Betrayal Unique /14 ⍟

Betrayal Unique /14 ⍟

NameShow Full Descriptions
MastersFocusBitterbind Point Titanium Spirit Shield
(30–50)% increased Spell Damage
(180–220)% increased Energy Shield
Spectres have (50–100)% increased maximum Life
Gain Arcane Surge when you deal a Critical Strike
Your Raised Spectres also gain Arcane Surge when you do
(40–50)% increased Critical Strike Chance for Spells per Raised Spectre
(Arcane Surge grants 10% more Spell Damage and 30% increased Mana Regeneration rate, for 4 seconds)
VialofUnlifeCinderswallow Urn Silver Flask
+90 to Maximum Charges
Recharges 5 Charges when you Consume an Ignited corpse
(175–200)% increased Charges per use
Enemies Ignited by you during Flask Effect take (7–10)% increased Damage
Recover (1–3)% of Life when you Kill an Enemy during Flask Effect
ExplorersVisionFireFlamesight Solaris Circlet
(240–280)% increased Energy Shield
+(30–40)% to Fire Resistance
(30–40)% increased Elemental Damage
25% chance to Scorch Enemies
Cannot inflict Ignite
10% increased Elemental Damage per Sextant affecting the area
(Scorched Enemies have their Elemental Resistances lowered by up to 30%, based on the Fire Damage of the Hit, for 4 seconds)
ExplorersVisionColdGalesight Solaris Circlet
(240–280)% increased Energy Shield
+(30–40)% to Cold Resistance
(30–40)% increased Elemental Damage
25% chance to inflict Brittle
Cannot inflict Freeze or Chill
10% increased Elemental Damage per Sextant affecting the area
(Hits have up to +15% Critical Strike Chance against Brittle Enemies, based on the Cold Damage of the Hit which inflicted Brittle, for 4 seconds)
Betrayal_Unique_Transport_BeltHyperboreus Leather Belt
+(25–40) to maximum Life
+(30–40)% to Cold Resistance
Chill nearby Enemies when you Focus, causing 30% reduced Action Speed
Focus has (30–50)% increased Cooldown Recovery Rate
(50–70)% increased Damage with Hits and Ailments against Chilled Enemies
grant focus skill [1]
(Chill reduces Enemy Action Speed for 2 seconds)
(Ailments that deal Damage are Bleeding, Ignited, and Poisoned)
AssassinationUnique2Paradoxica Vaal Rapier
+25% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
Attacks with this Weapon deal Double Damage

ShapersPresenceSolstice Vigil Onyx Amulet
+(10–16) to all Attributes
(30–40)% increased Damage
+(50–70) to maximum Life
Regenerate (8–10) Mana per second
Gain Shaper's Presence for 10 seconds when you kill a Rare or Unique Enemy
Temporal Chains has no Reservation if Cast as an Aura
(Shaper's Presence causes effects on you and nearby allies to expire 20% slower)
(Effects cannot be slowed below 25% of their normal expiry rate)
FortificationsUniqueThe Crimson Storm Steelwood Bow
6% increased Movement Speed
(140–170)% increased Physical Damage
(25–35)% increased Critical Strike Chance
50% chance to inflict Bleeding on Critical Strike with Attacks
Enemies you inflict Bleeding on grant (60–100)% increased Flask Charges
Adds (100–120) to (150–165) Physical Damage against Bleeding Enemies
50% chance to Maim Enemies on Critical Strike with Attacks
(Bleeding deals Physical Damage over time, based on the base Physical Damage of the Skill. Damage is higher while moving)
(Maimed enemies have 30% reduced Movement Speed)
TheDevouringDiademThe Devouring Diadem Necromancer Circlet
+1 to Level of Socketed Gems
Socketed Gems have 25% increased Reservation Efficiency
Trigger Level 15 Feast of Flesh every 5 seconds
(180–220)% increased Energy Shield
10% chance for Energy Shield Recharge to start when you use a Skill
Eldritch Battery
buff impl stat [0]
(Spend Energy Shield before Mana for Skill Mana Costs. Energy Shield protects Mana instead of Life. 50% less Energy Shield Recharge Rate)
TheQueensHungerThe Queen's Hunger Vaal Regalia
Trigger Level 20 Bone Offering, Flesh Offering or Spirit Offering every 5 seconds
Offering Skills Triggered this way also affect you
(5–10)% increased Cast Speed
(100–130)% increased Energy Shield
(6–10)% increased maximum Life
buff impl stat [0]

ExplorersVisionLightningThundersight Solaris Circlet
(240–280)% increased Energy Shield
+(30–40)% to Lightning Resistance
(30–40)% increased Elemental Damage
25% chance to Sap Enemies
Cannot inflict Shock
10% increased Elemental Damage per Sextant affecting the area
(Sapped Enemies deal up to 20% less Damage, based on the Lightning Damage of the Hit, for 4 seconds)
BetrayalExperimentationRingVivinsect Unset Ring
Has 1 Socket
+5 to Level of Socketed Aura Gems
Socketed Gems have 20% reduced Reservation Efficiency
+(15–25) to all Attributes
Regenerate 15 Life per second for each Uncorrupted Item Equipped
-2 to Total Mana Cost of Skills for each Corrupted Item Equipped
(Attributes are Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence)
MatuatupunaWhakatutuki o Matua Tarnished Spirit Shield
(5–10)% increased Spell Damage
+3 to Level of Socketed Minion Gems
+(40–80) to maximum Energy Shield
(40–80)% increased Energy Shield
+(15–25) to maximum Mana
20% increased effect of Non-Curse Auras from your Skills on your Minions
20% increased effect of Non-Curse Auras from your Skills
Spreads Tar when you Block
If you have Blocked Recently, you and nearby Allies Regenerate 5% of Life per second
ground tar on block duration ms [4500]
(Tar reduces Enemy Movement Speed by 50%)
(Recently refers to the past 4 seconds)
ExplorersGauntlet2Worldcarver Dragonscale Gauntlets
Trigger Level 20 Arcane Wake after Spending a total of 200 Mana
+(200–300) to Accuracy Rating
(120–150)% increased Armour and Evasion
+(60–80) to maximum Life
6% increased Attack Damage for each Map Item Modifier affecting the Area
3% increased Attack Speed for each Map Item Modifier affecting the Area
Betrayal Item /43 ⍟

Betrayal Item /43 ⍟

A Dab of Ink
Stack Size: 1 / 9
The Poet's Pen
Acid Caverns Map
Map Tier: , , , 13, 16
Atlas Region: Haewark Hamlet
Guild Tag Editor: ÿ
Bonus: Kill boss of corrupted rare version of this map
Awakening Bonus: Complete this map with at least tier 16 and Awakening level 7
Crater Map
Fungal Hollow Map
Map Tier: , , 9, 11, 14
Atlas Region: Lira Arthain
Guild Tag Editor: d
Bonus: Kill boss of rare version of this map
Awakening Bonus: Complete this map with at least tier 14 and Awakening level 5
Gilded Ambush Scarab
Stack Size: 1 / 10
Area contains 5 additional Strongboxes
Gilded Bestiary Scarab
Stack Size: 1 / 10
Area contains Einhar
Area contains 3 additional Red Beasts
Gilded Breach Scarab
Stack Size: 1 / 10
Area contains 3 additional Breaches
Gilded Cartography Scarab
Stack Size: 1 / 10
50% more Maps found in Area
Gilded Divination Scarab
Stack Size: 1 / 10
150% more Divination Cards found in Area
Gilded Elder Scarab
Stack Size: 1 / 10
Adds Elder Influence outcome to Map Area
90% more Rare Elder Items found in Area
Gilded Harbinger Scarab
Stack Size: 1 / 10
Area contains 4 additional Harbingers
Gilded Reliquary Scarab
Stack Size: 1 / 10
150% more Unique Items found in Area
Gilded Shaper Scarab
Stack Size: 1 / 10
Adds Shaper Influence outcome to Map Area
90% more Rare Shaper Items found in Area
Gilded Sulphite Scarab
Stack Size: 1 / 10
Area contains Niko
Map owner gains 60% more Sulphite
Gilded Torment Scarab
Stack Size: 1 / 10
Area contains 7 additional Tormented Spirits
Glacier Map
Map Tier: 5, 9, 12, 13, 16
Atlas Region: Lira Arthain
Guild Tag Editor: U
Bonus: Kill boss of magic or higher version of this map
Awakening Bonus: Complete this map with at least tier 16 and Awakening level 3
Polished Ambush Scarab
Stack Size: 1 / 10
Area contains 4 additional Strongboxes
Polished Bestiary Scarab
Stack Size: 1 / 10
Area contains Einhar
Area contains 2 additional Red Beasts
Polished Breach Scarab
Stack Size: 1 / 10
Area contains 2 additional Breaches
Polished Cartography Scarab
Stack Size: 1 / 10
35% more Maps found in Area
Polished Divination Scarab
Stack Size: 1 / 10
100% more Divination Cards found in Area
Polished Elder Scarab
Stack Size: 1 / 10
Adds Elder Influence outcome to Map Area
60% more Rare Elder Items found in Area
Polished Harbinger Scarab
Stack Size: 1 / 10
Area contains 3 additional Harbingers
Polished Reliquary Scarab
Stack Size: 1 / 10
100% more Unique Items found in Area
Polished Shaper Scarab
Stack Size: 1 / 10
Adds Shaper Influence outcome to Map Area
60% more Rare Shaper Items found in Area
Polished Sulphite Scarab
Stack Size: 1 / 10
Area contains Niko
Map owner gains 40% more Sulphite
Polished Torment Scarab
Stack Size: 1 / 10
Area contains 5 additional Tormented Spirits
Primordial Blocks Map
Map Tier: , , , , 15
Atlas Region: Haewark Hamlet
Guild Tag Editor: â
Bonus: Kill boss of corrupted rare version of this map
Awakening Bonus: Complete this map with at least tier 15 and Awakening level 8
Rusted Ambush Scarab
Stack Size: 1 / 10
Area contains 3 additional Strongboxes
Rusted Bestiary Scarab
Stack Size: 1 / 10
Area contains Einhar
Area contains an additional Red Beast
Rusted Breach Scarab
Stack Size: 1 / 10
Area contains an additional Breach
Rusted Cartography Scarab
Stack Size: 1 / 10
20% more Maps found in Area
Rusted Divination Scarab
Stack Size: 1 / 10
50% more Divination Cards found in Area
Rusted Elder Scarab
Stack Size: 1 / 10
Adds Elder Influence outcome to Map Area
30% more Rare Elder Items found in Area
Rusted Harbinger Scarab
Stack Size: 1 / 10
Area contains 2 additional Harbingers
Rusted Reliquary Scarab
Stack Size: 1 / 10
50% more Unique Items found in Area
Rusted Shaper Scarab
Stack Size: 1 / 10
Adds Shaper Influence outcome to Map Area
30% more Rare Shaper Items found in Area
Rusted Sulphite Scarab
Stack Size: 1 / 10
Area contains Niko
Map owner gains 20% more Sulphite
Rusted Torment Scarab
Stack Size: 1 / 10
Area contains 3 additional Tormented Spirits
The Life Thief
Stack Size: 1 / 6
Zerphi's Heart
The Master Artisan
Stack Size: 1 / 5
20x Quality Currency
The Nurse
Stack Size: 1 / 8
The Doctor
The Sacrifice
Stack Size: 1 / 4
Six-Link Sacrificial Garb
Item Level: 100
Betrayal Quest /1 ⍟

Betrayal Quest /1 ⍟

ActIconNameShow Full Descriptions
9FortQuestIconThe Immortal Syndicate
Jun wants you to help her find and dismantle the Immortal Syndicate fortifications in the Maraketh Desert.
Betrayal Gem /10

Betrayal Gem /10

Attack Spell Brand Orb Channelling Physical Fire Cold Lightning Projectile Chaining Totem Aura AoE Duration Support
WarbannerWar Banner (4)
AoE, Spell, Duration, Aura, Physical
DreadBannerDread Banner (24)
AoE, Spell, Duration, Aura, Physical
MultipleTotemsMultiple Totems Support (38)
Totem, Support
ShatteringSteelShattering Steel (12)
Attack, Projectile, AoE, Physical
LancingSteelLancing Steel (28)
Attack, Projectile, Physical
ConduitSigilStorm Brand (12)
Lightning, Spell, AoE, Chaining, Duration, Brand
RecallSigilBrand Recall (16)
Brand, Spell
ArmageddonBrandArmageddon Brand (28)
Spell, AoE, Fire, Duration, Brand
FrostFuryWinter Orb (28)
Cold, Spell, Channelling, AoE, Duration, Projectile, Orb
BoneChillSupportBonechill Support (38)
Cold, Support
Betrayal Monster /69 ⍟

Betrayal Monster /69 ⍟

Jun, Veiled Mastermonster base type attack cast speed +% and damage -% final [33]
master damage +% final vs unique monsters [-90]
Fortress Wallmonster no drops or experience [1]
chance to be stunned % [25]
cannot have affliction mods [1]
Fortress Wallmonster no drops or experience [1]
chance to be stunned % [25]
Totemmonster no drops or experience [1]
cannot have affliction mods [1]
Totemmonster no drops or experience [1]N
Catarina, Master of Undeathmonster dropped item quantity +% [1500]
monster dropped item rarity +% [2000]
monster slain experience +% [100]
Cannot be fully Slowed
unique boss curse effect on self +% final [-66]
cannot be stunned for ms after stun finished [4000]
cannot be stunned while stunned [1]
VoriciCannot be fully Slowed
unique boss curse effect on self +% final [-33]
Flesh ManipulatorRaises UndeadY
Spirit WeaverY
Risen LackeyUndeadY
Flayed VanguardUndeadY
Flayed LookoutUndeadY
Creeping TangleY
Ravager MawY
Syndicate AssassinY
Syndicate OperativeY
Syndicate AgentY
Syndicate Silencermonster no drops or experience [1]
cannot be used as minion [1]
Syndicate SilencerY
Syndicate Conduitmonster do not fracture [1]Y
Syndicate Fabricatormonster do not fracture [1]Y
Depraved MonstrosityY
Bloated MonstrosityY
Augmented Bloodwormmonster no drops [1]N
Starved Plague Ratmonster no drops [1]N
Engorged Plague Ratmonster no drops [1]N
Syndicate Evidencecannot be knocked back [1]
monster no drops or experience [1]
Syndicate MuscleBlocks Attacks
base block % damage taken [10]
Syndicate BeheaderY
Syndicate EnforcerY
Syndicate MarksmanY
Syndicate VesselCharges
Blocks Attacks
base block % damage taken [20]
Volatile Coremonster no drops or experience [1]N
Clonecannot be damaged [1]N
Unholy SentinelCharges
Blocks Attacks
base block % damage taken [20]
Tej Alhamba monster no drops or experience [1]N
Arin Kent monster no drops or experience [1]N
Ngahari Atui monster no drops or experience [1]N
Brin Bariusmonster no drops or experience [1]N
Xian Songmonster no drops or experience [1]N
Killam Crearymonster no drops or experience [1]N
Lynn Greymonster no drops or experience [1]N
Sarina Tituciusmonster no drops or experience [1]N
Volatile Skeletonmonster no drops or experience [1]N
Traitor of the Ordermonster no drops or experience [1]N
Flayed VanguardUndeadN
Flayed LookoutUndeadN
Ghastly Phantasmcannot be used as minion [1]N
HakuCannot be fully Slowed
unique boss curse effect on self +% final [-33]
ElreonCannot be fully Slowed
unique boss curse effect on self +% final [-33]
ToraCannot be fully Slowed
unique boss curse effect on self +% final [-33]
VaganCannot be fully Slowed
unique boss curse effect on self +% final [-33]
Hillock, the BlacksmithCannot be fully Slowed
unique boss curse effect on self +% final [-33]
Leo, Wolf of the PitsCannot be fully Slowed
unique boss curse effect on self +% final [-33]
Guff "Tiny" GrennCannot be fully Slowed
unique boss curse effect on self +% final [-33]
Blocks Attacks
base block % damage taken [10]
Janus PerandusCannot be fully Slowed
unique boss curse effect on self +% final [-33]
It That FledCannot be fully Slowed
unique boss curse effect on self +% final [-33]
GraviciusCannot be fully Slowed
unique boss curse effect on self +% final [-33]
Thane JorginCannot be fully Slowed
unique boss curse effect on self +% final [-33]
Korell GoyaCannot be fully Slowed
unique boss curse effect on self +% final [-33]
Rin YuushuCannot be fully Slowed
unique boss curse effect on self +% final [-33]
Cameria the ColdbloodedCannot be fully Slowed
unique boss curse effect on self +% final [-33]
Aisling LaffreyCannot be fully Slowed
unique boss curse effect on self +% final [-33]
Riker MaloneyCannot be fully Slowed
unique boss curse effect on self +% final [-33]
Mangled Sculptureactive skill area of effect radius +% final [0,50]Y
Bound Phantasmcannot be used as minion [1]N
Betrayal Strongbox /1 ⍟

Betrayal Strongbox /1 ⍟

Safehouse Stash
Minimap Icons /3 ⍟

Minimap Icons /3 ⍟

Veiled Items The Help Panel

Veiled Items The Help Panel

Veiled Items

Once you have met Jun Ortoi, you will begin encountering the Immortal Syndicate. If you manage to defeat an Immortal Syndicate member, they may drop a Veiled Item. Veiled Items are special rare items with Veiled Modifiers - modifiers masked by ancient magic that only Jun Ortoi can reveal. When Jun unveils the modifier, you'll be presented with three different options for what that modifier will ultimately be. Not only are many of these modifiers very powerful, but unveiling them allows you to craft those modifiers using your Crafting Bench in your Hideout! So your choice is very important, even if you have no plans to use the item it appears on.

Even if you don't want to use the Veiled item, each unveiling grants progress towards the ability to craft those mods on any item you want.

Veiled modifiers often have multiple tiers, however all tiers of a modifier will be unlocked for crafting when unveiled for the first time. Once you have unlocked a Veiled modifier for crafting, it will be available for all of the characters you create in that league. Additionally, some modifiers can only appear on items from specific Immortal Syndicate members. You can check whether a Veiled modifier is from a certain member before you unveil it by looking at the advanced modifier description (enabled in the Options menu). One final thing to consider: even if you have unlocked all the Veiled modifiers you want, Veiled items still have value -- to other players! Some players may pay a premium for items that have not yet been unveiled, so that they can rapidly learn the recipes! Consider selling Veiled items to other players!

Safehouse Reward

Safehouse Reward

HakuHakuTransporting Rare EquipmentGuarding Unique StrongboxForging Powerful EquipmentStealing Strongbox Scarabs
ElreonElreonEscorting Unique WeaponrySafeguarding Unique ArmourManufacturing Unique Forgeries"Reappropriating" Reliquary Scarabs
ToraToraCreating Timed Item Traps (Careful!)Enchanting HelmetsExposing Gems to CombatHunting for Harbinger Scarabs
VaganVaganRelocating Timeless SplintersPatrolling Legion CacheStashing IncubatorsSelectively Stealing Legion Scarabs
VoriciVoriciSmuggling High-quality GemsStowing Socket-Modifying OrbsForging Gem-Agnostic SocketsThieving Shaper Scarabs
HillockHillockEscorting Personal Weaponsmithing EquipmentGuarding Fine Armoursmithing EquipmentGlassblowing (Impressive Lung Capacity!)Collecting 'Shiny Things' (Abyss Scarabs?)
LeoLeoDiverting Fate (Stolen Prophecies!)Banking Currency (Winnings?)Imbuing Items With New PropertiesClaiming Torment Scarabs
GrennGuffWagering on Item WorthBetting on Item OutcomesInvestigating Item OddsGambling with Item Properties
JanusJanusTransporting Quality-Modifying CurrencyAccumulating Currency Shards (Pathetic!)Securing Kalguuran Currencies (Fool!)"Finding" Expedition Scarabs
BreachIt That FledTransporting Breach SplintersMapping Breaches (Go home, freak!)Enriching BreachstonesLooting Breach Scarabs
GraviciusGraviciusLaundering Divination Card CollectionsAmassing Divination CardsTrialing Divination Card MetamorphosisAcquiring Divination Scarab "Donations"
ThaneJorginCarrying Talismans on PilgrimageChanneling the First OnesImbuing Amulets with Talismanic PowerSeizing Bestiary Scarabs
KeemaKorellSmuggling EssencesAssembling FragmentsExamining FossilsSnatching Elder Scarabs
RinRinGuiding Maps Between LocationsSecuring Rare MapsCataloguing Unique MapsSwiping Cartography Scarabs
CameriaCameriaSmuggling Timeworn UniquesSheltering Harbinger OrbsFabricating SextantsPillaging Sulphite Scarabs
AislinAislingSmuggling Attuned Equipment (Trapped Chests!)Guarding Veiled EquipmentImbuing Veiled MagicPilfering Metamorph Scarabs
RikerRikerRigging Item Selections (Likes Contraptions!)Protecting Items from Theft (Paranoid?)Studying Anomalous MaterialsInvestigating Blight Scarabs
Choice Actions /23 ⍟

Choice Actions /23 ⍟

Drop a Unique Item
Drop some Currency Items
Drop an additional Rare Item with Veiled Mod
Drop a Map
Drop a Scarab
Safehouse Traitor Reward /215 ⍟

Safehouse Traitor Reward /215 ⍟

Aisling Laffrey, The Silent ButcherInterventionSergeantPilfering Metamorph Scarabs
Aisling Laffrey, The Silent ButcherInterventionLieutenantPilfering Metamorph Scarabs
Aisling Laffrey, The Silent ButcherInterventionCaptainPilfering Metamorph Scarabs
Aisling Laffrey, The Silent ButcherFortificationSergeantGuarding Veiled Equipment
Aisling Laffrey, The Silent ButcherFortificationLieutenantGuarding Veiled Equipment
Aisling Laffrey, The Silent ButcherFortificationCaptainGuarding Veiled Equipment
Aisling Laffrey, The Silent ButcherTransportationSergeantSmuggling Attuned Equipment (Trapped Chests!)
Aisling Laffrey, The Silent ButcherTransportationLieutenantSmuggling Attuned Equipment (Trapped Chests!)
Aisling Laffrey, The Silent ButcherTransportationCaptainSmuggling Attuned Equipment (Trapped Chests!)
Aisling Laffrey, The Silent ButcherResearchSergeantImbuing Veiled Magic
Add a Veiled Mod to a Rare item
Aisling Laffrey, The Silent ButcherResearchLieutenantImbuing Veiled Magic
Add a Veiled Mod to a Rare item, with a low chance of adding a second Veiled Mod
Aisling Laffrey, The Silent ButcherResearchCaptainImbuing Veiled Magic
Add a Veiled Modifier to a Rare item, with a chance of adding a second Veiled Modifier
Aisling Laffrey, The Silent ButcherResearchBossImbuing Veiled Magic
Replace a random Modifier on a Rare item with a Veiled Modifier
It That FledInterventionSergeantLooting Breach Scarabs
It That FledInterventionLieutenantLooting Breach Scarabs
It That FledInterventionCaptainLooting Breach Scarabs
It That FledFortificationSergeantMapping Breaches (Go home, freak!)
It That FledFortificationLieutenantMapping Breaches (Go home, freak!)
It That FledFortificationCaptainMapping Breaches (Go home, freak!)
It That FledTransportationSergeantTransporting Breach Splinters
It That FledTransportationLieutenantTransporting Breach Splinters
It That FledTransportationCaptainTransporting Breach Splinters
It That FledResearchSergeantEnriching Breachstones
Modify a Breachstone, making it more challenging and rewarding
It That FledResearchLieutenantEnriching Breachstones
Modify a Breachstone, making it more challenging and rewarding
It That FledResearchCaptainEnriching Breachstones
Modify a Breachstone, making it more challenging and rewarding
It That FledResearchBossEnriching Breachstones
Modify a Breachstone, making it more challenging and rewarding
Cameria the ColdbloodedInterventionSergeantPillaging Sulphite Scarabs
Cameria the ColdbloodedInterventionLieutenantPillaging Sulphite Scarabs
Cameria the ColdbloodedInterventionCaptainPillaging Sulphite Scarabs
Cameria the ColdbloodedFortificationSergeantSheltering Harbinger Orbs
Cameria the ColdbloodedFortificationLieutenantSheltering Harbinger Orbs
Cameria the ColdbloodedFortificationCaptainSheltering Harbinger Orbs
Cameria the ColdbloodedTransportationSergeantSmuggling Timeworn Uniques
Cameria the ColdbloodedTransportationLieutenantSmuggling Timeworn Uniques
Cameria the ColdbloodedTransportationCaptainSmuggling Timeworn Uniques
Cameria the ColdbloodedResearchSergeantFabricating Sextants
Cameria the ColdbloodedResearchLieutenantFabricating Sextants
Cameria the ColdbloodedResearchCaptainFabricating Sextants
Elreon, Light's JudgeInterventionSergeant"Reappropriating" Reliquary Scarabs
Elreon, Light's JudgeInterventionLieutenant"Reappropriating" Reliquary Scarabs
Elreon, Light's JudgeInterventionCaptain"Reappropriating" Reliquary Scarabs
Elreon, Light's JudgeFortificationSergeantSafeguarding Unique Armour
Elreon, Light's JudgeFortificationLieutenantSafeguarding Unique Armour
Elreon, Light's JudgeFortificationCaptainSafeguarding Unique Armour
Elreon, Light's JudgeTransportationSergeantEscorting Unique Weaponry
Elreon, Light's JudgeTransportationLieutenantEscorting Unique Weaponry
Elreon, Light's JudgeTransportationCaptainEscorting Unique Weaponry
Elreon, Light's JudgeResearchSergeantManufacturing Unique Forgeries
Elreon, Light's JudgeResearchLieutenantManufacturing Unique Forgeries
Elreon, Light's JudgeResearchCaptainManufacturing Unique Forgeries
Gravicius RebornInterventionSergeantAcquiring Divination Scarab "Donations"
Gravicius RebornInterventionLieutenantAcquiring Divination Scarab "Donations"
Gravicius RebornInterventionCaptainAcquiring Divination Scarab "Donations"
Gravicius RebornFortificationSergeantAmassing Divination Cards
Gravicius RebornFortificationLieutenantAmassing Divination Cards
Gravicius RebornFortificationCaptainAmassing Divination Cards
Gravicius RebornTransportationSergeantLaundering Divination Card Collections
Gravicius RebornTransportationLieutenantLaundering Divination Card Collections
Gravicius RebornTransportationCaptainLaundering Divination Card Collections
Gravicius RebornResearchSergeantTrialing Divination Card Metamorphosis
Swap a Divination Card with a new random one
Gravicius RebornResearchLieutenantTrialing Divination Card Metamorphosis
Swap a Divination Card with a new random one
Gravicius RebornResearchCaptainTrialing Divination Card Metamorphosis
Swap a Divination Card with a new random one
Gravicius RebornResearchBossTrialing Divination Card Metamorphosis
Swap a Divination Card with a new random one
Guff "Tiny" GrennInterventionSergeantGambling with Item Properties
Guff "Tiny" GrennInterventionLieutenantGambling with Item Properties
Guff "Tiny" GrennInterventionCaptainGambling with Item Properties
Guff "Tiny" GrennFortificationSergeantBetting on Item Outcomes
Guff "Tiny" GrennFortificationLieutenantBetting on Item Outcomes
Guff "Tiny" GrennFortificationCaptainBetting on Item Outcomes
Guff "Tiny" GrennTransportationSergeantWagering on Item Worth
Guff "Tiny" GrennTransportationLieutenantWagering on Item Worth
Guff "Tiny" GrennTransportationCaptainWagering on Item Worth
Guff "Tiny" GrennResearchSergeantInvestigating Item Odds
Guff "Tiny" GrennResearchLieutenantInvestigating Item Odds
Guff "Tiny" GrennResearchCaptainInvestigating Item Odds
Haku, WarmasterInterventionSergeantStealing Strongbox Scarabs
Haku, WarmasterInterventionLieutenantStealing Strongbox Scarabs
Haku, WarmasterInterventionCaptainStealing Strongbox Scarabs
Haku, WarmasterFortificationSergeantGuarding Unique Strongbox
Haku, WarmasterFortificationLieutenantGuarding Unique Strongbox
Haku, WarmasterFortificationCaptainGuarding Unique Strongbox
Haku, WarmasterTransportationSergeantTransporting Rare Equipment
Haku, WarmasterTransportationLieutenantTransporting Rare Equipment
Haku, WarmasterTransportationCaptainTransporting Rare Equipment
Haku, WarmasterResearchSergeantForging Powerful Equipment
Haku, WarmasterResearchLieutenantForging Powerful Equipment
Haku, WarmasterResearchCaptainForging Powerful Equipment
Hillock, the BlacksmithInterventionSergeantCollecting 'Shiny Things' (Abyss Scarabs?)
Modify a Map's quality to 25%
Hillock, the BlacksmithInterventionLieutenantCollecting 'Shiny Things' (Abyss Scarabs?)
Modify a Map's quality to 30%
Hillock, the BlacksmithInterventionCaptainCollecting 'Shiny Things' (Abyss Scarabs?)
Modify a Map's quality to 35%
Hillock, the BlacksmithInterventionBossCollecting 'Shiny Things' (Abyss Scarabs?)
Modify a Map's quality to 35%
Hillock, the BlacksmithFortificationSergeantGuarding Fine Armoursmithing Equipment
Modify an Armour Piece's quality to 24%
Hillock, the BlacksmithFortificationLieutenantGuarding Fine Armoursmithing Equipment
Modify an Armour Piece's quality to 26%
Hillock, the BlacksmithFortificationCaptainGuarding Fine Armoursmithing Equipment
Modify an Armour Piece's quality to 28%
Hillock, the BlacksmithFortificationBossGuarding Fine Armoursmithing Equipment
Modify an Armour Piece's quality to 30%
Hillock, the BlacksmithTransportationSergeantEscorting Personal Weaponsmithing Equipment
Modify a Weapon's quality to 24%
Hillock, the BlacksmithTransportationLieutenantEscorting Personal Weaponsmithing Equipment
Modify a Weapon's quality to 26%
Hillock, the BlacksmithTransportationCaptainEscorting Personal Weaponsmithing Equipment
Modify a Weapon's quality to 28%
Hillock, the BlacksmithTransportationBossEscorting Personal Weaponsmithing Equipment
Modify a Weapon's quality to 30%
Hillock, the BlacksmithResearchSergeantGlassblowing (Impressive Lung Capacity!)
Modify a Flask's quality to 22%
Hillock, the BlacksmithResearchLieutenantGlassblowing (Impressive Lung Capacity!)
Modify a Flask's quality to 24%
Hillock, the BlacksmithResearchCaptainGlassblowing (Impressive Lung Capacity!)
Modify a Flask's quality to 26%
Hillock, the BlacksmithResearchBossGlassblowing (Impressive Lung Capacity!)
Modify a Flask's quality to 28%
Janus PerandusInterventionSergeant"Finding" Expedition Scarabs
Janus PerandusInterventionLieutenant"Finding" Expedition Scarabs
Janus PerandusInterventionCaptain"Finding" Expedition Scarabs
Janus PerandusFortificationSergeantAccumulating Currency Shards (Pathetic!)
Janus PerandusFortificationLieutenantAccumulating Currency Shards (Pathetic!)
Janus PerandusFortificationCaptainAccumulating Currency Shards (Pathetic!)
Janus PerandusTransportationSergeantTransporting Quality-Modifying Currency
Janus PerandusTransportationLieutenantTransporting Quality-Modifying Currency
Janus PerandusTransportationCaptainTransporting Quality-Modifying Currency
Janus PerandusResearchSergeantSecuring Kalguuran Currencies (Fool!)
Janus PerandusResearchLieutenantSecuring Kalguuran Currencies (Fool!)
Janus PerandusResearchCaptainSecuring Kalguuran Currencies (Fool!)
Korell Goya, Son of StoneInterventionSergeantSnatching Elder Scarabs
Korell Goya, Son of StoneInterventionLieutenantSnatching Elder Scarabs
Korell Goya, Son of StoneInterventionCaptainSnatching Elder Scarabs
Korell Goya, Son of StoneFortificationSergeantAssembling Fragments
Korell Goya, Son of StoneFortificationLieutenantAssembling Fragments
Korell Goya, Son of StoneFortificationCaptainAssembling Fragments
Korell Goya, Son of StoneTransportationSergeantSmuggling Essences
Korell Goya, Son of StoneTransportationLieutenantSmuggling Essences
Korell Goya, Son of StoneTransportationCaptainSmuggling Essences
Korell Goya, Son of StoneResearchSergeantExamining Fossils
Korell Goya, Son of StoneResearchLieutenantExamining Fossils
Korell Goya, Son of StoneResearchCaptainExamining Fossils
Leo, Wolf of the PitsInterventionSergeantClaiming Torment Scarabs
Leo, Wolf of the PitsInterventionLieutenantClaiming Torment Scarabs
Leo, Wolf of the PitsInterventionCaptainClaiming Torment Scarabs
Leo, Wolf of the PitsFortificationSergeantBanking Currency (Winnings?)
Leo, Wolf of the PitsFortificationLieutenantBanking Currency (Winnings?)
Leo, Wolf of the PitsFortificationCaptainBanking Currency (Winnings?)
Leo, Wolf of the PitsTransportationSergeantDiverting Fate (Stolen Prophecies!)
Leo, Wolf of the PitsTransportationLieutenantDiverting Fate (Stolen Prophecies!)
Leo, Wolf of the PitsTransportationCaptainDiverting Fate (Stolen Prophecies!)
Leo, Wolf of the PitsResearchSergeantTesting Implicit Item Limits
Randomise the numeric values of the Implicit Modifiers of an item
Leo, Wolf of the PitsResearchLieutenantTesting Item Variance Capacity
Randomise the numeric values of the Random Modifiers of an item
Leo, Wolf of the PitsResearchCaptainImbuing Items With New Properties
Augment a Rare item with a new Random Modifier
Leo, Wolf of the PitsResearchBossImbuing Items With New Properties
Augment a Rare item with a new Random Modifier
Riker Maloney, Midnight TinkererInterventionSergeantInvestigating Blight Scarabs
Riker Maloney, Midnight TinkererInterventionLieutenantInvestigating Blight Scarabs
Riker Maloney, Midnight TinkererInterventionCaptainInvestigating Blight Scarabs
Riker Maloney, Midnight TinkererFortificationSergeantProtecting Items from Theft (Paranoid?)
Riker Maloney, Midnight TinkererFortificationLieutenantProtecting Items from Theft (Paranoid?)
Riker Maloney, Midnight TinkererFortificationCaptainProtecting Items from Theft (Paranoid?)
Riker Maloney, Midnight TinkererTransportationSergeantRigging Item Selections (Likes Contraptions!)
Riker Maloney, Midnight TinkererTransportationLieutenantRigging Item Selections (Likes Contraptions!)
Riker Maloney, Midnight TinkererTransportationCaptainRigging Item Selections (Likes Contraptions!)
Riker Maloney, Midnight TinkererResearchSergeantStudying Anomalous Materials
Riker Maloney, Midnight TinkererResearchLieutenantStudying Anomalous Materials
Riker Maloney, Midnight TinkererResearchCaptainStudying Anomalous Materials
Rin YuushuInterventionSergeantSwiping Cartography Scarabs
Rin YuushuInterventionLieutenantSwiping Cartography Scarabs
Rin YuushuInterventionCaptainSwiping Cartography Scarabs
Rin YuushuFortificationSergeantSecuring Rare Maps
Rin YuushuFortificationLieutenantSecuring Rare Maps
Rin YuushuFortificationCaptainSecuring Rare Maps
Rin YuushuTransportationSergeantGuiding Maps Between Locations
Rin YuushuTransportationLieutenantGuiding Maps Between Locations
Rin YuushuTransportationCaptainGuiding Maps Between Locations
Rin YuushuResearchSergeantCataloguing Unique Maps
Rin YuushuResearchLieutenantCataloguing Unique Maps
Rin YuushuResearchCaptainCataloguing Unique Maps
Thane Jorgin the BanishedInterventionSergeantSeizing Bestiary Scarabs
Thane Jorgin the BanishedInterventionLieutenantSeizing Bestiary Scarabs
Thane Jorgin the BanishedInterventionCaptainSeizing Bestiary Scarabs
Thane Jorgin the BanishedFortificationSergeantChanneling the First Ones
Thane Jorgin the BanishedFortificationLieutenantChanneling the First Ones
Thane Jorgin the BanishedFortificationCaptainChanneling the First Ones
Thane Jorgin the BanishedTransportationSergeantCarrying Talismans on Pilgrimage
Thane Jorgin the BanishedTransportationLieutenantCarrying Talismans on Pilgrimage
Thane Jorgin the BanishedTransportationCaptainCarrying Talismans on Pilgrimage
Thane Jorgin the BanishedResearchSergeantImbuing Amulets with Talismanic Power
Transform a non-unique Amulet into a Tier 1 Talisman
Thane Jorgin the BanishedResearchLieutenantImbuing Amulets with Talismanic Power
Transform a non-unique Amulet into a Tier 2 Talisman
Thane Jorgin the BanishedResearchCaptainImbuing Amulets with Talismanic Power
Transform a non-unique Amulet into a Tier 3 Talisman
Thane Jorgin the BanishedResearchBossImbuing Amulets with Talismanic Power
Transform a non-unique Amulet into a Tier 3 Talisman
Tora, the CullerInterventionSergeantHunting for Harbinger Scarabs
Tora, the CullerInterventionLieutenantHunting for Harbinger Scarabs
Tora, the CullerInterventionCaptainHunting for Harbinger Scarabs
Tora, the CullerFortificationSergeantEnchanting Gloves
Tora, the CullerFortificationLieutenantEnchanting Boots
Tora, the CullerFortificationCaptainEnchanting Helmets
Tora, the CullerTransportationSergeantCreating Timed Item Traps (Careful!)
Tora, the CullerTransportationLieutenantCreating Timed Item Traps (Careful!)
Tora, the CullerTransportationCaptainCreating Timed Item Traps (Careful!)
Tora, the CullerResearchSergeantExposing Gems to Combat
Add 20m experience to a Gem
Tora, the CullerResearchLieutenantExposing Gems to Combat
Add 70m experience to a Gem
Tora, the CullerResearchCaptainExposing Gems to Combat
Add 200m experience to a Gem
Tora, the CullerResearchBossExposing Gems to Combat
Add 200m experience to a Gem
Vagan, Victory's HeraldInterventionSergeantSelectively Stealing Legion Scarabs
Vagan, Victory's HeraldInterventionLieutenantSelectively Stealing Legion Scarabs
Vagan, Victory's HeraldInterventionCaptainSelectively Stealing Legion Scarabs
Vagan, Victory's HeraldFortificationSergeantPatrolling Legion Cache
Vagan, Victory's HeraldFortificationLieutenantPatrolling Legion Cache
Vagan, Victory's HeraldFortificationCaptainPatrolling Legion Cache
Vagan, Victory's HeraldTransportationSergeantRelocating Timeless Splinters
Vagan, Victory's HeraldTransportationLieutenantRelocating Timeless Splinters
Vagan, Victory's HeraldTransportationCaptainRelocating Timeless Splinters
Vagan, Victory's HeraldResearchSergeantStashing Incubators
Vagan, Victory's HeraldResearchLieutenantStashing Incubators
Vagan, Victory's HeraldResearchCaptainStashing Incubators
Vorici, Silent BrotherInterventionSergeantThieving Shaper Scarabs
Vorici, Silent BrotherInterventionLieutenantThieving Shaper Scarabs
Vorici, Silent BrotherInterventionCaptainThieving Shaper Scarabs
Vorici, Silent BrotherFortificationSergeantStowing Socket-Modifying Orbs
Vorici, Silent BrotherFortificationLieutenantStowing Socket-Modifying Orbs
Vorici, Silent BrotherFortificationCaptainStowing Socket-Modifying Orbs
Vorici, Silent BrotherTransportationSergeantSmuggling High-quality Gems
Vorici, Silent BrotherTransportationLieutenantSmuggling High-quality Gems
Vorici, Silent BrotherTransportationCaptainSmuggling High-quality Gems
Vorici, Silent BrotherResearchSergeantForging Gem-Agnostic Sockets
Modify an item to have 1 White Socket
Vorici, Silent BrotherResearchLieutenantForging Gem-Agnostic Sockets
Modify an item to have 1-2 White Sockets
Vorici, Silent BrotherResearchCaptainForging Gem-Agnostic Sockets
Modify an item to have 1-3 White Sockets
Vorici, Silent BrotherResearchBossForging Gem-Agnostic Sockets
Modify an item to have 1-6 White Sockets
Safehouse Crafting /16 ⍟

Safehouse Crafting /16 ⍟

InterventionSergeant1x CurrencyUpgradeToMagicOrb of Transmutation
200x CurrencyRerollMagicOrb of Alteration
100x CurrencyAddModToMagicOrb of Augmentation
1x CurrencyUpgradeMagicToRareRegal Orb
3x CurrencyAddModToRareExalted Orb
20x CurrencyModValuesDivine Orb
1x CurrencyVaalVaal Orb
InterventionLieutenant1x CurrencyUpgradeToMagicOrb of Transmutation
200x CurrencyRerollMagicOrb of Alteration
100x CurrencyAddModToMagicOrb of Augmentation
1x CurrencyUpgradeMagicToRareRegal Orb
3x CurrencyAddModToRareExalted Orb
20x CurrencyModValuesDivine Orb
1x CurrencyVaalVaal Orb
InterventionCaptain1x CurrencyUpgradeToMagicOrb of Transmutation
200x CurrencyRerollMagicOrb of Alteration
100x CurrencyAddModToMagicOrb of Augmentation
1x CurrencyUpgradeMagicToRareRegal Orb
3x CurrencyAddModToRareExalted Orb
20x CurrencyModValuesDivine Orb
1x CurrencyVaalVaal Orb
Intervention1x CurrencyUpgradeToMagicOrb of Transmutation
200x CurrencyRerollMagicOrb of Alteration
100x CurrencyAddModToMagicOrb of Augmentation
1x CurrencyUpgradeMagicToRareRegal Orb
3x CurrencyAddModToRareExalted Orb
20x CurrencyModValuesDivine Orb
1x CurrencyVaalVaal Orb
FortificationSergeant20x CurrencyConvertToNormalOrb of Scouring
4x Essence
4x Essence
4x Essence
4x Essence
4x Essence
20x CurrencyAddModToRareExalted Orb
1x CurrencyVaalVaal Orb
FortificationLieutenant20x CurrencyConvertToNormalOrb of Scouring
4x Essence
4x Essence
4x Essence
4x Essence
4x Essence
20x CurrencyAddModToRareExalted Orb
1x CurrencyVaalVaal Orb
FortificationCaptain20x CurrencyConvertToNormalOrb of Scouring
4x Essence
4x Essence
4x Essence
4x Essence
4x Essence
20x CurrencyAddModToRareExalted Orb
1x CurrencyVaalVaal Orb
Fortification20x CurrencyConvertToNormalOrb of Scouring
4x Essence
4x Essence
4x Essence
4x Essence
4x Essence
20x CurrencyAddModToRareExalted Orb
1x CurrencyVaalVaal Orb
TransportationSergeant1x CurrencyUpgradeToRareOrb of Alchemy
200x CurrencyRerollRareChaos Orb
6x CurrencyAddModToRareExalted Orb
20x CurrencyModValuesDivine Orb
20x CurrencyImplicitModBlessed Orb
1x CurrencyVaalVaal Orb
TransportationLieutenant1x CurrencyUpgradeToRareOrb of Alchemy
200x CurrencyRerollRareChaos Orb
6x CurrencyAddModToRareExalted Orb
20x CurrencyModValuesDivine Orb
20x CurrencyImplicitModBlessed Orb
1x CurrencyVaalVaal Orb
TransportationCaptain1x CurrencyUpgradeToRareOrb of Alchemy
200x CurrencyRerollRareChaos Orb
6x CurrencyAddModToRareExalted Orb
20x CurrencyModValuesDivine Orb
20x CurrencyImplicitModBlessed Orb
1x CurrencyVaalVaal Orb
Transportation1x CurrencyUpgradeToRareOrb of Alchemy
200x CurrencyRerollRareChaos Orb
6x CurrencyAddModToRareExalted Orb
20x CurrencyModValuesDivine Orb
20x CurrencyImplicitModBlessed Orb
1x CurrencyVaalVaal Orb
ResearchSergeant1x CurrencyUpgradeToRareOrb of Alchemy
100x AnnullOrbOrb of Annulment
100x CurrencyAddModToRareExalted Orb
5x CurrencyModValuesDivine Orb
5x CurrencyImplicitModBlessed Orb
1x CurrencyVaalVaal Orb
ResearchLieutenant1x CurrencyUpgradeToRareOrb of Alchemy
100x AnnullOrbOrb of Annulment
100x CurrencyAddModToRareExalted Orb
5x CurrencyModValuesDivine Orb
5x CurrencyImplicitModBlessed Orb
1x CurrencyVaalVaal Orb
ResearchCaptain1x CurrencyUpgradeToRareOrb of Alchemy
100x AnnullOrbOrb of Annulment
100x CurrencyAddModToRareExalted Orb
5x CurrencyModValuesDivine Orb
5x CurrencyImplicitModBlessed Orb
1x CurrencyVaalVaal Orb
Research1x CurrencyUpgradeToRareOrb of Alchemy
100x AnnullOrbOrb of Annulment
100x CurrencyAddModToRareExalted Orb
5x CurrencyModValuesDivine Orb
5x CurrencyImplicitModBlessed Orb
1x CurrencyVaalVaal Orb
Equipments /49 ⍟

Equipments /49 ⍟

Boots1KorimsJourneyKorim's Journey
Increased Movement Speed
Boots2AzalsAlacriumAzal's Alacrium
Attack Speed
Fast Attacks
Boots3HarimalsInvasionHarimal's Invasion
Onslaught on Hit
unique gain onslaught when hit duration ms [5000]
Boots4UrdamelsAgeUrdamel's Age
Increased Life
Extra Life
base actor scale +% [20]
Boots5TauPohsToesTau Poh's Toes
Cast Speed
base cast speed +% [30]
Boots6LoragsFirestarterLorag's Firestarter
Physical Damage added as Fire. All Damage Ignites
Extra Fire Damage
all damage can ignite [1]
base chance to ignite % [100]
Boots7TekitonsHeelTekiton's Heel
Stun Chance
base chance to stun % [25]
Boots8ElgansCrossingElgan's Crossing
Cannot be Slowed below Base Speed
Cannot be Slowed
cannot be knocked back [1]
Boots9BusGreenPathBu's Green Path
Poison on Hit
base poison duration +% [0]
global poison on hit [1]
Boots10CantarsTangleCantar's Tangle
Explodes Corpses into Vines
HelmetAttachment1RaustsBlessingsRaust's Blessings
Extra Energy Shield
maximum life % to add to maximum energy shield [20]
HelmetAttachment2GogorisArmyGogori's Army
Bleed on Hit
May inflict Bleeding
bleed on hit with attacks % [100]
HelmetAttachment3UrdamelsMadnessUrdamel's Madness
Creates Unholy Sentinels
HelmetAttachment4SilasSpiresSilas' Spires
Increased Area of Effect
base skill area of effect +% [50]
HelmetAttachment5LoragsDreamLorag's Dream
HelmetAttachment6AzalsEyeAzal's Eye
Physical Damage added as Cold. All Damage Chills
Extra Cold Damage
all damage can chill [1]
HelmetAttachment7MoknumasWatchMoknuma's Watch
Critical Strike and Accuracy
Powerful Crits
base critical strike multiplier + [25]
HelmetAttachment8BusDelightBu's Delight
Consumes corpses for Life
HelmetAttachment9HarimalsWallHarimal's Wall
Grants Summon Petrify Statue
HelmetAttachment10SenKinsDescentSen-Kin's Descent
Cannot be Leeched From
Cannot be Life-Leeched
BackAttachment1AkanilimsHideAkanilim's Hide
Fire Resistance
base fire damage resistance % [30]
BackAttachment2ShiaphetsPallShiaphet's Pall
Lightning Resistance
base cold damage resistance % [30]
BackAttachment3XuntisParasolXunti's Parasol
Cold Resistance
base lightning damage resistance % [30]
BackAttachment4TekitonsSpineTekiton's Spine
Physical Reduction
base additional physical damage reduction % [20]
BackAttachment5GogorisPlagueGogori's Plague
Chaos Resistance
base chaos damage resistance % [30]
BackAttachment6HarimalsCampaignHarimal's Campaign
Multiple Projectiles
Extra Projectiles
BackAttachment7TauPohsBannerTau Poh's Banner
Ailment Avoidance
Avoids Frozen
Avoids Chilled
Avoids Ignited
Avoids Shocked
base avoid bleed % [50]
base avoid poison % [0]
BackAttachment8BusBottleBu's Bottle
Creates Unholy Relics
BackAttachment9RithkinsDanceRithkin's Dance
Physical Damage added as Lightning. All Damage Shocks
Extra Lightning Damage
all damage can shock [1]
base chance to shock % [100]
BackAttachment10CantarsCoffineCantar's Coffin
Explodes corpses into Acid
TwoHandAxe1SilasFlattenerSilas' Flattener
Increased Area of Effect
base skill area of effect +% [50]
TwoHandMace1MoknumasStormMoknuma's Storm
Maim on Hit
global maim on hit [1]
Bow1GogorisStingerGogori's Stinger
Far Shot
Far Shot
monster reverse point blank damage -% at minimum range [30]
projectile damage +% [30]
Bow2XuntisZitherXunti's Zither
Point Blank
keystone point blank [1]
Bow3RithkinsBurdenRithkin's Burden
Gain Frenzy Charge on Hit
Gains Frenzy Charges
OneHandSword1SenkinsHauntSen-Kin's Haunt
Critical Strike Chance and Multiplier
Powerful Crits
base critical strike multiplier + [25]
OneHandSword2AkanilimsPatternAkanilim's Pattern
Attack Speed
Fast Attacks
OneHandSword3KorimsDecapitatorKorim's Decapitator
Attack Damage
active skill attack damage +% final [15]
OneHandSword4ShiaphetsNeedleShiaphet's Needle
Impale on Hit
attacks impale on hit % chance [50]
OneHandMace1RaustsJudgementRaust's Judgement
Gain Endurance Charge on Hit
Gains Endurance Charges
OneHandMace2ElgansRitualElgan's Ritual
Attack Speed
Fast Attacks
Sceptre1UrdamelsTyrannyUrdamel's Tyranny
Elemental Damage
active skill elemental damage +% final [15]
Dagger1TauPohsDeceoptionTau Poh's Deception
Gain Power Charge on Hit
Gains Power Charges
Dagger2BusBlossomBu's Blossom
Blind on Hit
global chance to blind on hit % [100]
Shield1TekitonsMountainTekiton's Mountain
Additional Block Chance
additional block % [20]
Shield2HarimalsFeintHarimal's Feint
Fortify on Hit
chance to fortify on melee hit +% [50]
Claw1CantarsPackCantar's Pack
Life Leech
Leeches Life
Gloves1MoknumasConjuringMoknuma's Conjuring
Arcane Surge on Hit
gain arcane surge on spell hit by you or your totems [1]
Gloves2AzalsManipulationAzal's Manipulation
Hinder on Hit
spells chance to hinder on hit % [100]
Dialogue /2158 ⍟

Dialogue /2158 ⍟

Catarina, Master of UndeathOfferExecuteDon't do this, Exile. You can still join us. It's your chance to bring back anyone you've ever loved or cared about.
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToExecutionStop... I can bring them back. I can bring Jun's entire order back! Just give me-
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalVagan, are you so desperate to win?
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalSurely you want the thrill of a free for all, warrior!
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalWarrior, how do you stand for this?
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalI was hoping to avoid clashing with the warrior here.
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalCome on, warrior, you don't need help!
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou're better than this, Karui!
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalHave you come to your senses at last, Karui?
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalWitness the Syndicate's treachery, Karui.
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalThe Karui will make this much harder.
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalThey clearly don't trust you, Karui.
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalThe Syndicate knows no limits, no law. Look at what they fight with!
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalHave you had enough of your new family, creature?
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalThat poor creature doesn't even understand.
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalThis is not your hive, creature. Begone!
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalThe Syndicate... helping that creature...?
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou are nothing but a wild animal, Thane.
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalEzomyte, test your strength against your own allies!
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalEzomyte, they don't care about your code!
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalWe'll take your test of strength, Ezomyte, and surpass you.
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt's not a true test of strength now, is it, Ezomyte?
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalHave you no conscience, assassin?
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalHave you finally snapped, Aisling?
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalI can't say you don't deserve this, Aisling.
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalAisling, keep your corpse-art far from us!
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalWhy do you put up with this coddling, Aisling?
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalOne as cruel as you does not deserve to breathe, Cameria.
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalDismember indiscriminately, ogre!
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalSome beasts should be betrayed.
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalThis battlefield is about to get bloodier.
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalThe Syndicate's trying to restrain your baser impulses, ogre.
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalGladiator, where do your loyalties truly lie?
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou should be leading the Syndicate, arena master!
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalNo respect, gladiator. Not from them.
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalArena master, why do you step into the fight yourself?
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalLeo. You used to fight with honour.
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalElreon, have you become so blind to the light?
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalDid your God send you to us, holy man?
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou're too good for the Syndicate, holy man.
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalBe careful! The crusader fights with conviction!
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalThey're keeping a close eye on you, holy man.
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalTora, this is not natural! Don't you see?
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalHave you chosen to follow your own path once more, Tora?
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalTora, why are you working with them and not us?
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalHow can you take orders from them, Tora?
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalTora, our conflict is not with you!
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalDishonourable, I'd expect nothing less from you Vorici.
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou're so skilled at murder, assassin. Why limit yourself?
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalAn assassin betrayed by his masters. Inevitable.
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalWhat kind of cowardice is this, assassin?
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalEyes sharp! Assassin on the scene!
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalBrinerot, show the Syndicate you're still your own man!
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalVillainous scoundrel. Slink back to the seas, Brinerot.
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalBrinerot, you've been betrayed!
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalSince when does a Brinerot accept help?
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou dare face us head on, Brinerot?
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalA vile devil of lies and greed betrays his own.
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalJanus... You-... You-...! You are going to pay for what you did to my- to OUR family.
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalNothing you don't deserve, Janus.
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalBe careful how you help Janus... He may stab you in the back too.
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalJanus! I'm going to enjoy killing you.
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalBrute, wouldn't it be more fun to bash everyone?
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou should have stayed dead, brute.
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalThe brute clearly doesn't care.
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalA brute with backup is twice as fearsome.
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalBrute, you take on more than you can handle.
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalThe General is a renowned monster. This is no surprise.
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalHas death taught you nothing, General?
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalGood, yes, good. Turn against the General.
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalThe little General needs aid, does he?
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalExile, take out the General before he can rally these fools to order!
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalHelp us smash the machine you despise so much, rogue!
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalHumanity has left you, Riker. What is left to fight for?
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou don't seem surprised, rogue.
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalAll part of your machinations, rogue?
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalThe rogue eyes a new step in his plan. Let us disappoint him!
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalRedblade! Let your flames rage in every direction!
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalBurn them, Redblade. Set them aflame!
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalA Redblade sullies his pride by relying on numbers.
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalGo back to your volcano, Redblade!
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalThere is no honour in this fight, Redblade. Turn back.
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalAre you skilled enough to take us all on, Rin?
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou fight for a lie, Mutewind. Go home.
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalRin, you're too cunning to fall for the Syndicate's lies!
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalClever, Rin, very clever.
Catarina, Master of UndeathReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalIf Rin is here, she sees some advantage we don't expect!
HakuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightTala moana, warrior! Flee if you do not wish to die.
HakuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightBrave of you to attack a Karui in his fortress. Brave, and foolish.
HakuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightKeep moving! I'll handle the exile.
HakuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightExile, you've just walked into your tomb.
HakuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightHinekora, I will send you a gift!
HakuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightDid you think I would crumble in that prison? My ancestors spent centuries in shackles.
HakuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI stayed true to my word, exile. Did you?
HakuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightMy ancestors will forgive my transgressions. Will yours?
HakuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightThe Mother of Death did not return me empty-handed.
HakuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightBack from the dead? You are nothing but a child of Kitava.
HakuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI will crush you.
HakuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightA true warrior need only hit you once.
HakuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightNothing can stop a true Karui warrior.
HakuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightWe Karui were born in a volcano.
HakuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightYou have no concept of what you truly face.
HakuSafehouseLeaderIntroI will hang your head on my belt, as Kaom did Lioneye's.
HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalWe will push the invader back together!
HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalWe cannot lose this cargo!
HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalStrength in numbers, friend!
HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalThe Ancestors forgive. The Syndicate does not.
HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalI lend you my strength, ally.
HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalThe Syndicate fights as one!
HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalStop wasting time, Leo. We have more important tasks.
HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalTalamoana, holy man. Did your god not show up?
HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalTalamoana, son of stone.
HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalRin, let me show you how a Karui fights.
HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou put too much faith in your gadgetry, Riker.
HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalAncestors, guide us to victory.
HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalI have come to claim what is mine.
HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalYour failure will be my finest hour.
HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou will all be buried down here.
HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalI will bring you all into Hinekora's domain.
HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalLet's see if my attacks draw out that god of yours, holy man.
HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalI am sorry huntress, but we must be enemies this day.
HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalExile, know that when that creature dies, it will not go to Hinekora. It will go nowhere at all.
HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalYour spirit will be the plaything of the Ancestors, slavemaster.
HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou go too far, Aisling. Violence is a necessity, not an idle pastime.
HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalHinekora demands many sacrifices this day. Consider it an honour.
HakuReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalScoundrel! I will break you, too!
HakuReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalI am not yet dead, vulture!
HakuReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou have just buried yourself.
HakuReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalI will show you no mercy, traitor.
HakuReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalI think my gods are stronger than yours, crusader.
HakuReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalI won't need my ancestors' aid for this one, abomination.
HakuReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou will answer to the Ancestors, Gravicius - with screams.
HakuReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalThe dead belong to Hinekora, defiler. I will send you to her.
HakuReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalSo be it. Karui jade will cleave you just as easily as this exile.
HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalSteel yourself. For Tukohama!
HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalAncestors, witness this!
HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalFeel the walls tremble with our combined might!
HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalCan you hear it, exile? Hinekora is calling your name.
HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalTora, I'd no sooner taunt a wolf than give you an order. Just remember: I'm the alpha.
HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalAssassin! Do not forget who is in charge.
HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalI protect all my men, even ones that aren't.
HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalA Karui in command over Gravicius. Hinekora is laughing.
HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalDirect your gadgetry as I command, Maloney, and those traps of yours might just accomplish something.
HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalTo face a Karui's men is to face the Karui.
HakuKillPlayerA worthy foe.
HakuKillPlayerYou will feed the worms.
HakuKillPlayerA glorious fight!
HakuKillPlayerMother of Death, a gift.
HakuEscapeA warning. Do not cross me again.
HakuEscapeA nesting bird gets no worms. So long, exile.
HakuEscapeYou have not earned the Ancestors' favour. That is why you are destined to fail.
HakuDefeatedTukohama... how did I fail?
HakuDefeatedNo... the cart must... ugh...
HakuDefeatedAncestors... I - forgive me.
HakuDefeatedHinekora... I am sorry.
HakuDefeatedDon't... lock me up again...
HakuDefeatedUgh... exile... another deal...?
HakuDefeatedI strayed too far... from the Way.
HakuDefeatedAncestors... I will see you again.
HakuDefeatedYou... have learned much...
HakuDefeatedThis was... a cursed task.
HakuDefeatedI was a fool... to follow my fury.
HakuOfferBargainI must confess, I believed you to be bluffing. I see now how little regard for life you truly have. Whatever it is you want, it's yours.
HakuOfferBargainI do not wish to join my ancestors just yet, exile. In Ngamakanui, our treaties mandated that an offering of peace be witnessed by a third. I wish for peace. Will you choose our witness?
HakuOfferBargainEnough blood has been shed today, warrior. Put down your weapon, and I will offer you an opportunity. There is one in my new tribe I would deceive. Give me a reason to, and I will tell you that which I know about them.
HakuOfferBargainConquerors don't just win fights, they put people in positions where it benefits them most. I think I would benefit you better elsewhere.
HakuOfferBargainI do not wish to be here any longer, exile. The Ancestors whisper in my ear. They tell me that I am needed back home in Ngamakanui. Have you the mercy to let a man return to his family?
HakuOfferBargainI know when I am defeated. Not every fight must end with death, nor should it. In my tribe, the victor claims their prize, and the slate is wiped clean. I will tell you what you want to know in exchange for my safety.
HakuOfferBargainI know my histories. You conquerors are all the same. You seek only two things: my head, or my goods. So take one and leave the other.
HakuBarginAcceptedA wise choice indeed.
HakuBarginAcceptedThen it is subterfuge.
HakuBarginAcceptedSo be it. I will fulfill my duties there.
HakuBarginAcceptedIt will be good to see my family again.
HakuBarginAcceptedConsider us even.
HakuBarginAcceptedTake your prize and go.
HakuOfferBetrayalIt is the Karui way to give leadership to the victor. In this situation, I believe that means that you could choose a new leader in place of the old one. If you choose me, I will honour that choice.
HakuOfferBetrayalAmong the Karui, conflict often results in changes in rank and respect. In this situation, I believe that means you could demote some and promote others. If you choose me, I will honour that choice.
HakuOfferBetrayalThe Syndicate does not follow the Karui Way, but I do, and a victory like yours gives you a choice over our fates. If you so choose, you could have one of us exiled from the Syndicate entirely. If you make that choice here and now, I will make sure they honour it.
HakuOfferBetrayalA victory like yours demands a prize. I have nothing to give except information - not typically considered a prize by the Karui, but, in this situation, I believe information is your most valuable weapon against the Syndicate.
HakuOfferBetrayalThere is a fine line between belief and madness. I believe Elreon is long past it.
HakuOfferBetrayalThe huntress has lost her path. Let's help her find it together.
HakuOfferBetrayalI bear no kinship with that... thing. It is not of this world and is entirely without honour.
HakuOfferBetrayalOur conflict aside, exile, Gravicius must be made to answer for his atrocities. You'll find no better chance than this to provide the Ancestors a sliver of justice.
HakuOfferBetrayalAisling is a monster hidden in a pleasing form. You must hear me.
HakuOfferBetrayalThe Karui Way is sometimes bitingly cold, but it is still the Way.
HakuOfferExecuteI choose an honourable death.
HakuOfferExecuteI am honoured to die for my cause.
HakuOfferExecuteI would sooner die than betray my friends.
HakuOfferExecuteI seek only the darkness that death brings. Not the inside of a cell.
HakuReplyToBetrayalAcceptedThe Ancestors will remember your actions!
HakuReplyToBetrayalAcceptedMy 'trees and ghosts' will be waiting for you after death, old man.
HakuReplyToBetrayalAcceptedI don't need your gentle arrow in my back, huntress.
HakuReplyToBetrayalAcceptedI always expect the worst from you, Janus, and you always over-deliver.
HakuReplyToBetrayalAcceptedAnd I will have no qualms cutting your head from your shoulders for this, slavemaster.
HakuReplyToBetrayalAcceptedHow noble of you, vile Redblade.
HakuReplyToBetrayalAcceptedThis Syndicate makes traitors of us all.
HakuInterrogatedYou dishonour me. Imprisonment is for slaves, not warriors!
HakuInterrogatedI cannot abide this continual dishonour, exile! You spit in my face...
HakuInterrogatedAncestors, give me strength to withstand the shame and dishonour this exile casts upon me.
HakuReplyToExecutionYou honour the Way by swiftly delivering death to warriors who fought well.
HakuReplyToExecutionYou show honour by delivering clean deaths.
HakuReplyToExecutionThat one did not deserve an honourable death.
HakuSafehouseLeaderDefeatedAncestors, have you forsaken me?
HakuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightCare, exile... a Karui and his fortress are not easily separated.
HakuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightDid Hinekora reject you, Karui?
HakuEscapeA truce, Karui... for now.
HakuDefeatedStay down, Haku.
HakuInterrogatedYour body is strong, Karui... but the cell will test your mind.
ElreonPrimaryDefenderStartsFightWell met, exile. Know that we must purify those who stand in the way of our crusade.
ElreonPrimaryDefenderStartsFightThis bastion will not fall as long as our faith remains strong.
ElreonPrimaryDefenderStartsFightLogistics is the key to any crusade, and we'll defend it with our lives.
ElreonPrimaryDefenderStartsFightBehind every crusade is a bloody legacy the public never sees.
ElreonPrimaryDefenderStartsFightYour purification has been ordered, heretic.
ElreonPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI withstood your Inquisition, exile. And I am stronger for it.
ElreonPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI'd prefer peace if I had the choice, but I don't.
ElreonPrimaryDefenderStartsFightYou made me question my faith last time we met. I have found new resolve.
ElreonPrimaryDefenderStartsFightIt is the highest calling to die for one's crusade.
ElreonPrimaryDefenderStartsFightExile, you know how this ends.
ElreonPrimaryDefenderStartsFightPurity is mine to wield against the unworthy.
ElreonPrimaryDefenderStartsFightThe sacred bones of centuries of Templar are an unstoppable tide.
ElreonPrimaryDefenderStartsFightGod, lend me your might to smite the wicked!
ElreonPrimaryDefenderStartsFightGod, lend me your speed to confront the wicked!
ElreonPrimaryDefenderStartsFightPurification through fire!
ElreonSafehouseLeaderIntroThis is a place of sanctuary, one which I cannot allow you to defile.
ElreonSecondaryDefenderArrivalTake heart, crusader! God aids our defense!
ElreonSecondaryDefenderArrivalWe must protect these sorely needed supplies together!
ElreonSecondaryDefenderArrivalA holy crusade is still a war, and war comes with necessary evils.
ElreonSecondaryDefenderArrivalSometimes, crusading is bloody work. Let's get it done.
ElreonSecondaryDefenderArrivalStrength in faith, and strength in numbers.
ElreonSecondaryDefenderArrivalI will not fail the cause!
ElreonSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'm here to save your sorry arse, Vagan.
ElreonSecondaryDefenderArrivalCouldn't buy your way out of this one, could you.
ElreonSecondaryDefenderArrivalGod helps even the most nauseatingly ugly of creatures.
ElreonSecondaryDefenderArrivalThe bigger they are, the more help they need.
ElreonSecondaryDefenderArrivalGeneral Gravicius, your reinforcements are here.
ElreonSecondaryDefenderArrivalWorry not, crusader! Your saviour has arrived.
ElreonSecondaryDefenderArrivalIniquity breeds in safety. This keep must be cleansed.
ElreonSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'll not stand idly by and let you fail our brethren!
ElreonSecondaryDefenderArrivalWickedness and sin. That's all I see here.
ElreonSecondaryDefenderArrivalGod has called for a purge! None of you are without sin.
ElreonSecondaryDefenderArrivalSorry, friend, but God's got another plan for this fight!
ElreonSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou've earned a special place in God's heart, Vorici. Let me send you there.
ElreonSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou're no part of God's plan. What ghastly thing made you?
ElreonSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou may be a fellow Templar, but your unhallowed crusade is yours alone.
ElreonSecondaryDefenderArrivalOne thing I learned from the Templars: never trust a man in a mask.
ElreonSecondaryDefenderArrivalFunny thing about the crusades. They start focused, but end up consuming all.
ElreonReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalOnly a fool brings a fight to God's doorstep.
ElreonReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalFor the crusade, I'll defend this to the death.
ElreonReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt seems we are all sinners, here.
ElreonReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'll smite all comers!
ElreonReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalGod is everywhere, warrior. Even in you.
ElreonReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalI think you've been spending too much time wearing black and sitting alone in the dark, Vorici.
ElreonReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalPower is a false idol, Janus. It has led you astray.
ElreonReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalNot at all. Let us see who He sides with, false Templar.
ElreonReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalAnd in the way I shall remain!
ElreonReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalGood thing I'm in a smiting mood!
ElreonSecondaryDefenderArrivalWe shall stand impregnable.
ElreonSecondaryDefenderArrivalFight with renewed vigor, crusaders!
ElreonSecondaryDefenderArrivalWe do what we must for the greater good.
ElreonSecondaryDefenderArrivalExile, you leave us no choice.
ElreonSecondaryDefenderArrivalCan my God borrow you from Hinekora for this fight, honored warrior?
ElreonSecondaryDefenderArrivalWill you answer the call, Vorici?
ElreonSecondaryDefenderArrivalAbout time your family fought in a war, rather than just fund them, Janus.
ElreonSecondaryDefenderArrivalCrusaders take all shapes, I suppose. Can you follow orders, Hillock?
ElreonSecondaryDefenderArrivalGreat emperors have become trapped by their own machines, Riker. Take care not to make the same mistake.
ElreonSecondaryDefenderArrivalLet's get this crusade in shape.
ElreonKillPlayerI told you this bastion would not fall.
ElreonKillPlayerYou should never have come here, child.
ElreonKillPlayerAdd one more sin to the pile - and burn it.
ElreonKillPlayerWhen you see him, exile, shrink not from God.
ElreonEscapeGod's worthy are saved, but heretics are punished.
ElreonEscapeI was right to have faith.
ElreonEscapeOnly God knows what we have done, now.
ElreonDefeatedAgh... my faith was not strong enough...
ElreonDefeatedNot here!
ElreonDefeatedExpose our sins, exile. It is what we deserve.
ElreonDefeatedI've... failed...
ElreonDefeatedBack... to the Inquisition...
ElreonDefeatedWe should solve this with words.
ElreonDefeatedGod certainly keeps testing me.
ElreonDefeatedTo fall, perhaps to die again, but pure I remain.
ElreonDefeatedPerhaps I deserve this vengeance.
ElreonDefeatedGod's eyes are not upon us this day.
ElreonDefeatedLord, did I err?
ElreonOfferBargainYou remind me why I left the Templars. Consider me intimidated, Exile. I'll bargain.
ElreonOfferBargainIf you wish to change minds, Exile, it is better to raise people up than cut them down. Crusades are not won and lost on the battlefield alone. If you have someone in mind, I will put them at my right hand, and expose them to new ideas.
ElreonOfferBargainDominus exiled me too, you know. Thought I were too soft for Templar leadership, and that my radical ideas might turn others against him. He was right! I have a knack for bringing others 'round to my way of thinking without too much blood. Perhaps you should consider using such a talent yourself.
ElreonOfferBargainIt's hard working for a group when you don't like their methods. Reminds me of some dark days under the Templar. I'd rather find something less grim to do. Would you consider sparing this old man's life? Never too old for a second chance.
ElreonOfferBargainAll this time, all this bloodshed, I kept telling myself that the ends justify the means. But I can't stop asking myself: what if I'm wrong? Have I damned myself? Reckon it's time I took a sabbatical. I'll retreat from all this and wait for a divine sign.
ElreonOfferBargainIf only you could see the bigger picture Exile! If only you could understand what we're trying to build! Are you in a listening mood? Stay your blade and perhaps, once you've heard what we are doing here, you will change your mind.
ElreonOfferBargainHow about some old-fashioned bribery?
ElreonBarginAcceptedThe ranks of the faithful swell!
ElreonBarginAcceptedI'll let you know what I find out.
ElreonBarginAcceptedConsider it done!
ElreonBarginAcceptedGo with peace, Exile. And if you see God somewhere on your journey, tell him I'm waiting to hear from him.
ElreonBarginAcceptedAlright then, listen closely.
ElreonBarginAcceptedNot all Templar's old tactics are without their uses here.
ElreonOfferBetrayalPersonally, I believe this whole thing's being mismanaged. Devotion starts at the top. If you'd like, I can leverage my supporters in the Syndicate to depose our current leader and take up the role myself.
ElreonOfferBetrayalIn my Templar days, men that failed as hard as these would have been demoted. I'm in a position to reimplement that policy, if it suits your interests.
ElreonOfferBetrayalSometimes, Exile, excommunication is the right tool to send a message. I do have some sway in this organisation, and I could get someone removed from the Syndicate, if that's what you're after.
ElreonOfferBetrayalNo need for an Inquisition. I'll tell you everything I know about my fellow crusaders.
ElreonOfferBetrayalYou can't really trust someone who worships trees and ghosts, can you?
ElreonOfferBetrayalPerandus serves no power above his own. He's no ally of mine, nor of anyone who cannot help him achieve whatever foul fantasies he has cooked up.
ElreonOfferBetrayalThat creature is no creation of God. Whatever power it serves, we'd do well to do what we can to stop it. Together.
ElreonOfferBetrayalI don't know what God's plan is, Exile, but I know that Gravicius is not part of it.
ElreonOfferBetrayalMaloney fills me with doubt. The worst atrocities of the Templar were ordered by men in masks. Just think about why that might be for a moment, and you'll see why he's a far bigger threat than I.
ElreonOfferBetrayalGod welcomes all into his arms, but I can't say the reverse is true. Some people need a little nudge.
ElreonOfferExecuteI'm no traitor or trader. I choose to die for the cause.
ElreonOfferExecuteIn front of my commander, I'll choose death every time.
ElreonOfferExecuteStay strong, crusader. This Exile can do no worse than the Syndicate.
ElreonOfferExecuteThis old crusader has reached his limit for Inquisitions. Just end it.
ElreonReplyToBetrayalAcceptedSome have less faith than others. They are to be pitied.
ElreonReplyToBetrayalAcceptedMadness is putting one's faith in long-lost ancestors. They were human, and flawed, and they'll betray you just like you've betrayed me.
ElreonReplyToBetrayalAcceptedOh assassin, how expected.
ElreonReplyToBetrayalAcceptedNot the first time I've been betrayed for my faith. As always, I remain resolute.
ElreonReplyToBetrayalAcceptedGravicius, what happened to you to make you this way?
ElreonReplyToBetrayalAcceptedShut my mouth and I'll preach by humming, fiend.
ElreonReplyToBetrayalAcceptedI won't judge you for this, but God will.
ElreonInterrogatedThe Templars had a habit of questioning their own, forcefully. You can't frighten me.
ElreonInterrogatedThe Inquisition never ends. I learned that a long time ago.
ElreonInterrogatedFrom diplomacy to torture. I see.
ElreonReplyToExecutionYour methods are brutal. God will not watch you kindly.
ElreonReplyToExecutionWhy do you inflict such violence?
ElreonReplyToExecutionEven my rivals deserve better.
ElreonSafehouseLeaderDefeatedI thought God was working through me...
ElreonPrimaryDefenderStartsFightOthers say you've long helped this land, holy man. Why turn your back on it now?
ElreonEscapeI underestimated Elreon. That won't happen again.
ElreonDefeatedI'm sorry, holy man, but you've chosen the wrong crusade.
ElreonBarginAcceptedBetter a deal than having to kill you, old man.
ElreonInterrogatedI will not be too hard on him, Exile... as long as he talks.
ToraPrimaryDefenderStartsFightDon't make me hunt you down.
ToraPrimaryDefenderStartsFightNever provoke a wild animal in its den.
ToraPrimaryDefenderStartsFightDon't interfere, Exile. This isn't your business.
ToraPrimaryDefenderStartsFightYou'll have to be swift if you hope to stop the Syndicate.
ToraPrimaryDefenderStartsFightThe hunt is on!
ToraPrimaryDefenderStartsFightThere is no deeper cruelty than caging a wild animal.
ToraPrimaryDefenderStartsFightDon't expect our previous dealings to save you now.
ToraPrimaryDefenderStartsFightYou won't get me to betray the Syndicate this time, Exile.
ToraPrimaryDefenderStartsFightThe cycle of life and death continues, and the fittest grow fitter!
ToraPrimaryDefenderStartsFightYou failed in the past, Exile. You'll fail again.
ToraPrimaryDefenderStartsFightDeath feeds life in the grand cycle.
ToraPrimaryDefenderStartsFightThe earth is eager to meet you.
ToraPrimaryDefenderStartsFightBe like the earth. Become stone.
ToraPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI was born with a bow in my hands.
ToraPrimaryDefenderStartsFightSwift like the wind!
ToraSafehouseLeaderIntroA mother bear will fight to the death to protect her cubs.
ToraSecondaryDefenderArrivalThis den is ours, Exile.
ToraSecondaryDefenderArrivalWe are no helpless prey!
ToraSecondaryDefenderArrivalThis cycle of life and death needs time to finish.
ToraSecondaryDefenderArrivalWolves hunt in packs for a reason.
ToraSecondaryDefenderArrivalOn the prowl!
ToraSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou should know better than to wander into strange dens.
ToraSecondaryDefenderArrivalShall we wait for your God, Elreon, or shall we snare this Exile ourselves?
ToraSecondaryDefenderArrivalOh, Vagan, it's you... shall we fight together?
ToraSecondaryDefenderArrivalProve your worth, unnatural one. Let's take down this Exile.
ToraSecondaryDefenderArrivalAllow me to help you channel a bit of that Ezomyte savagery, Thane.
ToraSecondaryDefenderArrivalSome prey must be caught with carefully laid traps. Are you ready, Riker?
ToraSecondaryDefenderArrivalLet's put this animal down.
ToraSecondaryDefenderArrivalThis failing den needs to be rooted out.
ToraSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou've forgotten nature's most important lesson. Protect your resources!
ToraSecondaryDefenderArrivalNothing about this place is natural!
ToraSecondaryDefenderArrivalSometimes rabid animals must be culled.
ToraSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou know why you deserve my arrows, Vagan.
ToraSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou're not above the natural order, Vorici. I shall remind you.
ToraSecondaryDefenderArrivalNature rejects you, thing!
ToraSecondaryDefenderArrivalKilling might be for a purpose.
ToraSecondaryDefenderArrivalCare for a clash, Riker?
ToraSecondaryDefenderArrivalAll of you must be put down.
ToraReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalThis won't end well for you.
ToraReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalYour place is with the pack... or in the dirt.
ToraReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou're undercutting the success of our entire organisation!
ToraReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalI've more than enough arrows for all.
ToraReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalWhen you're bleeding out in the dirt, remember this was your decision.
ToraReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalReally? What do you think happens to wild animals that lose a limb?
ToraReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalSmall consolation, Vagan. Very small.
ToraReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalI saw your approach, Guff - I just didn't care.
ToraReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalI will never let you catch me, brute.
ToraReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalThis world existed long before Man or gods and it will live on long after you are dust.
ToraReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalThen let the chase begin!
ToraReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt seems only Nature itself is trustworthy.
ToraSecondaryDefenderArrivalEnrage the pack, face the alpha.
ToraSecondaryDefenderArrivalThis hunt has only just begun.
ToraSecondaryDefenderArrivalWe shall surely succeed.
ToraSecondaryDefenderArrivalCareful. A cornered animal is twice as dangerous.
ToraSecondaryDefenderArrivalBe ready to use that hook, Leo.
ToraSecondaryDefenderArrivalDo as I say, Vagan, and I might not stick you with an arrow.
ToraSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou might not follow the rules of Nature, thing, but you'll follow mine if you want to survive.
ToraSecondaryDefenderArrivalLet's try my way for this one, Thane.
ToraSecondaryDefenderArrivalWe'll use your traps for this hunt, Riker.
ToraSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'm leading this hunt now.
ToraKillPlayerThe weak perish. Such is life.
ToraKillPlayerYou should have stayed out of this.
ToraKillPlayerThe Syndicate's death toll climbs.
ToraKillPlayerA successful hunt.
ToraEscapeLike I always say, only the fittest survive.
ToraEscapeA hunter hides their trail.
ToraEscapeLike the bird escaping the cat, I can fly. You can't.
ToraDefeatedNest invader!
ToraDefeatedDamn your lust for wreckage.
ToraDefeatedNature.. is wounded... here...
ToraDefeatedOnly fair...
ToraDefeatedThe cage beckons...
ToraDefeatedWe're not beasts... we can settle this other ways, like before.
ToraDefeatedYou're making my life complicated, Exile.
ToraDefeatedThe cycle of life and death is supposed to be general, not specific.
ToraDefeatedIt seems... you've evolved...
ToraDefeatedI was too slow...
ToraDefeatedI pounced too recklessly.
ToraOfferBargainYou are more savage than any animal. What do you want from me?
ToraOfferBargainSome beasts congregate for a mate. Some for food or warmth. Knowing how a relationship can better your quality of life is important out here. The relationship doesn't necessarily even have to be your own. Do you understand what I'm getting at?
ToraOfferBargainCrows are very interesting, Exile. Did you know that crows can not only build personal relationships with each other, but learn, retain and teach information to each other? Quite a useful skill, if I may say so...
ToraOfferBargainA species' survival is only truly tested when its environment changes. If you want to kill me, then kill me. If you want to test me, well... I have an idea.
ToraOfferBargainYou've seen what the Syndicate is doing, have you not? 'Unnatural' is the only way I feel it could accurately be described. I'm not about that life. Not now, anyway. I think it's about time I migrated elsewhere.
ToraOfferBargainA huntress who doesn't know her environment is a dead huntress. I didn't plan on dying today, so how about I tell you what I've learned here instead?
ToraOfferBargainI don't care for material things, but perhaps you do?
ToraBarginAcceptedUgh... people! Alright, alright...
ToraBarginAcceptedHere's to practicing social skills.
ToraBarginAcceptedAdapt or die, Exile. Adapt or die.
ToraBarginAcceptedThey'll never find me.
ToraBarginAcceptedI appreciate it.
ToraBarginAcceptedMay your nest be shiny.
ToraOfferBetrayalA wolf pack without its alpha is far less of a threat than one with a ferocious leader. Together, we can topple the alpha here, and put me in charge.
ToraOfferBetrayalThe strong eat the weak in nature, and so it can be here.
ToraOfferBetrayalI do have the capability to have someone rejected by the pack completely.
ToraOfferBetrayalI'll tell you all I know as long as I don't have to go through the cold and dark torture that is resurrection by the Lifegiver.
ToraOfferBetrayalHaku's too trusting to be in the Syndicate. Allow me to betray him softly before someone else does far worse.
ToraOfferBetrayalI've half a mind to turn against Vagan. He knows what he did.
ToraOfferBetrayalVorici unsettles me. His inclinations fall far outside the natural order. You and I could come to an agreement that might contain his violent excesses.
ToraOfferBetrayalThat brute Hillock needs a few more arrows in his hide. If you've got any conscientious bone in your body, you'll understand that someone who does what he does to women - and men, too - is not someone to have as an ally.
ToraOfferBetrayalCameria is more violent, more base than any beast I've come across. He does not kill for survival, he kills for pleasure. And he doesn't stop getting his jollies once his victims are dead. If you have any sense of justice within you, please, help me handle him.
ToraOfferBetrayalIt's survival of the fittest, especially in the Syndicate. And I don't mean physical strength - this is a deadly game of cats and mice that covers all of Wraeclast. Are you a cat, or are you a mouse?
ToraOfferExecuteDeath is a natural part of life. I've made my peace.
ToraOfferExecuteIn front of my leader, I can show no fear.
ToraOfferExecuteIn front of my brethren, I can only be brave.
ToraOfferExecuteNo more cages! I'd rather die.
ToraReplyToBetrayalAcceptedAnimals turn on each other in times of scarcity.
ToraReplyToBetrayalAcceptedAt least my path is real, Karui, unlike your unseen 'Way.'
ToraReplyToBetrayalAcceptedAnd what's that, Guff? Are you planning to ask me on a date?
ToraReplyToBetrayalAcceptedSurvival of the fittest versus might makes right - which of us shall eclipse the other in the end, Thane?
ToraReplyToBetrayalAcceptedI have a better idea, Cameria. How about you leave and never return?
ToraReplyToBetrayalAcceptedYou are proof, Aisling, that sometimes Nature makes mistakes.
ToraReplyToBetrayalAcceptedAll part of the cycle. Today you rise and I fall, but tomorrow will be different.
ToraInterrogatedFeel confident in your caging only if you believe the caged will never escape and come find you...
ToraInterrogatedYou are truly a savage beast.
ToraInterrogatedWhen bargaining is no longer enough, you show your true colours!
ToraReplyToExecutionViolence is part of the natural order.
ToraReplyToExecutionYou've accomplished nothing, Exile. Death is meaningless to the Syndicate.
ToraReplyToExecutionSometimes violence is the only way.
ToraSafehouseLeaderDefeatedRise. If I must fall, respect the natural order by rising to your potential.
ToraPrimaryDefenderStartsFightDeadly and swift, like a wild and beautiful animal.
ToraEscapeI'm sorry, Exile, I got distracted...
ToraDefeatedYou forced us down this path, Tora.
ToraBarginAcceptedI'm glad we could come to an understanding.
ToraInterrogatedThis one will be difficult to tame.
VaganPrimaryDefenderStartsFightHo, exile! Care for a scrap?
VaganPrimaryDefenderStartsFightExile! You invade, we defend. Have at it!
VaganPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI'll defend the cargo as I would a king or queen!
VaganPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI'm no fan of this proving ground, but I still have to do my job.
VaganPrimaryDefenderStartsFightMmm, surprise tussle!
VaganPrimaryDefenderStartsFightInterrogation was not pleasant. Consider me miffed.
VaganPrimaryDefenderStartsFightLet's keep it simple this time, exile. Try to best me.
VaganPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI'm ashamed of what I did last time, exile. Don't think I'll be repeating it again!
VaganPrimaryDefenderStartsFightWith this new power, this time I've got the upper hand!
VaganPrimaryDefenderStartsFightAh, back for more knocking around?
VaganPrimaryDefenderStartsFightLet's see how you weather my blows now!
VaganPrimaryDefenderStartsFightThis ability is... erm... new.
VaganPrimaryDefenderStartsFightLet's see how you fight when you can hardly move!
VaganPrimaryDefenderStartsFightA bit of elemental protection should change the balance of this struggle.
VaganPrimaryDefenderStartsFightLet's see you handle a bit of cold!
VaganSafehouseLeaderIntroLet's see how you fare in my arena.
VaganSecondaryDefenderArrivalLet's make this a team defense match!
VaganSecondaryDefenderArrivalA running battle? Glorious!
VaganSecondaryDefenderArrivalLet's get this one over with.
VaganSecondaryDefenderArrivalA right toss-up. This was meant to be quick and clean!
VaganSecondaryDefenderArrivalI feel like jumping in.
VaganSecondaryDefenderArrivalWell, we certainly can't let this place fall.
VaganSecondaryDefenderArrivalCome on old chap, put those Ancestors to work!
VaganSecondaryDefenderArrivalDon't scratch me, Tora... well, until we're done, that is.
VaganSecondaryDefenderArrivalLet's see if you can earn an honourable kill, Vorici.
VaganSecondaryDefenderArrivalHa, Guff, I'll go high, you go low!
VaganSecondaryDefenderArrivalMay the best man win, Thane. That is where we agree.
VaganSecondaryDefenderArrivalI've been itching for a good fight! Mind if I jump in?
VaganSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'm going to mix this one up a bit.
VaganSecondaryDefenderArrivalA moving target! I love a challenge.
VaganSecondaryDefenderArrivalI am not a fan of what goes on here. Time for a ruckus.
VaganSecondaryDefenderArrivalFree for all!
VaganSecondaryDefenderArrivalI promise there's nothing personal about this.
VaganSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou'll have to earn this kill, ol' stabby.
VaganSecondaryDefenderArrivalShow me some of that Redblade swagger!
VaganSecondaryDefenderArrivalLet me see some of that Mutewind cunning.
VaganSecondaryDefenderArrivalOh, I can't miss this!
VaganReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'll hold this base against all forces.
VaganReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou're responsible for the consequences!
VaganReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou are aware we need to do our jobs, right?
VaganReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalDaresso's arse, you can't be serious!
VaganReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalAlways enjoy a bloody good tussle!
VaganReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou knew what this was, Tora. I never made any promises!
VaganReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'm sorry, what? And no! Absolutely not!
VaganReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalWhy me?
VaganReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalKeep trying, Riker. You'll never measure up!
VaganReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalThis fight just got interesting!
VaganSecondaryDefenderArrivalWe'll certainly lock this down now.
VaganSecondaryDefenderArrivalYour chances are shrinking, exile.
VaganSecondaryDefenderArrivalNot the prettiest job, but not one I'm willing to lose!
VaganSecondaryDefenderArrivalThe challenge of your life, exile!
VaganSecondaryDefenderArrivalCome on Leo, show me that Redmane style!
VaganSecondaryDefenderArrivalNow I'm the one on top, Tora!
VaganSecondaryDefenderArrivalShow them some Brinerot lightning!
VaganSecondaryDefenderArrivalUnleash that Redblade fire!
VaganSecondaryDefenderArrivalFreeze them in terror, Mutewind!
VaganSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou there. Look alive, rouse to battle!
VaganKillPlayerAh, over too soon!
VaganKillPlayerA fight for the ages!
VaganKillPlayerUgh. Sorry you had to fall here, among all this.
VaganKillPlayerA rousing success!
VaganEscapeA good death never hurt anyone!
VaganEscapeExhilarating conflict, exile!
VaganEscapeDone at last. So long, exile!
VaganDefeatedA good strike... and a painful one.
VaganDefeatedPlease... not... here...
VaganDefeatedOnly fair... I suppose...!
VaganDefeatedBe a friend... don't lock me up... again.
VaganDefeatedA spot more... wheeling and dealing...?
VaganDefeatedBitter justice... for my betrayal...
VaganDefeatedOne death... is as good as another.
VaganDefeatedI see... you've been training!
VaganDefeatedA proper good turnabout...
VaganDefeatedWell this... is embarrassing...
VaganOfferBargainExile, you're taking all of this far too personally! But I must confess, I'd rather not be the next on the chopping block. Go on then... what do you need from me?
VaganOfferBargainA fair fight's fine and all, but it's not exactly a challenge, is it? Putting aside your goals here, have you considered the joys of duelling duos? Pick a partner, and we can start some on-the-job training.
VaganOfferBargainYou know, I know a thing or two that might tickle your fancy. I just need to verify with a confederate of mine that I do in fact know what I know, you know?
VaganOfferBargainA fighter doesn't just swing a sword. Combat is a complex dance that tests every muscle. Meanwhile, I'm stuck here doing the same things over and over. A waste, if you ask me! I think this loss is a surefire sign that I need to stretch some other muscles. Let me go, and that's exactly what I'll do.
VaganOfferBargainThere's no 'I' in teamwork. There's also no glory in teamwork. But there is an 'I' in glory if you spell it wrong. I think it's time I explored my options solo. Free me, and the next time you encounter the Syndicate, it won't include me.
VaganOfferBargainI may have a reputation for loquaciousness, but I'm a keen listener, too. If you spare my life, I might be convinced to merge these two hobbies of mine into a tight little info package.
VaganOfferBargainVictory must be rewarded, I always say, and while beheading me might be reward for some, I think you'd prefer something more useful.
VaganBarginAcceptedUntil next time!
VaganBarginAcceptedI'm a man of my word.
VaganBarginAcceptedFeeling more limber already!
VaganBarginAcceptedGlory, here I come.
VaganBarginAcceptedGood choice. Now listen up!
VaganBarginAcceptedAll that glitters is gold... or steel.
VaganOfferBetrayalWhat's a man to do when his blunderous immediate superior continually forces him into unwinnable situations? Take down the immediate superior. Care to lend a hand?
VaganOfferBetrayalMy team here has been nothing but dead weight dragging me into the mire. Time to get back to my roots! Let me claim what I will from them, and be on my way, and you can do with them what you like.
VaganOfferBetrayalWhen your team has a dud on the roster, you don't keep them around. You give them a kick up the arse and send them packing. Which one here deserves the boot?
VaganOfferBetrayalA fighter never goes into a fight without knowing everything about his enemies and his allies. I know enough about my friends here to fill a small novel. Care to flick through the pages?
VaganOfferBetrayalLeo's a tough one. He'll understand if we work together to undermine him a bit.
VaganOfferBetrayalI'm a fighter, but I fight you face to face. Vorici won't even let you get a weapon out! Best to deal with him now, eh?
VaganOfferBetrayalGuff's greatest achievement is keeping all his rum down. Not exactly one for the history books. A kick in the rear should provide the encouragement he needs.
VaganOfferBetrayalThe Redblade's a bit of a firebug, if you hadn't noticed. Arson's not the most constructive of pastimes. With a little encouragement from us, perhaps we can instigate some change.
VaganOfferBetrayalI don't trust that Mutewind, and neither should you. Let's put her in her place while she's... otherwise preoccupied.
VaganOfferBetrayalA rough tussle, but I'd rather not lose my head over it. I could, however, bear the loss of another head.
VaganOfferExecuteDeath's the only option here, I'm afraid.
VaganOfferExecuteIn front of my leader, I can only choose to die.
VaganOfferExecuteStay strong. Death's not that painful... I hope.
VaganOfferExecuteBetter than being interrogated, I suppose.
VaganReplyToBetrayalAcceptedDeeply unkind.
VaganReplyToBetrayalAcceptedLeo, you unabashed rascal!
VaganReplyToBetrayalAcceptedFear a woman scorned, exile.
VaganReplyToBetrayalAcceptedYou'd be amazed what a little oil will get you out of.
VaganReplyToBetrayalAcceptedShe and I could raise some hell together, exile - if only she weren't insane.
VaganReplyToBetrayalAcceptedRiker's just jealous.
VaganReplyToBetrayalAcceptedA dirty move, but you won't catch me whining.
VaganInterrogatedI call foul!
VaganInterrogatedThis is right out of bounds!
VaganInterrogatedCan't we bargain again instead? No?
VaganReplyToExecutionWas that really necessary?
VaganReplyToExecutionThat was my friend!
VaganReplyToExecutionI'm trying hard to summon up a bit of sorrow here.
VaganSafehouseLeaderDefeatedA surprise upset!... good show...
VaganPrimaryDefenderStartsFightThis one smiles, but his eyes are deadly serious.
VaganEscapeSince when does a warrior run from a fight?
VaganDefeatedAn impressive display, warrior, but not enough.
VaganBarginAcceptedI expect you will come at us with a new strategy next time, Vagan. I look forward to it.
VaganInterrogatedI will be cruel in my methods, because he can take it.
VoriciPrimaryDefenderStartsFightAnother malcontent with a death wish... so be it.
VoriciPrimaryDefenderStartsFightIt seems you possess bravery and foolishness in equal abundance.
VoriciPrimaryDefenderStartsFightYou are becoming a nuisance.
VoriciPrimaryDefenderStartsFightYou're early! No matter... loose threads must be severed.
VoriciPrimaryDefenderStartsFightWe do not tolerate selfish malcontents.
VoriciPrimaryDefenderStartsFightDon't worry, Exile, I won't submit you to the same humiliation of imprisonment. A quick death will do.
VoriciPrimaryDefenderStartsFightDid you forget our deal so quickly, Exile? How disappointing.
VoriciPrimaryDefenderStartsFightMy conscience is still bloodied, malcontent. Soon my weapons will match.
VoriciPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI have experienced enough death. I believe I'd rather stay here.
VoriciPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI knew you were a fool, but you continue to disappoint.
VoriciPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI will answer the pain you inflicted tenfold!
VoriciPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI see energy swimming within you. I will cut it free.
VoriciPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI've returned from the void. I brought a piece back with me.
VoriciPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI live once more. Does madness yet grip your mind?
VoriciPrimaryDefenderStartsFightThe stench of death... you'll reek of it soon enough.
VoriciSafehouseLeaderIntroYou have become tangled in our tapestry, Exile. Time to cut you free.
VoriciSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou can't weave a tapestry with just one thread.
VoriciSecondaryDefenderArrivalWe can't let our cargo fall into the hands of a malcontent.
VoriciSecondaryDefenderArrivalNo loose threads.
VoriciSecondaryDefenderArrivalLet's keep this professional. Quick and clean.
VoriciSecondaryDefenderArrivalNeed to keep the skills sharp. It's nothing personal.
VoriciSecondaryDefenderArrivalShow me the might of those Ancestors you won't shut up about.
VoriciSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou might be uncouth and unclean, Tora, but I like the way you hunt.
VoriciSecondaryDefenderArrivalVagan, show some civility. Kill them quickly.
VoriciSecondaryDefenderArrivalI've half a mind to slay you myself, Gravicius - but not today.
VoriciSecondaryDefenderArrivalShow me what you're capable of, Aisling.
VoriciSecondaryDefenderArrivalLet's kill this selfish malcontent.
VoriciSecondaryDefenderArrivalDid you think it would be that simple, Exile?
VoriciSecondaryDefenderArrivalAll my loose threads boxed in. How convenient.
VoriciSecondaryDefenderArrivalBad apples must be plucked and disposed of.
VoriciSecondaryDefenderArrivalMy, my, what a mess this is. You know I hate a mess.
VoriciSecondaryDefenderArrivalNo. Loose. Threads.
VoriciSecondaryDefenderArrivalIf it's any consolation, Leo, I don't expect you to die without a fight.
VoriciSecondaryDefenderArrivalYour faith-blind eyes have deceived you, old man. Don't worry, I'll pluck them out for you.
VoriciSecondaryDefenderArrivalConsider this the Brotherhood collecting on an old debt, Perandus.
VoriciSecondaryDefenderArrivalPlease beg for your life, Gravicius, so that I can have the pleasure of refusing you.
VoriciSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou make a mockery of man's finest moment, Aisling. The dead deserve respect.
VoriciSecondaryDefenderArrivalHow fortunate, all my loose threads in one place!
VoriciReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou selfish malcontent.
VoriciReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou're late. You know how I hate tardiness.
VoriciReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalAnother loose thread needing to be snipped.
VoriciReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou were next on my list anyway.
VoriciReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalFair? I'd have to give you one of my arms for this to be fair.
VoriciReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalI think I'll pass.
VoriciReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalWhat's more natural than the cycle of life and death? I'm just helping things along.
VoriciReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalI told you to stop calling me that. Now I'll make you stop.
VoriciReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalOh, death's not my weapon, General. It's my closest ally. Allow me to introduce you!
VoriciReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou'll find me a most disagreeable mark.
VoriciSecondaryDefenderArrivalWhat beautiful violence we will weave together.
VoriciSecondaryDefenderArrivalCome, noble ally. Let us cut this misfit down together.
VoriciSecondaryDefenderArrivalA partner of such enlightenment. How pleasant.
VoriciSecondaryDefenderArrivalElegance and sophistication. Try to enjoy this, Exile.
VoriciSecondaryDefenderArrivalCrusade all you like, Elreon, just follow my orders.
VoriciSecondaryDefenderArrivalI think I can rely on you to do some cutting, yes?
VoriciSecondaryDefenderArrivalThis time you're working for an assassin. I do love irony.
VoriciSecondaryDefenderArrivalYour orders are simple, Cameria. Kill them all.
VoriciSecondaryDefenderArrivalThis situation needs a bit less cutting and a bit more intellect.
VoriciSecondaryDefenderArrivalLooks like this situation's in need of some cutting intellect.
VoriciKillPlayerA nice, clean kill.
VoriciKillPlayerI do like a tidy ending.
VoriciKillPlayerSecrets remain secret.
VoriciKillPlayerA shame. I rather liked that villain.
VoriciEscapeConsider this a warning, Exile.
VoriciEscapeWe inch closer to utopia.
VoriciEscapeA necessary loss.
VoriciDefeatedDefeated... within my own walls.
VoriciDefeatedA costly error.
VoriciDefeatedHow uncivilised...
VoriciDefeatedDeeply disappointing.
VoriciDefeatedPerhaps my time in confinement had a larger impact than I anticipated.
VoriciDefeatedI... want another moment of your time...
VoriciDefeatedI was a fool to work with you.
VoriciDefeatedI faced death before... what's once more?
VoriciDefeatedYou! You have improved!
VoriciDefeatedHow inelegant...
VoriciDefeatedFoiled by my own selfishness. Humiliating.
VoriciOfferBargainEven an ignoramus like yourself can see you have the upper hand. What do you want?
VoriciOfferBargainIf you kill me, another will take my place, and you will have made a target of yourself. The sensible action would be to sow the seeds of loyalty within the Syndicate. Whisper a name, and they will soon find themselves at my side.
VoriciOfferBargainKilling me will bring you no closer to your precious artefacts. Not even I know where they have been secreted, but I may know who does, and I know how to ingratiate myself with them. All you have to do is free me.
VoriciOfferBargainIt seems to me that no job is worth dying over, least of all this one. I propose that I leave here - alive - and find a task more suitable to my disposition. Of course, this would involve an exchange. What say you?
VoriciOfferBargainI can see that you are more than capable of claiming my head. Don't. I will see myself out of here - and out of the Syndicate - and I will not return.
VoriciOfferBargainWars are not won on the battlefront, Exile. They're won in the dimly lit rooms, over maps and dossiers. I hold information you may find valuable. Allow me to leave here alive, and that information is yours.
VoriciOfferBargainThe Syndicate is not just a cluster of like-minded individuals. We have a very wealthy benefactor, who would be very sad to see me dead, but would most certainly look the other way if I were to offer you recompense.
VoriciBarginAcceptedI knew you were sharp. Consider it done.
VoriciBarginAcceptedSo be it. But if word of our deal makes it to other ears, I will cut out your tongue.
VoriciBarginAcceptedA wise decision. I do hope we cross paths again.
VoriciBarginAcceptedThen I am gone. With any luck, I will not be drawn into this mess again.
VoriciBarginAcceptedThe tapestry we weave is complex indeed. What will you do with this information, I wonder...
VoriciBarginAcceptedThere could be no simpler exchange.
VoriciOfferBetrayalMy immediate superior has many secrets, Exile. Secrets that would turn your stomach. Were I to reveal these secrets to the rest of the Syndicate I have no doubt that my 'esteemed' leader here would be relegated to a much more menial position, and you would be forced to endure far less of their company. We are killers, but not all of us are monsters.
VoriciOfferBetrayalIt seems clear to me that our failure is due to the machinations of other Syndicate members, and were you to let me go, I would make that crystal-clear. The others here will be punished for their part and I will be rewarded. The Syndicate does not value loyalty, they value results, and today, they didn't get results.
VoriciOfferBetrayalIf it's blood you want, I propose an exchange. Release me, and I will take the life of another. I hold no true loyalty to my Syndicate brethren. Is my blood any more valuable than that of another Syndicate member?
VoriciOfferBetrayalYou are after the crown. The Eternal One. The Lifegiver. I see the tapestry for what it is. Only information will bring you closer. Information I possess, taken from the mouths of the others here today. How much is this information worth to you, Exile?
VoriciOfferBetrayalFaith, or perhaps age, has rotted away Elreon's mind. The things he whispers in his sleep... they make me look positively devout.
VoriciOfferBetrayalI don't think I need remind you what young Janus here has done. I think you'll find a fitting punishment.
VoriciOfferBetrayalFew men deserve betrayal more than Gravicius. I am not one of them.
VoriciOfferBetrayalThane Jorgin was cast out of his homeland after the 'mysterious' death of his brother. The implication is clear.
VoriciOfferBetrayalI'm an assassin, yes, but Aisling is something far worse.
VoriciOfferBetrayalLet's make a deal.
VoriciOfferExecuteIf you think I am going to say or do anything to further your pathetic cause, you are sorely mistaken.
VoriciOfferExecuteI'd sooner die than forsake my loyalty to the Syndicate.
VoriciOfferExecuteI know what you want from me, malcontent. But as long as Syndicate eyes are cast upon us, I will give you nothing.
VoriciOfferExecuteI would rather rot on the ground here than in some filthy, uncivilised prison cell.
VoriciReplyToBetrayalAcceptedWell that is disappointing.
VoriciReplyToBetrayalAcceptedI've been nothing but a perfect gentleman, huntress - to your face, at least.
VoriciReplyToBetrayalAcceptedWe should have cut you loose long ago, Vagan.
VoriciReplyToBetrayalAcceptedOnce a turncoat, always a turncoat.
VoriciReplyToBetrayalAcceptedFor this, General, I will pluck you free of the tapestry myself.
VoriciReplyToBetrayalAcceptedIt was not I who killed your brother, Thane. But I think you know that full well.
VoriciReplyToBetrayalAcceptedMy retribution will be swift, invisible, and painful.
VoriciInterrogatedYou will have to cut the words from my mouth.
VoriciInterrogatedCruel. Truly cruel.
VoriciInterrogatedWhat? I thought you were reasonable.
VoriciReplyToExecutionWhat a waste.
VoriciReplyToExecutionAt least it was quick.
VoriciReplyToExecutionI will savour that image.
VoriciSafehouseLeaderDefeatedYou... only delay our inexorable rise.
VoriciPrimaryDefenderStartsFightYou picked the wrong job, assassin.
VoriciReplyToExecutionWhat's wrong Vorici? This is what you do.
VoriciDefeatedToo easy, assassin.
VoriciDefeatedYou've lost. Time to speak, silent brother.
VoriciInterrogatedYou should have no trouble in that dark little cage, assassin.
Hillock, the BlacksmithPrimaryDefenderStartsFightHey...! Why do you look so familiar...?
Hillock, the BlacksmithPrimaryDefenderStartsFightThis is MY house. You're gonna DIE, little invaders.
Hillock, the BlacksmithPrimaryDefenderStartsFightMy things, not yours! I'll SMASH YOU TO BITS!
Hillock, the BlacksmithPrimaryDefenderStartsFightYou're not meant to see this! I'll KILL YOU TO DEATH!
Hillock, the BlacksmithPrimaryDefenderStartsFightFound you, little Exile. Now I'm gonna kill you!
Hillock, the BlacksmithPrimaryDefenderStartsFightHate the dark. Hate YOU for putting me there!
Hillock, the BlacksmithPrimaryDefenderStartsFightYOU! Confuse me you did. Snap your little neck for that.
Hillock, the BlacksmithPrimaryDefenderStartsFightYou made me hurt my friends. Now I'll hurt you!
Hillock, the BlacksmithPrimaryDefenderStartsFightYou killed me. Now, I kill you. Make this one last.
Hillock, the BlacksmithPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI liked breaking you, little Exile. Glad I get to do it again.
Hillock, the BlacksmithPrimaryDefenderStartsFightBash you harder than I've ever bashed before!
Hillock, the BlacksmithPrimaryDefenderStartsFightThe people I kill are still with me.
Hillock, the BlacksmithPrimaryDefenderStartsFightOne hit, Exile. All I need.
Hillock, the BlacksmithPrimaryDefenderStartsFightRun, toy! Run!
Hillock, the BlacksmithPrimaryDefenderStartsFightWhen I get mad, things burn. PEOPLE burn.
Hillock, the BlacksmithSafehouseLeaderIntroYou walk into my home. MY home. I'll RIP your spine OUT!
Hillock, the BlacksmithSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'll help kill the little invaders!
Hillock, the BlacksmithSecondaryDefenderArrivalThey're not your things little Exile!
Hillock, the BlacksmithSecondaryDefenderArrivalMash the little invaders into GOO!
Hillock, the BlacksmithSecondaryDefenderArrivalKill them dead! Hahahaha!
Hillock, the BlacksmithSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'ma hurt you for fun.
Hillock, the BlacksmithSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'll protect you! I'll protect the family! Rip little Exile heads off!
Hillock, the BlacksmithSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'll help you smite.
Hillock, the BlacksmithSecondaryDefenderArrivalArrows? I hate arrows.
Hillock, the BlacksmithSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'll help you stab.
Hillock, the BlacksmithSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'll help you tear.
Hillock, the BlacksmithSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'll help you, scary lady.
Hillock, the BlacksmithSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'll help you bash.
Hillock, the BlacksmithSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou all hurt me. I'll hurt you all!
Hillock, the BlacksmithSecondaryDefenderArrivalThese are my things now, stupid.
Hillock, the BlacksmithSecondaryDefenderArrivalGonna kill all of you down here.
Hillock, the BlacksmithSecondaryDefenderArrivalHa! You stupid idiot, you fell into my trap.
Hillock, the BlacksmithSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'm gonna get you, wild one!
Hillock, the BlacksmithSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou talk too much Vagan. I'm gonna shut that pretty little mouth.
Hillock, the BlacksmithSecondaryDefenderArrivalPretty Rin, I'm coming for ya!
Hillock, the BlacksmithSecondaryDefenderArrivalCan I bash you, Cameria?
Hillock, the BlacksmithSecondaryDefenderArrivalScary little Aisling... you're mine now.
Hillock, the BlacksmithSecondaryDefenderArrivalBash Exile, bash Syndicate. Bash whoever.
Hillock, the BlacksmithReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou're in my house though, stupid.
Hillock, the BlacksmithReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'll kill you too! I'll break all of you to CRUMBS!
Hillock, the BlacksmithReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalGonna keep your body. You're not gonna wake up again.
Hillock, the BlacksmithReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'll paint with you later. A big red smear. Hahaha!
Hillock, the BlacksmithReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'm gonna use your body to test my blades.
Hillock, the BlacksmithReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalHate pirates! Salty, smelly, rotten bunch.
Hillock, the BlacksmithReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalYeah? Well you're gonna be DEAD-dead!
Hillock, the BlacksmithReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalHey! Who are you calling dumb? Me? Hey!
Hillock, the BlacksmithReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'll snap off every limb that touches me, bitch.
Hillock, the BlacksmithReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalThen I'll bash you too.
Hillock, the BlacksmithSecondaryDefenderArrivalDon't get in the way.
Hillock, the BlacksmithSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou protect the things! I'll bash the little Exile.
Hillock, the BlacksmithSecondaryDefenderArrivalThe bashing will be legendary!
Hillock, the BlacksmithSecondaryDefenderArrivalGrind the Exile's bones into snuff.
Hillock, the BlacksmithSecondaryDefenderArrivalBash good, Leo, and I'll make you another hook.
Hillock, the BlacksmithSecondaryDefenderArrivalKeep them arrows away from me. Point 'em at the Exile!
Hillock, the BlacksmithSecondaryDefenderArrivalLittle man with his blades, you stab what I say.
Hillock, the BlacksmithSecondaryDefenderArrivalI am the strongest here, little Thane. I command.
Hillock, the BlacksmithSecondaryDefenderArrivalMy turn to choose what we rip apart!
Hillock, the BlacksmithSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou know what I want. Bash. Bash! BASH!
Hillock, the BlacksmithKillPlayerAnd stay out!
Hillock, the BlacksmithKillPlayerWhat's mine is mine.
Hillock, the BlacksmithKillPlayerSmushed.
Hillock, the BlacksmithKillPlayerEasy easy easy.
Hillock, the BlacksmithEscapeHuhuhahaha... HAHahahahahaha!
Hillock, the BlacksmithEscapeSee? Nobody takes my things!
Hillock, the BlacksmithEscapeBash you to bits later, little invaders.
Hillock, the BlacksmithDefeatedArrrgh!
Hillock, the BlacksmithDefeatedUggggggh!
Hillock, the BlacksmithDefeatedMy... toys...!
Hillock, the BlacksmithDefeatedYou cheated! Must have!
Hillock, the BlacksmithDefeatedNo... not in the dark again...
Hillock, the BlacksmithDefeatedMy head still hurts!
Hillock, the BlacksmithDefeatedDon't make me... hurt my friends again...
Hillock, the BlacksmithDefeatedNo... don't want to die... again..
Hillock, the BlacksmithDefeatedMy turn... already...?
Hillock, the BlacksmithDefeatedBad... bad... BAD!
Hillock, the BlacksmithDefeatedStupid Hillock! Stupid!
Hillock, the BlacksmithOfferBargainYou kill so good, Exile. Quick and splatty. You want to be friends just for today?
Hillock, the BlacksmithOfferBargainWant a friend, I do. Sit in my room, bashing my hammer, talking to myself... gettin' ANGRY... with a friend maybe I wouldn't hurt people no more. Will you help me find a friend?
Hillock, the BlacksmithOfferBargainMaking a new friend, I am. We was gonna eat dinner together. Bit of the drink. Talk about work. Told me a few things already you know. Let me go and I'll tell you what they told me.
Hillock, the BlacksmithOfferBargainI tried and tried to do this job but I don't get it. It doesn't make SENSE to me! Hurts my head! Makes me ANGRY. Makes me BREAK STUFF! Don't make me stay here.
Hillock, the BlacksmithOfferBargainMiss the forge, I do. Can't make swords here the way I used to. Maybe you can tell the Lifegiver I burned to ashes and I can go back home. Back to the anvil, and the pub.
Hillock, the BlacksmithOfferBargainI hate this job. Hate it! Makes no sense to me! My boss gave me some scribbled paper. Told me everything I need to know is on it, but I can't make out the pictures. If you let me go, you can take a look. Maybe you can work out what it means.
Hillock, the BlacksmithOfferBargainMiss making my swords, I do. Sometimes, I get pictures in my head from a long time ago. Making beautiful swords. Better than I can make now. Feels like a different man in those pictures. A smarter man. Quicker. Been collecting a few pieces here and there. Not like the ones I make, but still strong. Makes me think of home, makes me feel connected to that smarter man. You can have them if you promise you won't hurt me anymore.
Hillock, the BlacksmithBarginAcceptedMaybe this will make the bad thoughts go...
Hillock, the BlacksmithBarginAcceptedHard to make new friends, it is...
Hillock, the BlacksmithBarginAcceptedOh no... this sounds hard, too!
Hillock, the BlacksmithBarginAcceptedI feel... happy...!
Hillock, the BlacksmithBarginAcceptedThis make any sense to you?
Hillock, the BlacksmithBarginAcceptedTreat 'em good, okay?
Hillock, the BlacksmithOfferBetrayalBoss talks down to me. Like I'm stupid. I'm not stupid. I'm NOT! Makes me SO ANGRY. Angry enough to bash them over and over again! I should be the boss, not them!
Hillock, the BlacksmithOfferBetrayalThe people in the Syndicate are afraid of me, they are. Know how good I can bash them. They'll give me whatever I want or else. Want to see?
Hillock, the BlacksmithOfferBetrayalI'm so angry right now Exile. Everything's RED. I need to hear bones SNAPPING. Need to feel it in my FISTS! I don't care who I break. Just tell me who. Tell me who!
Hillock, the BlacksmithOfferBetrayalI'll give the Syndicate here an option. I bash and bash and bash until I'm happy, or they tell you what you want to know. Then you let me go, okay?
Hillock, the BlacksmithOfferBetrayalVagan's too wriggly. Tried to catch him but he slipped away. Don't let him slip away again. Might not get another chance!
Hillock, the BlacksmithOfferBetrayalI think I could smash Guff into the ground like a fence post. Bet he'd do anything to get out of that. What do you think, little Exile?
Hillock, the BlacksmithOfferBetrayalFound Korell in my room praying to my forge. In MY room. I didn't say he could do that! Makes me so ANGRY! Learn respect, Redblade! Teach him respect, Exile!
Hillock, the BlacksmithOfferBetrayalI want to break the mask off Maloney's face, just to see how his skull cracks. Bet there's a lot of good knowledge inside that skull.
Hillock, the BlacksmithOfferBetrayalYou bash well, Exile! Today we are friends. Let's bash another one shall we? Yeah?
Hillock, the BlacksmithOfferExecuteHate myself. Hate the Syndicate. Rather be dead.
Hillock, the BlacksmithOfferExecuteKill me now, or the boss kills me later. Dead either way.
Hillock, the BlacksmithOfferExecuteI will miss you, friend.
Hillock, the BlacksmithOfferExecuteRather be dead than go back to the dark.
Hillock, the BlacksmithReplyToBetrayalAcceptedYou... rrggghh... rrrrRRAAAGGHHH!
Hillock, the BlacksmithReplyToBetrayalAcceptedYou're not my friend anymore, Leo Redmane.
Hillock, the BlacksmithReplyToBetrayalAcceptedSleep with your eyes open, wild woman.
Hillock, the BlacksmithReplyToBetrayalAcceptedOh, Mutewind. I will BURY you for this.
Hillock, the BlacksmithReplyToBetrayalAcceptedYou... are awful! Bash you so hard you need to be scraped up!
Hillock, the BlacksmithReplyToBetrayalAcceptedYou don't scare me, little mask boy. I'll break you and all your little machines.
Hillock, the BlacksmithReplyToBetrayalAcceptedBad! You're bad! Gonna bash you into RED MILK for this.
Hillock, the BlacksmithInterrogatedHate the dark!
Hillock, the BlacksmithInterrogatedNo, no, stop sending me to the dark!
Hillock, the BlacksmithInterrogatedSo confusing, this Exile.
Hillock, the BlacksmithReplyToExecutionBye bye!
Hillock, the BlacksmithReplyToExecutionFriend, no! NO!
Hillock, the BlacksmithReplyToExecutionBwahahaha. Very messy.
Hillock, the BlacksmithSafehouseLeaderDefeatedI don't... understand... I was the boss...
Hillock, the BlacksmithPrimaryDefenderStartsFightYou'll need more than brawn to best us, brute!
Hillock, the BlacksmithEscapeHow did we lose to that bowl of rocks on a body?
Hillock, the BlacksmithDefeatedBrains over brawn, every time.
Hillock, the BlacksmithBarginAcceptedYou surprise me, Hillock.
Hillock, the BlacksmithInterrogatedI hope this one can tell us something!
Leo, Wolf of the PitsPrimaryDefenderStartsFightAh, good stuff. I was dying for a bit of biffo.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsPrimaryDefenderStartsFightWelcome to the fun house!
Leo, Wolf of the PitsPrimaryDefenderStartsFightGet outta here, bloody pest!
Leo, Wolf of the PitsPrimaryDefenderStartsFightOi! You're not allowed down here!
Leo, Wolf of the PitsPrimaryDefenderStartsFightHate to pick an unfair fight, but...
Leo, Wolf of the PitsPrimaryDefenderStartsFightLeaving a fighter to die in a cage? Not nice.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsPrimaryDefenderStartsFightNo more deals. Just good, clean violence.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsPrimaryDefenderStartsFightForget the past. New day, new fight.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsPrimaryDefenderStartsFightYou gave my pride a bloody nose. Now the greave's on the other leg.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsPrimaryDefenderStartsFightBack for a grudge match, eh?
Leo, Wolf of the PitsPrimaryDefenderStartsFightStrength in numbers!
Leo, Wolf of the PitsPrimaryDefenderStartsFightDaresso would have been jealous!
Leo, Wolf of the PitsPrimaryDefenderStartsFightMy favourite thing's watching the colour drain from a foe's face.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsPrimaryDefenderStartsFightThis'll chill you to the bone, and beyond.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsPrimaryDefenderStartsFightDodge this.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsSafehouseLeaderIntroStormin' in here like that, completely disrespectful. I need to show you some manners.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsSecondaryDefenderArrivalTag me in, mate!
Leo, Wolf of the PitsSecondaryDefenderArrivalStick together! What a ruckus.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsSecondaryDefenderArrivalWhy's this bloody invader still alive?
Leo, Wolf of the PitsSecondaryDefenderArrivalSeriously? You got the jump and you still need backup?
Leo, Wolf of the PitsSecondaryDefenderArrivalYes! Finally, a brawl!
Leo, Wolf of the PitsSecondaryDefenderArrivalBeen dyin' to slap each other around a bit.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsSecondaryDefenderArrivalNeed a hand sweetie? I've only got the one.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsSecondaryDefenderArrivalNot so easy when it's a fair fight, is it Vorici?
Leo, Wolf of the PitsSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'm here to blow a little wind into your sails, mate!
Leo, Wolf of the PitsSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou weren't going to leave me out of this brawl, were you, Thane?
Leo, Wolf of the PitsSecondaryDefenderArrivalLeave some for me this time ya big bloody bastard.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsSecondaryDefenderArrivalWhat bloody ruckus have you got us into?!
Leo, Wolf of the PitsSecondaryDefenderArrivalMates, you're all screwed.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsSecondaryDefenderArrivalLet's turn this into a free for all.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsSecondaryDefenderArrivalNever take your eyes off the brawler.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsSecondaryDefenderArrivalHook's dying to tear into some sinew and I don't much care whose.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsSecondaryDefenderArrivalSorry huntress, but time's come to put you down.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsSecondaryDefenderArrivalVagan, this beating's for old-time's sake.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsSecondaryDefenderArrivalLook at me! Now I'm a bloody backstabbing ponce. Not very fair, eh, Vorici?
Leo, Wolf of the PitsSecondaryDefenderArrivalBack in the day I'd've given my left arm to take a swing at a Perandus.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsSecondaryDefenderArrivalEveryone loves an underdog, Hillock. And you're never the underdog.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsSecondaryDefenderArrivalThis ain't my first battle royale, mates.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalCage match then, is it?
Leo, Wolf of the PitsReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalGreat, another body I'll have to lug around.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalSo much for this place being secret.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalFree for all brawl!
Leo, Wolf of the PitsReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalOh, how bloody kind.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalI mean, I get why you'd want a new face.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalTaking it to the spleen, maybe.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalSomehow I don't think you're hitting on me.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalGo on, then. Just try it.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsSecondaryDefenderArrivalThis defense has become a bloody siege.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsSecondaryDefenderArrivalLooks like you could use another hand. Just the one though.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsSecondaryDefenderArrivalLet's get this handled and get out.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsSecondaryDefenderArrivalGotta swing the odds in our favour.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsSecondaryDefenderArrivalI know you're bloody dangerous, Haku, so let's aim that intensity in the right direction.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsSecondaryDefenderArrivalCare to get swept up in my crusade, old man?
Leo, Wolf of the PitsSecondaryDefenderArrivalI've got my eye on victory, Vagan. Let's do this.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt seems I'm your captain, Guff!
Leo, Wolf of the PitsSecondaryDefenderArrivalJust keep swinging, Hillock.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsSecondaryDefenderArrivalThe champ is here! What, no roaring crowd?
Leo, Wolf of the PitsKillPlayerMatch: Leo.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsKillPlayerI guess it's back to work then.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsKillPlayerNot a nice place to die, is it exile?
Leo, Wolf of the PitsKillPlayerDidn't even get to use my signature one-handed throw!
Leo, Wolf of the PitsEscapeDon't worry, exile, this was a grudge match.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsEscapeThanks for the excitement, exile!
Leo, Wolf of the PitsEscapeMissed it by that much.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsDefeatedHow did I lose a bloody cage match?
Leo, Wolf of the PitsDefeatedUrgh... too much of a ruckus.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsDefeatedGotta be honest. My heart wasn't in this one.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsDefeatedFair. Fair fight. Not bad.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsDefeatedNo more time-outs, please...
Leo, Wolf of the PitsDefeatedEven better with a weapon than with words...
Leo, Wolf of the PitsDefeatedI'm really building a damaged reputation here.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsDefeatedThis one's going to hurt, isn't it?
Leo, Wolf of the PitsDefeatedHah! I knew you'd get me back for killing you.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsDefeatedI shouldn't have jumped in like I did!
Leo, Wolf of the PitsDefeatedSure can pick 'em, can't ya Leo?
Leo, Wolf of the PitsOfferBargainYou should have given them the Redmane treatment. Make a statement! So what do you want from me?
Leo, Wolf of the PitsOfferBargainYou won, so congratulations are in order. But the Syndicate's still going strong. Want to really hit us where it hurts? Then you've gotta let us team up. Take us down as a group! I'll even let you choose my teammate. Up for the challenge?
Leo, Wolf of the PitsOfferBargainDon't snuff my candle just yet. I've got access to information you might find valuable. Just let me get in contact with a mate of mine, get a little drink in 'em. A little palling around and whammo, gossip galore. What do you say?
Leo, Wolf of the PitsOfferBargainI'm a man of limited talents, as you can see. Only so much you can do with a hook, and apparently this wasn't one of 'em. You don't need to kick a man while he's down. Just let me figure out a plan B.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsOfferBargainWhat if - and bear with me here - what if instead of gutting me, you just let me go? And I mean really go. Gone. Out of the Syndicate. Interested?
Leo, Wolf of the PitsOfferBargainYou hear a lot of things when you spend enough time at one job. The sort of things someone like you might get some use out of. Only, there's no bloody way I'm telling you anything if you're just going to slice me to bits.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsOfferBargainTo the victor go the spoils. As in, actual treasure. Stuff you can swing and wear! Interested?
Leo, Wolf of the PitsBarginAcceptedDunno about you, but I'm excited for the next round.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsBarginAcceptedI guess it's time to play at spying.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsBarginAcceptedNext time you see me, I'll be a new man. With a new plan.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsBarginAcceptedGood choice, exile. I guess I'm off!
Leo, Wolf of the PitsBarginAcceptedYou're a smart one, exile.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsBarginAcceptedAnd the strong get stronger.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsOfferBetrayalI preferred being the Pitmaster than a pit dog in my proverbial past life. Getting bloodied for money was never much fun. I reckon a few sneaky maneuvers and I could knock a Syndicate chump down a peg, leaving me to take their place. Might piss 'em off, but I think somehow you'll be fine with that.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsOfferBetrayalBack in my arena-master days, I learned the power of prestige. To rise in the eyes of the crowd, others must fall. That's somethin' I've made sure to keep ready myself. Bloody the noses of my comrades-in-arms here and elevate myself. It's a power play.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsOfferBetrayalA bad apple spoils the bunch. Put bluntly, one monkey's arse can damage the whole crowd's enthusiasm. Get what I'm gettin' at? I make it my business to retain the ability to kick someone out of the rosters entirely.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsOfferBetrayalIf it's information you're after, no better to converse with than Leo Redmane. I've befriended all of my comrades-in-arms, and I can tell you all about their roles and fighting strategies... if you'll spare me a certain amount of pain in exchange.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsOfferBetrayalHate to double-cross an old mate, but Vagan's man enough to deal with it. Plus, I owe him one.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsOfferBetrayalLook, I get why you want to kill me. I do. But Perandus! Bloody Perandus! Doesn't that name just make you... Rrrrg! Perandus!
Leo, Wolf of the PitsOfferBetrayalA professional like myself knows that when the fight's over, the fight's over. Hillock... well, the fight's never really over in his head. Put the poor bastard out of his misery.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsOfferBetrayalI love a bit of violence. Who among us doesn't? But there's a time and a place. For Cameria, the time is always and the place is wherever he happens to bloody be. I just can't stand it.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsOfferBetrayalWhen a fight's over, the fighter's job is done. We go home, tend to our wounds, and train for the next round. When Aisling's done fighting, well, that's just the beginning. The things she does to the bodies... I'm intimidating, but she's scary.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsOfferBetrayalAn arena fighter knows, once the fight is over, respect is what counts. Think anyone else in the Syndicate would say the same?
Leo, Wolf of the PitsOfferExecuteAlways hoped I'd get a warrior's death.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsOfferExecuteLook at the situation you've put me in. The only way you'll get me to spill my guts is literally.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsOfferExecuteI'll take this one for the team.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsOfferExecuteMy days in the cage are over. End our conflict, and make a good show of it.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsReplyToBetrayalAcceptedKnew you were weak. Bloody knew it.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsReplyToBetrayalAcceptedNext time it'll be you, old friend.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsReplyToBetrayalAcceptedGo neck yourself, mate.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsReplyToBetrayalAcceptedRighto, Redblade. You're on my list.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsReplyToBetrayalAcceptedYou really are a bastard, aren't you.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsReplyToBetrayalAcceptedMust be nice, having absolutely no conscience whatsoever.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsReplyToBetrayalAcceptedIs it really in your best interests to piss off a bloody arena fighter?
Leo, Wolf of the PitsInterrogatedYou say prison cell, I hear 'holiday.'
Leo, Wolf of the PitsInterrogatedYou know what she does to me in there? Please. Please no.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsInterrogatedWait, what about a deal? What about last time?
Leo, Wolf of the PitsReplyToExecutionDeath is what separates the wolves from the pups.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsReplyToExecutionIf you hadn't done it, I probably would've.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsSafehouseLeaderDefeatedBugger. How about a rematch, eh?
Leo, Wolf of the PitsPrimaryDefenderStartsFightYou must miss the cell, gladiator.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsEscapeGo on then, coward. Run away.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsDefeatedTalk, or else I will make you talk.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsInterrogatedYou fight well in a cage. Let's see how you live in one.
Leo, Wolf of the PitsDefeatedIt's over, Leo. Where's the Lifegiver?
Guff "Tiny" GrennPrimaryDefenderStartsFightNow you face the biggest and baddest Brinerot basterd of 'em all!
Guff "Tiny" GrennPrimaryDefenderStartsFightOi! You! Out! Now!
Guff "Tiny" GrennPrimaryDefenderStartsFightGet ye gone from 'ere, nyaff!
Guff "Tiny" GrennPrimaryDefenderStartsFightOl' Guff 'll hold the basterds off.
Guff "Tiny" GrennPrimaryDefenderStartsFightNo disrespect, but ye gotta die now. Captain's orders.
Guff "Tiny" GrennPrimaryDefenderStartsFightYer not gonna send me back to the dark, not on my life.
Guff "Tiny" GrennPrimaryDefenderStartsFightJust crack that I got the best of ya? Too bad.
Guff "Tiny" GrennPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI got a fair whippin' for what you made me do last time. And for that, Exile, I aim to misbehave.
Guff "Tiny" GrennPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI mighta died, but oy, did I get a consolation prize. Get ready!
Guff "Tiny" GrennPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI walloped ya, and ya come back fer more? A glutton for punishment!
Guff "Tiny" GrennPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI'm unstoppable!
Guff "Tiny" GrennPrimaryDefenderStartsFightGonna cram my shield up your backside!
Guff "Tiny" GrennPrimaryDefenderStartsFightJust try an' face Guff Grenn's gorgon gaze!
Guff "Tiny" GrennPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI'm gonna go HILLOCK all over ya!
Guff "Tiny" GrennPrimaryDefenderStartsFightWe Brinerots were born in the storm.
Guff "Tiny" GrennSafehouseLeaderIntroCan't let you go any further, nyaff. Not while I'm captaining the place.
Guff "Tiny" GrennSecondaryDefenderArrivalThis is gonna be just like that scrap in Pondium, I can already feel it.
Guff "Tiny" GrennSecondaryDefenderArrivalThis cargo's moving like a... drunk sloth! I'm jumpin' in!
Guff "Tiny" GrennSecondaryDefenderArrivalOoze the raggabrash 'at ran this place?! Cleaning it up'll take forever!
Guff "Tiny" GrennSecondaryDefenderArrivalMove over, ya doaty fopdoodle. Guff'll take care of this!
Guff "Tiny" GrennSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'm bored, and pirates don't do well with boredom. Let's scrap!
Guff "Tiny" GrennSecondaryDefenderArrivalGuff'll throw in with ya, gaffer.
Guff "Tiny" GrennSecondaryDefenderArrivalNeed a hand? Of course ya do.
Guff "Tiny" GrennSecondaryDefenderArrivalAlright! Let's break some bones, ya freaky git.
Guff "Tiny" GrennSecondaryDefenderArrivalCourse ye need me help ya meatheaded wanker.
Guff "Tiny" GrennSecondaryDefenderArrivalOh, ya need a big boy's help don't ya, lassie?
Guff "Tiny" GrennSecondaryDefenderArrivalOi oi! Well, your captain has arrived.
Guff "Tiny" GrennSecondaryDefenderArrivalSo your big spooky mask didn't scare 'em off Riker? What a bloody surprise.
Guff "Tiny" GrennSecondaryDefenderArrivalGotta throw a wrench in the works here. Sorry. I got aims.
Guff "Tiny" GrennSecondaryDefenderArrivalI told ye this day would come, ya warthog-faced buffoon! Oh, hello, Exile.
Guff "Tiny" GrennSecondaryDefenderArrivalSomeone is getting a beating, believe me!
Guff "Tiny" GrennSecondaryDefenderArrivalAdd one blustering bloodthirsty Brinerot to the mix!
Guff "Tiny" GrennSecondaryDefenderArrivalAll that time spent surveying the land, Tora, and the real threat was comin' from the seas!
Guff "Tiny" GrennSecondaryDefenderArrivalAh, I could never be mad at ya Janus. This is nothing personal.
Guff "Tiny" GrennSecondaryDefenderArrivalOgham ain't gonna miss ya, Thane, and neither will I.
Guff "Tiny" GrennSecondaryDefenderArrivalSay yer prayers, ya sulfur-smellin' sack o' shite.
Guff "Tiny" GrennSecondaryDefenderArrivalYa didn't see this one comin', did ya, ya hoity-toity trollop?
Guff "Tiny" GrennSecondaryDefenderArrivalGuff here is makin' a play, so have at ya!
Guff "Tiny" GrennReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalOh, Exile, this one's bum's out the window. They're right crazy.
Guff "Tiny" GrennReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalPiss off and boil yer head!
Guff "Tiny" GrennReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalThe Syndicate needs this done, and you're gonna foozle the whole affair!
Guff "Tiny" GrennReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalAh, well, ya know what they say: a numpty a day keeps victory away.
Guff "Tiny" GrennReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalAhem. Vagan.
Guff "Tiny" GrennReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalThen you're about to sink... like an anchor, ya plenary whiffle-whaffle!
Guff "Tiny" GrennReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalWow! Bordering on potomania with that one. Or pyromania, I forget which. Off your hide, either way.
Guff "Tiny" GrennReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalOh and I'd find a way to drag you down with me, ya bloody scobberlotcher.
Guff "Tiny" GrennReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalAgh, why are ya pickin' on Guff?
Guff "Tiny" GrennSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt's the one-two punch of doom!
Guff "Tiny" GrennSecondaryDefenderArrivalNow, we'll get the job done for sure.
Guff "Tiny" GrennSecondaryDefenderArrivalAw, quicker now, the gaffer's here!
Guff "Tiny" GrennSecondaryDefenderArrivalThis one's knicked for sure now.
Guff "Tiny" GrennSecondaryDefenderArrivalI command who? Ha-ku! That's you!
Guff "Tiny" GrennSecondaryDefenderArrivalOi Janus, guess what? I'm the baaawss!
Guff "Tiny" GrennSecondaryDefenderArrivalHa hah! A Brinerot captainin' a Redblade. Today's the day!
Guff "Tiny" GrennSecondaryDefenderArrivalDon't shoot me, but I do enjoy lording over a Mutewind.
Guff "Tiny" GrennSecondaryDefenderArrivalRiker, if you goof here, you are showing me what's under that mask.
Guff "Tiny" GrennSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt's Guff to friends, Captain to the rest!
Guff "Tiny" GrennKillPlayerThank the gods... I mean, totally had that one under control the whole time.
Guff "Tiny" GrennKillPlayerBrinerot property remains Brinerot property!
Guff "Tiny" GrennKillPlayerOof, not a pretty place to fall. I know I wouldn't want to rest here.
Guff "Tiny" GrennKillPlayerNever doubted... for a second... that I could do it!
Guff "Tiny" GrennEscapeWell this worked out rather nicely for Guff.
Guff "Tiny" GrennEscapeCaptain Guff Gren escapes again!
Guff "Tiny" GrennEscapeAhahahah! Yes!
Guff "Tiny" GrennDefeatedOhh, oh, me kidney...
Guff "Tiny" GrennDefeatedMy spleen, my poor spleen!
Guff "Tiny" GrennDefeatedAcch, ya got me in the lung...
Guff "Tiny" GrennDefeatedOw! Ah ah ah ow! You hit me in the eyeball! Why the eyeball, Exile?
Guff "Tiny" GrennDefeatedNot back to the bin? Ugh.
Guff "Tiny" GrennDefeatedGuess I was better as a merchant than a fighter.
Guff "Tiny" GrennDefeatedYou gonna make me turn traitor again? 'Cause I - 'cause I will.
Guff "Tiny" GrennDefeatedMy head just keeps trying to leave me shoulders!
Guff "Tiny" GrennDefeatedWell, look as us aye! Back and forth, forth and back.
Guff "Tiny" GrennDefeatedI should never have jumped in like that. Aye... not great thinking.
Guff "Tiny" GrennDefeatedWell, this is what I get for sticking me nose in!
Guff "Tiny" GrennOfferBargainWhoah ha hah ho, hohoho, oh! No, no. No, I am ready to do whatever you say.
Guff "Tiny" GrennOfferBargainLemme recruit a numpty to this job. It's an old pirate trick. You attack when the worst man is on watch. Yeah. Yeah, makes it easy. So whaddya think?
Guff "Tiny" GrennOfferBargainWell, I can make friends, yeah, find things out. Everybody loves ol' Guff! You get information, I get to live. Yeah. So whaddya say?
Guff "Tiny" GrennOfferBargainWell I'm just no good at this job, so, how about you let me live, and I use me 'charm' to switch with someone else? Yeah. Yeah, that would let you reorganise things for your own ends...
Guff "Tiny" GrennOfferBargainThat's it! I'm done! I'm out! Yep. I've had enough! This whole damn Syndicate's full of braindead... beetroots. Let me walk, Exile!
Guff "Tiny" GrennOfferBargainNow I'm no clipe, but sometimes, talking is better than, you know, dying. So just give lil' ol' Guff a chance to jabber and I guarantee you'll learn a thing or two.
Guff "Tiny" GrennOfferBargainI got treasure for ya, you know, if you look the other way, friend...
Guff "Tiny" GrennBarginAcceptedGood choice, Exile. Yep. You won't regret this.
Guff "Tiny" GrennBarginAcceptedI am on the job!
Guff "Tiny" GrennBarginAcceptedNext time you see me, I'll be a new man.
Guff "Tiny" GrennBarginAcceptedGoodbye forever, friend - well, least 'til next time!
Guff "Tiny" GrennBarginAcceptedThere it is, eh? That's the sense I was hoping for. Now let's talk.
Guff "Tiny" GrennBarginAcceptedAll that glitters is gold...
Guff "Tiny" GrennOfferBetrayalMy gaffer's in a weak position, mutiny-wise. If you take mercy on me, I might just manage to, uh, depose 'em. Keen?
Guff "Tiny" GrennOfferBetrayalWhat if I told you I could spin a yarn and get all me mates demoted? That would be worth keeping me alive for that, right? Right?
Guff "Tiny" GrennOfferBetrayalWould ya care to kick one of me mates entirely out of the Syndicate? It's a big lie I can tell, but one I will get away with, mostly. You know, as long as you don't lop my head off!
Guff "Tiny" GrennOfferBetrayalThey don't call me gobermouch for nothing. I've got gossip and the low-down on everyone here. Just ah... just give me a chance to jabber on.
Guff "Tiny" GrennOfferBetrayalTora's so busy worrying about bloody trees and worms and... mice, she doesn't even see the rest of us bustin' our behinds to push the Syndicate forward. Let's give Tora somethin' to really worry about!
Guff "Tiny" GrennOfferBetrayalJorgin is a murderer, or he hired one. He's way worse than me. If you are punishing me over him, then you're dumber than the barnacles on me backside.
Guff "Tiny" GrennOfferBetrayalWell! Can't never trust a Redblade, I always say. And I alway mean it, too.
Guff "Tiny" GrennOfferBetrayalTrustin' a Mutewind 'll get ya pincushioned by hidden blades, and I be speakin' from experience here.
Guff "Tiny" GrennOfferBetrayalI like Maloney, okay, don't get me wrong, but did ya ever have a mate who you could tell was just... after something? You know, makes me skin crawl, it does. Losing sleep over it! Really would rather not have to even think about it.
Guff "Tiny" GrennOfferBetrayalHaha awww, you know I didn't mean nothing by it! I'm not even the one you really want, right?
Guff "Tiny" GrennOfferExecuteJust do it, ya git.
Guff "Tiny" GrennOfferExecuteWatch carefully, gaffer. I give my life for the Syndicate.
Guff "Tiny" GrennOfferExecuteI'm goin' out first, let me show you how it's done!
Guff "Tiny" GrennOfferExecuteI would rather die than go another round with your torture chamber.
Guff "Tiny" GrennReplyToBetrayalAcceptedOoh, that is not good for my prospects.
Guff "Tiny" GrennReplyToBetrayalAcceptedDo you want to kick my rear, Vagan, or bend it?
Guff "Tiny" GrennReplyToBetrayalAcceptedBelieve me, Janus, no one's tryin' to do nothing to your booty.
Guff "Tiny" GrennReplyToBetrayalAcceptedYa know what? I think he could make a fence post out of me, too.
Guff "Tiny" GrennReplyToBetrayalAcceptedKeep your sedition to yourself, you overgrown gobermouch!
Guff "Tiny" GrennReplyToBetrayalAcceptedOh, you done foozled it now, Mutewind!
Guff "Tiny" GrennReplyToBetrayalAcceptedWhy do I always get the short end of the stick?
Guff "Tiny" GrennInterrogatedI'm a talker, yes, but you will have to get me drunk first!
Guff "Tiny" GrennInterrogatedStop locking me up!
Guff "Tiny" GrennInterrogatedWait, wait, what happened to our dealing? We - we were gettin' on fine!
Guff "Tiny" GrennReplyToExecutionOhh, not pretty. Ooh, that's not pretty at all.
Guff "Tiny" GrennReplyToExecutionAuggh, was me best mate!
Guff "Tiny" GrennReplyToExecutionWelp, no love lost there, let me tell ya.
Guff "Tiny" GrennSafehouseLeaderDefeatedOh boy, hoo, Guff's done it now.
Guff "Tiny" GrennPrimaryDefenderStartsFightBrinerot! Dead ahead!
Guff "Tiny" GrennPrimaryDefenderStartsFightYou Brinerots are as stupid as they say, aren't you?
Guff "Tiny" GrennDefeatedFun's over, Brinerot.
Guff "Tiny" GrennBarginAcceptedKeep your word, or lose your head.
Guff "Tiny" GrennInterrogatedKnow where you're going? I believe you know it as the brig.
Janus PerandusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightWitness the start of a new world order!
Janus PerandusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightMeddler! Leave this place or perish.
Janus PerandusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightYou would assault our goods? Barbaric!
Janus PerandusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightDid you wish to join the other corpses, Exile?
Janus PerandusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightDon't make this harder than it has to be.
Janus PerandusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightTo think I just finished washing out the stench of prison.
Janus PerandusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightOur dirty little deal is over, Exile.
Janus PerandusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightThink I feel bad about what I did? Please.
Janus PerandusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI've long wanted to see how futile your cause truly is.
Janus PerandusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightBack for more? How wonderful.
Janus PerandusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightA Perandus is never alone.
Janus PerandusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightBehold my machinery at maximum efficiency.
Janus PerandusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightThere is no avoiding your fate, Exile.
Janus PerandusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightRelentless.
Janus PerandusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI only have to hit you with this once...
Janus PerandusSafehouseLeaderIntroTrespassing is a crime, and criminals must be punished.
Janus PerandusSecondaryDefenderArrivalThis property belongs to the Perandus, interloper! And the Syndicate.
Janus PerandusSecondaryDefenderArrivalHow dare you attack my... our path to wealth.
Janus PerandusSecondaryDefenderArrivalWhat a dreadful mess.
Janus PerandusSecondaryDefenderArrivalThis was meant to be done by now!
Janus PerandusSecondaryDefenderArrivalGods, boredom will drive a man to do just about anything.
Janus PerandusSecondaryDefenderArrivalThese grounds do not belong to you!
Janus PerandusSecondaryDefenderArrivalI've come to rescue you, savage. Thank me later.
Janus PerandusSecondaryDefenderArrivalTora, your mark still walks. This is a problem!
Janus PerandusSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou debauched overgrown toddler! Why does the Exile yet live?
Janus PerandusSecondaryDefenderArrivalI shouldn't have to do your job for you, assassin.
Janus PerandusSecondaryDefenderArrivalHere we are, Thane, fighting side by side, just as our ancestors did in the Labyrinth.
Janus PerandusSecondaryDefenderArrivalTypical. Just typical! Try not to cock this up.
Janus PerandusSecondaryDefenderArrivalOur territory needs better management.
Janus PerandusSecondaryDefenderArrivalThis transport needs to be... redirected.
Janus PerandusSecondaryDefenderArrivalSuch is my disdain for you, that I came down here.
Janus PerandusSecondaryDefenderArrivalBad news, I'm afraid. The Exile's no longer the primary target.
Janus PerandusSecondaryDefenderArrivalI respect your conviction, Elreon, but our goals are at odds.
Janus PerandusSecondaryDefenderArrivalSorry, Guff, but you're out. Too untrustworthy.
Janus PerandusSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou're braindead, Hillock. It's time your body caught up.
Janus PerandusSecondaryDefenderArrivalGravicius, let me remind you just what the Perandus name means.
Janus PerandusSecondaryDefenderArrivalShame you can't go back to Ogham, Ezomyte. You don't belong here.
Janus PerandusSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'm quite sorry, but the political landscape has changed.
Janus PerandusReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou moron. You should be defending me!
Janus PerandusReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalWhen the Lifegiver hears about this, you're done.
Janus PerandusReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalFine. We'll handle your corpse, too.
Janus PerandusReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalThis was supposed to be quick and easy.
Janus PerandusReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'm more than happy to defend my family's name. Try me.
Janus PerandusReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalWhat? We're on the same team!
Janus PerandusReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalPlease don't splash whatever it is you're dripping with on me.
Janus PerandusReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalThen perhaps you should do something that will help me remember your name.
Janus PerandusReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou I can handle myself.
Janus PerandusReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou should know better than to stand in the way of a Perandus.
Janus PerandusSecondaryDefenderArrivalA Perandus never abandons good land.
Janus PerandusSecondaryDefenderArrivalWe lose the carts, you lose your head.
Janus PerandusSecondaryDefenderArrivalSomeone has some explaining to do.
Janus PerandusSecondaryDefenderArrivalHow do you mess an ambush up this badly?
Janus PerandusSecondaryDefenderArrivalDo as I say, Karui, and we can keep the Eternal One out of this.
Janus PerandusSecondaryDefenderArrivalIf my robes get ruined, Tora, you're squarely to blame.
Janus PerandusSecondaryDefenderArrivalThe Brotherhood of Silence has always served my family well.
Janus PerandusSecondaryDefenderArrivalSimple Hillock, all you had to do was bash what I said.
Janus PerandusSecondaryDefenderArrivalGravicius! You're the Sentari to my Chitus. You know what to do!
Janus PerandusSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou know how this goes. Do what you're told and you'll be rewarded.
Janus PerandusKillPlayerWell, it wasn't like you were ever going to win.
Janus PerandusKillPlayerNobody touches a Perandus' wealth.
Janus PerandusKillPlayerWonderful. Can we hurry this up?
Janus PerandusKillPlayerI did it! All by myself...!
Janus PerandusEscapeRemember this kindness, Exile.
Janus PerandusEscapeMy growing wealth remains secure.
Janus PerandusEscapeTime's up, and you've got nothing to show for it.
Janus PerandusDefeatedNo... I needed... this land...
Janus PerandusDefeatedMy... cargo...
Janus PerandusDefeatedThis... is not good...
Janus PerandusDefeatedMortifying.
Janus PerandusDefeatedNo more cells... you have to promise me...
Janus PerandusDefeatedYou win... let's parlay.
Janus PerandusDefeatedTo think... I worked with you...
Janus PerandusDefeatedWait, let me think...!
Janus PerandusDefeatedI've never been so embarrassed.
Janus PerandusDefeatedWhat an absolute shambles.
Janus PerandusDefeatedYou... went for the wrong person, Exile...
Janus PerandusOfferBargainThat was vivid. I see you're not one to bluff. Well, I'm not one to gamble. Okay, that - that's a lie, I love gambling, but not with my life. So, go on, what are you after?
Janus PerandusOfferBargainA man of status has a way of bringing others up to his level, and what higher status is there than that of a Perandus? Yes, we're at odds, but consider, really consider, the benefits to you of not just having one but two men on the inside. One of them could even be a woman!
Janus PerandusOfferBargainIf you cut a Perandus, and you definitely should not do so, but if you do, we bleed diplomacy. Don't - don't test it. It's a metaphor. Put the knife away, and allow me to do what I was born to do: exchange information. If I whisper into the ear of a cohort, they will whisper into mine. And if you should overhear such whispers? Well, there's simply nothing I could do about that!
Janus PerandusOfferBargainThis work? This is grunt work. Look at me. Do I look like a grunt to you? Don't answer that. I didn't want to be doing this any more than you wanted me to. In fact, there's a job I've had my eye on for some time that I think you'll agree is much more suitable for a man of my stature.
Janus PerandusOfferBargainThe Syndicate is wonderful. It really is. If you weren't trying to kill all of us, I'd suggest you try it. Except I fear there's no more room... hmm... I know! I'll take a little leave of absence, and you can try it out for yourself! Might be tricky convincing the others, but, well, that won't really be my problem, will it?
Janus PerandusOfferBargainMy family name was once synonymous with intelligence, both of the mind, and of the... what's that ...thing called... espionage! Yes. Well, times may have changed, but we haven't. In exchange for keeping my lovely blood where it's meant to be, how about I tell you a few things you might find meaningful.
Janus PerandusOfferBargainThe Perandus family is not quite the goldmine it once was, but I myself am not entirely without items of value. Nothing is more valuable than the wonderful sound of my own beating heart, of course, so how about a good old fashioned pay-off?
Janus PerandusBarginAcceptedNot the one I'd have chosen, but sure.
Janus PerandusBarginAcceptedThank you. Please put the knife down now.
Janus PerandusBarginAcceptedAh, nobleman's work. Lovely!
Janus PerandusBarginAcceptedJust tell them I said it's fine for you to join. I'm quite popular. They may still try and attack you on sight, but can you really blame them?
Janus PerandusBarginAcceptedTime to espionagerate. Espionify? Espi - time to talk!
Janus PerandusBarginAcceptedYes, yes... if anyone asks where you got such wondrous gifts, well, tell them it was me. Need to keep up appearances.
Janus PerandusOfferBetrayalOh Janus, you've really done it this time! Look at the situation you've got yourself in. You're an employee! Listen here, Exile. This whole organisation is flipped on its head. I should be running the thing! In fact... how about you let me go, and I put my silly little boss here in a more suitable role, and I take the plinth I was born to take.
Janus PerandusOfferBetrayalDo you know how my family got to be so wealthy so long ago? Blackmail. Probably blackmail. It was... wait, was it? Actually, I'm not sure. I should check that, but I really think it was very likely blackmail. Anyway, I have a truly shocking amount of dirt on everyone here. Let me go, and I'll turn the Syndicate headquarters into a field... because of all the dirt.
Janus PerandusOfferBetrayalIf there's one thing I simply can't stand, it's dying. I'd do almost anything to avoid it. I'd go so far as to kill someone! Or get someone to kill someone on my behalf, anyway. Not overly fond of blood. Let me go, and I'll get the ol' ball rolling on that murder.
Janus PerandusOfferBetrayalI love a bit of gossip, don't you? Who's rutting whom, who's been swiping gold from the coffers - me - who's been planning what where within the Syndicate... you know... gossip! Can't gossip if you're dead though. That is one of many things you cannot do when you're dead.
Janus PerandusOfferBetrayalHaku is incorruptible, and that makes him extremely dangerous in a world of compromises and grey outcomes.
Janus PerandusOfferBetrayalLeo's the kind of scrappy fighter who just won't give up. It's as impressive as it is dangerous. A clever individual like yourself would take any opportunity to force him to give in, I'm sure.
Janus PerandusOfferBetrayalHow often do you find yourself with an assassin from the Brotherhood of Silence at your whim? If you don't take advantage of such an opportunity, well, I simply can't be held responsible for whatever viciously sharp object ends up in your spine later.
Janus PerandusOfferBetrayalLook, Guff's a nice guy, for a pirate. Have you ever met a nice pirate? A pirate who wasn't just waiting to 'plunder' the old 'booty' as they say? I certainly haven't.
Janus PerandusOfferBetrayalGeneral Gravicius still demands that we call him General. Anyone who cares that much about status makes my Perandus blood boil over. Please, show him just how much his rank is worth.
Janus PerandusOfferBetrayalYes, I'm a Perandus, but how much does that really mean anymore? Other Immortal Syndicate members are far more dangerous. I'm just charming.
Janus PerandusOfferExecuteI really do hate the idea of dying, but... oh, go on then. Get it over with.
Janus PerandusOfferExecuteA good nobleman will always die for their king or queen. Or boss.
Janus PerandusOfferExecuteI never thought I'd put my life before that of a friend, but here we are.
Janus PerandusOfferExecuteNo. I will not go back to the cells. I refuse. You'll have to kill me. I'm serious.
Janus PerandusReplyToBetrayalAcceptedHa! Brilliant. Awful, really awful for me in particular, but brilliant.
Janus PerandusReplyToBetrayalAcceptedSometimes I wonder if my last name is a blessing or a curse.
Janus PerandusReplyToBetrayalAcceptedReligion is for fools, holy man. At least power is real.
Janus PerandusReplyToBetrayalAcceptedWhat? I'm innocent! Other than - oh.
Janus PerandusReplyToBetrayalAcceptedI'd rather be a pathetic excuse for a man, Gravicius, than the monster you are.
Janus PerandusReplyToBetrayalAcceptedOld grudges die hard, I guess. The brothers of Thanes, on the other hand...
Janus PerandusReplyToBetrayalAcceptedYou'll regret this. A Perandus always, always comes out on top.
Janus PerandusInterrogatedTime to see how the paupers live I s'pose.
Janus PerandusInterrogatedAbsolutely not. No. No! Damn you, no!
Janus PerandusInterrogatedWhat? Not even going to try to make another deal?
Janus PerandusReplyToExecutionGruesome.
Janus PerandusReplyToExecutionThat was really, really, really, really mean.
Janus PerandusReplyToExecutionYuck! Damn. I got some on me.
Janus PerandusSafehouseLeaderDefeatedYou... shouldn't even be here! This shouldn't be allowed!
Janus PerandusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightAt last, a chance to drive a sword through that Perandus skull.
Janus PerandusDefeatedIn the dirt, worm.
Janus PerandusDefeatedBeg for your life, Perandus.
Janus PerandusBarginAcceptedI'm going to kill you Janus... Just not yet.
Janus PerandusInterrogatedRot in that cage, bastard.
It That FledPrimaryDefenderStartsFightWhy does It wear its skin like that? Surely It must be in pain? It will help It feel better.
It That FledPrimaryDefenderStartsFightIt is no Lord, but this is still its domain, and It will protect it!
It That FledPrimaryDefenderStartsFightIt can't have it! No no no no!
It That FledPrimaryDefenderStartsFightIt climbs into its burrow! The Lords will not be pleased!
It That FledPrimaryDefenderStartsFightSnip, snip, stab!
It That FledPrimaryDefenderStartsFightIt hates the metal room. It hates it!
It That FledPrimaryDefenderStartsFightBargain, bargain, bargain-bargain...
It That FledPrimaryDefenderStartsFightIt gave this, It got that, It gave this, It got that...
It That FledPrimaryDefenderStartsFightBargain, bargain, It gave this, It got that...
It That FledPrimaryDefenderStartsFightIt was punished for its gifts. It will not listen again!
It That FledPrimaryDefenderStartsFightFriend! It so enjoyed dying. It will return the favour!
It That FledPrimaryDefenderStartsFightIt awoke with a gift! Does It want to see what it does?
It That FledPrimaryDefenderStartsFightIt wriggles again! Is It ready to play some more?
It That FledPrimaryDefenderStartsFightIt is draped in the Dreamer's energy. Can It feel it?
It That FledPrimaryDefenderStartsFightEsh circles It now! Its thoughts break like its bones!
It That FledPrimaryDefenderStartsFightThe ice crawls across its skin now. Slowly. Does It see? Does It feel the avalanche?
It That FledPrimaryDefenderStartsFightCook! Sizzle and fry like its kin and kith on the Red Pyre!
It That FledPrimaryDefenderStartsFightIt looks weary. It will shake away the burden of its flesh.
It That FledSafehouseLeaderIntroIt was not a Lord before. Now this domain is its own. Advance, taste.
It That FledSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt serves the domain!
It That FledSecondaryDefenderArrivalSo jealous, It is, but it is not for It!
It That FledSecondaryDefenderArrivalPut away its happy kin, quickly!
It That FledSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt is here to help with the surgery!
It That FledSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt is going to fix It. Don't struggle.
It That FledSecondaryDefenderArrivalLord of this domain, command It!
It That FledSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt That Boasts dances and squawks but accomplishes nothing...
It That FledSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt That Once Glittered needs a friend, doesn't It?
It That FledSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt That Bashes needs its help!
It That FledSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt fights for love! It fights for its Queen!
It That FledSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt That Dismembers is a monster just like It! It likes It.
It That FledSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt came to fight! It came to cut, to impale, to rend!
It That FledSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt wants this domain... It needs it!
It That FledSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt takes the toys. It doesn't get any.
It That FledSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt undoes its hard work! It is an enemy of It!
It That FledSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt hears the Lords telling It to kill!
It That FledSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt That Protects will soon meet its ancestors...
It That FledSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt will take its other arm! And leg! And face!
It That FledSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt wants the face of It That Boasts. Give It its face?
It That FledSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt That Is Hairy calls It weak. It is not weak. It will prove it.
It That FledSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt will show its Queen love! Slashing, piercing, biting love!
It That FledSecondaryDefenderArrivalAll Its look the same. It will impale all of them!
It That FledReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalGet out, get out, get out!
It That FledReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt will make It into splinters.
It That FledReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt is bad, very bad, misbehaving!
It That FledReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt is confused. It That Arrived is not meant to kill It That Fled.
It That FledReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt doesn't want to go nowhere! It wants to go somewhere!
It That FledReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalThe Red Pyre...! It will show It That Prays.
It That FledReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalLies! Nature yearns for It That Fled with grasping fingers!
It That FledReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt That Dismembers is not going to like what It reveals...
It That FledReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt still has emotions... hurting, writhing, hungry emotions...
It That FledReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt likes It and hates It, why can't It get along?
It That FledSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt comes to aid It That Fights!
It That FledSecondaryDefenderArrivalFaster, faster! Fast as It fled!
It That FledSecondaryDefenderArrivalQuicker, quicker! Many pieces! Many splinters!
It That FledSecondaryDefenderArrivalMany organs for It to hold and whisper to...
It That FledSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt is the Lord of the Many with such joy and violence!
It That FledSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt That Glows must do what It commands!
It That FledSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt That Laughs will be absorbed in the new order!
It That FledSecondaryDefenderArrivalLord of the Many, It is, and It tells It what to do now! It must kill Its and bring It bone splinters!
It That FledSecondaryDefenderArrivalIts Queen must now recognize its Lord!
It That FledSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt That Disassembles will have a special place in its domain now that It is in charge.
It That FledKillPlayerIt did it! It defended its domain!
It That FledKillPlayerIts bones will make crisp white splinters.
It That FledKillPlayerTime now, with It gone.
It That FledKillPlayerWhy is It still? Play with It! Play!
It That FledEscapeJust like home. One It dies, one It rises.
It That FledEscapeIt can't have it. So says the Eternal It!
It That FledEscapeIt won't be caught!
It That FledDefeatedIts domain! Noooo!
It That FledDefeatedIt doesn't understand...
It That FledDefeatedWhy... why does It want its friends!?
It That FledDefeatedIt... was only playing...
It That FledDefeatedNo no no no, not the Lonely Place again!
It That FledDefeatedBargain... bargain... bargain-bargain...
It That FledDefeatedSuch agony! It can share with It if It wants...
It That FledDefeatedDoes It get to go through the Dark Place again?
It That FledDefeatedNow It is It That Lost, too. Its are even... Its are fair...
It That FledDefeatedIt has failed the Lords. It seeks mercy! Give It mercy!
It That FledDefeatedIt... lost...? It hurts within It. Dull and sharp... still and moving...
It That FledOfferBargainIt does not want to go to the Dark Place... the Lords whisper to It there. It needs to stay! It will do anything!
It That FledOfferBargainThe hive buzzes with voices but It is all alone! Let It go. It wants to bring a friend from the Many.
It That FledOfferBargainA gift! Leave It in the Bright Place. Give strength to the Many. Give It a friend. Yes. That is the way to find It That Never Dies.
It That FledOfferBargainIt is jealous. It does not like this place. It wants to be in another. Such pain and movement here. Does It allow It to go to another place? It will bring one of the Many back.
It That FledOfferBargainIt wants to flee! Just let It flee!
It That FledOfferBargainIt hears words It does not understand. The Lords nod and show their teeth when they hear the words. It can repeat them for It. Does it want to hear the words?
It That FledOfferBargainSuch beautiful skins and claws It has collected. So sharp and shimmering. It will be sad to give such gifts to It, but It does not want to go to the Dark Place. Save It from the Dark Place and It can have its beauties.
It That FledBarginAcceptedThe hive grows.
It That FledBarginAcceptedIt moves to be close yet grows no closer.
It That FledBarginAcceptedIt will remember the pain of separation.
It That FledBarginAcceptedFleeeeeeeeeee!
It That FledBarginAcceptedListen and do not blink.
It That FledBarginAcceptedIts gifts were chosen so carefully. It will miss them.
It That FledOfferBetrayalIt has watched and listened to the Lords for an eternity. It can mimic them. It can sow many untruths about them. It will do this if It promises not to send It to the Dark Place.
It That FledOfferBetrayalOthers think It cannot tell untruths, but It knows that many untruths are elsewhere truths. It can bring the truths to It That Never Dies, and the Lords would be punished. What does It think?
It That FledOfferBetrayalWhen It tries to befriend one of the Many, they leak from their skin. Such moisture! It thinks it is liquid fear. It can make the others feel fear until they flee, wet and shimmering, just like It did! Then It will let It go free?
It That FledOfferBetrayalIt listens. It is always listening. Does it want to know what It has heard? It can repeat the words of the Many here.
It That FledOfferBetrayalIt wants It to help It instead? It doesn't want to die. It was born flawed upon the Red Pyre, and did not rejoice like its siblings to be pulp and bone for the Lords. It would do anything not to go back to the blood and the dirt...
It That FledOfferBetrayalIt hates its glow. Do you not see it? Blinding, burning, horrible! It must act against It!
It That FledOfferBetrayalIt hates It That Is Hairy's brood. No thoughts, brood-mouths open, drooling power for the hated enemies from Before All. Animals, Its are. Diseased animals. It hates hates hates hates!
It That FledOfferBetrayalIts Queen did not love the gifts It gave Its Queen. Not It of Many Legs. Not It of Sharp Claws. Always its Queen is angry. So It gives its Queen more anger.
It That FledOfferBetrayalIt That Dismembers breaks so many things! Turns bones to splinters and the splinters to dust! Leaves no splinters for It, even when It asks! It That Dismembers is so mean to It.
It That FledOfferBetrayalIt That Disassembles tries to put the pieces back together. Always wrong. It can't make the pieces stay. Arms and faces and skin, a big pile. It wants to help, but It That Disassembles threatens It. So It gives up. Do whatever It wants with It That Disassembles.
It That FledOfferExecuteYes, yes, send it to the Dark Place!
It That FledOfferExecuteIt will die for its Lord!
It That FledOfferExecuteIt is just one of the Many. End It and another will come.
It That FledOfferExecuteNo! It won't go back to the Lonely Place. It will have to kill It!
It That FledReplyToBetrayalAcceptedIts suffering will be legendary!
It That FledReplyToBetrayalAcceptedBetray It. Do anything to It that It pleases. It grovels and begs and serves. All It asks is not to go back to the Dark Place, where the Lords whisper and laugh at It, mocking It, hurting It...
It That FledReplyToBetrayalAcceptedIt That Protects would not squawk so if It knew what the Red Pyre teaches Its at birth...
It That FledReplyToBetrayalAcceptedIt hates It That Prays! Such glowing! Hideous glowing...
It That FledReplyToBetrayalAcceptedIt That Boasts is stupid. It has a creator. It fled from It.
It That FledReplyToBetrayalAcceptedIt looks and sees and listens and does not understand.
It That FledReplyToBetrayalAcceptedIt is so happy! It That Disassembles has made its heart awaken like warm muscle laid bare under the Broken Sun!
It That FledInterrogatedWhy is It doing this to It?!
It That FledInterrogatedNo! Not the Lonely Place!
It That FledInterrogatedNo bargain?
It That FledReplyToExecutionIt plays too rough!
It That FledReplyToExecutionThe Many become The Few.
It That FledReplyToExecutionIt smiles.
It That FledSafehouseLeaderDefeatedBut... It was a Lord!
It That FledPrimaryDefenderStartsFightWhatever the Syndicate is telling you, monster, you should not listen.
It That FledDefeatedDon't get back up, fiend.
It That FledBarginAcceptedWe have come to an accord... I think.
It That FledInterrogatedBeasts belong behind bars.
It That FledReplyToExecutionDid you see that, fiend? Talk.
GraviciusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI serve a new God now, Exile.
GraviciusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightMan the defenses! Bring me the Exile's head!
GraviciusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightYou dare desecrate these sacred grounds?
GraviciusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightGod tests our mettle! Protect the cargo!
GraviciusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightHad you been a little earlier, you would have made a fine subject for these experiments.
GraviciusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightGod's judgement awaits you!
GraviciusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightNo prison can hold a true servant of God.
GraviciusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightAh, the bargainer! Let steel taste blood once more.
GraviciusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightPerhaps we'll politick again, Exile, if you survive!
GraviciusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightA true servant of God can never be defeated. Your efforts are futile.
GraviciusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI slew you, yet you return! I wonder how many times I'll get to kill you?
GraviciusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightGod's might is granted to a chosen few. Witness!
GraviciusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightMy legions are immortal.
GraviciusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI will crush you!
GraviciusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightCharge into the fray!
GraviciusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI shall purify you in the flame of God's wrath!
GraviciusSafehouseLeaderIntroYou dare foul this sanctuary? To the death!
GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalThese grounds will not be defiled!
GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalDo your work. Protect the cargo!
GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalThe work of the chosen must not be delayed.
GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalGod's judgement is swift and final.
GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalWorry not Exile, your doom is certain!
GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalTime for me to clean up yet another of your messes, Karui.
GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalThe crusade never ends, brother. Allow me to aid you.
GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalProtect the noble bloodline!
GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalCameria, remember your lessons.
GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalMy new God appreciates your cruelty. I offer aid.
GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalTime for me to clean up yet another of your messes.
GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalThis sanctuary will not fall as long as I remain standing.
GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalWalls under the command of a fool are no more than sand shaped by a child.
GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalIf the Syndicate wanted this cargo stolen, they certainly chose their defender well.
GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalThe best way to take down multiple enemies is to strike when they are fighting each other!
GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalThis victory shall be mine.
GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalI shall put you in your place, Karui.
GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalCan you feel God's disappointment in you, heretic?
GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalThis world was made to be bent to Man's will. As were you, little girl!
GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou think death is your weapon alone, boy, but you are dearly mistaken.
GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalI wish you had listened, Cameria.
GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou've had your chance. Now a real leader must step in.
GraviciusReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalLuckily I have the skill to destroy all comers!
GraviciusReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalThis cargo will not be yours, traitor!
GraviciusReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalCareful, traitor, lest you end up a test subject at our next lab.
GraviciusReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalJust more souls to deliver to God!
GraviciusReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalI think not.
GraviciusReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalGod becomes what we want him to be, and thus we can do no wrong in his name.
GraviciusReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalMercy is not in me, assassin. Neither given, nor receivable.
GraviciusReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalI know full well the golden blood of your line of traitors!
GraviciusReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalSentari was a fool. If I had been there, the Ezomytes would have been cut down to the last man.
GraviciusReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalDisappointing, but not unexpected. Let my final lesson begin!
GraviciusReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalBe quiet.
GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalNow we cannot fail!
GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalThis cargo will not be yours, Exile!
GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou'll never succeed now, Exile.
GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou are doomed now, Exile!
GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalAnd so you find yourself in your destined role, Karui: under my command!
GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalGod promised immortality, Elreon, but the Eternal One delivered. This is my crusade now.
GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou were born a weapon, Hillock, and I will wield you on behalf of the Syndicate.
GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt is good that you believe 'might makes right,' Thane. That means we agree I should be in charge here.
GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalBend your carving to the will of warfare, Aisling.
GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalThis is my crusade to lead now.
GraviciusKillPlayerYou will never achieve victory fighting only for yourself.
GraviciusKillPlayerSecure the cargo, and make sure that one is fully dead.
GraviciusKillPlayerPile this carcass with the others.
GraviciusKillPlayerYou brought this on yourself.
GraviciusEscapeGod's plan continues apace. Until next time, Exile.
GraviciusEscapeThere shall be no prize for you this day.
GraviciusEscapeA pity, Exile. You were so close.
GraviciusDefeatedIs no defense enough?
GraviciusDefeatedYou brute!
GraviciusDefeatedYou are no thing of God!
GraviciusDefeatedHow is this possible?
GraviciusDefeatedThe flesh can be bound and shackled, but faith will persevere in the end.
GraviciusDefeatedMore deals, Exile?
GraviciusDefeatedWait, wait!
GraviciusDefeatedI shall die a thousand times if needed!
GraviciusDefeatedTurnabout is fair play.
GraviciusDefeatedI don't have to win every battle to win the war.
GraviciusDefeatedJust a small misstep on the inevitable path to salvation.
GraviciusOfferBargainYou've made your show of force, savage. I submit, and entreat you to bargain in exchange for my life.
GraviciusOfferBargainYou are clearly superior. I admit defeat. Perhaps you would wrest from me a political reward? I'll bring on a fellow Syndicate member to this job at your behest. Perhaps someone weak, and easily exploitable.
GraviciusOfferBargainI care not who I deceive in the pursuit of my goal. The Syndicate is full of Godless heretics seeking to evade eternal judgement.
GraviciusOfferBargainAh, I see your plans, Exile. You want to reorganize the Syndicate for your own reasons. Perhaps our goals align? I wish to stay alive for the moment, and you - what do you want?
GraviciusOfferBargainI've been blind to the Syndicate's heresy for far too long. I am done with it. My only escape from the Eternal One is to remain alive. If you kill me, I'll just rise again, deeper in the Syndicate's clutches.
GraviciusOfferBargainStrategic knowledge is the key to warfare. Spare me this time and I'll tell you what I know.
GraviciusOfferBargainI prefer not to rely overmuch on the Eternal One's resurrection. Debts quickly become chains. Would you accept material reward in exchange for sparing me?
GraviciusBarginAcceptedThat serves my plans quite well.
GraviciusBarginAcceptedOne heathen is as good as another.
GraviciusBarginAcceptedYou are a wonderful pawn, Exile.
GraviciusBarginAcceptedSolitary prayer shall guide me, in time.
GraviciusBarginAcceptedNow you know what I wish you to know.
GraviciusBarginAcceptedDrive the Syndicate into a corner and enrage it.
GraviciusOfferBetrayalI always make sure to keep watch for an advantage over my superior officers. I know something that the Eternal One would very much like to hear about...
GraviciusOfferBetrayalYou could kill me here and now, or I could spread certain rumors that would undermine the positions of my fellows.
GraviciusOfferBetrayalI don't see God after death, Exile. Not when the Eternal One brings me back. I'd prefer not to die if it can be avoided, and I have the political clout to lie to my superiors and get one of my fellows here excommunicated from the Syndicate. Care to make a deal?
GraviciusOfferBetrayalI can't afford to die right now. I can offer knowledge in exchange. I will tell you everything I know about my fellows.
GraviciusOfferBetrayalIt is in my power to ruin another if you'll let me live, and I have no qualms over the fate of a Karui.
GraviciusOfferBetrayalI have reason to doubt Elreon's faith, and I have long worked to gather leverage over him. Let me live, and I shall show you.
GraviciusOfferBetrayalThat pathetic excuse for a man is not worthy of the Perandus name. You and I must betray him before he turns on us.
GraviciusOfferBetrayalThat thing is no creation of God, Man, or Beast. Let me live, and we can both work against it.
GraviciusOfferBetrayalYou would do wise not to kill me. Cameria is just like me, but without refinement. He is a greater threat. God's plan does not include the weak or the corrupt. Let me live, and I can work against them.
GraviciusOfferExecuteDeath holds no terror for me, Exile. It is you who should fear.
GraviciusOfferExecuteFor the Syndicate, I give my life!
GraviciusOfferExecuteStay strong, comrade. This Exile can inflict no worse than death.
GraviciusOfferExecuteNo more prisons. You will have to slay me.
GraviciusReplyToBetrayalAcceptedTraitorous scum!
GraviciusReplyToBetrayalAcceptedI didn't think you had the nerve to risk my wrath - Haku.
GraviciusReplyToBetrayalAcceptedIt is always a turncoat who suffers the harshest of God's punishments. I do not envy the fate that awaits you.
GraviciusReplyToBetrayalAcceptedOh, Perandus, thy name is liar.
GraviciusReplyToBetrayalAcceptedI should have expected this from an Ezomyte heretic.
GraviciusReplyToBetrayalAcceptedWe will talk about this later.
GraviciusReplyToBetrayalAcceptedI will enjoy breaking you.
GraviciusInterrogatedA true servant of God is no stranger to the Inquisition. I have nothing to hide.
GraviciusInterrogatedI shall stand strong no matter how many times I face an Inquisition.
GraviciusInterrogatedNo deal this time? I underestimated your resolve, Exile.
GraviciusReplyToExecutionDeath is simply the way of this land. Get on with it, Exile.
GraviciusReplyToExecutionFool! Do not disrupt God's plan!
GraviciusReplyToExecutionI cannot claim sorrow for that fool.
GraviciusSafehouseLeaderDefeatedBring your Inquisition, Exile. I guarantee I've personally run far worse than your darkest imagining.
GraviciusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightHas failure taught you nothing, General?
GraviciusEscapeLast chance, General...
GraviciusDefeatedOn your knees, General.
GraviciusBarginAcceptedA truce... for now.
GraviciusInterrogatedI will enjoy watching you break, Gravicius.
Thane JorginPrimaryDefenderStartsFightEhh, what's this? A new challenger!
Thane JorginPrimaryDefenderStartsFightYea! Storm the keep, exile!
Thane JorginPrimaryDefenderStartsFightOhh, logistics is boring. Let's fight!
Thane JorginPrimaryDefenderStartsFightUgh, please, do try and get this blooddy mess off ma mitts!
Thane JorginPrimaryDefenderStartsFightSurprise test of strength exile! Hope you're prepared.
Thane JorginPrimaryDefenderStartsFightOur encounter will end very differently this time, exile.
Thane JorginPrimaryDefenderStartsFightLet's solve this like men. With conflict, not cooperation!
Thane JorginPrimaryDefenderStartsFightHere to play politics again, exile?
Thane JorginPrimaryDefenderStartsFightJust who I was hoping to see today!
Thane JorginPrimaryDefenderStartsFightBack for more punishment, child?
Thane JorginPrimaryDefenderStartsFightAhhh! Gurhh... the Ursine Maw... it hungers!
Thane JorginPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI am of Craiceann, solid against the tide!
Thane JorginPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI am of Saqawal, crushing my enemies!
Thane JorginPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI am of Fenumus, dragging you down to your death!
Thane JorginPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI am of Farrul, swift as an arrow!
Thane JorginSafehouseLeaderIntroThe strength of the First Ones runs in my veins. You will fall here and now.
Thane JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalLet this siege be savage.
Thane JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalFirst Ones, protect this caravan!
Thane JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'll help defend this disgusting place only because I must.
Thane JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalI try never to miss a good ambush!
Thane JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalI never back down from a fight!
Thane JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalStrength in numbers is still strength!
Thane JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalThe First Ones have called me to your aid, wild one.
Thane JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalCannah let you die, Grenn. I might need a ship back home someday!
Thane JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou're no Emperor, Janus, but my line will assist you again regardless.
Thane JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalLet us prove that the Syndicate has the might to make right.
Thane JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalGadgets won't do the trick, Maloney. Allow me to lend ya some raw might.
Thane JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalI want to see a proper siege!
Thane JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalI think I'll send these souls to the First Ones rather than the Lifegiver.
Thane JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalThis horrible place deserves to fall!
Thane JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalEven the mightiest warrior will fall against overwhelming numbers.
Thane JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'm more than just 'Ezomyte,' Janus. I'll show ya.
Thane JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalI don't know what the hell you are, but I much prefer the exile.
Thane JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalThe strongest deserve to rise, but you're too dumb to count.
Thane JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalAn Eternal General stood against the Ezomyte clans once before. Recall how that ended?
Thane JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalViolence should be a test, Cameria, not a pastime.
Thane JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalOnly the strongest deserve to rise.
Thane JorginReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalI welcome your challenge!
Thane JorginReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalAnd I thought today would be boring.
Thane JorginReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalWhen a situation gets complicated, I tend to resort to violence.
Thane JorginReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalDon't ya see? We're in the middle of a test of strength here!
Thane JorginReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalBig words big guy, but can you back them up?
Thane JorginReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalWe have about as much claim over these lands as your ilk, Eternal!
Thane JorginReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou've got your shot, creature. Show me that otherworldly might of yours.
Thane JorginReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalAye and your skin will make a fine new cloak, Redblade!
Thane JorginReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalThen I guess it stops with me, eh?
Thane JorginReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou better hope you have the strength to follow through, traitor!
Thane JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalLet's see just how much this exile can handle, eh?
Thane JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalThis caravan is better protected than you thought!
Thane JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalI won't let knowledge of my involvement here just walk out alive.
Thane JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalOhh, exile, you've quite the test now.
Thane JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalLet's try my way for this one, Tora.
Thane JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt's the Ezomyte in charge of the Perandus this time, eh Janus?
Thane JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalServe me well, Redblade. When I'm at the top, I won't forget it.
Thane JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalSupport my rise through the ranks, Mutewind, and I'll use my power to get you what you truly desire.
Thane JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalAye, you're certainly strong, Cameria, but! I'm stronger.
Thane JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalAs I am the strongest, I claim my right to lead this fight.
Thane JorginKillPlayerI was hoping for a bigger storm.
Thane JorginKillPlayerThe prize remains in the hands of the strongest.
Thane JorginKillPlayerEh, I was really hoping you'd burn this place.
Thane JorginKillPlayerAnd the strongest remains the victor, ha ha ho!
Thane JorginEscapeThe weak fall. The strongest live to fight another day!
Thane JorginEscapeA good clash. I like you, exile.
Thane JorginEscapeYour strength was not enough to lift this rock. Maybe next time you'll send the bugs scattering.
Thane JorginDefeatedI am... conquered... and impressed...
Thane JorginDefeatedThe caravan... is yours...
Thane JorginDefeatedThe ultimate disgrace...
Thane JorginDefeatedWell... you've passed ma test...
Thane JorginDefeatedI don't... want to be... caged again...
Thane JorginDefeatedI guess, uh, we should... talk?
Thane JorginDefeatedMight... politics... two sides of the same coin...
Thane JorginDefeatedKill me yet again... I'll return stronger. Thus, we evolve.
Thane JorginDefeatedGood show, exile. A real comeback.
Thane JorginDefeatedNumbers alone... can't be counted on...
Thane JorginDefeatedIt seems... I have... failed... my own test.
Thane JorginOfferBargainI've seen your strength. Take from me what ya will.
Thane JorginOfferBargainAye, you beat me fair and square, and I can respect that. But to beat the odds, to beat someone with friends in high places, that demands respect and awe. Free me, and select from my cohorts an ally, and we will see what you are truly made of.
Thane JorginOfferBargainMight makes right, which means I work for you now, in a small fashion. You've only got hold over me worth one fight, which we all know is just one grain of sand in the desert of warfare. But it isn't nothing, and in warfare, information is as good as might. I've a friend in the Syndicate who is privy to key information, and I offer you this as your well-earned plunder.
Thane JorginOfferBargainIf I have a moment for last words, I'd like to say, above all, this job they have me doing is beyond boring. Now you're a strong one, so I value your input. Assuming you let me live, what do you think I should do instead?
Thane JorginOfferBargainI have been soundly defeated. I'm man enough to admit that. It's my neck on the line here. But, if you let me go back to the green hills of Ogham, I'd certainly be hung for imagined crimes. How about you save yourself the bother and let my clan do what they will?
Thane JorginOfferBargainThis Syndicate is full of boring nonsense. Ya care to have a pint and talk it over? Or perhaps since you've got me dead to rights and all, skip the pint, and we'll go right to me blabbin' secrets like I'm drunk.
Thane JorginOfferBargainTo the victor go the spoils. Take this as your reward... and let me go.
Thane JorginBarginAcceptedConsider it done, and consider the challenge begun!
Thane JorginBarginAcceptedThey'll never even suspect, boss.
Thane JorginBarginAcceptedLet's hope for some entertainment.
Thane JorginBarginAcceptedI wonder if they'll even remember my face back home. Hard to forget with all the wanted posters I expect, heh heh heh.
Thane JorginBarginAcceptedStrong and reasonable. I like you, exile!
Thane JorginBarginAcceptedAnd the strong get stronger.
Thane JorginOfferBetrayalImpressive strength you've got there. You should use it to mold the Syndicate's hierarchy to your whims. Let me live, and you can install a leader here that sees eye to eye with you: me. You can't solve the Syndicate by killing, exile, but perhaps you can fundamentally change it for the better.
Thane JorginOfferBetrayalDeath changes nothing, exile. Only philosophy, held true, alters the world. Here I say to you: the strongest should absorb the might of the weak and make it their own. For you, that means lettin' me live, so that I can maneuver within the organisation, stripping back the strength of others, making it my own. We do not stay dead, which means changing thoughts and minds is the only way you'll ever save the world from the Syndicate!
Thane JorginOfferBetrayalYou've won the battle, exile, but the war will be long. You have the opportunity to select who it is you face. Now killin' me is an option, but you know already that I can be defeated. Who else here poses a threat? This is your chance to rig the game!
Thane JorginOfferBetrayalHah hah, I like you, exile! There's no need to slay me, by the way. Let's just talk about the others here. I've got much to say.
Thane JorginOfferBetrayalTora, she's a swift one. Now I don't think I can outpace her with force alone. Lend me your might and your mind for this, and the huntress will be forced to bow.
Thane JorginOfferBetrayalThat's him, that's the bastard assassin that killed my brother! The Brotherhood of Silence!
Thane JorginOfferBetrayalA Perandus betrayed my people long ago, yet the scars are still raw today. It's time I returned the favour!
Thane JorginOfferBetrayalThe General's particular brand of might does not just raise the strong. It purges the weak and hopeless. This is not might. It's tyranny.
Thane JorginOfferBetrayalRin is pompous and uppity and... worst of all, she won't shut up about how she misses 'fresh mountain air,' like we don't all miss our homes! Now please, handle her before I do.
Thane JorginOfferBetrayalAllegiance is earned by might, be it muscle, magic, or maneuvering. This one's earned none of those.
Thane JorginOfferExecuteThere's only one fate for the weak, exile. I have earned no exception.
Thane JorginOfferExecuteLet the Syndicate witness the true path: strength of arm, strength of will!
Thane JorginOfferExecuteIf I should not return, bury me in Ogham, next to my brother.
Thane JorginOfferExecuteThis time, do what must be done, exile.
Thane JorginReplyToBetrayalAcceptedStrength is not merely muscle.
Thane JorginReplyToBetrayalAcceptedAye, weak, through and through! A coward, just like your poisoning pretender, Chitus!
Thane JorginReplyToBetrayalAcceptedAnd I'll wager a guess: the First Ones hate ya too. And whatever serves as your mother, for good measure.
Thane JorginReplyToBetrayalAcceptedKeep pushing me, Oriathan. My clan's itching for some Bloody Flowers of our own!
Thane JorginReplyToBetrayalAcceptedI didn't kill my brother, you bastard!
Thane JorginReplyToBetrayalAcceptedAh, ya fool Mutewind. I was framed and exiled here. Strange how quickly the Syndicate snapped me up once I arrived, yes?
Thane JorginReplyToBetrayalAcceptedThus the weak seek to undermine the mighty.
Thane JorginInterrogatedI've nothin' to hide. Only strength matters.
Thane JorginInterrogatedYou can starve the beast, but you will not break it.
Thane JorginInterrogatedExile, exile, ya really must learn!
Thane JorginReplyToExecutionThe weak deserve death.
Thane JorginReplyToExecutionSo it must be.
Thane JorginReplyToExecutionAye, the strong climb on the backs of the weak.
Thane JorginSafehouseLeaderDefeatedGood, exile. The strongest wins. I knew one day it would not be me.
Thane JorginPrimaryDefenderStartsFightWatch yourself exile... this one's feral.
Thane JorginDefeatedWhere are your First Ones now, Ezomyte?
Thane JorginEscapeHow brave, Thane. How brave.
Thane JorginInterrogatedI wonder how much more of an animal you will be when we're through...
Thane JorginDefeatedYou're not the strongest here. We are. Tell us what we want to know.
Korell GoyaPrimaryDefenderStartsFightSo, you're the Exile. I hope you can take some heat.
Korell GoyaPrimaryDefenderStartsFightOnly a fool braves a Redblade's encampment!
Korell GoyaPrimaryDefenderStartsFightLay a hand on this cargo, Exile, and you'll pull it back blackened.
Korell GoyaPrimaryDefenderStartsFightThe Exile approaches. Burn the evidence!
Korell GoyaPrimaryDefenderStartsFightIncinerating you will be as easy as snapping my fingers.
Korell GoyaPrimaryDefenderStartsFightLet's be civil this time. No more imprisonment. Just death and politics.
Korell GoyaPrimaryDefenderStartsFightThere'll be no bargaining this time. Just you, silent... smoldering.
Korell GoyaPrimaryDefenderStartsFightYou'll not make me betray my fellows this time!
Korell GoyaPrimaryDefenderStartsFightDon't you see? Death just makes me stronger.
Korell GoyaPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI thought you were dead! No matter. This time, I'll cremate you!
Korell GoyaPrimaryDefenderStartsFightThe very ground burns at my touch!
Korell GoyaPrimaryDefenderStartsFightBurn in the everlasting fires of the earth!
Korell GoyaPrimaryDefenderStartsFightLet's see you get through my flames now, Exile.
Korell GoyaPrimaryDefenderStartsFightFire is not a Redblade's only skill. My sword seeks your blood.
Korell GoyaPrimaryDefenderStartsFightThe sight of you makes my blood boil! I shall make yours boil in kind.
Korell GoyaSafehouseLeaderIntroThis is no caldera-home, but you can believe I'll defend it like any Redblade warlord.
Korell GoyaSecondaryDefenderArrivalAllow me to lend my flame to this battle.
Korell GoyaSecondaryDefenderArrivalThere will be no theft on my watch.
Korell GoyaSecondaryDefenderArrivalThis will go quicker with fire.
Korell GoyaSecondaryDefenderArrivalLet's up the heat.
Korell GoyaSecondaryDefenderArrivalStart running now and you might just escape my flames.
Korell GoyaSecondaryDefenderArrivalThose that face the smoke end up finding the fire.
Korell GoyaSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt seems your God has forsaken you, old man. Lucky for you, I have not.
Korell GoyaSecondaryDefenderArrivalFight hard, Brinerot, or the Eternal One will hear of your weakness.
Korell GoyaSecondaryDefenderArrivalI admire you, Gravicius. Do not let me down.
Korell GoyaSecondaryDefenderArrivalToday we are allies, Mutewind. Do not waste this opportunity.
Korell GoyaSecondaryDefenderArrivalSolitude does not suit you, Laffrey.
Korell GoyaSecondaryDefenderArrivalTogether, we will annihilate you Exile, and scatter your ashes to the wind.
Korell GoyaSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou're an incompetent defender, and I am here to prove it.
Korell GoyaSecondaryDefenderArrivalI will not let you send our efforts up in smoke.
Korell GoyaSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'm here to clear this place out, present company included.
Korell GoyaSecondaryDefenderArrivalI will leave nothing here but scorched earth.
Korell GoyaSecondaryDefenderArrivalA simple burning is not sufficient for you, Brinerot. You will be incinerated.
Korell GoyaSecondaryDefenderArrivalYour fur will make wonderful kindling, bear-man.
Korell GoyaSecondaryDefenderArrivalOh, Mutewind, you always knew this day would come.
Korell GoyaSecondaryDefenderArrivalAisling, there are no words for the horrors I have witnessed at your hand.
Korell GoyaSecondaryDefenderArrivalAllies one day, enemies the next.
Korell GoyaSecondaryDefenderArrivalBurn in the fires of Redblade vengeance!
Korell GoyaReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou're merely fanning my flames!
Korell GoyaReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'll leave you in my burning wake.
Korell GoyaReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalFlames don't care. You'll burn just the same.
Korell GoyaReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalMore kindling for the fire.
Korell GoyaReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalGladly.
Korell GoyaReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalPrayers? I don't need the Molten God's help to smite you.
Korell GoyaReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalThe Syndicate makes past ties irrelevant. I understand.
Korell GoyaReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalBring on your little tricks!
Korell GoyaReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'm going to burn you.
Korell GoyaSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'm here to add fuel to the fire.
Korell GoyaSecondaryDefenderArrivalThis transport is too crucial to leave to anyone but a Redblade.
Korell GoyaSecondaryDefenderArrivalBurn this travesty immediately!
Korell GoyaSecondaryDefenderArrivalLet's burn this battlefield from both ends.
Korell GoyaSecondaryDefenderArrivalVagan! Show me your fighting spirit!
Korell GoyaSecondaryDefenderArrivalMy command over you was only ever a matter of time.
Korell GoyaSecondaryDefenderArrivalPut our typical relations aside, Thane, and do as I say.
Korell GoyaSecondaryDefenderArrivalIf you so much as harm a hair on her head, Exile, the gods themselves will shudder at what I do to you!
Korell GoyaSecondaryDefenderArrivalAisling, allow me to direct your deadly art.
Korell GoyaSecondaryDefenderArrivalThose who wish to live are wise to follow a Redblade warlord.
Korell GoyaKillPlayerLike I said, only a fool braves a Redblade's encampment.
Korell GoyaKillPlayerKeep moving, there might be others!
Korell GoyaKillPlayerKeep cleaning! There may be others.
Korell GoyaKillPlayerI will incinerate the carcass. No traces.
Korell GoyaEscapeAll who challenge a Redblade: fools.
Korell GoyaEscapeKeep chasing. One day you might catch us, Exile.
Korell GoyaEscapeYou'll have to be quicker than that.
Korell GoyaDefeatedPerhaps... I... was the fool... today...
Korell GoyaDefeatedSome things... do not burn...
Korell GoyaDefeatedUp... in... smoke...
Korell GoyaDefeatedExtinguished...
Korell GoyaDefeatedDon't... cage this flame... again.
Korell GoyaDefeatedFelled... by the bargainer!
Korell GoyaDefeatedThis is what I get... for betraying my fellows...
Korell GoyaDefeatedExtinguish me again... and I will still burn...
Korell GoyaDefeatedOur flames... ebb and flow, Exile.
Korell GoyaDefeatedThis... was over before I even arrived. Foolish!
Korell GoyaDefeatedHot-headed, I made an error.
Korell GoyaOfferBargainYou are brutal! My clan would have liked you, if they didn't want to throw you into the caldera. What would you have me do, murderer?
Korell GoyaOfferBargainThe Syndicate is built on trust, and trust cannot be broken by an outsider so easily. But if you were to choose someone on the inside, I could see my way into their circle of trust, and then... well, time will tell, won't it?
Korell GoyaOfferBargainLet me act as your spy. Let me be the beacon that burns bright, sending signals from the distance. There is one in particular who casts an... interesting silhouette.
Korell GoyaOfferBargainThe structure of this organisation is as fickle as a flame. I see the patterns. I'm uniquely positioned to cause a shift in Syndicate roles. Let me live, and I'll put the right words in the right ears.
Korell GoyaOfferBargainTo have been caught in this manner... absolute humiliation. For this to happen, I must have angered the Molten One. I must make a sacrifice before I become one. Let me go. I'll return to my homeland and this - our conflict - will be done.
Korell GoyaOfferBargainYou don't want to kill me. You want intelligence about this job. Am I right? I think I am. There is no more potent a weapon against an organisation that hides in the shadows than the revealing light of knowledge.
Korell GoyaOfferBargainI had a job to do here, and I failed it. Treasures are not given for failure, they are given for victory. And you will have them, if you will let me go.
Korell GoyaBarginAcceptedWise choice.
Korell GoyaBarginAcceptedLet us see what the light reveals...
Korell GoyaBarginAcceptedConsider it done.
Korell GoyaBarginAcceptedThe flames will serve as penance.
Korell GoyaBarginAcceptedGood. Now listen closely.
Korell GoyaBarginAcceptedRemember, even steel may melt...
Korell GoyaOfferBetrayalHeat rises. Yet here I am, burning with passion, serving a leader whose failures are evident. But I need only light a fuse within the Syndicate to bring them tumbling down.
Korell GoyaOfferBetrayalRanks must be earned, and, by losing, my fellow soldiers here have failed to earn theirs. With the right move, you and I could have all these members demoted by the Syndicate. It could serve your plans.
Korell GoyaOfferBetrayalYou and I could cooperate to remove one of these members from the Syndicate altogether. It's only possible because of a precarious political... situation, so the offer won't last forever. What do you think? It's not too different than burning a man at the stake.
Korell GoyaOfferBetrayalI am not above ratting on my fellows to stay alive... at least today.
Korell GoyaOfferBetrayalHaku plays politics... poorly. For his own sake, I must betray him, lest he make greater enemies.
Korell GoyaOfferBetrayalI'm no threat to you, but Leo needs a bit of knocking down.
Korell GoyaOfferBetrayalGuff's a cheat and a thief, like any Brinerot. Let me live, so that I may be a thorn in his side.
Korell GoyaOfferBetrayalJorgin's a Thane from a distant island. We know what he did to his brother. A crime of the highest order. If he did it in my home, he'd have been fed to the mountain. I'd settle for something simpler here.
Korell GoyaOfferBetrayalI do not want to do this, but I'll betray her for you if you let me continue my plans unhindered.
Korell GoyaOfferBetrayalNot a Redblade, not my problem. Let's talk.
Korell GoyaOfferExecuteLike the phoenix, I will rise once more.
Korell GoyaOfferExecuteIn front of my warlord, I'll die bravely.
Korell GoyaOfferExecuteBurn boldly, friends. Let us act as beacons.
Korell GoyaOfferExecuteNo more prison. That's a coward's option. You'll have to slay me.
Korell GoyaReplyToBetrayalAcceptedI will enjoy watching your skin blister beneath my hands.
Korell GoyaReplyToBetrayalAcceptedYour bitingly cold Way will vanish under my Redblade flames.
Korell GoyaReplyToBetrayalAccepted'Can't never trust a Redblade,' but Guff, you're the one betraying.
Korell GoyaReplyToBetrayalAcceptedYou could have been so much more, Thane.
Korell GoyaReplyToBetrayalAcceptedI expected no loyalty, but it still stings.
Korell GoyaReplyToBetrayalAcceptedI always expected you to betray me, Riker.
Korell GoyaReplyToBetrayalAcceptedI'll burn loyalty into you yet.
Korell GoyaInterrogatedI won't tell you a single word!
Korell GoyaInterrogatedYou cannot... it's inhumane... inhumane!
Korell GoyaInterrogatedYou'd have been better off bargaining with me again.
Korell GoyaReplyToExecutionDid you set out to become a monster, Exile, or was it an accident?
Korell GoyaReplyToExecutionBastard!
Korell GoyaReplyToExecutionThey'll be back, and stronger. I'll be ready.
Korell GoyaSafehouseLeaderDefeatedThe flames... they don't burn you... what manner of beast are you?
Korell GoyaPrimaryDefenderStartsFightWhere there's smoke, there's a Redblade. Get ready.
Korell GoyaDefeatedDon't try anything stupid, Korell.
Korell GoyaDefeatedYour fight's done, Redblade. Information. Now.
Korell GoyaBarginAcceptedNot as dumb as you seem, Redblade.
Korell GoyaInterrogatedWe'll let you smolder behind bars for a while.
Rin YuushuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightYou are a blight on this beautiful continent. We are the cure.
Rin YuushuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightThat you've made it this far is an insult, muckblood.
Rin YuushuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightRobbery, is it? Where I come from, we skin robbers alive.
Rin YuushuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightIt seems a rat has wandered into our hallowed halls.
Rin YuushuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightThe trap is sprung, little rat.
Rin YuushuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightAll that time in the darkness has only made me hate you more.
Rin YuushuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI can't believe I debased myself by cutting a deal with you.
Rin YuushuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightMy loyalties have been realigned, muckblood. Don't expect a repeat of when last we met.
Rin YuushuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI can still feel the cold creep of death when I close my eyes. Don't worry, you'll feel it soon enough.
Rin YuushuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightDo you remember your defeat at my hand? You will.
Rin YuushuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightRun, run, little rat. My arrows will still find you.
Rin YuushuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightA riddle for you, Exile. How can one person be everywhere at once?
Rin YuushuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightEmbrace the snow, or be buried.
Rin YuushuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightThe blizzard answers my call!
Rin YuushuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightWith these boots I can shrug off the elements, even though the cold never bothered me anyway!
Rin YuushuSafehouseLeaderIntroWe are born leaders. You? You were born to serve us.
Rin YuushuSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou've let them see too much. Slaughter them.
Rin YuushuSecondaryDefenderArrivalImbecile! Don't neglect the cargo!
Rin YuushuSecondaryDefenderArrivalFeels as though the walls are closing in, doesn't it Exile?
Rin YuushuSecondaryDefenderArrivalWe are everywhere.
Rin YuushuSecondaryDefenderArrivalWatch carefully, Exile. You won't see much else.
Rin YuushuSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'm honoured to serve such a noble cause.
Rin YuushuSecondaryDefenderArrivalCan your people do nothing right, Karui?
Rin YuushuSecondaryDefenderArrivalThe sooner this is over, the sooner you can go back to the seas, pirate.
Rin YuushuSecondaryDefenderArrivalDon't make me regret this, disgusting demon.
Rin YuushuSecondaryDefenderArrivalDisgusting. Fight like a nobleman, Ezomyte.
Rin YuushuSecondaryDefenderArrivalTry not to get us killed, fire worshipper.
Rin YuushuSecondaryDefenderArrivalWe fight for a pure future!
Rin YuushuSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'd sooner kill you myself than lose our claim here.
Rin YuushuSecondaryDefenderArrivalThe others will be so sad to hear of your untimely demise...
Rin YuushuSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou should never have crossed me.
Rin YuushuSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'm here to clean up your mess, yourself included.
Rin YuushuSecondaryDefenderArrivalBrinerot, I'll make you wish you went down with your ship.
Rin YuushuSecondaryDefenderArrivalFirst, you, then the rest of your filthy little clan, Thane.
Rin YuushuSecondaryDefenderArrivalKorell, it was only a matter of time. I'm just making the first move.
Rin YuushuSecondaryDefenderArrivalThe Syndicate would be better off without you or your sadism.
Rin YuushuSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou're devious, Maloney. Think you can keep up with me?
Rin YuushuSecondaryDefenderArrivalMuckbloods, the purification begins now.
Rin YuushuReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou won't live to regret this.
Rin YuushuReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou opportunistic little worm.
Rin YuushuReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalYou'll never see daylight again, scum.
Rin YuushuReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalWhen this is through, you'll be naught but meat for the ants.
Rin YuushuReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalOh, no, you won't see it coming.
Rin YuushuReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalYuck. Your kind makes even the Brinerot seem appealing.
Rin YuushuReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalDon't you dare touch me, beast!
Rin YuushuReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalSo that's how it is. I'm just 'Mutewind' again, like before.
Rin YuushuReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalDon't get caught in your own trap, beast.
Rin YuushuReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalHah!
Rin YuushuSecondaryDefenderArrivalThe wolves are circling you now...
Rin YuushuSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt's over for you now, Exile.
Rin YuushuSecondaryDefenderArrivalBow to your betters, trespasser.
Rin YuushuSecondaryDefenderArrivalWe will tear you to shreds.
Rin YuushuSecondaryDefenderArrivalTry not to lose another limb, underling.
Rin YuushuSecondaryDefenderArrivalBossing around a Brinerot? This feels right.
Rin YuushuSecondaryDefenderArrivalYour queen commands you to fight in her name, creature!
Rin YuushuSecondaryDefenderArrivalCunning, not might, will win the day here. Follow my orders to the letter, Thane.
Rin YuushuSecondaryDefenderArrivalServe me well, Korell, or I will be forced to extinguish you.
Rin YuushuSecondaryDefenderArrivalDo as I have instructed you, and victory is assured.
Rin YuushuKillPlayerGood riddance.
Rin YuushuKillPlayerLowlife. Keep moving!
Rin YuushuKillPlayerJust another body, now.
Rin YuushuKillPlayerGood. What's next?
Rin YuushuEscapeWorthless.
Rin YuushuEscapeSuccess was inevitable.
Rin YuushuEscapeYou can't win.
Rin YuushuDefeatedHow humiliating...!
Rin YuushuDefeatedAll is lost.
Rin YuushuDefeatedUnfathomable!
Rin YuushuDefeatedOur chance... squandered...
Rin YuushuDefeatedNo, no more prison!
Rin YuushuDefeatedGods... not again!
Rin YuushuDefeatedI'm better than this!
Rin YuushuDefeatedI face death... again...
Rin YuushuDefeatedThought it'd be as easy as last time...
Rin YuushuDefeatedDamn. Miscalculated.
Rin YuushuDefeatedI was blinded by fury...
Rin YuushuOfferBargainNot even the Redblade are as... brutal as you. I will do as you ask, so long as you spare me.
Rin YuushuOfferBargainKill me and prove yourself to be the savage I know you are, or... surprise me. Set me free. I can bring someone into the fold on your behalf. Talk some respect into them. Please.
Rin YuushuOfferBargainIs my life really worth sacrificing your chance to know more? That is what you would be doing were you to kill me, Exile. Instead, let me show you how useful I could be to you. I am quick to make friends, and even quicker to learn what it is I wish to learn. Allow me the chance to prove my talents to you, and all I learn is yours.
Rin YuushuOfferBargainI'm ill-fit for this duty. You've proven that quite clearly. Is that a crime worthy of death? I think not. Rather, I ought to look for more suitable work, don't you think?
Rin YuushuOfferBargainMy Mutewind brothers and sisters warned me that leaving them would bring me nothing but darkness. Perhaps they were right. I think, if you'll allow me, I will take my leave of the Syndicate.
Rin YuushuOfferBargainYou are a bloodthirsty little beast, aren't you? I almost admire it. I think if I called your bluff I'd wind up dead, so instead, I offer you this: knowledge. Knowledge of all I have learned in my post here.
Rin YuushuOfferBargainI could offer you pure Mutewind blood, or I could offer you material compensation. Take your pick.
Rin YuushuBarginAcceptedConsider me surprised. I'll do as you asked.
Rin YuushuBarginAcceptedI'll keep my end of the deal. Just remember this in the future.
Rin YuushuBarginAcceptedYou won't regret this!
Rin YuushuBarginAcceptedWhen you meet the Lifegiver, give my regards... with a blade.
Rin YuushuBarginAcceptedI knew you could be... reasonable.
Rin YuushuBarginAcceptedA fair trade. Until next time!
Rin YuushuOfferBetrayalKnow why the Immortal Syndicate failed here? Because they didn't have Mutewind leadership. Instead they had some muckblood running the show. Well, how about we change that?
Rin YuushuOfferBetrayalThis is what I get for putting my trust in foreign might. Free me, and I'll show the others here how the Mutewind handle failures.
Rin YuushuOfferBetrayalIf you think I go into battle without a plan for every possible situation, well, you don't know me at all. My plan for this outcome? Shove the blame onto someone lesser-than. One of the nincompoops here will do, don't you think?
Rin YuushuOfferBetrayalI'm not stupid. I know what you want. You want information. If you'll leave me living, I can tell you a great deal about my crewmates here.
Rin YuushuOfferBetrayalGods, how I've wanted a reason to stick it to that Brinerot scoundrel. Don't disappoint me, Exile.
Rin YuushuOfferBetrayalHillock's little more than a walking, talking avalanche. We Mutewind know how dangerous an avalanche can be. You should be wary, too.
Rin YuushuOfferBetrayalWait! I may be a Syndicate lackey for the moment, but Jorgin has committed fratricide. Would you really let a brother-killer just walk?
Rin YuushuOfferBetrayalI cannot even begin to describe how much I'd enjoy watching that fire-worshipping, muckblooded Redblade lowlife squirm.
Rin YuushuOfferBetrayalLook at Maloney's eyes. The cogs are turning. He's planning something. Do you want to wait to find out what, or shall we put him in his place?
Rin YuushuOfferBetrayalI hate you, Exile, but only a little more than any of these other subservients. I'd harm any one of them to keep breath in my lungs.
Rin YuushuOfferExecuteDeath is not the deterrent it once was.
Rin YuushuOfferExecuteIn front of my captain, I'll die bravely.
Rin YuushuOfferExecuteLet me demonstrate the proper way to die.
Rin YuushuOfferExecuteEnough interrogation. You insult me. Death is the only choice I'll give you this time.
Rin YuushuReplyToBetrayalAcceptedYou think I didn't expect betrayal? I'm two steps ahead.
Rin YuushuReplyToBetrayalAcceptedWhat did I ever do to you, Vagan?
Rin YuushuReplyToBetrayalAcceptedYou've lived down to your reputation, Brinerot.
Rin YuushuReplyToBetrayalAcceptedDid... did you just betray me as a gift? You are the stupidest of stupid!
Rin YuushuReplyToBetrayalAcceptedI do it simply to annoy you, Jorgin, because you can never return home.
Rin YuushuReplyToBetrayalAcceptedI thought you said the Syndicate makes past ties irrelevant.
Rin YuushuInterrogatedI'll only tell you what I want to tell you.
Rin YuushuInterrogatedNo matter how many times you interrogate me, I will never break.
Rin YuushuInterrogatedI thought we had an understanding!
Rin YuushuReplyToExecutionThe price of failure.
Rin YuushuReplyToExecutionYou... you savage!
Rin YuushuReplyToExecutionSilver linings!
Rin YuushuSafehouseLeaderDefeatedI had it all planned out. How could I lose? I... I must have been sabotaged! But by who?
Rin YuushuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI spy a Mutewind! Careful, Exile.
Rin YuushuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightYour blood didn't look that pure to me last time, Mutewind.
Rin YuushuDefeatedPathetic. Stay, dog.
Rin YuushuBarginAcceptedDon't make us regret this, Mutewind.
Rin YuushuInterrogatedWe'll get what we need from you one way or another, Rin.
Cameria the ColdbloodedPrimaryDefenderStartsFightDon't try running. It'll just make things worse for you.
Cameria the ColdbloodedPrimaryDefenderStartsFightLooks like our guest of honour has finally arrived...
Cameria the ColdbloodedPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI was hoping you'd find us out here.
Cameria the ColdbloodedPrimaryDefenderStartsFightOh no! They found us! What ever will we do?
Cameria the ColdbloodedPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI usually like to draw this out, but orders is orders.
Cameria the ColdbloodedPrimaryDefenderStartsFightLeft you a little present in the cell. Not that you'll live to see it...
Cameria the ColdbloodedPrimaryDefenderStartsFightThink I prefer killing over negotiating.
Cameria the ColdbloodedPrimaryDefenderStartsFightThough I enjoyed our little cooperation, I think this time I'll just snap you in half.
Cameria the ColdbloodedPrimaryDefenderStartsFightFunny what you learn to do while you're dead...
Cameria the ColdbloodedPrimaryDefenderStartsFightThought I killed you. Must've just been a pleasant dream.
Cameria the ColdbloodedPrimaryDefenderStartsFightDarkness will consume you!
Cameria the ColdbloodedPrimaryDefenderStartsFightAcid will make this fun.
Cameria the ColdbloodedPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI wonder what I can rip apart with this new find...
Cameria the ColdbloodedPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI'm going to turn you to stone and see how you break.
Cameria the ColdbloodedPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI am the plague!
Cameria the ColdbloodedSafehouseLeaderIntroMy, my, usually I have to go looking for my victims. How wonderful.
Cameria the ColdbloodedSecondaryDefenderArrivalWeren't planning to have a party without me, were you?
Cameria the ColdbloodedSecondaryDefenderArrivalOh good! Still plenty of fun to be had.
Cameria the ColdbloodedSecondaryDefenderArrivalThis does bring back some wonderful memories.
Cameria the ColdbloodedSecondaryDefenderArrivalGuess who!
Cameria the ColdbloodedSecondaryDefenderArrivalThis? This is personal, exile.
Cameria the ColdbloodedSecondaryDefenderArrivalI usually prefer to do this alone, but for you I'll make an exception.
Cameria the ColdbloodedSecondaryDefenderArrivalShow me what kind of goodies that hook can rip out of a man, freak.
Cameria the ColdbloodedSecondaryDefenderArrivalSave some for me, big man.
Cameria the ColdbloodedSecondaryDefenderArrivalI should help, huh?
Cameria the ColdbloodedSecondaryDefenderArrivalLet me see how you move, Rin...
Cameria the ColdbloodedSecondaryDefenderArrivalA delicate flower like yourself shouldn't be fightin' all alone...
Cameria the ColdbloodedSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt's my turn to rip the exile limb from limb!
Cameria the ColdbloodedSecondaryDefenderArrivalThis party needs a bit of... chaos!
Cameria the ColdbloodedSecondaryDefenderArrivalI feel like seizing some property. Don't care what... or whose...
Cameria the ColdbloodedSecondaryDefenderArrivalNow why would we want to go and destroy a funhouse like this?
Cameria the ColdbloodedSecondaryDefenderArrivalEenie, meenie, miney, mo... you!
Cameria the ColdbloodedSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'm taking that hook.
Cameria the ColdbloodedSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'm going to tear you open just to see what you're made of, freak.
Cameria the ColdbloodedSecondaryDefenderArrivalGravicius, I've had enough of your lectures!
Cameria the ColdbloodedSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'll make a flesh sculpture in your style - out of you! An homage.
Cameria the ColdbloodedSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'll rip that mask off - along with your head!
Cameria the ColdbloodedSecondaryDefenderArrivalI don't really care who I'm ripping apart, as long as limbs go flying.
Cameria the ColdbloodedReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'm gonna smear you across the walls for this.
Cameria the ColdbloodedReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'll make sure we run you over on the return trip.
Cameria the ColdbloodedReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalWell I guess we'll just clean up your corpse, too.
Cameria the ColdbloodedReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalNeed to team up with the exile? No bloody balls.
Cameria the ColdbloodedReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalWhat, fun's not reason enough?
Cameria the ColdbloodedReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalSince when do you ask permission?
Cameria the ColdbloodedReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalI wish you'd stayed dead.
Cameria the ColdbloodedReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalWe're more alike than you think, Mutewind.
Cameria the ColdbloodedReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalI couldn't care about impressing you, Aisling.
Cameria the ColdbloodedReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalJust more limbs to add to my pile.
Cameria the ColdbloodedSecondaryDefenderArrivalI love it when my minions decide to share.
Cameria the ColdbloodedSecondaryDefenderArrivalNobody messes with the Syndicate and keeps their head.
Cameria the ColdbloodedSecondaryDefenderArrivalLet me show you how to do ripping and killing proper.
Cameria the ColdbloodedSecondaryDefenderArrivalThis ragdoll is mine!
Cameria the ColdbloodedSecondaryDefenderArrivalWhat's a crusade without the slaughtering of infidels?
Cameria the ColdbloodedSecondaryDefenderArrivalThey said I'm in charge here, Vagan.
Cameria the ColdbloodedSecondaryDefenderArrivalHey Janus, I'm the boss now!
Cameria the ColdbloodedSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'll take the lead on this dance, my little flower.
Cameria the ColdbloodedSecondaryDefenderArrivalRiker! I'm leading now! You do what I say!
Cameria the ColdbloodedSecondaryDefenderArrivalThose who stand in my way will be ripped limb from limb.
Cameria the ColdbloodedKillPlayerYour bones will rot in these walls for all time.
Cameria the ColdbloodedKillPlayerI think I'll drag you behind this caravan just for fun.
Cameria the ColdbloodedKillPlayerSo many limbs, so little time!
Cameria the ColdbloodedKillPlayerAww, over too soon!
Cameria the ColdbloodedEscapeWoulda preferred to stay and play, but this still worked out well.
Cameria the ColdbloodedEscapeI did the job. They can't say I didn't.
Cameria the ColdbloodedEscapeShame we're in such a hurry. Would've loved to peel your skin off.
Cameria the ColdbloodedDefeatedI had you!
Cameria the ColdbloodedDefeatedUrgh... not possible...
Cameria the ColdbloodedDefeatedHow? You are weak!
Cameria the ColdbloodedDefeatedBut I had the upper hand!
Cameria the ColdbloodedDefeatedNo, not the questions again!
Cameria the ColdbloodedDefeatedPretty good... for a talker...
Cameria the ColdbloodedDefeatedWhat... gonna make me hurt my little friends again?
Cameria the ColdbloodedDefeatedKill me once, shame on you...
Cameria the ColdbloodedDefeatedIs this... is this a bloody prank?
Cameria the ColdbloodedDefeatedWhy did I come here?
Cameria the ColdbloodedDefeatedI don't understand how I lost.
Cameria the ColdbloodedOfferBargainYou're my kind of murderer, exile! My favourite part's when their head first hits the ground. Glad it wasn't my head, if I'm honest. So, what can I do to keep it that way?
Cameria the ColdbloodedOfferBargainI was a naughty little boy back in my day. Used to make friends with the rich and proper, get nice and close to them, before killin' em and taking everything they had. I can be very persuasive - and patient - when I have to be. I could even let you choose my target, just for fun.
Cameria the ColdbloodedOfferBargainI'm not afraid to admit to a core of cowardice underneath my callous exterior. That's what you want to hear, isn't it? Don't kill me, and I'll... I'll befriend another member of the Syndicate and give you information about their job. I know how to say the right words. They'll never suspect me.
Cameria the ColdbloodedOfferBargainI get bored easy, exile, and when I get bored, I get the... craving. Maybe with a little change of scenery I won't feel the urge to tear your scalp off with my teeth the way I do right now.
Cameria the ColdbloodedOfferBargainI'm tired of the Syndicate. I'm going to give going solo a try. That's how I used to be, you know, before falling in with Aisling and Hillock and Gravicius here. They've been bad influences on me. I'll be good once I'm away from them, I promise.
Cameria the ColdbloodedOfferBargainYou want to know what we've been doing here? Sure, I'll tell ya, as long as it gets me back on the battlefield faster. I'm already feeling cooped up.
Cameria the ColdbloodedOfferBargainKilling and stealing stuff. That's what got me locked up the first time. Truth is, I only stole the stuff so it looked like that's why I did the killing! I don't even want the stuff. You want the stuff? Take the stuff and piss off.
Cameria the ColdbloodedBarginAcceptedJust like the old days.
Cameria the ColdbloodedBarginAcceptedDeal's a deal.
Cameria the ColdbloodedBarginAcceptedI knew we could see eye to eye. Here, I've even got an eye in my pocket you can have. No? Alright, I'll keep it then.
Cameria the ColdbloodedBarginAcceptedI'll find people to rip up in my own time!
Cameria the ColdbloodedBarginAcceptedDon't tell the Syndicate I told you. Or do, I don't care.
Cameria the ColdbloodedBarginAcceptedGreat. Can we hurry this up?
Cameria the ColdbloodedOfferBetrayalI've been itching to backstab the boss, if you catch my meaning. I'm quite literally wanting to stab them in the back with a big bloody knife. Put 'em out of business for a bit. Long enough to put myself in charge. You can watch if you want. I don't really care, honestly.
Cameria the ColdbloodedOfferBetrayalThe Syndicate's a social machine, exile, and if there's one thing I understand, it's faking my way through social machines. If you let me live, I can steal the ranks of those around me and promote myself! It might just be to your benefit.
Cameria the ColdbloodedOfferBetrayalI don't tell them to their faces, but I despise the other members of the Syndicate. In fact, I've been working on a way to get someone kicked out using a carefully-crafted frame job. If you'll allow me to live, you could even pick who goes.
Cameria the ColdbloodedOfferBetrayalTraitor's just a word, exile. I know a lot of words. How about I tell you all the words I know about all of my brethren here, and you let me go?
Cameria the ColdbloodedOfferBetrayalReckon Leo can take a beating? I reckon he can. Been dying to try, actually. Let me go and I'll do what I do best. Give you a well-earned break from all this delicious violence.
Cameria the ColdbloodedOfferBetrayalAren't you sick of Elreon's preaching? God this, God that, bless this mess... let's close that mouth of his.
Cameria the ColdbloodedOfferBetrayalI am so tired of hearing Tora go on and on about nature. Let me go and I'll knock her down a peg.
Cameria the ColdbloodedOfferBetrayalVorici really pisses me off. He's a killer, no better than you or me, but he tries to hide it like a dirty little secret. I don't. I kill out in the open, like a man. Give him what he deserves.
Cameria the ColdbloodedOfferBetrayalDon't look at me. Look at that monster. Thing doesn't even sleep! That's who we should be fighting!
Cameria the ColdbloodedOfferBetrayalI'm supposed to offer to betray here. That's what he taught me.
Cameria the ColdbloodedOfferExecuteI just can't bring myself to care. It's death for me.
Cameria the ColdbloodedOfferExecuteThe boss here will have my hide unless I act stoic.
Cameria the ColdbloodedOfferExecuteWouldn't want to appear weak in front of my brethren.
Cameria the ColdbloodedOfferExecuteNo interrogation this time. Just murder.
Cameria the ColdbloodedReplyToBetrayalAcceptedEveryone in this Syndicate's a bastard, apparently.
Cameria the ColdbloodedReplyToBetrayalAcceptedCan't please everyone.
Cameria the ColdbloodedReplyToBetrayalAcceptedI will eat you, huntress!
Cameria the ColdbloodedReplyToBetrayalAcceptedHonestly, most of what that thing says goes in one ear and out the other. Ain't got time to decipher that.
Cameria the ColdbloodedReplyToBetrayalAcceptedStop punishing me!
Cameria the ColdbloodedReplyToBetrayalAcceptedRiker, when I catch you, expect your suffering to be legendary.
Cameria the ColdbloodedReplyToBetrayalAcceptedI will rip your traitorous bones from your still-living body one by one!
Cameria the ColdbloodedInterrogatedCrude choice. I approve.
Cameria the ColdbloodedInterrogatedYou're getting on my nerves!
Cameria the ColdbloodedInterrogatedFinally, you've shown some mettle.
Cameria the ColdbloodedReplyToExecutionAbsolutely brutal! More!
Cameria the ColdbloodedReplyToExecutionHahaha that's the best!
Cameria the ColdbloodedReplyToExecutionHahahahahaha ahh hahahahahaha!
Cameria the ColdbloodedSafehouseLeaderDefeatedThis is a lie...
Cameria the ColdbloodedPrimaryDefenderStartsFightBeware, the ogre has new tricks.
Cameria the ColdbloodedDefeatedSee? Even nightmares may be defeated.
Cameria the ColdbloodedInterrogatedA big tough man like you should be fine in solitary, Cameria.
Cameria the ColdbloodedEscapeRun away, scared little child. We'll get him next time...
Aisling LaffreyPrimaryDefenderStartsFightBy the time we're through, no one will be able to tell you were even human.
Aisling LaffreyPrimaryDefenderStartsFightDo you know what happens to the lamb that wanders into the lion's den?
Aisling LaffreyPrimaryDefenderStartsFightKeep the cargo rolling. I'll be back soon enough.
Aisling LaffreyPrimaryDefenderStartsFightNo one will find your body down here, exile. No one.
Aisling LaffreyPrimaryDefenderStartsFightSavour these last breaths!
Aisling LaffreyPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI spent every moment behind those bars picturing what I'd do to you when I got out.
Aisling LaffreyPrimaryDefenderStartsFightThis time it'll be you beggin' for your life.
Aisling LaffreyPrimaryDefenderStartsFightDon't think it'll be like the last time, exile. No one's coming to save you.
Aisling LaffreyPrimaryDefenderStartsFightMy death was quick. Yours won't be.
Aisling LaffreyPrimaryDefenderStartsFightYou really don't get it, do you? I'm faster. I'm stronger.
Aisling LaffreyPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI have never felt so free, exile. Can you say the same?
Aisling LaffreyPrimaryDefenderStartsFightNothing is quite so invigorating as carnage.
Aisling LaffreyPrimaryDefenderStartsFightBreathe deep the aromas of death.
Aisling LaffreyPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI usually prefer to work alone, but my pack is hungry.
Aisling LaffreyPrimaryDefenderStartsFightFeel the cold creep of death, exile? Give in to it!
Aisling LaffreySafehouseLeaderIntroLook around you! This is the end of your journey, exile. The final stop!
Aisling LaffreySecondaryDefenderArrivalKeep 'em busy. Don't let them escape!
Aisling LaffreySecondaryDefenderArrivalYou should've just minded your own business!
Aisling LaffreySecondaryDefenderArrivalYou aren't leaving here alive.
Aisling LaffreySecondaryDefenderArrivalYou're only delaying the inevitable, exile.
Aisling LaffreySecondaryDefenderArrivalI've been looking for someone to kill.
Aisling LaffreySecondaryDefenderArrivalShall we carve some fountains of blood to wet this thirsty ground, Vorici?
Aisling LaffreySecondaryDefenderArrivalShow me what beautiful cruelty your kind are capable of, demon!
Aisling LaffreySecondaryDefenderArrivalWhat I can do, dear General, will make you question your faith.
Aisling LaffreySecondaryDefenderArrivalThe quickest way to this woman's heart, Korell, is by carving out another's.
Aisling LaffreySecondaryDefenderArrivalSo clumsy, Cameria, but I love your enthusiasm.
Aisling LaffreySecondaryDefenderArrivalWatch carefully. You might learn a thing or two.
Aisling LaffreySecondaryDefenderArrivalSorry exile. End of the road.
Aisling LaffreySecondaryDefenderArrivalNow that everyone's here, the real fun can begin.
Aisling LaffreySecondaryDefenderArrivalNot so fast. I'm taking over.
Aisling LaffreySecondaryDefenderArrivalWhen this is over, there won't be any bodies left to revive.
Aisling LaffreySecondaryDefenderArrivalSorry, but I'm the only one leaving here alive.
Aisling LaffreySecondaryDefenderArrivalI think I'll preserve your skin, Haku. Wouldn't want to waste those tattoos.
Aisling LaffreySecondaryDefenderArrivalYour scars are so beautiful, Redmane. Allow me to add a few.
Aisling LaffreySecondaryDefenderArrivalYou're simply too hideous to live, aberration.
Aisling LaffreySecondaryDefenderArrivalSuch a large canvas to work upon, Hillock. I must thank you in advance.
Aisling LaffreySecondaryDefenderArrivalYou had your chance to impress me, Cameria. You didn't.
Aisling LaffreySecondaryDefenderArrivalDon't you know? You should never anger an assassin.
Aisling LaffreyReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalSpineless, slimy coward. I'll paint the walls red with your blood.
Aisling LaffreyReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalAh, I've been looking for a reason to kill you. Thanks.
Aisling LaffreyReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalSo be it. You can join the other cadavers.
Aisling LaffreyReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalI'm gonna tear you apart and feed you to the wolves.
Aisling LaffreyReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalNone of my subjects have ever objected, Vorici. Neither will you.
Aisling LaffreyReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalAt least I wait until they're dead to defile the body.
Aisling LaffreyReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalThen why just witness? Be my next muse.
Aisling LaffreyReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalHa! Jealous?
Aisling LaffreyReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalAt least you recognize greatness when you see it.
Aisling LaffreyReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalEven I feel ill at the thought of what I plan to do to you.
Aisling LaffreySecondaryDefenderArrivalI love watching the hope fade from your eyes.
Aisling LaffreySecondaryDefenderArrivalDid you really think it would be that easy?
Aisling LaffreySecondaryDefenderArrivalAnd just like that, your fate is sealed.
Aisling LaffreySecondaryDefenderArrivalDon't be sad, exile. Your death will be very entertaining.
Aisling LaffreySecondaryDefenderArrivalI think you've secretly hoped to have me in charge, assassin.
Aisling LaffreySecondaryDefenderArrivalDon't fail me, demon. You know what I do to failures.
Aisling LaffreySecondaryDefenderArrivalI think you know my orders already, Gravicius.
Aisling LaffreySecondaryDefenderArrivalIs that sweat I smell, Korell? Can you not handle your own heat?
Aisling LaffreySecondaryDefenderArrivalMy turn to lead the dance, Cameria.
Aisling LaffreySecondaryDefenderArrivalFar too many moving parts. Let's start removing 'em.
Aisling LaffreyKillPlayerGood. Get this cleaned up.
Aisling LaffreyKillPlayerKeep moving.
Aisling LaffreyKillPlayerLet's finish up and get out of here.
Aisling LaffreyKillPlayerToo easy.
Aisling LaffreyEscapeSatisfying.
Aisling LaffreyEscapeYour death will have to wait.
Aisling LaffreyEscapeWe're done here. See you soon.
Aisling LaffreyDefeatedWhat!? No!
Aisling LaffreyDefeatedIt can't be...!
Aisling LaffreyDefeatedNo, not possible...!
Aisling LaffreyDefeatedBut... I can't...!
Aisling LaffreyDefeatedAll that plannin'... for what?!
Aisling LaffreyDefeatedWait... another deal!
Aisling LaffreyDefeatedNo, not again!
Aisling LaffreyDefeatedUgh... gets no easier, does it?
Aisling LaffreyDefeatedYou... got... lucky...!
Aisling LaffreyDefeatedHow... unprofessional.
Aisling LaffreyDefeatedUgh... careless!
Aisling LaffreyOfferBargainI can appreciate a killer when I see one. You're a killer, but I think you'll get more out of keeping me alive. Just tell me what you want.
Aisling LaffreyOfferBargainYou could end my life. I would, were I in your position. But I have a better idea. Leave me alive, and I'll make sure certain Syndicate resources are... reallocated. Move enough bricks and perhaps the tower will come crashing down.
Aisling LaffreyOfferBargainAre you gonna kill me? No... you're after someone higher up. Problem is, no single person has the information you need. Let me reunite with a colleague of mine, and I'll make sure you get closer to the top.
Aisling LaffreyOfferBargainI know you want to kill me. I would, too. But we are like the mythical hydra: cut off one head, two more will grow. But get those long necks in a tangle... well, you get the idea. I walk out of here alive, and maybe I find myself a new job.
Aisling LaffreyOfferBargainYou know, I've been considerin' an early retirement. Tired of this cat and mouse game. Tired of fightin'. Aren't you? How about we call it even, and go our separate ways?
Aisling LaffreyOfferBargainLook, I know what you're really after. You're not after some lackey. That's all I am. You want the boss. I can give them to you, but not if I'm dead. How 'bout it?
Aisling LaffreyOfferBargainYou've won the battle, exile, but the war rages on. Do you want to know what wins wars? Weapons. Let me go, and I'll give you the tools you so desperately need.
Aisling LaffreyBarginAcceptedThe foundations are shiftin', exile, but I doubt you'll bring the tower down.
Aisling LaffreyBarginAcceptedYou're startin' to figure it out, aren't you? I can see it in your eyes. But there's more going on than you could possibly fathom.
Aisling LaffreyBarginAcceptedThe Syndicate was in dire need of a shake-up anyway, exile. You've achieved nothing.
Aisling LaffreyBarginAcceptedYou know, now that I think about it, I'm too young to retire. But I could certainly use a break! See you soon, exile.
Aisling LaffreyBarginAcceptedThe question now, exile, is whether or not you're foolish enough to face 'em down. I think you just might be.
Aisling LaffreyBarginAcceptedTake them. They're yours. There's plenty more where that came from, but I don't expect you'll be getting them.
Aisling LaffreyOfferBetrayalYou won fair and square, even with my boss here. I happen to know that they've been pocketing some of the Syndicate's more valuable acquisitions. What do you think will happen when I tell the Lifegiver?
Aisling LaffreyOfferBetrayalExecutin' us brings you no closer to the Lifegiver. But let us live, and I will ensure those at the top 'ear about the many failings of those who've fought here today... excludin' myself, of course.
Aisling LaffreyOfferBetrayalThe Syndicate deals with its failures itself, but sometimes it takes an outsider's perspective to see where we went wrong. Tell me, who do you think is deserving of our... punishment? I promise you will not be seeing their face again anytime soon.
Aisling LaffreyOfferBetrayalWell, this was clearly a mistake. I was... misinformed about the suitability of this mission by my allies. But I know some things they don't know I know. Would you like to know them? Let me go, and that information is all yours.
Aisling LaffreyOfferBetrayalI 'ave no qualms whatsoever about betrayin' Leo, if that is what you desire.
Aisling LaffreyOfferBetrayalTora sees the necessity in violence, but not the beauty. Allow me to re-educate her.
Aisling LaffreyOfferBetrayalVagan is all show and no substance. I think he needs to experience a hardship or two, and I want to deliver them to him.
Aisling LaffreyOfferBetrayalYou want me to betray that... thing? I'll do it. Even if you weren't askin'. But since you are...
Aisling LaffreyOfferBetrayalHillock has very little idea as to what is going on at any given moment. That makes him dangerous.
Aisling LaffreyOfferBetrayalCold-blooded betrayal. That's what I offer.
Aisling LaffreyOfferExecuteGo on, do it. You're no stranger to murder. Just make it quick.
Aisling LaffreyOfferExecuteSome promises are stronger than death, exile. Make it quick.
Aisling LaffreyOfferExecuteYou think I'll beg for my life in front of a fellow member? Ha. Make it quick.
Aisling LaffreyOfferExecuteI'll sooner die than let you lock me up again. If you won't kill me, I will.
Aisling LaffreyReplyToBetrayalAcceptedPathetic. Shoulda killed you first.
Aisling LaffreyReplyToBetrayalAcceptedNothing you do can bother me, Haku, but thank you for the compliment.
Aisling LaffreyReplyToBetrayalAcceptedHaha haha haha haha ha-hah!
Aisling LaffreyReplyToBetrayalAcceptedI've seen your work, Vorici. I'm not sure you know what 'worse' means.
Aisling LaffreyReplyToBetrayalAcceptedEveryone's a critic.
Aisling LaffreyReplyToBetrayalAcceptedI know exactly where I want to mount your scalp, traitor.
Aisling LaffreyReplyToBetrayalAcceptedMaloney, I think it's time I put you in better contact with your own fleshy pink humanity.
Aisling LaffreyInterrogatedIf you think I'll talk, you're sorely mistaken.
Aisling LaffreyInterrogatedNo... not again! Please! Not again!
Aisling LaffreyInterrogatedWhat? No! No, we had a deal!
Aisling LaffreyReplyToExecutionI'da made a little more show of it.
Aisling LaffreyReplyToExecutionThis wasn't personal until just now.
Aisling LaffreyReplyToExecutionGood riddance.
Aisling LaffreySafehouseLeaderDefeatedYou may have claimed this victory, but we will rise again. You cannot win, exile. Not forever.
Aisling LaffreyPrimaryDefenderStartsFightGrowing tired of dying yet? We're not growing tired of killing you.
Aisling LaffreyDefeatedYou're done, Aisling.
Aisling LaffreyInterrogatedDeath's too kind for a monster like you.
Aisling LaffreyDefeatedYour reign of terror's over. Talk.
Riker MaloneyPrimaryDefenderStartsFightMore meddling in my marvelous machinations?
Riker MaloneyPrimaryDefenderStartsFightLook at what limps into my lovely lair.
Riker MaloneyPrimaryDefenderStartsFightFilthy fleshy failures. Follow this.
Riker MaloneyPrimaryDefenderStartsFightWanderer, what wonders you will witness...
Riker MaloneyPrimaryDefenderStartsFightStop struggling and slip into silence...
Riker MaloneyPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI long for that cell. Such sweet silence. Silencing you will have to suffice.
Riker MaloneyPrimaryDefenderStartsFightOur past partnership was a debacle I dare not duplicate.
Riker MaloneyPrimaryDefenderStartsFightPast sins are past. Dance with me, darling.
Riker MaloneyPrimaryDefenderStartsFightDeath was such a gift. Allow me to pay it forward.
Riker MaloneyPrimaryDefenderStartsFightAn Exile, slain, returns, reaping regret repeatedly.
Riker MaloneyPrimaryDefenderStartsFightAn Exile, slain, returns. Ugh, what a shame.
Riker MaloneyPrimaryDefenderStartsFightI am no brawler, but even I can browbeat the best of them with brawn like this!
Riker MaloneyPrimaryDefenderStartsFightThe ground shall grow a garden of gristle.
Riker MaloneyPrimaryDefenderStartsFightNo eloquence for this fight, exile. Just raw power!
Riker MaloneyPrimaryDefenderStartsFightSwiftly shall I sweep this skirmish for the Syndicate!
Riker MaloneyPrimaryDefenderStartsFightFor the Syndicate, I shall sweep this skirmish swiftly!
Riker MaloneyPrimaryDefenderStartsFightRelics render one rather robust, wouldn't you say?
Riker MaloneySafehouseLeaderIntroImpressive, interloper. But a fly does not flee the spider's snare so swiftly.
Riker MaloneySecondaryDefenderArrivalHold your head high, friend. Help is here.
Riker MaloneySecondaryDefenderArrivalDon't dally. Duty calls!
Riker MaloneySecondaryDefenderArrivalEradicate the explorers, then seal this sanctum.
Riker MaloneySecondaryDefenderArrivalLet's hasten this hatchet job!
Riker MaloneySecondaryDefenderArrivalInspire me with your ichors.
Riker MaloneySecondaryDefenderArrivalEach cog must turn if the machine is to work.
Riker MaloneySecondaryDefenderArrivalCareful around my traps, Leo, lest you lose the other limb!
Riker MaloneySecondaryDefenderArrivalOnly a Perandus could appreciate the complexity of my machinations.
Riker MaloneySecondaryDefenderArrivalHillock! I'll hem them in, you bash 'em!
Riker MaloneySecondaryDefenderArrivalShow 'em what Ogham men can do, Jorgin!
Riker MaloneySecondaryDefenderArrivalKorell, we're even after this.
Riker MaloneySecondaryDefenderArrivalA bear trap requires at least two jaws.
Riker MaloneySecondaryDefenderArrivalTime to reorganize some of the gears in this diabolic machine.
Riker MaloneySecondaryDefenderArrivalSuch inefficiency cannot go unaddressed.
Riker MaloneySecondaryDefenderArrivalThe Syndicate seeks to shroud its secrets, even from us.
Riker MaloneySecondaryDefenderArrivalDo you never pause to question the machine?
Riker MaloneySecondaryDefenderArrivalNothing against you, crusader, you're just in the way.
Riker MaloneySecondaryDefenderArrivalTora! Time for another round!
Riker MaloneySecondaryDefenderArrivalMind or might, Vagan? I wonder which will win.
Riker MaloneySecondaryDefenderArrivalI wonder what you could offer me to spare your life, Perandus.
Riker MaloneySecondaryDefenderArrivalHow much can fury make up for skill, Redblade?
Riker MaloneySecondaryDefenderArrivalDespise the machinist, not the machine.
Riker MaloneyReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalMy defense plans already included your betrayal.
Riker MaloneyReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalReally? Here? Now? You could have chosen your move so much better.
Riker MaloneyReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalThis is neither the time nor the place.
Riker MaloneyReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalHow can I get anything done with the constant infighting?
Riker MaloneyReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalAnd I've learned never to trust a former Templar.
Riker MaloneyReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalWouldn't have it any other way, old friend.
Riker MaloneyReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalIt's a fine free-floating gear, this Syndicate. Round and round we go, getting nowhere.
Riker MaloneyReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalWe'll match wits, Rin, but don't be surprised at the outcome.
Riker MaloneyReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalThe mask isn't for my protection. It's for yours, Cameria.
Riker MaloneyReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalIf you want to kill me, you'll have to catch me.
Riker MaloneySecondaryDefenderArrivalThe cogs turn, crushing exiles between their teeth.
Riker MaloneySecondaryDefenderArrivalPower shields itself rather wonderfully, wouldn't you say?
Riker MaloneySecondaryDefenderArrivalI doubt even our dear leader truly knows what happened here.
Riker MaloneySecondaryDefenderArrivalIf the gears clash, apply more force.
Riker MaloneySecondaryDefenderArrivalFlair is what marks the difference between artistry and mere competence.
Riker MaloneySecondaryDefenderArrivalThe Syndicate has your back, Vagan.
Riker MaloneySecondaryDefenderArrivalYou simply cannot stay out of trouble, can you Janus?
Riker MaloneySecondaryDefenderArrivalCan you take orders, Hillock?
Riker MaloneySecondaryDefenderArrivalDo what you do Cameria. No orders needed.
Riker MaloneySecondaryDefenderArrivalIt seems tactics and cunning are sorely needed here.
Riker MaloneyKillPlayerOff the gears you fall, Exile, whipping into darkness, drained of life by the vampire Time.
Riker MaloneyKillPlayerYour grand theft was automatically doomed to fail the moment you challenged me.
Riker MaloneyKillPlayerThis house of splattered corpses masks the true terror of the Syndicate.
Riker MaloneyKillPlayerYou should never challenge an immortal to combat. I will finish you every time.
Riker MaloneyEscapeThe mechanism just keeps on grinding me toward the top.
Riker MaloneyEscapeYou rode close on your carousel, Exile, but you never actually had a chance to touch this treasure.
Riker MaloneyEscapeThe plentiful perversions of this place will never be exposed now.
Riker MaloneyDefeatedDefender... down...
Riker MaloneyDefeatedDo not... seek... the source...
Riker MaloneyDefeatedNot in this place of filth!
Riker MaloneyDefeatedI should have known better.
Riker MaloneyDefeatedBack to the silence, I take it.
Riker MaloneyDefeatedWait... again, we can arrive at an accord...
Riker MaloneyDefeatedI'll not become known as Riker the Betrayer.
Riker MaloneyDefeatedEvery time you kill me I just come back stronger.
Riker MaloneyDefeatedA leap of progress, unpredicted...
Riker MaloneyDefeatedIt is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose.
Riker MaloneyDefeatedIt's not like me to make mistakes.
Riker MaloneyOfferBargainA savage slaying, if I say so. I seek to circumvent a similar sentence. Tell me what it is you desire.
Riker MaloneyOfferBargainThe more tightly fit the cogs, the more efficient the machine. Choose the right cogs, and the machine may work in your favour. Choose the wrong ones, and... well... just don't choose the wrong ones.
Riker MaloneyOfferBargainThere is much to be learned by watching the cogs turn. Even more with a little deconstruction. I have a certain cog in mind... allow me this, and in return, I will give you a glimpse of the machine's inner workings.
Riker MaloneyOfferBargainIn this vast callous machine, one cog is indistinguishable from another. Switch two and soon you will see what I mean.
Riker MaloneyOfferBargainThere is only one escape from the Syndicate, Exile: staying alive. Let me go, so that I may flee, and in so doing escape this unending machine whose only product is human misery.
Riker MaloneyOfferBargainWould you like to know how this cog fits into the grand machine, or do you plan on simply destroying it?
Riker MaloneyOfferBargainI wonder: what havoc could you wreak in these works with the right wrench?
Riker MaloneyBarginAcceptedThe gears still rotate, but the pattern is new.
Riker MaloneyBarginAcceptedJust a glimpse, Exile... just a glimpse.
Riker MaloneyBarginAcceptedWatch as the production of misery and pain continues unabated.
Riker MaloneyBarginAcceptedTo live free, to dream, only to return to the Syndicate upon death... goodbye for now, Exile.
Riker MaloneyBarginAcceptedAnd now you see that I am but one piece in a relentless uncaring machine.
Riker MaloneyBarginAcceptedGo, Exile. Wreak havoc.
Riker MaloneyOfferBetrayalThere's an opportunity here. I could play this situation on my end to supplant my current overlord. That might alter - that might alter the Syndicate's workings in your favour. What are your thoughts?
Riker MaloneyOfferBetrayalPush others down, promote myself. It's the simple result of a complicated plan. Spare my life - I'm on the verge of implementing it.
Riker MaloneyOfferBetrayalKilling me now would not be ideal. I was just about to implement a plan to completely eject someone from the Syndicate machine and watch as it struggles to lurch onwards. Would you care to choose the victim in exchange for my survival?
Riker MaloneyOfferBetrayalI've made quite sure I know enough to save myself. Would you like large amounts of intelligence about each of my fellows? In exchange for my life, of course.
Riker MaloneyOfferBetrayalVagan is a buffoon. A blowhard. A brat. A baboon who's never not in heat. He adds nothing of value to the Syndicate or this world. Get rid of him.
Riker MaloneyOfferBetrayalYou're not truly going to punish me when Hillock could be brought to justice, are you?
Riker MaloneyOfferBetrayalThe Redblade's destructive tendencies stretch far beyond the Syndicate's goals. We can contain him only as much as we can contain the fires he creates. Better to extinguish him now.
Riker MaloneyOfferBetrayalCameria's bloody slaughter needs to stop, and no one else has offered to take the necessary action. Allow me to do something about him.
Riker MaloneyOfferBetrayalAisling... no words can encapsulate the terrible things she is capable of. She is a truly terrifying sadist. You and I need to work together to put her down.
Riker MaloneyOfferBetrayalAll part of the grand game. It's your move.
Riker MaloneyOfferExecuteI'm afraid the only option here, for me, is execution.
Riker MaloneyOfferExecuteThe Syndicate must see that I am loyal enough to die for it.
Riker MaloneyOfferExecuteI die in front of my fellows, only to rise again in service to the Syndicate.
Riker MaloneyOfferExecuteI think I'll skip the interrogation and choose death instead.
Riker MaloneyReplyToBetrayalAcceptedAn expected maneuver!
Riker MaloneyReplyToBetrayalAcceptedYou forget that your Templar leaders wear masks, too, Elreon. Perhaps for the same reason?
Riker MaloneyReplyToBetrayalAcceptedI apologise that that's the impression you got, Guff. But for this, you understand, I must seek reprisal.
Riker MaloneyReplyToBetrayalAcceptedI'll get you back for this. Mark my words, Hillock.
Riker MaloneyReplyToBetrayalAcceptedI had no plans in mind for you, Rin. That will change.
Riker MaloneyReplyToBetrayalAcceptedBe careful where you step from now on, traitor. One trap is all it takes.
Riker MaloneyInterrogatedYou will only garner from me that which I wish you to know.
Riker MaloneyInterrogatedThis cycle of interrogation is as futile and fruitless as this foolish Syndicate.
Riker MaloneyInterrogatedBargaining and interrogation are all the same, in the end.
Riker MaloneyReplyToExecutionI am well acquainted with death, but I must admit there is still a visceral terror associated with witnessing it.
Riker MaloneyReplyToExecutionI needed them. You've made a mistake.
Riker MaloneyReplyToExecutionYes, Exile, you behaved exactly as I hoped.
Riker MaloneySafehouseLeaderDefeatedThis... was not in the plan...!
Riker MaloneyPrimaryDefenderStartsFightDo I know you? You wear a mask, but your eyes...
Riker MaloneyEscapeHe planned for this. He expected our interference!
Riker MaloneyDefeatedLeave the mask on. I don't care who he is.
Riker MaloneyBarginAcceptedSomehow, trusting this 'Riker Maloney' feels like a mistake... but I see no better option right now.
Riker MaloneyInterrogatedYou may despise the machine, rogue, but you'll hate my prison even more.

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Betrayal league

The Betrayal league and Hardcore Betrayal league are challenge leagues. They launched on December 7, 2018 alongside the release of the Betrayal expansion.

In this league, the players assist Jun Ortoi on her mission to uncover and take down a mysterious group known as the Immortal Syndicate. Players can encounter a Syndicate member in a zone, along with their allies - or enemies. Once defeated, the member can be interrogated, killed, bribed, or coerced to betray other members. This process helps gather intelligence on the Syndicate, with the ultimate goal of sabotaging its divisions and defeating the Syndicate leader. Different rewards can be obtained based on who was placed in charge of a division, rank of members, and connections between other members. Syndicate members drop Veiled items which contain a mystery affix that can be converted into one of three different modifiers, which can be leveled up into stronger versions.

All characters and stashes will be moved to Standard league and Hardcore league respectively when the leagues end. Characters that die in the Hardcore Betrayal league are immediately moved to the permanent Standard league.

League mechanic

The Betrayal league mechanic has the player assist Jun Ortoi in her vendetta against the Immortal Syndicate. On most maps, Syndicate events appear, which allow players to defeat and capture one or more Syndicate members. They can then be either interrogated or bargained with, which allows the player to gradually gather intelligence about the Syndicate's network and influence its composition. As soon as enough intelligence is gathered, the player and Jun can raid a Syndicate safehouse for valuable loot.

Syndicate members can drop items that have Veiled mods, give them to Jun and she will unveil them.


These new icons are introduced to the minimap:


All areas have:

  • Area contains Immortal Syndicate activity

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