Act 5 Area /11 ⍟
Act 5 Quest /8 ⍟
Act: 5
Solve all the Trials of Ascendancy to access the Lord's Labyrinth.
Act: 5
Reward: Rings
You have successfully reached Oriath, but are trapped in the Slave Pens. Find a way to escape.
Act: 5
Reward: Utility Flasks
You have been asked to help the rebellion and kill Justicar Casticus. He should be located somewhere in the Control Blocks.
Act: 5
Reward: 1 Passive Skill Points
Vilenta has asked you to find and return her Miasmeter that she left behind in her lab in the Control Blocks.
Act: 5
Reward: Jewels
You have been asked to slay High Templar Avarius, the source of the Templar's power, but first you must find a way to gain access to the Templar Courts.
Act: 5
Reward: One Hand Axes
Utula has used the fall of Innocence to summon Kitava, the Ravenous God. Kill Utula to prevent him from completing the King's Feast ritual.
Act: 5
Kitava has awakened and is destroying Oriath. Travel back through the Templar Courts to Oriath Square, and find the entrance to the Ossuary. Once inside, find the Sign of Purity and use it to defeat Kitava.
Act: 5
Reward: 1 Passive Skill Points, 2 Passive Respec Points
Lani has asked you to find Kitava's Torments, three mystical Karui artefacts that are being stored in the Reliquary.
Text Audio /13 ⍟
Act 5Avarius3
Act 5Bannon38
Act 5Innocence13
Act 5Kitava's Hunger I1
Act 5Kitava's Hunger II1
Act 5Kitava's Hunger III1
Act 5Lani47
Act 5Lilly Roth48
Act 5Sin125
Act 5Stained Glass Window8
Act 5Triumph of Innocence1
Act 5Utula206
Act 5Vilenta33

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Act 5

Act. 5 (around 20 minutes with minimal practice) - This act is pretty short!

  1. Go through "The Slave Pens" until you find the mini boss Overseer Krow and head into town.

  2. Head in "The Control Blocks" and hug the bottom left side until you find the Miasmeter. Then go UP as much as you can until you reach a wall, then the same thing with RIGHT
    as much as you can, this will be the up-right corner of the zone, you must then go back down just a bit and take the first right turn, this goes directly to the boss.

  3. Kill the mini boss Justicar and head into "Oriath Square", grab the waypoint and go back to town

  4. In town, turn in the Miasmeter for your skill point quest and grab your new flask

  5. Go back to "Oriath Square" and make your way to "The Templar Courts", the layout is ALWAYS the same and looks like this.

  6. Go through "The Templar Courts" and into "The Chamber of Innocence", again, grab the waypoint in case of a crash or DC.

  7. Go through that zone all the way up to the boss, Innocence, kill him, now we need to run the same layouts backwards.

    Through "The Torched Courts" and into "The Ruined Square".
    This layout will also ALWAYS be the same and this is how you make your way to the waypoint

  8. At the waypoint, head into "The Ossuary" and find the Staff of Purity.
    This layout is always the same, it's a box, but sometimes you need to go left, sometimes right.
    Once you have the staff, head back out to "The Ruined Square".

  9. This zone is always the same, so finding your way to "The Reliquary" is easy, it will go like this:

  10. Once in "The Reliquary", grab the waypoint, find the three quest items and log out.

  11. Turn in the quest for your skill point and take the waypoint back to "The Reliquary", go out and follow the dotted line on this drawing to get to Kitava:

  12. Kill Kitava!


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