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You are a welcome sight, daughter of Ngamakanui.
Tala moana, Marauder of Ngamakanui. No need to be surprised, Karui. My father and I were amongst those who tried to save your people from ignorance and damnation. My father paid for his arrogance with his life. I'm still paying for mine.

I'm Nessa. And I suppose I should thank you ridding us of Hillock, that putrid giant you felled out there.

Be careful in the days to come. Karui savagery is nothing when compared to the ferocity that is Wraeclast.
Hargan is a man of many claims, and those claims seldom dance harmoniously together. A lie is a death sentence in Ngamakanui, so I was raised a daughter of Truth. Hargan is a son of self interest. He's no warrior nor spirit-singer; He's a {korangi}. I don't know the right word in Oriathan, but in Karui it means 'he who wins wars with false promises'.
To kill a man like Dominus, that's an accomplishment worthy of Kaom, my greatest ancestor. Were we in Ngamakanui, I'd make you a {makanga}, an honoured warrior. But we are not in Ngamakanui. We dwell in a city of death, and my respect is all the honour I can bestow on you.
Sarn fell in the course of an hour, no more. A tempest raged down from the mountains and engulfed the city, throwing it into midday darkness.

I saw madness in my colleagues' eyes. Watched as the most rational men in the Empire jabbered and slavered and slaughtered each other.

I witnessed Trinian, our gemling Intellectus Prime, engulfed by the radiance of his flaming cranial gem and wither, like a grape in the sun, into a thing of desiccation and famishment.

I've seen mountains spew fire in Ngamakanui. I've seen waves as tall as trees and winds that leveled warriors and walls alike. Nature is what nature is.

There was nothing natural about the cataclysm.
{Maramoa of Ngamakanui}

You have transgressed against your God and your fellow Man. You have been a willing vessel for the following Sins.

{Civil Envy}

{Inciting Insurrection amongst the Bonded Workforce

Three counts of Insubordination to Officers of the Ebony Legion}

{Mortal Wrath}

{Assaulting an Officer of the Ebony Legion

One count of Hericide}

God has charged me with your redemption. You are hereby Exiled to Wraeclast where, it is hoped, you shall come to repent your Sins, and make your peace with your beloved Father.

- High Templar Dominus
Kaom is gone. Our King has taken our finest five hundred warriors and descended into the depths of Wraeclast. He spoke to us of a vision, a gift from the ancestors. Kaom has been deceived. The vision was a gift from the black spirit. It has conquered Kaom. The black spirit has conquered the Karui Way.

Hyrri has made ready her canoes. We will take those that are left, five hundred forgotten families, and carry them back to their true homes. Back to Ngamakanui.

Kaom's promises have led us into nightmare. Hyrri will lead us back to the dawn.
{Book 5: The Emperor is dead. Long live the Emperor!}

On the last day of Divini 1333 IC, High Templar Voll laid siege to Sarn, his ranks swelled by Ezomyte, Karui and Maraketh rebels under the respective leaderships of Thane Rigwald, Hyrri of Ngamakanui and Sekhema Deshret. Emperor Chitus rallied his freshly minted Gemling Legionnaires and, for a time, looked set to execute an effective defence of the capital. But his efforts were cut short by his closest advisor and friend, Lord Mayor Ondar.

During the celebration of the Night of a Thousand Ribbons, Ondar struck Chitus down with blades tainted with the most virulent of poisons. Yet the emperor's inhuman constitution served him to the very last. Taking up his axe, Chitus cleaved Ondar in twain before expiring himself, in a visceral and calamitous display of thaumaturgy.

Malachai, Thaumaturge Laureate, and his gemling consort, Lady Dialla, were captured by Victario Nevalius' citizen revolutionaries shortly thereafter. With their leadership either dead or detained, the gemling aristocracy of Sarn had no choice but to offer the city's surrender.

Voll and his Army of Purity marched through the gates of the capital and the following day, the High Templar was crowned Emperor Voll the First.

{ - Garivaldi, Chronicler to the Empire}
Few of us can say that we've devoted our lives to anything greater than ourselves. Can you?

I think Utula can. Since the day I met him, I've seen Utula do nothing that wasn't in the service of his people.

He's a smart one. He could have escaped. He could have sailed off to Ngamakanui and never looked back. Yet there he stands, our herald of freedom. I might die of this wound, yet I'd be giving but a fraction of what Utula has to honour the Karui Way.
Once Kitava has gobbled up every scrap of Oriathan flesh, sucked every Oriathan bone dry of marrow, he'll turn his endless hunger to Ngamakanui and the whole Karui Archipelago.

As you know, the Karui will fight, and they'll fight hard, but they're going to need all the help they can get. And I know of three treasures that might just make the difference.

They were taken when the Templar raided Ngamakanui. A whip woven of Hinekora's hair. A tooth that Tukohama ripped from his own mouth. A fish hook that was once the jawbone of Valako. Together they're known as 'Kitava's Torments' and lie within the Reliquary that borders Oriath Square. I saw them with my own eyes when delivering messages to the scholars there.

Please, go to the Reliquary and claim those treasures before Kitava's children do.
Not all slaves believed Utula's lies. Some I know have managed to steal a ship and are soon to set sail for Ngamakanui. Hopefully, with these treasures onboard, Valako will bless their voyage and breathe deeply into their sails.

No, I'm not going with them. I helped bring this curse down upon Oriath so I'll help save what little there is left to save.

Here, take something, in thanks for your part in preserving the Karui Way.
I'd be lying if I said my hands were clean of slavery's blood. I was a soldier. I went where Dominus ordered me to go. I sailed with the expedition to Ngamakanui, killed Karui warriors and rounded up Karui captives like every other bastard in a Templar uniform.

So I don't blame Lani for wanting to take back her freedom. And I don't blame her for believing Utula's lies either. I certainly swallowed enough of Dominus' falsities to sicken my soul.

It's what we do now that matters. I can see that Lani's heart is in the right place, and for once in my damned life, so is mine.
With Dominus away in Wraeclast, someone had to keep the wheels of oppression turning. Avarius was only too happy to take the job. He'd had plenty of practice already, of course.

It was Avarius who led some of the largest and most crippling raids upon the Ngamakanui and the Ngakuramakoi. It was on his orders that men, women and children were shackled and shipped like cattle to Theopolis.

And it was Avarius who spent five thousand Karui lives building his Templar Courts and his Chamber of Innocence. Who had wives and daughters scrub their husbands' and fathers' blood from the stones so as to preserve their 'purity'.

When you meet Avarius, feel free to exact a little extra vengeance in the name of Karui suffering.
I do not wish to join my ancestors just yet, exile. In Ngamakanui, our treaties mandated that an offering of peace be witnessed by a third. I wish for peace. Will you choose our witness?
I do not wish to be here any longer, exile. The Ancestors whisper in my ear. They tell me that I am needed back home in Ngamakanui. Have you the mercy to let a man return to his family?
You got the book. Some moisture damage, but otherwise it seems to be in good condition.

{To my Karui Queen,
The Ngamakanui rose has never been so beautiful
nor its thorns so deadly.
Let your aim never waver,
And your story ever be told.}

Thank you. I'll make sure it finds its way back to Ngamakanui, where it belongs.
My mother was a great woman, and continues to be my role model, despite her inexplicable absence here. The other chieftains often talk about her wartime acts when she fought alongside Kaom, but by the time I was old enough to know her, she had long been Queen of the still-united tribes. I grew up in a time of turmoil and nightmare in the wake of the Cataclysm that destroyed the Eternals. Because she once helped put the men in power who likely caused it, my mother taught me that war is not the glorious endeavour our Way makes it out to be. All she wanted, by the end, was peace. She was begrudgingly taking an army raised from multiple tribes to deal with a strange threat on the edge of Ngamakanui... when she and her legion vanished without a trace. I did my best in the chaos that followed, but it wasn't enough...
Ah... yes... Ramako was impersonated by someone who visited Lani Hua, the Mother of the Moon, in his guise. My ancestors suspected the truth of this immediately. Arohongui had a very strange inheritance, with abilities prone to darkness and illusions, quite unlike Ramako's golden strength and honesty. There is a tale, very rarely told, of a deceiver being caught and locked away for this crime. Supposedly, it was the ancient elders of my tribe that enacted this justice. We consider the matter settled, but Sione and Lani Hua continue to battle for eternity in distant realms... they do not listen to us. They do not listen to anyone. All they care about is vengeance. It might be controversial in Western Ngamakanui, but I say that the gods who forget their people are not owed our loyalty.
You defeated Kitava, did you? Which one is that again? The Hungry God? No, the God of Hunger, right? There are so many Karui tribes, and so many gods. We don't all share the same ones, either. There are tribes in Western Ngamakanui, beyond Ezomyr, with gods most of us are barely aware of. Those tribes are strange, and we don't go there.
Ngamakanui isn't a place, not really. {Makanui} is our Way, and {Nga} means 'from' or 'of.' So anywhere that our people go—mostly islands, we like to roam—that is Ngamakanui, because we have brought our Way to it. Outsiders that don't understand us often mark Ngamakanui in a particular place on a map, but that is a mistake we don't care to correct. It is better that the Vaal don't know where we are. Speaking of the Vaal, I haven't heard anything about them in a long time. I wonder how they're doing these days...

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Path of Exile 2 Act 4 takes on the North Ngamakanui, Karui Tribe. It is near Siren Song Cove and Riben Fell.


  • Kingsmarch
  • Twilight Enclave
  • Shrike Island: Monster Level 46, The Karui dare the cliffs to prove themselves ready to be warriors.
  • Isle of Kin: Monster Level 45, The stink of sulphite sears the wind. Boss: The Blind Beast.
  • Journey's End: Monster Level 45, Countless ships lay broken upon the shoals.
  • Ngakanu
  • Ngatoto Island: Monster Level 45, A Tropical paradise settled by a friendly tribe.
  • Eternal Prison: Monster Level 45, Something still clatters on the bars...
  • Volcanic Warrens


  • The Hooded One
  • Alva
  • Preacher
  • Rog
  • Tujen
  • Dannig
  • Makoru
  • Rhodri

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