Veiled Items The Help Panel

Veiled Items The Help Panel

Veiled Items

Once you have met Jun Ortoi, you will begin encountering the Immortal Syndicate. If you manage to defeat an Immortal Syndicate member, they may drop a Veiled Item. Veiled Items are special rare items with Veiled Modifiers - modifiers masked by ancient magic that only Jun Ortoi can reveal. When Jun unveils the modifier, you'll be presented with three different options for what that modifier will ultimately be. Not only are many of these modifiers very powerful, but unveiling them allows you to craft those modifiers using your Crafting Bench in your Hideout! So your choice is very important, even if you have no plans to use the item it appears on.

Even if you don't want to use the Veiled item, each unveiling grants progress towards the ability to craft those mods on any item you want.

Veiled modifiers often have multiple tiers, however all tiers of a modifier will be unlocked for crafting when unveiled for the first time. Once you have unlocked a Veiled modifier for crafting, it will be available for all of the characters you create in that league. Additionally, some modifiers can only appear on items from specific Immortal Syndicate members. You can check whether a Veiled modifier is from a certain member before you unveil it by looking at the advanced modifier description (enabled in the Options menu). One final thing to consider: even if you have unlocked all the Veiled modifiers you want, Veiled items still have value -- to other players! Some players may pay a premium for items that have not yet been unveiled, so that they can rapidly learn the recipes! Consider selling Veiled items to other players!

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