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Sanctum Supporter Packs and Kirac's Vault Pass End Soon Community_Team 03/20
Very soon, the current series of Supporter Packs and Vault Pass will leave the store forever! Be sure to get yours before they make way for the next series.

When the Sanctum League ends in a few weeks, the current items available in Kirac's Vault Pass will be sealed away forever and replaced with new, exclusive cosmetic effects alongside the launch of the Crucible expansion. The cosmetics in the pass for consoles will be replaced alongside the Crucible expansion's console launch. Check out the unique item skins in the video below or get your Pass here.

We'll be announcing the new Crucible Supporter Packs that will be replacing the Sanctum Supporter Packs in our upcoming livestream announcement. Tune in to on March 30th at 12PM (PDT) to see!

In the meantime, be sure to grab your Forge and Gemling packs here before they are gone forever.

Thanks for your support!
April Expansion Name Reveal Community_Team 03/17

Path of Exile 3.21 Expansion Livestream
The details of our 3.21 expansion will be revealed on March 30th at 12PM (PDT) at!

In the livestream you'll learn all about the new challenge league and other content of the expansion. After the livestream, Chris Wilson will answer your burning questions live in a Q&A session with ZiggyD.

Twitch Drops will be enabled for the livestream. We'll announce the reward in a few days. Co-streaming is welcomed!

Path of Exile's Expansion Launch Date
You'll be able to play the Crucible expansion for free on April 7th (PDT) on PC and Mac and on April 12th (PDT) on Xbox and PlayStation.

We are very excited to show you what we've been working on!
The 3.21 Expansion Name Reveal is Tomorrow! Community_Team 03/16
Tomorrow, we'll reveal the name of our 3.21 expansion. As the first glimpse of an upcoming expansion, these reveals are always incredibly exciting for us. Here are some of our favourite name reveals of the past!


The Forbidden Sanctum


Siege of the Atlas

Lake of Kalandra

We can't wait to share tomorrow's reveal with you!
Vaal Pact + Vitality/Spirit Void not working on my Scion Mark_GGG 03/15
It looks like the passives you have would give a total of 1.6% of attack damage leeched as life/mana. This means you need to deal at least 63 damage with an attack hit to leech at least 1 damage. Based on your weapons, I suspect your damage is so far too low to deal a single attack hit this large.
Tullina missing from Rogue Harbour Rhys 03/15
The bug here is that quest contracts (such as "Disengagement") are not supposed to drop until you have unlocked the relevant NPC (Tullina). But it appears it is possible to obtain such quest contracts early via party play, if the quest contract drops for someone else yet fails to allocate it to them. Will fix!
The Friendly Fire Group SSF Event Is Live! Community_Team 03/15
The second of our March 2023 events and our first ever Asynchronous Group SSF event is now live! Join your fellow exiles in the Friendly Fire Group SSF event, just make sure you're careful where (and who) you attack! This event is only available on PC. If you're curious about the rest of March's events, you can find the events thread here.

Friendly Fire Group SSF Event

  • League Completion Criteria: Kill Act Ten Kitava
  • Based on: Standard (Sanctum/Ruthless/Hardcore all disabled)
  • Accounts Allowed in League: 5
  • Start date: 2pm March 14th PDT
  • End date: 2pm March 21st PDT
  • Platforms: PC only

Friendly Fire is enabled. Players can only deal damage when near two other players.

This event requires you to team up with two-four other players and try to complete the campaign without killing each other too much. Note that with full friendly fire on, even your minions will attack your teammates. Be careful what skills you pick!

The league account limit is set to 5 so that you can't have two teams of three progressing in parallel in the league to help each other out indirectly.

To join the event, click the banner for Friendly Fire Group SSF Event in the bottom right of the Character Select screen once you've logged into the game. This will take you to the Private League creation page of the Path of Exile website, where you can create your own Friendly Fire Group SSF Private League for free! Once you've created your Friendly Fire Group SSF Private League, don't forget to invite some friends!

In the Friendly Fire Group SSF Event,
  • Players can only deal damage when near two other players.
  • Other players are classified as enemies.
  • After dying you cannot move for 1 minute.
  • Players have no access to the guild stash.


The prizes for this event are exclusive trophy statues that can be displayed in your hideouts.
  • Legend's Hideout Statue for Group Rank #1
  • Champion's Hideout Statue for Group Rank #2
  • Victor's Hideout Statue for Group Rank #3
  • Challenger's Hideout Statue for Group Ranks #4-10

The prizes will be awarded based on the time taken to kill Act 10 Kitava. The time is counted from when you make the league, not from when the event starts. Your group can have as many shots as you want while the event is live, and don't have to be playing at exactly the same time as the people you're competing against. At the end of the event, whichever group has the best time is the winner. The prizes will be distributed after all the events have ended (in April).

You can find the ladder for the Friendly Fire Group SSF Event here.

You can also find all the ladders for March's events here.

Best of luck to everyone participating!
Quality vs. Performance Alexander_GGG 03/14
Thank you! How about FPS. Is the game locked at 60 on both modes or is it uncapped?
The game runs with adaptive sync. So yes, it gets capped at 60.
Ruthless with Gold Twitch Highlights Community_Team 03/14
In today's news post, we're highlighting some clips from our community on Twitch of the Ruthless with Gold event! Check them out below!

Loot filter ruthless Alexander_GGG 03/13
Hi. It is intended that Ruthless ships without a filter on consoles. You can follow or copy any filter here and select it in game. You can also upload your own or any other filter on the wegsite.
Quality vs. Performance Alexander_GGG 03/13
I did some digging and the only thing I could find was a post saying that quality mode has global illumination at a lower resolution and performance mode had a higher resolution with global illumination off.
It is the only difference between two modes.
Maximum energy shield a lot lower than it should be. Mark_GGG 03/13
The 72 shown on your body armour is the total modified value, including the +48 local modifier and the effect of 11% quality on the item, both of which are modifying the ES value of that item. The base value for that armour type (Simple Robe) is much lower. You can tell the value shown is modified by the fact it's shown in blue instead of white.
No Balance Manifestos for 3.21 - Here's Why Community_Team 03/13
Very soon, we'll begin revealing the upcoming content in our 3.21 expansion. This time around, we won't be posting balance manifestos detailing the expansion's balance changes.

Balance manifestos are great at communicating certain types of content. Whenever we want to do deep work on a particular game system, they provide a good opportunity to clearly explain the changes in a self-contained way outside of the hubbub of livestream day. They also give us longer to gather feedback about whether those systems changes are in the right direction.

Over the years, though, we've learned that there are certain types of changes that balance manifestos are less appropriate for. Often, changes require greater context that the livestream explains, or benefit from video as a form of communication. Sometimes there's just so much numerical detail that the balance manifesto ends up reading like a set of patch notes, weirdly detached from the rest of the actual patch notes that you need to understand the context and plan your builds.

3.21's balance changes are mostly of the latter type. We'll explain them on the livestream and post the full details in the patch notes on announcement day. Don't worry though, there aren't scary systems reworks that we need to solicit feedback on ages in advance. Our balance goals with 3.21 are to provide more options and more fun for as many builds as possible, rather than reworking game systems in potentially disruptive ways. While there are of course some small nerfs, 3.21 is most definitely not a nerf-fest.

We can't wait to unveil the changes in the upcoming livestream and check out what builds you create in 3.21!
Weekend Stash Tab Sale Community_Team 03/10
This weekend we are running a Stash Tab Sale! You can view the full selection of discounted tabs here. The Stash Tab sale ends at Mar 14, 2023 8:00 AM (GMT+8) (this is displayed in your local time).

If you're missing points for the sale, be sure to check out the Forbidden Sanctum and Core Supporter Packs here!

Thanks for your support!
Build of the Week Season 10 Bloopers Community_Team 03/10
While winding down after Build of the Week's 11th Season, we've put together a reel of bloopers and outtakes from Season 10 for a bit of fun! Check it out below!

If you're keen for more, you can find the last bloopers episode here.

See you next time!
Gold pick up was re-enabled.
Crashing should be fixed now. You might need to create a new instance. Gold auto-pick up is disabled for now. It will be enabled again soon.
Hi. We are aware of the problem. It should be fixed soon. Sorry about the inconvenience.
Ruthless with Gold Is Live! Community_Team 03/09
Our events for March 2023 have now started and the first in line is Ruthless with Gold which is available for both PC and Consoles! If you're curious about the rest of March's events, you can find the events thread here.

Ruthless with Gold

Ruthless with Gold is a four-week, trade-enabled, non-hardcore event that is both an opportunity to experience what Path of Exile would have been like with gold, while also letting you try out a slightly easier version of Ruthless. Players who have been keen to give Ruthless a shot but haven't wanted to do that at a major league start can use this event as a chance to try it out.

To join the event, simply click the "Join" button for Ruthless with Gold in the bottom right of the Character Select screen once you've logged into the game.

If you're in need of a few extra character slots, they're currently on sale in the store here!

In Ruthless with Gold,
  • Monsters and chests drop Gold Coins, which can be used to buy items from vendors.
  • All vendor prices throughout the game have been replaced by prices in Gold Coins.
  • When you sell items to vendors, you receive Gold Coins rather than currency shards. Other Ruthless vendor recipes are unmodified.
  • Due to how many Gold Coins you find, they auto-pickup as you approach them.
  • Gold Coins are itemised like Perandus Coins, and stack up to 5000 per inventory/stash space (50k in Currency Stash Wildcard Spaces).
  • In a party, Gold Coins you pick up are shared between nearby party members.
  • You can still find currency items, at regular Ruthless drop rates (i.e. not often). Gold Coins are dropped in addition to regular currency, meaning that in Ruthless with Gold, there is somewhat less item scarcity than full Ruthless.
  • Sanctum is not enabled.
  • Otherwise, base Ruthless rules apply


You’ll be able to earn one guaranteed Sanctum Mystery Box per account for reaching Level 45 in Ruthless with Gold. Please note that having multiple characters in this event will not grant you more Mystery Boxes.

The event also has a pool of microtransaction prizes that are randomly drawn for characters that reach certain level thresholds. The pool of available prizes is shared between PC and Console players. Having multiple characters will increase your chances of winning a randomly drawn prize. More details on all the prizes can be found below.

Microtransaction Prize Pool
Ruthless with Gold ends at 3pm April 4th PDT, or Apr 05, 2023 6:00 AM (GMT+8) (this is displayed in your local time).

This event is available on PC and Console. You can find the ladders for each platform's event below:
You can also find all the ladders for March's events here.

Best of luck to everyone participating!
New Microtransaction: Fluttering Eye of Winter Effect Community_Team 03/08
The new Fluttering Eye of Winter Effect enters the store today, changing its standard effects to a beautiful kaleidoscope of butterflies!

Check it out in the video below or get yours here!

Pair it with the Transcendence Armour Set, Hood and Dagger, pictured in the screenshot below!

Thanks for your support!
Polarity Group SSF Kieren_GGG 03/08
Polarity Group SSF Event: The Polarity Group SSF Event is a limited time Standard Group SSF event which allows players to create Private Leagues using this Event Type and compete against each other to reach the goal based on the time their Private League started. Completion Criteria:
  • Have three level 90 players in the same instance.
Additional Modifiers:
  • Polarity: Players and Monsters are assigned Polarities (red or blue) in each area. Players can only deal Damage to Monsters of matching Polarity. Rare and Unique Monsters swap Polarity upon reaching low life.
  • Rigor Mortis: After dying you cannot move for 1 minute.
Note: Prizes: The following prizes will be awarded to each player in the highest ranked groups:
  • Rank 1: Legend's Hideout Statue
  • Rank 2: Champion's Hideout Statue
  • Rank 3: Victor's Hideout Statue
  • Rank 4-10: Challenger's Hideout Statue
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There is a POE Map Device in D4 BrianWeissman_GGG 03/20

This, this right here.

Got my Voidborne signed art in the mail. Anyone know whose signatures I got? viperesque 03/13

Yes that's mine!


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