Maven's Invitation: The Twisted
Misc Map Items
Portal: The Maven's Crucible
Area Level: 68
Atlas Region: The Uncharted Realms
Area Level: 83
Boss Fights: 4
Passive Point: 2
The Maven must Witness: The Purifier, The Constrictor, The Enslaver, The Eradicator
For those who must not endure it,
there may be found a perverse joy
in watching the struggle for survival.
Maven's Invitation: The Twisted MavenMapVoid2 /8

Maven's Invitation: The Twisted MavenMapVoid2 /8

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DropLevel 1
BaseType Maven's Invitation: The Twisted
Class Misc Map Items
FlagsAlwaysAllocate, CanBeCorrupted
Tagsmaven_map, maven_void_map
Map Device Recipes /1 ⍟

Map Device Recipes /1 ⍟

NullVoid1NullVoid2NullVoid3NullVoid4NullVoid5ProvingGroundHaewarkHamlet5ProvingGroundHaewarkHamlet5ProvingGroundHaewarkHamlet5ProvingGroundHaewarkHamlet5ProvingGroundHaewarkHamlet5ProvingGroundTirnsEnd5ProvingGroundTirnsEnd5ProvingGroundTirnsEnd5ProvingGroundTirnsEnd5ProvingGroundLexProxima5ProvingGroundLexProxima5ProvingGroundLexProxima5ProvingGroundLexProxima5ProvingGroundLexEjoras5ProvingGroundLexEjoras5ProvingGroundLexEjoras5ProvingGroundLexEjoras5ProvingGroundNewVastir5ProvingGroundNewVastir5ProvingGroundNewVastir5ProvingGroundNewVastir5ProvingGroundGlennachCairns5ProvingGroundGlennachCairns5ProvingGroundGlennachCairns5ProvingGroundGlennachCairns5ProvingGroundGlennachCairns5ProvingGroundValdosRest5ProvingGroundValdosRest5ProvingGroundValdosRest5ProvingGroundValdosRest5ProvingGroundValdosRest5ProvingGroundLiraArthain5ProvingGroundLiraArthain5ProvingGroundLiraArthain5ProvingGroundLiraArthain5ProvingGroundLiraArthain5The Maven's Crucible68

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Maven's Invitation: The Twisted

Maven's Invitation: The Twisted is a misc map item. It usually dropped as a rare rarity item but can be re-crafted as a normal/magic/rare item.


In order to use this invitation to open portals to The Maven's Crucible, the player must kill the following Elder Guardians when the Maven is witnessing the fight:

  • The Purifier
  • The Constrictor
  • The Enslaver
  • The Eradicator

The invitation will highlighted the completed boss with white text. E.g. The Purifier instead of The Purifier.

The fight in the Maven's Crucible, is fighting all 4 Elder Guardians at the same time.

Item acquisition

Can drop in any Elder Guardians Map.

Uncharted Realms invitations are random drops. Player can farm the relevant areas (with or without the Maven) for the drop.[1]

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