Подношение богине
Фрагмент карты
Богине пора вынести окончательный приговор.
Твоя судьба находится в её чутких руках.
Отправляйтесь на Площадь претендентов и используйте этот предмет, чтобы открыть Вечный Лабиринт.
Offering to the Goddess
Подношение богине CurrencyOfferingToTheGoddess /10
ИмяПоказывать полное описание
DropLevel 1
BaseType Offering to the Goddess
BaseType Подношение богине
Class Обрывки карт
MTX Tab Stacks5000
ReferenceCommunity Wiki
Map Device Recipes /1 ⍟

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Offering to the Goddess

Offering to the Goddess is a map fragment received upon completing an Eternal trial.

One Offering to the Goddess is dropped when the plaque at the end of the Trial is touched. Only one Offering is dropped per Trial, regardless of the number of party members in the Trial.

Each run of the Eternal Labyrinth requires and consumes an Offering. Only one person per group needs to use an Offering.

An Offering can be used on the map device with no other items to open a random trial. Trials opened in this way will not award an Offering to the Goddess upon completion.

Accessing the Map Device

The first Map Device the player encounters is located in The Chamber of Sins Level 1 in Act 7 to use Maligaro's Map to enter Maligaro's Sanctum. This Map Device cannot activate any other map.

After completing the mission Picking Up the Pieces, the player will receive a Map Device item which can be placed in your hideout. This map device will also grant a 1% boost to item quantity, going up to 8% as you complete maps, or add previous challenge league modifiers at a cost of some Chaos Orbs.


In order to activate the device maps, map fragments, or miscellaneous map items, it need to be placed inside the Map Receptacle. Generally only one item is required, but for map fragments it is required to have a combination of matching fragments to open an area.

It is also possible to place other items with a map for bonuses, such as map fragments for bonus item quantity, Divine Vessel to collect Pantheon souls, and scarabs. The map device has 4 items slots. A fifth slot can be unlocked by completing the Domain of Timeless Conflict with four emblems used, as shown in the Atlas quick guide.

When the Map Device is activated, six portals to the map area are opened. Each portal can only be used once, and will be closed once the player exits the area. Opening a new portal inside the map will only move the entrance point to that position, instead of creating a brand new portal.

Miscellaneous Map Items

These items can be used on a Map Device to instance an area. They are classified as map fragments by metadata id.

  • Breachstones
  • Emblems

These items can be used on a Map Device to instance an area. They are classified as map fragments by metadata id but Misc Map Items by item class.

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