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Waypoints The Help Panel

Waypoints The Help Panel

Waypoints and the World Panel


Wraeclast is pretty big, and is full of places you'll want to visit and revisit. To help you get around, the land is dotted with 'Waypoints' which let you quickly travel to destinations you have previously visited. To use a waypoint, activate it and select where you would like to travel. You can only travel to waypoints you've activated previously, so it is always worth activating new waypoints when you come across them.

Selecting a quest icon on the World Panel will display a path to the next step of the quest.

The World Panel:

When you click on a waypoint, the panel that pops up is called the World Panel. It doesn't just show your waypoints, however; It also displays every area you have previously visited, as well as some connected areas you haven't been to yet. Your quests are listed below the map, and by selecting one you can highlight the path that you need to follow to complete it. Because areas in Path of Exile have varying degrees of random generation, you may not always recognize the layout of an area, even if you've been there several times. The minimap or map overlay may also be different and will need to be revealed again. This may take some getting used to, but it means no two playthroughs are exactly the same.

Hideouts /63 ⍟

Hideouts /63 ⍟

HideoutTilesetFound inRarity
Lush Hideout
LushHideoutThe Dread Thicket
Robber's Trench Hideout
TrenchHideoutDig MapExtremely Rare
Battle-scarred Hideout
BattlescarredHideoutPromenade MapRare
Coastal Hideout
CoastalHideoutAtoll MapRare
Enlightened Hideout
EnlightenedHideoutAcademy MapRare
Overgrown Hideout
OvergrownHideoutOrchard MapVery Rare
Immaculate Hideout
ImmaculateHideoutIvory Temple MapRare
Unearthed Hideout
UnearthedHideoutGraveyard MapRare
Backstreet Hideout
BackstreetHideoutArcade MapRare
Undercity Hideout
UndercityHideoutThe Sewers
Excavated Hideout
ExcavatedHideoutThe Crystal Veins
Stately Hideout
StatelyHideoutOriath Square, The Ruined Square
Coral Hideout
CoralHideoutThe Cavern of Anger
Baleful Hideout
BalefulHideoutThe Chamber of Sins Level 2
Desert Hideout
DesertHideoutThe Oasis
Skeletal Hideout
SkeletalHideoutThe Ossuary
Luxurious Hideout
LuxuriousHideoutThe Bath House
Cartographer's Hideout
CartographyHideoutThe Templar Laboratory
Towering Hideout
Corrupted Hideout
Innocent Hideout
Shaped Hideout
Furious Hideout
Champion's Hideout
Indomitable Hideout
Morbid Hideout
Eclipsed Hideout
Ravenous Hideout
Sunken Hideout
SunkenCityHideoutSunken City MapExtremely Rare
Celestial Hideout
ShapersRealmHideoutThe Shaper's Realm
Divided Hideout
TwilightTempleHideoutThe Twilight TempleRare
Arboreal Hideout
HighGardensHideoutTerrace MapExtremely Rare
Haunted Hideout
HauntedHideoutHaunted Mansion MapExtremely Rare
Brutal Hideout
PrisonTowerHideoutTower MapVery Rare
Sanguine Hideout
CrimsonTempleHideoutCrimson Temple MapExtremely Rare
Glacial Hideout
IcebergHideoutIceberg MapVery Rare
Alpine Hideout
MountainHideoutSummit MapVery Rare
Doomguard Hideout
Sunspire Hideout
Glimmerwood Hideout
Celestial Nebula Hideout
Entombed Hideout
Void Hideout
Chiyou Hideout
Infinite Abyss Hideout
Urban Sprawl Hideout
Boundless Skies Hideout
Endless Sands Hideout
Eternal Wasteland Hideout
Vast Plains Hideout
All at Sea Hideout
Glacial Expanse Hideout
Thaumaturgical Hideout
Yaochi Hideout
Humanoid Pet Hideout
Nocturnal Hideout
MoonTempleHideoutMoon Temple MapExtremely Rare
Primeval Hideout
PrimevalRuinsHideoutPrimordial Blocks MapExtremely Rare
Ritualist's Hideout
Crucible Hideout
Tavern Hideout
Azurite Cavern Hideout
Synthetic Hideout
Redeemer's Hideout
Hideout Doodads /905 ⍟

Hideout Doodads /905 ⍟

MasterNameMaster LevelCost
EinharShore Bonfire43170
EinharDriftwood Branches1140
EinharDead Fish2330
EinharShore Plank Debris2330
EinharShore Rocks1140
EinharDead Seagull3710
EinharDead Seagull On Stick41220
EinharCannibal Sheet3710
NikoGhostly Fog735890
NikoFetid Smog75830
EinharShore Stub2330
AlvaSword In Ground41220
JunBlue Light Beam3580
NikoCave Pillar43170
NikoCave Stalagmite3710
NikoCave Trash1140
ZanaCave Treasure735890
AlvaCrypt Fire Pit34400
AlvaCrypt Rubble2330
AlvaCrypt Table52570
AlvaCrypt Tomb41220
EinharPalisade Cart41220
EinharChopped Wood3710
EinharFish Stand3710
EinharClay Pot1140
EinharPot Line3710
EinharHunted Rhoa56760
EinharScrap Pile52570
EinharSitting Log3710
NikoDen Pillar43170
NikoDen Large Rock1380
NikoDen Small Rock1140
NikoDen Stalagmites1140
NikoDen Large Stalagmites34400
AlvaVaal Marker41220
EinharMoss Monster715320
EinharPalm Tree43170
EinharMossy Cairn2330
EinharForest Rock1140
EinharStick With Skull3710
EinharPrayer Stones3710
EinharBandit Tent56760
EinharLush Tree31860
AlvaFresh Giblets52570
AlvaOld Giblets43170
AlvaDecrepit Fence41220
AlvaWinged Statue715320
EinharThicket Tree52570
AlvaVaal Debris2330
AlvaVaal Fire Pit2860
AlvaVaal Furniture1380
AlvaVaal Pylon2330
AlvaAncient Books1140
ZanaAmplifier Chair735890
NikoPrison Bunk1380
NikoPrison Desk1380
NikoPrison Table1380
AlvaGlowing Embers64090
NikoSewer Moss1140
NikoSewer Pipes1140
ZanaOriath Army Barrel3710
ZanaOriath Supply Crate3710
ZanaOriath Weapons Crate2380
ZanaOriath Supplies41220
ZanaOriath Armour Crate43170
AlvaColossus Hand655070
AlvaColossus Head655070
AlvaColossus Leg655070
AlvaColossus Sword655070
ZanaDead Oriath Soldier Elite41220
ZanaDead Oriath Soldier3710
ZanaDead Oriath Soldier Sitting3710
ZanaDead Oriath Soldier Pieces3710
ZanaDead Oriath Soldier Pile64090
EinharForest Flowers2330
EinharGarden Wall610720
NikoStone Pieces3710
NikoStone Shattered Pieces3710
NikoFlat Stone Slabs43170
NikoStacked Stone Slabs52570
NikoMarket Debris2330
NikoMarket Shelf43170
NikoShelf Debris2330
NikoLarge Shelf610720
NikoPrison Rostrum610720
NikoTools Board610720
NikoPrison Stocks43170
NikoPrison Rack31860
NikoHanging Cage56760
NikoSpiked Chair610720
NikoIron Boot2330
NikoPrison Cage56760
NikoTorture Table715320
NikoIron Maiden610720
NikoScavenger's Daughter3710
AlvaBlackguard Barricade52570
AlvaCatapult Ammo715320
EinharMetal Beam2330
EinharRusty Crane610720
EinharWeathered Crane56760
EinharAbandoned Crane715320
EinharWooden Pallet56760
EinharRusty Gear2860
EinharRusty Disk3710
EinharJunk Pile41220
EinharRusty Machine43170
EinharWooden Beam2330
EinharMetal Plate2330
EinharMetal Rod2330
EinharRusty Spindle3710
EinharLarge Slum Debris3710
EinharSlum Debris2330
AlvaSevered Heads64090
ZanaDead Ribbon2860
ZanaDead Guardian31860
ZanaDead Sentinel31860
NikoScattered Books3710
NikoLibrary Book Pile41220
ZanaLounge Chair56760
ZanaDining Chair56760
ZanaBook Shelf56760
ZanaStudy Desk715320
ZanaDressing Table3710
ZanaBird Cage735890
NikoSceptre Of God Debris2330
ZanaBroken Painting3710
EinharAnimal Skeleton3710
EinharSlum Fence43170
EinharWebbed Remains3710
EinharWebbed Stump3710
EinharSpider Food610720
ZanaGilded Book Shelf610720
ZanaTemple Chair2860
ZanaTemple Divider43170
ZanaDrawing Table56760
ZanaHanging Lamp610720
ZanaTemple Mat31860
ZanaOrnate Banner56760
ZanaOrnate Basin1910
ZanaBook Pile1380
ZanaLong Table41220
ZanaTemple Stool1380
ZanaTea Set64090
ZanaGilded Tools Board64090
ZanaOrnate Chair34400
AlvaRuined Banner64090
AlvaTemple Basin31860
AlvaRuined Book Shelf52570
AlvaRuined Chair41220
AlvaRuined Divider41220
AlvaBroken Floor2330
AlvaRuined Large Sofa Bed64090
AlvaRuined Long Table3710
AlvaRuined Mat3710
AlvaRuined Ornate Chair3710
AlvaRuined Sofa52570
AlvaRuined Sofa Bed41220
AlvaRuined Standing Lamp3710
AlvaRuined Stool52570
AlvaRuined Table41220
AlvaRuined Torture Table41220
AlvaRuined Experiment Table715320
ZanaTemple Sofa31860
ZanaLarge Sofa Bed625560
ZanaStanding Lamp43170
ZanaGilded Table47490
ZanaGilded Stocks47490
ZanaGilded Cradle47490
ZanaGilded Spiked Chair34400
ZanaGilded Cage34400
ZanaGilded Bastinado34400
ZanaGilded Iron Maiden516020
ZanaGilded Scavenger's Daughter2860
ZanaExperiment Table735890
ZanaTorture Urn715320
EinharBulb Palm610720
EinharGarden Palm56760
EinharLush Palm610720
EinharPalm Group735890
EinharRaphina Tree56760
EinharRavenal Tree75830
NikoWagon Debris2330
NikoDark Cargo Wagon610720
NikoLight Cargo Wagon516020
NikoTravel Wagon735890
NikoDamaged Barrels3710
NikoDamaged Cargo2330
NikoDamaged Shelves52570
ZanaBlackguard Infantry Tent43170
ZanaBlackguard Officer Tent735890
ZanaCatapult Ball735890
EinharBeach Flies3710
EinharFly Swarm3710
EinharBlown Grass735890
EinharHung Corpse52570
EinharImpaled Corpse41220
ZanaDark Vessel22040
ZanaGolden Vessel22040
AlvaAncient Vessel2330
AlvaVaal Sarcophagus43170
EinharTribal Chest43170
AlvaWeapon Rack64090
EinharCamp Rug3710
EinharMedium Tent75830
EinharLarge Tent735890
EinharOvergrown Arch52570
EinharGarden Path41220
EinharRoad Trim41220
EinharOvergrown Wall610720
AlvaVaal Letter31860
NikoMarket Pillar43170
NikoHigh Chair1140
AlvaEmaciated Corpse52570
AlvaCavia Porcellus56760
AlvaBloody Corpse52570
AlvaDisembodied Corpse52570
AlvaEmaciated Corpse Pile610720
AlvaCavia Porcellus Pile735890
AlvaBloody Corpse Pile715320
AlvaCovered Corpses64090
NikoDisplay Case715320
NikoSkeleton Display610720
NikoSkull Display56760
NikoMessy Study Table715320
AlvaSarn Archway735890
EinharSarn Tree610720
EinharBlown Leaves75830
ZanaGolden Arch735890
ZanaSmall Bird Cage516020
ZanaMedium Bird Cage735890
ZanaLarge Bird Cage735890
ZanaBronze Piping2860
ZanaExtraction Device34400
ZanaFloral Chair610720
ZanaLordly Chair715320
ZanaDining Table735890
ZanaSide Table735890
NikoSteam Pipes43170
NikoSlum Building735890
NikoIron Fence56760
NikoStone Hitching Post31860
NikoTorture Device735890
EinharWeb-Covered Tree43170
NikoLibrary Bust43170
ZanaGolden Bust47490
EinharOvergrown Offering Statue715320
EinharOvergrown Statue56760
EinharLarge Overgrown Statue715320
ZanaGolden Statue47490
ZanaMedium Golden Statue516020
ZanaLarge Golden Statue735890
NikoLibrary Statue610720
EinharStone Statue610720
ZanaTemple Arch516020
AlvaCorrupted Specks715320
NikoPipe Kit31860
AlvaBoat Remains3710
AlvaLarge Boat Remains43170
AlvaBoat Wreckage52570
AlvaBody Bag56760
AlvaDriftwood Log2330
AlvaDriftwood Archway56760
AlvaMast Arch715320
EinharRhoa Nest610720
EinharSeagull Nest3710
AlvaLarge Rocks52570
AlvaLarge Fortification610720
ZanaGolden Offering Statue635890
AlvaDecayed Statue56760
NikoCopper Chest43170
ZanaGolden Chest516020
AlvaChurch Pillar41220
AlvaLarge Pillar56760
AlvaChurch Wall Gate625560
AlvaLarge Church Wall Arch715320
AlvaCrypt Pillar56760
AlvaCatacomb Pillar56760
AlvaStone Pillar41220
AlvaWeathered Pot1380
AlvaLarge Crypt Rubble3710
AlvaFellshrine Ruins735890
AlvaChurch Wall610720
AlvaStone Well31860
ZanaGolden Sparkles715320
EinharFortification Door610720
EinharPalisade Gate610720
EinharLookout's Booth31860
ZanaLetters of Exile735890
AlvaLighthouse Remains735890
AlvaStone Archway516020
EinharLion Statue715320
EinharStone Obelisk41220
EinharForest Tree3710
EinharDry Tree43170
AlvaThick Trees610720
AlvaDecorated Tree56760
AlvaDecorated Trees715320
AlvaWebbed Tree43170
AlvaTree Hut735890
EinharMossy Wall56760
EinharLow Mossy Wall41220
EinharStone Arch715320
EinharMossy Wall Arch52570
AlvaVaal Altar610720
AlvaVaal Pillar516020
NikoAxiom Pillar43170
NikoPrison Bars75830
NikoPedestal Cage75830
AlvaRuined Columns625560
NikoRuined Fence52570
AlvaRuined Pillar52570
NikoWorn Anvil3710
NikoGrigor's Wall43170
NikoWooden Fence43170
NikoLow Fire Pit2860
NikoHanging Brazier56760
NikoWooden Post64090
NikoStone Post43170
NikoWooden Hut516020
NikoScavenged Rug31860
NikoFunctional Stall715320
NikoElaborate Stall735890
NikoStall Counter610720
AlvaSwamp Tree Stump41220
AlvaSwamp Tree56760
AlvaRotten Stump610720
ZanaGolden Bars516020
ZanaRed Carpet43170
ZanaTemple Pillar610720
ZanaTemple Desk610720
ZanaGilded Torture Table625560
ZanaPillars and Flag625560
ZanaTemple Throne735890
EinharWhale Skeleton Arms715320
EinharWhale Skeleton Bones610720
EinharWhale Skeleton Head715320
EinharWhale Skeleton Ribs715320
EinharLarge Whale Skeleton Ribs715320
EinharWhale Skeleton Spine715320
AlvaHungry Exile41220
AlvaTired Exile41220
EinharDepressed Exile41220
EinharWounded Exile41220
AlvaFrightened Exile52570
AlvaFull Armour Stand31860
AlvaBow Rack31860
AlvaRound Weapon Rack516020
AlvaHighgate Weapon Rack735890
AlvaBody Armour Stand1910
AlvaHelmet Stand1910
AlvaSitting Lion Statue47490
AlvaSleeping Lion Statue22040
AlvaStanding Lion Statue625560
AlvaGolden Lion Statue655070
AlvaLarge Aqueduct Boat735890
AlvaBelly Ground Spikes610720
AlvaImpaled Monster625560
AlvaFlesh Glob610720
AlvaBlood Fog (Red)715320
AlvaBlood Fog (Yellow)715320
NikoCrystal Debris75830
AlvaBeast Egg stalk715320
AlvaBeast Eyestalk715320
AlvaAbsorbed Flesh610720
EinharMalachai's Dedication47490
AlvaBulbous Flesh610720
AlvaVestigial Organs610720
AlvaVascular Growth715320
AlvaWall of Spikes56760
AlvaGlandular Anemone735890
AlvaTumorous Cluster610720
NikoSurgical Debris64090
AlvaStygian Tick610720
ZanaSand Tracks64090
ZanaArena Flowers715320
ZanaFlower Pot64090
ZanaPillar Debris52570
ZanaThin Column610720
EinharAnimal Cage2860
EinharAnimal Pile31860
EinharPit Cleanup Cart34400
EinharPitbull Corpse3710
AlvaHead Platter52570
EinharPit Flags56760
EinharPit Post52570
EinharSlave Cart610720
EinharSlave Post43170
NikoVoll's Confession625560
NikoCrumbled Barricade41220
NikoCrumbled Boxes1140
NikoCrumbled Carts1140
NikoCrumbled Flag41220
NikoWeathered Tent56760
NikoCorrupt Marble56760
NikoFossilised Miners610720
NikoMine Rock3330
NikoMine Cart31860
EinharMaulhead Basket31860
EinharMeat Baskets31860
EinharArena Fence3710
EinharDry Flax43170
EinharLava Fountain655070
EinharRed Grass41220
EinharKaom Rock610720
EinharSkull Spikes1140
EinharLava Glow625560
EinharKarui Palisade52570
EinharWooden Plate2860
EinharSack of Gems75830
EinharWeathered Skull Pile52570
EinharWeathered Skull Display715320
EinharSpiral Stone47490
EinharWhare Rug43170
NikoWater Pipe41220
NikoMaraketh Lantern64090
NikoHighgate Column715320
NikoWater Fog715320
EinharAgave Plant41220
EinharAloe Plant41220
EinharDesert Cactus31860
EinharDesert Grass3710
EinharDesert Plants52570
EinharFlax Plant31860
EinharMacrotaen Plant41220
EinharPoppy Plant41220
NikoLabyrinth Cogs610720
ZanaDoor Frame610720
NikoLabyrinth Lever610720
NikoWall Switch56760
NikoLabyrinth Plaque47490
AlvaGarden Column47490
EinharCrude Fence41220
NikoBroken Ornate Fence52570
NikoOrnate Fence56760
EinharClump of Vines2860
NikoBroken Spikes52570
ZanaClassical Wall Decoration56760
NikoLabyrinth Corpses41220
ZanaSplintered Wood3710
EinharRotten Dead Fish2330
ZanaRail Post41220
ZanaLabyrinth Rosette52570
NikoShattered Blade41220
NikoBlade Sentry Debris41220
NikoBroken Blade Sentry52570
NikoBroken Spinner Debris41220
NikoBroken Spinner52570
NikoDart Debris41220
NikoEdge Blade625560
NikoSawblade Tracks41220
NikoSpinner Tracks41220
ZanaGarden Statue625560
ZanaCircular Column625560
EinharSmall Garden Statue52570
EinharLarge Garden Statue715320
AlvaRapture Device516020
EinharKaom's Throne516020
NikoGoddess Statue516020
ZanaSanctum Statue735890
EinharReef Coral3710
EinharBeach Coral3710
EinharCoral Grass3710
EinharCoral Barnacles52570
EinharCoral Cluster625560
EinharCoral Formation715320
AlvaSarn Palm56760
EinharRock Formation610720
AlvaRuined Arch715320
AlvaDig Machinery56760
AlvaWooden Board3710
AlvaExcavated Brick2330
AlvaCloth Post41220
AlvaRuined Column64090
AlvaRamshackle Hut715320
AlvaRubble Strip41220
AlvaArchaeologist's Peg1380
AlvaAncient Rubble2330
AlvaExposed Ruins2860
AlvaDried Well47490
AlvaFoothills Grass3710
AlvaFoothills Debris3710
AlvaWagon Wheel41220
ZanaFrozen Tree735890
ZanaVerdant Tree735890
ZanaOriathan Books2380
ZanaCourthouse Bench31860
ZanaCourthouse Bust52570
ZanaCourthouse Armchair34400
ZanaInterrogation Tools34400
ZanaDominus Portrait75830
ZanaInterrogation Chair43170
ZanaJustice Statue735890
ZanaReading Desk56760
ZanaCourthouse Side Table31860
ZanaCoffee Table43170
ZanaCourt Bookcase610720
ZanaTemplar Rug41220
ZanaCourthouse Desk56760
ZanaJury Stand610720
ZanaCourthouse Table56760
ZanaWriting Desk56760
ZanaBurned Books52570
ZanaBurned Chair52570
ZanaBurned Rug52570
ZanaBurned Bookcase64090
ZanaBurned Desk64090
ZanaOrnate Planter610720
ZanaPlant Pot56760
ZanaOriath Statue735890
NikoOil Lamp64090
NikoOrnate Vase64090
NikoStrange Globe610720
NikoMetal Relic Stand56760
NikoOrnate Relic Stand56760
NikoTiny Relic Stand52570
NikoSmall Relic Stand52570
NikoSmall Looted Stand52570
NikoRelic Stand610720
NikoLooted Stand64090
NikoSmall Relic Display610720
NikoSmall Looted Display610720
NikoSmall Relic Table610720
NikoSmall Looted Table610720
NikoRelic Display715320
NikoLooted Display75830
NikoRelic Table715320
NikoLooted Table75830
NikoLarge Relic Display715320
NikoRelic Case610720
NikoLooted Case610720
NikoRelic Crate610720
NikoLooted Crate610720
NikoMap Board610720
NikoScattered Papers64090
NikoReliquary Pillar52570
NikoShrouded Furniture75830
NikoDiscarded Sheet75830
NikoBroken Glass41220
NikoRelic Pile43170
AlvaOssuary Brazier56760
AlvaWeathered Grave41220
AlvaOssuary Plaque41220
AlvaOssuary Grave56760
AlvaOssuary Grave Marker516020
AlvaOssuary Pillar516020
AlvaBone Sculpture610720
AlvaBone Display715320
AlvaSkull Pile41220
ZanaBathhouse Rug56760
ZanaBathhouse Mosaic625560
ZanaTower Archway516020
ZanaBrick Archway56760
NikoPower Cable52570
ZanaTower Debris52570
NikoTower Pod715320
NikoTower Apparatus777540
NikoSteam Hydrant52570
ZanaWooden Planks1380
NikoFloor Pipes64090
NikoWall Machinery610720
NikoStatue of the Sisters625560
AlvaMosaic Wall34400
ZanaSky Shrine Wall715320
ZanaSky Shrine Door715320
ZanaSky Shrine Mosaic715320
ZanaSky Shrine Pillar715320
ZanaSky Shrine Rubble52570
ZanaBroken Barricade52570
ZanaBridge Debris41220
ZanaLantern Post41220
AlvaPooling Blood56760
ZanaSummoning Circle47490
ZanaBroken Pole52570
ZanaRamshackle Crate52570
ZanaCorpse Cart610720
ZanaCorpse Crane735890
EinharKitava Head625560
EinharKitava Heart516020
EinharKitava Horns47490
ZanaRamshackle Wall610720
NikoAbyssal Ritual Circle777540
NikoAbyssal Whale Bones735890
EinharRusted Cage1380
AlvaArakaali Egg610720
ZanaArched Gateway735890
NikoAshen Bonfire610720
NikoAzurite Bucket1910
NikoAzurite Chunk43170
NikoAzurite Vein735890
EinharBestiary Notes52570
EinharFence Debris3710
EinharBuilding Supplies2860
EinharBurlap Sack1140
EinharBurned Branch41220
EinharBurned Tree41220
ZanaCathedral Debris64090
ZanaCathedral Podium735890
ZanaCathedral Tiles52570
NikoCatherine Wheel610720
NikoCharred Crater52570
NikoClay Bucket31860
EinharCloth Sack2860
ZanaComfy Chair735890
ZanaDead Slave41220
NikoDecorative Rug52570
EinharDestroyed Barricade1140
EinharEmpty Crate3710
ZanaSlave Gallows735890
AlvaGruthkul Shrine735890
EinharHitching Post3710
ZanaIce Blocks2330
ZanaImage of Catarina777540
ZanaImage of Elreon777540
ZanaImage of Haku777540
ZanaImage of Leo777540
ZanaImage of Tora777540
ZanaImage of Vagan777540
ZanaImage of Vorici777540
ZanaIncense Burner22040
ZanaInnocence Altar34400
ZanaInnocence Bench1910
ZanaInnocence Candelabra31860
ZanaInnocence Candle1140
ZanaInnocence Candle Row2330
ZanaInnocence Shrine47490
ZanaInnocence Side Table22040
ZanaInnocence Statue735890
ZanaInnocence Statue Pedestal625560
ZanaInnocence Tomb625560
NikoIron Brazier1910
NikoIron Candelabra22040
NikoIron Lantern31860
NikoIron Stove610720
EinharKarui Carving47490
EinharKitava Altar625560
EinharKitava Banner610720
ZanaKitchen Cabinet56760
NikoLaboratory Alembic516020
NikoLaboratory Apparatus52570
NikoLaboratory Fireplace610720
NikoLaboratory Flask41220
NikoLaboratory Flask Tower610720
NikoLaboratory Pipe52570
NikoLaboratory Shelf610720
NikoLaboratory Tank516020
NikoMetamorph Tank735890
NikoLaboratory Work Bench52570
NikoLaboratory Table41220
NikoLaboratory Vats516020
EinharMenagerie Altar777540
EinharMenagerie Bucket2860
EinharMenagerie Cage715320
EinharMenagerie Cage Fence52570
EinharMenagerie Feeding Trough2860
EinharMenagerie Fence3710
EinharMenagerie Food Tray41220
EinharMenagerie Large Trough610720
EinharMenagerie Nest41220
EinharMenagerie Rope Fence1380
EinharMenagerie Spirit Barrier715320
NikoMetal Lantern31860
NikoAzurite Mine Cart43170
NikoMining Equipment516020
NikoMining Machinery625560
EinharMonster Corpse1910
NikoMushroom Cluster1140
ZanaOriath Barrels1140
ZanaOriath Brazier52570
ZanaOriath Guard Shed735890
ZanaOriath Ladder41220
ZanaOriath Lantern3710
ZanaOriath Rubble64090
ZanaOriath Scaffolding715320
NikoOvergrown Corpse1140
ZanaPhoenix Vent75830
ZanaPohutukawa Tree735890
ZanaPortal Parts625560
EinharRamshackle Ladder2860
EinharRope Basket3710
AlvaRyslatha Tree625560
AlvaSeed of Corruption516020
EinharSki Equipment52570
AlvaSlave Cage43170
AlvaSlave Pens Barrel2860
AlvaSlave Pens Bed31860
AlvaSlave Pens Bench3710
AlvaSlave Pens Bunk Bed31860
AlvaSlave Pens Chair2330
AlvaSlave Pens Crate41220
AlvaSlave Pens Dining Table56760
AlvaSlave Pens Drawing Table2860
AlvaSlave Pens Rug64090
AlvaSlave Pens Stool1140
AlvaSlave Pens Table31860
AlvaSlave Pens Wagon52570
NikoSmithing Equipment516020
ZanaSnow Drift2330
EinharSnowy Hay Bale41220
NikoSulphite Light43170
NikoSulphite Vein610720
NikoSulphur Stack610720
EinharTarget Dummy41220
ZanaTemplar Barricade52570
ZanaTemplar Corpse41220
ZanaTemplar Experiment Table1140
ZanaTemplar Torture Table625560
AlvaVaal Armour Rack715320
AlvaVaal Atlas Chart735890
AlvaVaal Block52570
AlvaVaal Bookshelf47490
AlvaVaal Curtain3710
AlvaVaal Figurine34400
AlvaVaal Large Altar47490
AlvaVaal Mechanism625560
AlvaVaal Mummy625560
AlvaVaal Notes56760
AlvaVaal Reading Table47490
AlvaVaal Round Altar610720
AlvaVaal Rug34400
AlvaVaal Scattered Papers56760
AlvaVaal Square Altar610720
AlvaVaal Statue516020
AlvaVaal Tablets43170
AlvaVaal Treasure Trove735890
AlvaVaal Weapon Rack625560
AlvaVaal Weathered Pillar610720
NikoVolcanic Pebble64090
NikoVolcanic Rock64090
EinharWhare Floor56760
ZanaWicker Basket3710
EinharWooden Barricade31860
ZanaWooden Bucket41220
NikoWooden Stool41220
NikoWooden Tray52570
NikoWooden Workbench43170
ZanaWounded Slave52570
ZanaKitava Skull655070
JunSnowy Rock41220
JunLarge Snowy Rock52570
JunMountain Spring625560
JunBare Tree3710
JunBare Branches2330
ZanaArena Petals41220
JunCharred Wood Pile1140
JunPrisoners' Monument516020
JunOriath Square Fountain777540
JunOriath Curb3710
JunTriumph Fountain47490
JunOriath Ground2330
JunOriath Doorway47490
JunOriathan Child34400
JunSand Pile3710
JunBeast Trophy47490
JunSyndicate Flag34400
JunSyndicate Cage22010
JunSyndicate Cart22010
JunCorpse Sculpture625560
JunArtefact Cage75830
JunSyndicate Drawers22010
JunSyndicate Shelf34400
JunSyndicate Ladder34400
JunSyndicate Cabinet1910
JunSyndicate Table1910
JunSyndicate Desk1910
JunWarped Skull3710
JunManifesto Altar516020
JunSandy Grave1910
JunManifesto Stand516020
JunSyndicate Fortification625560
JunSyndicate Statue47490
JunSyndicate Display41220
JunWeapon Display Table516020
JunSyndicate Armour Rack47490
JunBlacksmith's Rack52570
JunAssassin's Daggers735890
JunSword Display Case22040
JunGeomancer's Bench625560
JunSyndicate Helm Stand47490
JunBlacksmith's Barrel41210
JunSyndicate Mannequin47490
JunSyndicate Shield Stand516020
JunKarui Weapon Holder47490
JunKarui Weapon Rack34400
JunKarui Weapon Display516020
JunPrimeval Support34400
JunPrimeval Tablet3710
JunPrimeval Carving75830
JunPrimeval Pillar625560
JunPrimeval Container41220
JunPrimeval Bench64090
JunPrimeval Column Arc516020
JunPrimeval Way Marker52570
JunPrimeval Column64090
JunPrimeval Debris1140
JunPrimeval Rubble1140
JunPetrified Primevals22040
JunPrimeval Planter47490
JunPrimeval Vase2330
JunPrimeval Marker41220
JunPrimeval Stand41220
JunPrimeval Floor Crystal34400
JunPrimeval Shrine47490
JunPrimeval Trough3710
JunPrimeval Throne34400
JunPrimeval Tree Planter1910
JunPrimeval Chair52570
JunPrimeval Table22040
JunPrimeval Floor Mural22040
JunPrimeval Floor Light47490
JunPrimeval Power Source777540
JunSanctum Pillar1910
JunOvergrown Boulder52570
JunPetrified Stump64090
JunPetrified Tree75830
JunTheurgic Precipitate Machine655070
JunTree Roots34400
JunClassical Painting64090
JunSpore Pods1140
JunOriath Barrier41220
JunToxic Pods1140
JunToxic Pustules2330
JunToxic Fungus1140
JunToxic Growths2330
JunPirate Remains22040
JunScattered Coins1140
JunRising Smoke2330
JunThick Smoke47490
JunRaging Fire34400
JunAltar Burner22040
JunCharred Skeleton1140
JunBamboo Pile1140
JunBamboo Fence3710
JunBamboo Divider2330
JunBamboo Floor3710
JunMaraketh Rug22040
JunMaraketh Cushion1140
JunMaraketh Banner22040
JunMaraketh Brazier41220
JunRhex Statue516020
JunPlanter Box2330
JunMaple Tree1910
JunTasuni's Shrine34400
JunShrine Table1910
JunOyun's Throne516020
JunMaraketh Gong47490
JunMaraketh Table22040
NikoThaumaturgy Pillar43170
ZanaBlocking Volume2140
JunBlood Pool Kit3710
JunPool Kit3710
ZanaWater Plane3330
AlvaBlood Plane3330
EinharGrass Patch3710
ZanaTemplar Courts Ground2330
AlvaFlagstone Ground2330
AlvaForest Encampment Ground2330
ZanaLioneye's Watch Ground2330
NikoDirt Ground2330
EinharGrass Ground2330
JunTile Ground2330
NikoSewer Ground2330
EinharArctic Ground2330
JunSand Ground2330
ZanaWood Ground2330
ZanaVoid Ground2330
JunRitual Totem725560
JunOrnate Bar47490
JunOrnate Wall Hanging1910
JunLotus Terrace Stand516020
JunLotus Bench22040
ZanaMaven's Astrolabe735890
NikoFrozen Lake3710
NikoThe Crawler47490

Community Wiki

Wiki Edit


A hideout is a special area players can design for themselves. Hideouts can first be unlocked after freeing Helena in Act 2, who will let you change hideouts and help find new ones. Players can invite masters, Helena, Navali, Kirac and former league-specific NPCs Sister Cassia, Tane] to their hideout. Player can also and decorate hideout with decorations. Decorations are bought from the masters for special earnable currency called "Favour".

Hideouts can be visited using the /hideout command while in town, or from any waypoint. The waypoint for the hideout is found in the bottom right corner of the map, but only appears for players when they are at a waypoint.

Unlocking hideouts

When first finding a hideout, it must be fully cleared of all monsters in it. Afterwards, the tileset for the hideout is unlocked.

Note: Even after clearing the monsters inside the hideout, other players can come in afterwards to unlock it.[confirmation needed]


It is possible to buy various decorations (a maximum of 750) for favour from the masters in the hideout or from masters in towns. By pressing the "Hideout"-button players can see the Decorations available. By pressing the "Edit"-button players can move the decorations and rotate them around.

Hover over the "i"-button in the Editing-Menu to get the following instructions.

  • To move an object, drag it or press the arrow keys.
  • To rotate an object, drag between the two circles or press R/Shift+R.
  • To rotate an object exactly 90°, use CTRL+R/CTRL+ALT+R.
  • To flip an object, use F.
  • To change the variation of a decoration, use the mousewheel or press Page Up/Page Down.
  • To reclaim an object, select it and press Delete.
  • When finished, click the Done button.


Players can visit someone else's hideout by right clicking on the desired player's name and choosing "Visit Hideout".

It's possible to control who can do this via tickboxes at the bottom of the hideout stash. Players can separately allow or disallow friends, guild members, or party members.

Visitors can sell at masters, but cannot buy, and cannot use any crafting benches.

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