Oriath Square

Oriath Square
Id: 1_5_3
Act: 5
Area Level: 42
Boss Fights: The Matriarch
What was once the heart of the city is now the heart of the battle.
Oriath Square Attr /13

Oriath Square Attr /13

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Area Level42
NotesWhat was once the heart of the city is now the heart of the battle.
Connected AreaThe Control Blocks, The Templar Courts
Vaal AreaSealed Basement
Secluded Canal
BossThe Matriarch
Tagscity1, area_with_water, military_area
Card TagsMerciless Armament
The Warlord
The Patient
Divination CardMerciless Armament
The Warlord
The Patient
HideoutStately Hideout
LevelNameExperienceDamageAttack TimeLifeArmourEvasionEnergy Shield
42Purge Hound3,7961131.0051,6771,6772,61505550
42Blackguard Stalker6,6431980.92,7391,1182,4402245550
42Blackguard Stalker3,7961130.91,0061,1182,4402245550
42Slave Catcher3,796941.7551,3421,1182,440000100
42Flame Mother3,7961181.81,0061,1181,74378310000
42Temple Ward4,7451181.2452,1021,5651,7434475550
42Temple Guardian4,7451181.952,1021,5651,7434475550
42Oriath Enforcer3,7961091.7551,2861,2302,26605550
42Oriath Enforcer3,796941.7551,5651,4531,91705550
42Karui Rebel3,796941.21,1181,1181,74300000
42Frightened Citizen3,796941.55591,1181,74300000
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