Act 12 Area /0 ⍟
Act 12 Quest /8 ⍟
Act: 12
Solve all the Trials of Ascendancy to access the Lord's Labyrinth.
Act: 12
Helena has awakened you for something important. Talk to her.
Act: 12
The Maven wants to witness your attempt to defeat this map's boss encounter.
Act: 12
You have been invited to the Maven's realm for one final challenge.
Act: 12
A memory of The Elder still remains in the Atlas. Enter the Shaper's Realm and defeat it with the aid of the memory of a certain rogue cartographer.
Act: 12
You have defeated the Infinite Hunger. Use the Atlas Book of Skill to gain {0}.
Act: 12
You have defeated the Black Star. Use the Atlas Book of Skill to gain {0}.
Act: 12
Reward: Maps
Explore the Atlas of Worlds in search of power and information that might help the Citizen Vanguard defend Wraeclast against the coming darkness.
This is following u/justathetan "Lore compilation update for 3.17"
  • Siege of the Atlas
  • It's hard to believe it's been a full year since you slew Kitava. This place is almost starting to feel like home. I left behind a piece of my heart in Oriath, even though I know we can never return there. Too many terrible things took place on that island. I think I agree with the popular sentiment that it was somehow cursed.

    Helena, "Kitava's Defeat"

  • The Citizen Vanguard
  • Kirac's my name, Commander of the Citizen Vanguard. We're the front line, ensuring callous gods and bloodthirsty fiends never blindside us again. The Templars kept the true nature of the world hidden from the populace, but now the rhoa's out of the sack, and we'll keep both eyes open. Or the one eye open, in my case.

    Commander Kirac, "Introduction"

  • Families. These courageous men and women have families. That's the difference between them and a traditional military. No disrespect to my old comrades in arms, but this organisation is not comprised of solitary violent-minded young men. The Citizen Vanguard is a volunteer effort filled with the ranks of ordinary people who are tired of the endless parade of doom and nightmare we call Wraeclast. I said we'd all have to work together to face what's coming, and that's exactly what we're doing.

    Commander Kirac, "The Citizen Vanguard"

  • We are the people's response to the madness of Wraeclast. We've had enough of corruption, gods, and would-be dictators. The last year or so, the Citizen Vanguard has embarked upon a celestial war in secret in a realm called the Atlas, and we've lost many valiant men in battle. We need all the soldiers we can get, so it's time for you to put your strength and wits to good use.

    Helena, "The Citizen Vanguard"

  • They are probably better referred to as the Elderslayers now, but for a time, the Vanguard battled Baran, Veritania, Drox, and Al-Hezmin for control of the Atlas. The leader of the Elderslayers, Sirus, was far more powerful than the rest. Before they all went mad, he sacrificed himself to help seal The Elder, and they thought him dead... until he somehow returned, full of pain and ennui. He alone managed to escape the Atlas, and he took out his despair on Oriath, during our rebuilding efforts. As you can see, that triggered the evacuation, and we haven't returned.

    Helena, "The Conquerors"

  • I can't help but feel a sense of hope that the people we have gathered are part of something greater. We're all utterly different, but something has brought us together here and now. Alva, with her blood thaumaturgy. Tane, with his dark science. Einhar, with his natural wisdom. Niko, with his machinery skills. Jun, with her combat prowess. Kirac's leadership, and your strength, make me confident that we can handle whatever the future brings.

    Helena, "These People"

  • History, as I was taught it in Oriath, seems very skewed now. There were a great many events that were hidden from the public eye, and the use of map devices throughout the ages was one of those secrets. We know Maligaro experimented with one. There was also a map device in the possession of the Templars, though they did not know what they had. As far as we know, map devices can open portals to almost anywhere, even locations not of this world. We generally use it to enter the Atlas, although some of the exiles we worked with traveled to the domains of the Breach Lords. Those exiles were never heard from again, of course, but the portals worked.

    Helena, "The Map Device"

  • The Changing Atlas
  • The Atlas is a grave threat to mankind, a realm unlike any we've seen. It offers up your wildest desires, urging you ever onward into madness and danger... and yet, it may be our greatest defence as well. The Atlas draws the attention of eldritch creatures that would otherwise destroy us without a second thought. It's too dangerous to interact with, but too valuable to be left alone. You can see the position that leaves us in.

    We used to have the Atlas fully mapped, but it changes. It grows. After recent major events, it completely changed form. We've started from scratch at a moment we can ill afford to be blinded. The more you explore the Atlas, the better our chances of survival.

    Commander Kirac, "The Atlas"

  • Quite a bit has happened in the Atlas already. Suffice it to say, we have it on ominous authority that some unknown 'they' are coming. Judging by the one who gave us that warning, all of Wraeclast would be in jeopardy should 'they' take notice of us. It's best for everyone if we draw a hard line in the sand across the Atlas and keep them busy there instead.

    Commander Kirac, "The Coming Darkness"

  • Seeking the Maven's Help
  • You encountered The Envoy? This is exactly what I was hoping for. He's an enigmatic being, but he never strays far from his ward. He serves and guards a being called The Maven, and she is the true reason I've asked you to work with us. She is... a horrific abomination of a similar kind to the ones that are on their way. You might think I'm crazy for seeking her on purpose, but she may be the only one who can help us. You'll understand when - and if - you find her.

    Something dark is coming, Godslayer. Time is short. Keep exploring the Atlas. Where The Envoy resides, The Maven cannot be far.

    Commander Kirac, "The Envoy"

  • You've found The Maven! Then perhaps we have a chance after all. Do your best to win her over. She's drawn to conflict — the bloodier, the better. Try working your way deeper into the Atlas. Entertain her with combat. She might just aid her 'favourite toy' when the time comes.

    Commander Kirac, "The Maven"

  • The Maven's Toys
  • The Maven is a powerful entity with a penchant for forcing combatants to fight to the death. Then, she resurrects them to do it all again, over and over. She's tortured more than a few of my men and added them to her collection... my own brother included.

    A previous exile worked with her on our behalf, catching her interest for a time. That didn't last. Don't let her make you part of her collection.

    Commander Kirac, "The Maven"

  • My brother, Baran, was one of the Elderslayers. I'm immensely proud of him for that, but the toll of that victory was too high. It cost him his sanity. In my first campaign in the Atlas, I worked with an exile who was forced to slay him. It couldn't have ended any other way. I thought that would be the end of it... but The Maven 'collected' Baran and keeps resurrecting him for her sick games.

    When all this is through, there will be a reckoning with that creature. Mark my words.

    Commander Kirac, "Brother"

  • Murky waters have cleared, giving light to the past. Silence befell this realm at the hands of the Nomad. Silence befell this realm at the hands of the six. As one, they achieved the impossible, but scattered and alone, they were vulnerable. She keeps them still, her four prized trophies, a source of unending amusement. Two remain elusive, much to her ire...

    The Envoy, "The Elderslayers"

  • The Arrive
  • After all this time, all this dread and waiting... they're finally here. This is it, Godslayer. A struggle for the fate of Wraeclast. From what I can gather, the Atlas is a tempting treasure that keeps these creatures occupied. So long as we wage war in the outer realms, Wraeclast is safe. Should we lose the Atlas to their control, it will only be a matter of time until they take notice of us... we are nothing to them, and that is our greatest opportunity. Aid The Maven. Pit these entities against each other. It may be our only chance.

    Commander Kirac, "Enemy Entities"

  • They set foot upon this realm as a challenge to The Maven. Omnipotent and merciless, an eternity of suffering underlies and begets the annihilation they wreak.

    Their power is an insurmountable summit. You will not give them cause to falter. The Maven stakes her claim here, and only her voice might give them pause. Cling to her, Nomad, and pour all your hopes into the Struggle.

    The Envoy, "Their Arrival"

  • The veil of constancy drew all beneath its shadow into a steady sleep bereft of the petty squabbles that hemmed the time before time. Those who seek to seize The Maven's new realm are chained by that constancy, for they are as foreign to each other as they are to you. Were conflict even possible, it would rend the very cosmos asunder. Order requires that mortal champions are wagered and set against one another. The Maven's claim here depends upon victory, Nomad. Do not disappoint her.

    The Envoy, "The Struggle"

  • The weavers of destiny do not share knowledge of the path. The murmurs of the lightkeeper are not for our understanding. He illuminates the way forward, but our eyes are ever locked downward on the steps we take, marking each moment in tireless sequence. Only the progenitor may cast its gaze forward, birthing new ambitions apace as the old turn to dust in the light. In this cold conflict, an Impulse emerges. The winter forest grows, and does not burn. Not a miracle, not a gift, not a thinking mind. Simply the way it must be, so that existence may be.

    The Envoy, "Order"

  • The Cleansing Fire
  • An intellect of blazing suns and black stars scours the firmament in search of all that is and all that shall be. The Cleansing Fire desires omniscience, but it does not understand what it learns, nor does it care to. The minds etched into ashen captivity by the disintegrating light of clarity are nothing more than motes, droplets amidst the tempest, a fan to the flames of the inferno. This obsession leaves it blind to the path set before it by the lightkeeper.

    The Envoy, "The Cleansing Fire"

  • The minds of those studied utterly by the Cleansing Fire
    continue to think and dream and beg for silence...

    Uniques##Forbidden Flame

  • "We awoke to a sudden dawn cresting through the mountains.
    Each peak rose into searing fire, a massive roiling tide.
    A great eye gazed upon us, and we became known—utterly."

    Uniques##Dissolution of the Flesh

  • Where that searing dawn fell, silence reigned.
    We sought the shadows, but none remained.

    Uniques##Sudden Dawn

  • Those that escaped the annihilating light
    sank eternally into crushing darkness.

    Uniques##Polaric Devastation

  • The Cleansing Fire seems to be a colossal brain composed of 'blazing suns and black stars' that developed the ability to think, and has spent eternity voraciously seeking knowledge at the expense of disintegrating everything it studies. Somehow, it even keeps a library of minds, refusing to let those it has annihilated actually cease to exist.

  • The Tangle
  • The wind speaks in silver whispers, barely perceptible to those lost in the mire. The sky is tinged with screams of pain. They cry out in agony from the depths of The Tangle, for they are ever-consuming and eternally consumed, their hunger forever insatiable. Their misshapen mass drags itself across the firmament in search of ecstasy, each limb grasping in a different direction, each mouth desperate for a different escape from pain. So overcome, it cannot fathom the will of its progenitor, nor any other.

    The Envoy, "The Tangle"

  • A multitude of beings share a wretched existence
    irrevocably bound together in perpetual torture.

    Uniques##Inextricable Fate

  • The bodies of those wholly subsumed by the Tangle
    continue to merge and mutate and cry out for release...

    Uniques##Forbidden Flesh

  • Lost in a sea of limbs and screaming faces, they claw
    for any fleeting pleasure which might dull the pain.

    Uniques##Ceaseless Feast

  • To eat, to feast, to forget the horror of endless agonising existence
    if but for a moment... only to disgorge and do it all again...

    Uniques##The Gluttonous Tide

  • "We awoke to a sudden jungle rupturing the valleys of our home.
    Grasping limbs coiled around us, into us. We sank into each other,
    then rose into the living sky. My family screams alongside me still."

    Uniques##Melding of the Flesh

  • He reached for his home one last time, a shining jewel among the stars...
    only to watch in horror as it ruptured and shattered under a tide of limbs.

    Uniques##Black Zenith

  • ...the Tangle is some sort of horrific mass of organic beings melded together, and every one of those beings is pulling and clawing away eternally, trying to escape the pain and pursue even the smallest pleasure or consumption to distract themselves from the agony of their horrible existence. The more those trapped in the Tangle reach out, the more beings get absorbed, making the whole thing even more painful and cacophonous.

  • The Battle for the Atlas
  • The Cleansing Fire's Champions
  • Take this device and use it to extinguish The Cleansing Fire!

  • With this new piece of equipment, we can hunt The Cleansing Fire's footholds on the Atlas. Attack them on her behalf, and we can set them up to fight each other instead of us.

    Commander Kirac, "Luminous Astrolabe"

  • The Black Star
  • Once within the grasp of the Black Star,
    there can be no escape.

  • This key glows brighter in proximity to the Map Device, as if it's trying to tell us it wants to be used. It will take you beyond the Atlas itself, to some unknown place in the celestial realm. Rather than defending known lands, this will be an offensive mission into enemy territory. Wherever it leads, be ready for a skirmish.

    Commander Kirac, "Polaric Invitation"

  • Maven! The Challenge begins! Your champion will fall.

  • Champion against champion. So it must be.

  • Ready yourself, my champion. I cannot aid you in this battle.

  • The dark light fades...

  • Webs span between countless stars both blazing and black, a shroud of intellect eternally hungry for knowledge. The destruction of a single neuron goes unnoticed by the mind at large. The Maven's claim stands, but the challenge continues.

    The Envoy, "The Black Star"

  • Our strategists believe that by defeating The Black Star, you've strengthened The Maven's claim on the Atlas. No cause for celebration just yet, though. This is far from over. By all accounts, there's something far more deadly ahead. Be ready, Godslayer.

    Commander Kirac, "The Black Star Defeated"

  • The Searing Exarch
  • The Searing Exarch spread the Word of
    Enlightenment for countless eons without
    ever understanding its master's message.

  • From the corona of an ancient star,
    the Searing Exarch seeks to master the Atlas.

  • That key is not a mechanism, nor a map. It appears to be an invitation. Brace yourself for battle. The Cleansing Fire's champion will be ready for you.

    Commander Kirac, "Incandescent Invitation"

  • Your absurd defiance ends here, hatchling.

  • The Cleansing Fire's champion must fall.

  • I shall aid my champion in this battle, if needed.

  • The hatchling... Surprises...

  • My lady bids you farewell, Exarch. This is her kingdom!


  • The blazing iridescence that seared the firmament for a timeless time now flickers cold for the briefest of moments. The enlightenment of its master has been impeded by your victory. The Maven is triumphant... for now.

    The Envoy, "The Searing Exarch"

  • I'm glad you survived your battle with The Cleansing Fire's emissary, but I suspect this is hardly the end of The Maven's battle for ownership of the Atlas. Keep fighting as her champion, Godslayer. She's the best of our terrible options.

    Commander Kirac, "The Searing Exarch Defeated"

  • The Tangle's Champions
  • Use this device to rid me of my opposition!

  • So The Maven has given you a tool to begin hunting The Tangle. I knew finding her was our best shot at facing these abominations. Attack it on her behalf, and we can begin setting them against each other.

    Commander Kirac, "Flesh Compass"

  • The Infinite Hunger
  • The Infinite Hunger awaits in a cosmic stomach where
    whole civilisations are digested - but do not die.

  • My engineers have looked at that key... it's some sort of purposeful invitation, almost ceremonial in design. If you put this in the Map Device, it will open the way to somewhere far beyond the Atlas. It's about time we went on the offensive. Prepare yourself for a bit of a tussle.

    Commander Kirac, "Writhing Invitation"

  • It is champion against champion. Mine will be victorious.

  • Foolish Maven, come to feed me her champion!

  • Death... is meaningless...

  • An open maw is merely a gateway to a labyrinth of stomachs that can never be filled. The destruction of a single mouth does not stem the tide of the ceaseless hunger within. The Maven's claim stands, but the challenge continues.

    The Envoy, "The Infinite Hunger"

  • Our best researchers believe you've just won some sort of ritual for control of the Atlas against The Tangle. Defeating The Infinite Hunger is just one stage of the conflict, however. It can never be simple, can it? Keep up the pursuit, Godslayer. There's something much worse out there, readying itself.

    Commander Kirac, "The Infinite Hunger Defeated"

  • The Eater of Worlds
  • The Eater of Worlds consumed for countless
    eons to satiate the desperation of masters
    that could never be satisfied.

  • From the heart of the Tangle, the Eater of Worlds
    reaches out for control of the Atlas.

  • This is it, Godslayer. That key is an invitation to face The Tangle's primary champion in some far-off realm. The enemy is expecting you, so stay wary.

    Commander Kirac, "Screaming Invitation"

  • This is not a battle you can win, hatchling.

  • I will not let The Tangle's champion claim the Atlas!

  • You deny us... escape from pain...

  • Spires grow upon conquered ground at the behest of The Tangle's emissary, marking troves of screaming flesh to be consumed. The destruction of the herald balks the hunger within. The Maven's claim stands... for now.

    The Envoy, "The Eater of Worlds"

  • You've given The Tangle's champion a beating, but this was only one part of some ritual of ownership between eldritch entities. You've solidified The Maven's hold on the Atlas, but I doubt this is the end of the conflict. Stay wary.

    Commander Kirac, "The Eater of Worlds Defeated"

  • The Maven's Victory
  • Oh, what a delight! We've won! The Atlas is ours.

  • Now I can play with my best friend, forever.

  • Or at least... until the others arrive to challenge me for this realm...

  • But we won't give it to them, now will we?

  • Two claimants have arrived, desperate in their hunger. Two claimants have been turned away. The Maven and the Nomad stand bloodied and victorious, but time is fleeting, and time is eternal. The enemies outnumber the stars in the sky. The enemies are the stars in the sky. Mark this as the moment you finally understand the insurmountable weight of the approaching tide. This is not the end. This was merely the beginning.

    The Envoy, "Not the End"

  • By the gods, you actually did it! You did battle with those eldritch fiends and lived to tell the tale. You've bought us some time, Godslayer. For the moment, The Maven has full control of the Atlas, and she's content to play there and leave us alone. Keep doing what you're doing... very carefully.

    Commander Kirac, "A Moment's Respite"

Favoured Map /12 ⍟
Favoured Maps

Favoured Map Slots can be unlocked by completing specific objectives or defeating specific encounters
Favoured Maps will have a higher chance of Dropping

{Select a slot then select a Map on your Atlas to set it as a Favoured Map
Right click a slot to clear it}
1Complete a Tier 16+ Map
2Defeat an Elder Guardian
3Defeat a Shaper Guardian
4Defeat a Conqueror of the Atlas
5Defeat Sirus, Awakener of Worlds
6Defeat Venarius in the Cortex
7Defeat The Shaper
8Defeat The Elder in The Shaper's Realm
9Defeat The Maven
10Defeat The Eater of Worlds
11Defeat The Searing Exarch
12Complete Maven's Invitation: The Feared
Text Audio /4 ⍟
Siege of the AtlasThe Searing Exarch40
Siege of the AtlasThe Eater of Worlds73
Siege of the AtlasThe Black Star26
Siege of the AtlasThe Infinite Hunger64

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Siege of the Atlas

  • After defeating Kitava, you will meet Commander Kirac in the Karui Shores and join his militia to safeguard the Atlas of Worlds. The Envoy will inform you that two Eldritch Horrors, The Searing Exarch and The Eater of Worlds, are approaching and will consume everything.
  • By completing maps affected by their influence, you can hunt down their sub-bosses, The Black Star and The Infinite Hunger, before finally facing The Searing Exarch and The Eater of Worlds themselves. Defeating these formidable foes yields valuable rewards including exclusive new unique items.
  • The Atlas of Worlds has been revised, and regions have been removed. The regional Atlas Passive Trees have been replaced with one gigantic Atlas-wide Passive Tree that affects all maps you run. You can earn points by completing bonus objectives of maps and finishing certain Atlas quests.
  • The Watchstone system has also been removed, and replaced with Voidstones which are obtained by defeating The Uber Elder, The Maven, The Searing Exarch and The Eater of Worlds. These Voidstones raise the tiers of maps on your Atlas and can be augmented by Sextants.

A New Era Begins

Having assumed responsibility for the defense of the Atlas, Commander Kirac has established a base in the Karui Archipelago with several map devices. He has heard rumours of your prowess and invites you to join his militia in order to scout the Atlas to learn about threats to Wraeclast. You encounter the Maven and discover that two new Eldritch Horrors are here: The Searing Exarch and The Eater of Worlds. They must be stopped before they consume everything.

Two Eldritch Horrors

The Searing Exarch and The Eater of Worlds are the most powerful beings that Wraeclast has ever seen. The path to defeating them involves exploring many influenced maps and slaying their formidable subordinates, The Black Star and The Infinite Hunger, yielding valuable rewards.

Faction Boss symbol mini Boss Voidstone Ember/Ichor
The Cleansing Fire The Searing Exarch
Incandescent Invitation
The Infinite Hunger
Polaric Invitation
Omniscient Voidstone Lesser Eldritch Ember
Greater Eldritch Ember
Grand Eldritch Ember
Exceptional Eldritch Ember
The Tangle The Eater of Worlds
Screaming Invitation
The Black Star
Writhing Invitation
Grasping Voidstone Lesser Eldritch Ichor
Greater Eldritch Ichor
Grand Eldritch Ichor
Exceptional Eldritch Ichor

Reworked Atlas Mechanics

Most Atlas mechanics have been reworked with a goal of creating deeper systems that are easier to understand. Regions have been removed, so your Atlas specialisation affects every map you run. Where you'd previously collect 16 Watchstones, you must now earn four Voidstones which let you raise the tier of all maps on your Atlas until they are uniformly tier 16. Sextants can apply to Voidstones and be itemised and traded. Commander Kirac offers a large variety of Atlas objectives that add valuable content to your maps.

  • Watchstone Replacements
  • Dropped by Maven, Uber Elder, Eater, Exarch Fights upon killing for the first time
  • Raise Level of all maps when socketed
  • Only way to access sextants now
  • They raise all map tiers by 4 up to tier 16
  • All maps now cap at t16, no more T14-16
  • Endgame Mapping requirements might be a little higher since average HP of Map Bosses will be fixed to T16 HP
  • Presumably with a full socketed atlas, ONLY T16 maps can drop as Atlas Map Drops
Boss Voidstone
The Searing Exarch Omniscient Voidstone
The Eater of Worlds Grasping Voidstone
The Maven Ceremonial Voidstone
Uber The Elder Decayed Voidstone
Boss Uniques
The Black Star Polaric Devastation
Sudden Dawn
The Infinite Hunger Ceaseless Feast
Black Zenith
The Searing Exarch Dissolution of the Flesh
Forbidden Flame
The Annihilating Light
Crystallised Omniscience
The Eater of Worlds Melding of the Flesh
Forbidden Flesh
The Gluttonous Tide
Inextricable Fate
Ashes of the Stars

Favorite Maps

12 Favoured map slots, grants 10x multiplier to drop weight.

  • Complete a Tier 16 Map
  • Defeat an Elder Guardian


Sirus is a fragment boss and A8 difficulty.


Atlas Passive Skill

Say goodbye to regional Atlas Passive Trees and hello to one gigantic Atlas-wide Passive Tree with over 600 skills to specialise in. Every map as well as various Atlas quests you complete will earn you an Atlas skill point. In addition to the best skills from the regional trees, we have created many completely new ones that let you choose your own level of risk and reward for Atlas content.

It's currently possible to obtain up to 132 points:

Check command

/atlaspassives chat command that details the sources of your Atlas Passive Points, and those you may still be missing from quests.


RegretOrbOrb of Unmaking are sold by Kirac for 2 CurrencyPassiveSkillRefundOrb of Regret.


Eldritch Implicit Modifiers

The Searing Exarch and The Eater of Worlds each have a powerful set of Eldritch Implicit Modifiers, which can be imbued onto items using Eldritch Embers and Eldritch Ichor, respectively. Although this process replaces existing implicit mods, it's possible to have both types of Eldritch Implicits on an item at the same time.

You can use an Orb of Conflict to manipulate the tiers of these modifiers on your item, within the six tiers of modifiers available. When applied, the Orb randomly increases the tier of one modifier and lowers the tier of the other. The new EldritchChaosOrbEldritch Chaos Orb, EldritchExaltedOrbEldritch Exalted Orb and EldritchAnnulmentOrbEldritch Orb of Annulment can manipulate the prefixes or suffixes of an item depending on whether The Searing Exarch or The Eater of Worlds has a higher Eldritch modifier on it.

Tier Name Name
6 TangleOrbRank1Lesser Eldritch Ichor
CleansingFireOrbRank1Lesser Eldritch Ember
Drops in all maps.
5 TangleOrbRank2Greater Eldritch Ichor
CleansingFireOrbRank2Greater Eldritch Ember
Come from exploring maps influenced by The Eater of Worlds or The Searing Exarch.
4 TangleOrbRank3Grand Eldritch Ichor
CleansingFireOrbRank3Grand Eldritch Ember
Come from exploring maps influenced by The Eater of Worlds or The Searing Exarch.
3 TangleOrbRank4Exceptional Eldritch Ichor
CleansingFireOrbRank4Exceptional Eldritch Ember
Drop from The Eater of Worlds or The Searing Exarch.
2 ConflictOrbRank1Orb of Conflict Drop from The Maven and her encounters
1 ConflictOrbRank1Orb of Conflict Drop from The Maven and her encounters
Tier Normal Unique Pinnacle
6 8% increased Attack Speed
5 9% increased Attack Speed While a Unique Enemy is in your Presence, 13% increased Attack Speed
4 10% increased Attack Speed While a Unique Enemy is in your Presence, 14% increased Attack Speed While a Pinnacle Atlas Boss is in your Presence, 18% increased Attack Speed
3 11% increased Attack Speed While a Unique Enemy is in your Presence, 15% increased Attack Speed While a Pinnacle Atlas Boss is in your Presence, 19% increased Attack Speed
2 12% increased Attack Speed While a Unique Enemy is in your Presence, 16% increased Attack Speed While a Pinnacle Atlas Boss is in your Presence, 20% increased Attack Speed
1 13% increased Attack Speed While a Unique Enemy is in your Presence, 17% increased Attack Speed While a Pinnacle Atlas Boss is in your Presence, 21% increased Attack Speed

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