Kalandra Unique /8 ⍟

Kalandra Unique /8 ⍟

NameShow Full Descriptions
GhostwritheGhostwrithe Silken Vest
+154 to maximum Energy Shield
+52 to maximum Life
+50% to Chaos Resistance
50% of Maximum Life Converted to Energy Shield
GrandSpectrum1Grand Spectrum Crimson Jewel
Limited to: 3
+1 to Minimum Endurance Charges per Grand Spectrum
GrandSpectrum2Grand Spectrum Cobalt Jewel
Limited to: 3
Minions have +10% to Critical Strike Multiplier per Grand Spectrum
KalandrasTouchKalandra's Touch Ring
Reflects your other Ring
Kaoms_SpiritKaom's Spirit Titan Gauntlets
+(50-70) to Maximum Life
Life Recovery from Regeneration is not applied
1 Rage generated per second for every 100 Life Regenerated per second
(0.2-0.4)% of Physical Damage from Attacks Leeched as Life
+(20-30)% to Fire Resistance
SoulAscensionSoul Ascension Carnal Mitts
129% increased Evasion and Energy Shield
+23% to Chaos Resistance
Eat a Soul when you Hit a Unique Enemy, no more than once every second
Lose an Eaten Soul every 3 seconds while no Unique Enemy is in your Presence
Maximum 50 Eaten Souls
TheTowerofOrdealsThe Tower of Ordeals Engraved Ultimatum
Choking Miasma
Razor Dance
Limited Flasks
Ailment and Curse Reflection
Treacherous Auras
ThrillsteelThrillsteel Barbute Helmet
Kalandra Item /28 ⍟

Kalandra Item /28 ⍟

Wild_Crystallised_LifeforceWild Crystallised Lifeforce
Right click to unstack
Vivid_Crystallised_LifeforceVivid Crystallised Lifeforce
Right click to unstack
Primal_Crystallised_LifeforcePrimal Crystallised Lifeforce
Right click to unstack
Sacred_Crystallised_LifeforceSacred Crystallised Lifeforce
Right click to unstack
BoneRingBone Ring
Minions have +13% to all Elemental Resistances
ConvokingWandCalling Wand
Minions deal 12% increased Damage
ConvokingWandConvening Wand
Minions deal 12% increased Damage
MirroredTabletMirrored Tablet
Right click this item to view the Lake map. Open portals to the Lake of Kalandra by using this item in a personal Map Device.
NikosMemoryofDemonicOnslaughtNiko's Memory of Demonic Onslaught
Areas are Breached Areas contain additional Large Breach Hands Breach Bosses have a chance to drop a Breachstone
Right-click on this, then left click on a completed Map on your Atlas to apply this Memory.
KiracsMemoryofPhaarylKirac's Memory of Phaaryl
Areas contain additional Harbinger Portals Harbinger Portals drop additional Currency Shards when destroyed
Right-click on this, then left click on a completed Map on your Atlas to apply this Memory.
InventoryIconBroken Truce
Cold Iron Point
InventoryIconDoryani's Epiphany
3x Regrading Lens
InventoryIconEndless Night
Maloney's Mechanism
InventoryIconThe Shieldbearer
The Squire
InventoryIconChoking Guilt
InventoryIconThe Enforcer
Spiked Gloves of The Conquest (Culling Strike)
Item Level: 86
Warlord Item
InventoryIconThe Shepherd's Sandals
Item Level: 100
InventoryIconAzure Rage
Punishing Map
Map Tier: 16
InventoryIconThe Leviathan
Maven Item
InventoryIconThe Price of Devotion
Quality: +20%
InventoryIconAstral Protection
Shaper Item
InventoryIconGemcutter's Mercy
Exceptional Gem
76x Simulacrum Splinter
InventoryIconLethean Temptation
InventoryIconSomething Dark
Area Level: 83
Fully Revealed
Reflective Oil
Alva's Memory
Einhar's Memory
Kalandra Gem /4

Kalandra Gem /4

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Lake of Kalandra

Schedule (NZT)

  • Aug 3: Balance Manifesto
  • Aug 12: Announcement, Patch Notes, Support Packs
  • Aug 15: Item Filter
  • Aug 16: Challenge Rewards
  • Aug 17: Atlas Skill Tree, Sentinal League End
  • Aug 18:
  • Aug 19: Torrent
  • Aug 20: League Start
  • Aug 25: Console League Start


8/15 Map Device UI

8/14 Wide Screen support

8/13 ExileCon 2023 - Event and Ticket Details


8/11 HrimsorrowHrimsorrow rework

8/11 Kirac Map Modifiers

8/10 BuckledBeltUniqueThe Magnate rework

8/10 Cards


8/10 BronnslitheBronn's Lithe rework

8/9 VaalCaressVaal Caress rework

8/9 BootsDexIntUnique2Victario's Flight rework

8/8 MokousEmbraceMokou's Embrace rework

8/8 Even in darkness you may find a friend.

8/7 scepter8unique2Bitterdream rework

8/6 Let us look deeper...

8/6 ShieldStrDexUnique1Daresso's Courage rework

8/5 BodyInt1AuniqueCloak of Flame rework

8/4 buffs to over 100 unique items

PoE Pals - we've spent a lot of time discussing your feedback today and yesterday. One note is that there are things coming in the full reveal that complement the manifesto and fill out the bigger picture. One example is that there are buffs to over 100 unique items. Stay tuned.


8/3 Character Balance in Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra


8/1 Twitch Drop

Wrangler Wings

7/29 Expansion Name: Lake of Kalandra


˙7/28 new Oil

In 3.19, you'll be able to find a new type of Oil that allows you to anoint Mirrored Items.

7/21 3.19 Expansion Delay 1 Week


7/13 GGG is planning a revamp of 3 old (and not so old) league mechanics.


7/12 Timeline


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