affects Passives in Small Ring
(This Jewel has both a minimum and maximum Radius. Only Passives between the two are considered to be in the Jewel's Radius)
Passives in Radius can be Allocated without being connected to your tree
(-20–-10)% to all Elemental Resistances
IvoryWatchstone6War Among the Stars Ivory Watchstone
Area contains (4–7) additional packs of Elder Fiends
Area contains (4–7) additional packs of Shaper Creations
12 uses remaining
WarriorsLegacyWarrior's Legacy Ruby Ring
+(20–30)% to Fire Resistance
+(30–50) to Strength
(20–25)% increased Melee Damage
30% chance to Avoid being Stunned
20% less Attack Speed
Strike Skills also target the previous location they were Used
StarlightMarkWillowgift Jade Amulet
+(20–30) to Dexterity
10% reduced Strength
15% increased Dexterity
(-30–-20)% to Fire Resistance
+(30–40)% to Cold Resistance
Fortify Buffs you create instead grant 30% more Evasion Rating
(15–25)% increased Attack and Cast Speed while you have Fortify