The Maven's Writ
Map Fragments
Portal: Absence of Mercy and Empathy
Area Level: 84
It would be foolish to obey the Maven's demands.
It would also be foolish not to.
Open a portal to Absence of Mercy and Empathy by using this item in a personal Map Device. Can only be used once.
The Maven's Writ CurrencyMavenKey /8

The Maven's Writ CurrencyMavenKey /8

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DropLevel 83
BaseType The Maven's Writ
Class Map Fragments
FlagsAllocateToMapMaker, AlwaysAllocate
MTX Tab Stacks5000
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Map Device Recipes /1 ⍟

Map Device Recipes /1 ⍟

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The Maven's Writ

The Maven's Writ is a map fragment which is required to fight The Maven herself.

Item acquisition

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