Hideouts /81 ⍟
Lush Hideout
Unlock: The Dread Thicket
Robber's Trench Hideout
Unlock: Dig Map
Rarity: Extremely Rare
Battle-scarred Hideout
Unlock: Promenade Map
Rarity: Rare
Coastal Hideout
Unlock: Atoll Map
Rarity: Rare
Enlightened Hideout
Unlock: Academy Map
Rarity: Rare
Overgrown Hideout
Unlock: Orchard Map
Rarity: Very Rare
Immaculate Hideout
Unlock: Ivory Temple Map
Rarity: Rare
Unearthed Hideout
Unlock: Graveyard Map
Rarity: Rare
Backstreet Hideout
Unlock: Arcade Map
Rarity: Rare
Undercity Hideout
Unlock: The Sewers
Excavated Hideout
Unlock: The Crystal Veins
Stately Hideout
Unlock: Oriath Square, The Ruined Square
Coral Hideout
Unlock: The Cavern of Anger
Baleful Hideout
Unlock: The Chamber of Sins Level 2
Desert Hideout
Unlock: The Oasis
Skeletal Hideout
Unlock: The Ossuary
Luxurious Hideout
Unlock: The Bath House
Cartographer's Hideout
Unlock: The Templar Laboratory
Towering Hideout
Corrupted Hideout
Innocent Hideout
Shaped Hideout
Furious Hideout
Champion's Hideout
Indomitable Hideout
Morbid Hideout
Eclipsed Hideout
Ravenous Hideout
Sunken Hideout
Unlock: Sunken City Map
Rarity: Extremely Rare
Celestial Hideout
Unlock: The Shaper's Realm
Divided Hideout
Unlock: The Twilight Temple
Rarity: Rare
Arboreal Hideout
Unlock: Terrace Map
Rarity: Extremely Rare
Haunted Hideout
Unlock: Haunted Mansion Map
Rarity: Extremely Rare
Brutal Hideout
Unlock: Tower Map
Rarity: Very Rare
Sanguine Hideout
Unlock: Crimson Temple Map
Rarity: Extremely Rare
Glacial Hideout
Unlock: Iceberg Map
Rarity: Very Rare
Alpine Hideout
Unlock: Summit Map
Rarity: Very Rare
Doomguard Hideout
Sunspire Hideout
Glimmerwood Hideout
Celestial Nebula Hideout
Entombed Hideout
Void Hideout
Chiyou Hideout
Infinite Abyss Hideout
Urban Sprawl Hideout
Boundless Skies Hideout
Endless Sands Hideout
Eternal Wasteland Hideout
Vast Plains Hideout
All at Sea Hideout
Glacial Expanse Hideout
Thaumaturgical Hideout
Yaochi Hideout
Humanoid Pet Hideout
Nocturnal Hideout
Unlock: Moon Temple Map
Rarity: Extremely Rare
Primeval Hideout
Unlock: Primordial Blocks Map
Rarity: Extremely Rare
Ritualist's Hideout
Crucible Hideout
Tavern Hideout
Azurite Cavern Hideout
Synthesis Hideout
Redeemer's Hideout
Cataclysmic Hideout
Black Void Hideout
Ancestral Hideout
Timekeeper's Hideout
Ghost-lit Graveyard Hideout
Polaric Hideout
Seething Hideout
Atlas Hideout
Tangled Hideout
Searing Hideout
ExileCon 2023 Hideout
Forge of the Titans Hideout
Trial of the Ancestors Hideout
Enigma Hideout
Cosmic Turtle Hideout
[DNT] Lake Hideout
[DNT] MistWoodHideout
[DNT] Lake Hideout Evil
Waypoints The Help Panel

Waypoints The Help Panel

Waypoints and the World Panel


Wraeclast is pretty big, and is full of places you'll want to visit and revisit. To help you get around, the land is dotted with 'Waypoints' which let you quickly travel to destinations you have previously visited. To use a waypoint, activate it and select where you would like to travel. You can only travel to waypoints you've activated previously, so it is always worth activating new waypoints when you come across them.

Selecting a quest icon on the World Panel will display a path to the next step of the quest.

The World Panel:

When you click on a waypoint, the panel that pops up is called the World Panel. It doesn't just show your waypoints, however; It also displays every area you have previously visited, as well as some connected areas you haven't been to yet. Your quests are listed below the map, and by selecting one you can highlight the path that you need to follow to complete it. Because areas in Path of Exile have varying degrees of random generation, you may not always recognize the layout of an area, even if you've been there several times. The minimap or map overlay may also be different and will need to be revealed again. This may take some getting used to, but it means no two playthroughs are exactly the same.

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A hideout is a special area players can design for themselves. Hideouts can first be unlocked after freeing Helena in Act 2, who will let you change hideouts and help find new ones. Players can invite masters, Helena, Navali, Kirac and former league-specific NPCs Sister Cassia, Tane] to their hideout. Player can also and decorate hideout with decorations. Decorations are bought from the masters for special earnable currency called "Favour".

Hideouts can be visited using the /hideout command while in town, or from any waypoint. The waypoint for the hideout is found in the bottom right corner of the map, but only appears for players when they are at a waypoint.

Unlocking hideouts

When first finding a hideout, it must be fully cleared of all monsters in it. Afterwards, the tileset for the hideout is unlocked.

Note: Even after clearing the monsters inside the hideout, other players can come in afterwards to unlock it.[confirmation needed]


It is possible to buy various decorations (a maximum of 750) for favour from the masters in the hideout or from masters in towns. By pressing the "Hideout"-button players can see the Decorations available. By pressing the "Edit"-button players can move the decorations and rotate them around.

Hover over the "i"-button in the Editing-Menu to get the following instructions.

  • To move an object, drag it or press the arrow keys.
  • To rotate an object, drag between the two circles or press R/Shift+R.
  • To rotate an object exactly 90°, use CTRL+R/CTRL+ALT+R.
  • To flip an object, use F.
  • To change the variation of a decoration, use the mousewheel or press Page Up/Page Down.
  • To reclaim an object, select it and press Delete.
  • When finished, click the Done button.


Players can visit someone else's hideout by right clicking on the desired player's name and choosing "Visit Hideout".

It's possible to control who can do this via tickboxes at the bottom of the hideout stash. Players can separately allow or disallow friends, guild members, or party members.

Visitors can sell at masters, but cannot buy, and cannot use any crafting benches.

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