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Path of Exile 2

Path of Exile 2 is a new seven-act storyline that is available alongside the original Path of Exile 1 campaign. Both the old and new storyline lead to the same shared Atlas endgame.


  • 2023/7/29: Exilecon reveals PoE 2 Beta timeline
  • 2022/8/12: Announce Exilecon 2023
  • 2022/5/6: Beta Delayed To 2023, Full Release To 2024
  • 2021/8/11: Release around 2024
  • 2021/4/9: Second Trailer and Act2 Gameplay
  • 2021/3/24: Beta until 2022 at the earliest
  • 2019/11/16: First Trailer and Act1 Gameplay, Beta may start at end of 2020

Brief Summary

  • PoE2 and PoE1 are in the same game, just 2 separate campaign but shares the same endgame content.
  • PoE2 campaign-route will be randomly generated, so does the map route too! Unlike PoE1 have a static progression. This also mean PoE2 campaign will never feel the same in every playthrough.
  • PoE2 is in the same game, that's also means our microtransaction that we bought from PoE1 shares across in PoE2 too.
  • Skill Gems will have their on sockets, instead of relying on equipment sockets. Thus, Orb of Fusing will be removed and "mega-migration". TL;DR: Every skill can be 6-link.
  • Equipment sockets only matters on what color and amount of skill gems can be equip in it.
  • 19 new ascendancy, that have to do PoE2's campaign to obtain them.
  • PoE2 will introduce bunch of new skill archetype; such as shape-shifting, and melee-wielding-bow.
  • PoE2 also adds a bunch of QOL, such as 1 button that enable all aura skill, and boss's life will always showing on top of the screen.
  • PoE2 also include bunch of new base item; such as crossbow, and javelin.
  • New interesting town hub, such as a moving-caravan-town.
  • PoE2 doesn't use new game engine, but upgrading existing game engine instead, which is still brings a lot more graphic improvement to the game.


2022/5/6 Beta Delayed To 2023, Full Release To 2024

Grinding Gear admits that we’re unlikely to see it until late 2023, possibly slipping further into 2024. Reference

2021/8/11 PoE2 before 2024

Baeclast - Chris Wilson interview and Recent Topics from Community Podcasts

  • Tarkecat Question: PoE2 - How much of POE2 is down so far. Realistic for players to have it by 2024?
  • Chris Answer: Act 1 is 90% complete, work done all most acts. Act 2 it's 75% complete with later acts being started. Doesn't sound like a lot but had to work on setting standards and things in place and now gotten to full production mode. Plan to add 100 artists over the next few months. Will we see PoE before 2024 - are expectation is yes.

2021/4/29 Act2 Concept Art

Act2 in Path of Exile 2

2021/4/23 Narrative Design Philosophies

Narrative Design Philosophies

2021/4/9 Second Trailer

2021/3/24 Beta until 2022 at the earliest

Beta until 2022 at the earliest

2020/6/25 PoE2 not this year

What To Expect This Year

2019/11/16 Exilecon, Beta may start at end of 2020

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