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Reflecting Mist

Mirrored Tablet's certain reflections grant you access to a new variation on rare items, exclusive to the Kalandra Challenge League.

When you complete the encounter, you'll get access to some reflecting mist, which presents you with a difficult choice.

It generates a rare ring or amulet with an unusual set of mods. Some are very high and some are very negative, which hurt your character.

The item is then duplicated with a reflected copy having inverse mods.

Negative ones are now positive and vice versa.

The amount that all of these mods are scaled up by is based on the difficulty of the encounter you just completed.

You may only pick one of these items to keep.

It'll often be a tough choice with each item having its own strong pros and cons. But sometimes you'll be offered an item where the negative mods aren't downsides for your build and the juiced up positive mods are very attractive. There are also some special new jewelry based types that you can rarely receive from this process.

Endgame Reward

One rare and difficult encounter rewards you with an advanced version of this crafting process. It allows you to bring your own ring or amulet distorting and reflecting it with the same process described before.

The mods are scaled up in value, and some are randomly negated. The reflected copy has the inverse set of negations.

It will certainly be tempting to gamble with some of your best jewelry to try to double the values that really matter for your build and negate the ones you don't care about.

If you're very lucky, you may find a special league exclusive unique ring at the lake. Kalandra's Touch mirrors the effect of your other ring.

The Kalandra Challenge League has something for everyone. It's an out of area combat league where you build your own sequences of encounters.


  • Accept ring and amulet
  • Not unique, influenced, synthesised, corrupted, mirrored
  • Difficult multiplier is 1.5x to 2.4x (variation based on Difficulty), all stats value scaled up
    • no new mod
    • worked for crafting mod
  • every mod have 50% chance to become negative in the slot

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