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Path of Exile 2

Path of Exile 2 is a new seven-act storyline new game.


  • 2024/6/7: PoE 2 Close Beta
  • 2021/4/9: Second Trailer and Act2 Gameplay
  • 2019/11/16: First Trailer and Act1 Gameplay

Brief Summary

  • PoE2 is new game.
  • PoE2 campaign-route will be randomly generated, as does the map route too! Unlike where PoE1 has a static progression. This also mean the PoE2 campaign will never feel the same in every playthrough.
  • PoE2 is in the same game which also means that our microtransaction that we bought in PoE1 will share across to PoE2.
  • Skill Gems will have their own sockets, instead of relying on equipment sockets. Thus, Orb of Fusing will be removed and "mega-migration". TL;DR: Every skill can be 6-link.
  • Equipment sockets only matter what color and amount of skill gems can be equipped in it.
  • 19 new ascendancies, which you have to complete PoE2's campaign to obtain them.
  • PoE2 will introduce a bunch of new skill archetypes; such as shape-shifting and melee-wielding-bow.
  • PoE2 also adds a bunch of QOL, such as a single button that enables all aura skill, and boss's life always showing at the top of the screen.
  • PoE2 also include several new base items, such as crossbow and javelin.
  • New interesting town hub, such as a moving-caravan-town.
  • PoE2 doesn't use a new game engine, but an upgrade of the existing game engine instead, which brings a lot more graphic improvement to the game.


2021/4/29 Act2 Concept Art

Act2 in Path of Exile 2

2021/4/23 Narrative Design Philosophies

Narrative Design Philosophies

2021/4/9 Second Trailer

2019/11/16 Exilecon

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