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Information Resources

Site Description
PoEDB Database and index for information from the ggpk
Developer API PoEDB API Collection
PoE Community Wiki Community fan wiki
Daily Labyrinth Layouts Labyrinth Layouts are updated daily by a team of runners

Character Builds and Planners

Site Description Builds An index of player and streamer character data in challenge and event leagues
Path of Building fork A fork of the original Path of Building with more features, managed by the community
PoE Planner An online build planner
PoESkillTree An offline build planner simple build aggregator
Mikelat's Mana Reserved Calculator A simple mana reserve calculator
PoE Build Browser An index of forum builds

Crafting Resources

Site Description
Craft of Exile Item crafting resource and simulator
Vorici Chromatic Calculator Attempts to calculate the optimal use for your Chromatic Orbs. May not be fully accurate.

Trading and Economy

Site Description
Official Path of Exile Trade PoE Shop Indexer
Better Trading Extension Extension for Google Chrome that can save trade searches and improves trading interface among other features A history graph of the price of items across leagues
PoE Antiquary index of older league price data from
PoE Overlay All-in-one macro and price checking tool. Requires installation of Overwolf. Has several additional features compared to the Community version.
PoE Overlay Community Fork All-in-one macro and price checking tool, standalone community version.
Awakened PoE Trade price checking tool
Menagerie A Path of Exile trade manager to simplify and speed up your trading experience, and much more!
PoE Lurker Compact trading manager and companion
GeforceNow Price Check
Watcher's Eye Search


Site Description
NeverSink.Filter NeverSink.Filter
FilterBlade Loot Filter Customizer
FilterBlast Loot Filter Hub & Editor

In-Game Tools

Site Description
Lutbot Logout Macro A TCP disconnect logout macro with more optional functionality. Also integrated with the Trade Macro.
Poestack All of your POE data in one place along with convient tools to find builds, value/sell items, and discover new currency strategies.


Site Description
HideoutShowcase Hideouts import file database and calculator. Contains screenshots, videos, master level required, decorations needed, etc.


Site Description
Developer Tracker Tracks the post from GGG staff members on the official forums and reddit.
Reddit A subreddit dedicated to Path of Exile


Site Description
The Forbidden Trove Discord Largest In-game trading Discord group
MF Academy MF Academy Discord group

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