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Currency The Help Panel

Currency The Help Panel

Crafting and Currency Orbs

You can modify a vast number of objects in Path of Exile using the various orbs, scrolls, essences, whetstones and other stacking consumables. Collectively these items are referred to as "Currency", as they are also used to trade and barter with both NPCs and other players. At higher levels you might find currencies that other players value highly. The Orb of Transmutation, Orb of Alteration and Orb of Augmentation are great items to carry and use during your journey. They can be used to upgrade normal items to magic and to reroll or change the mods on magic items, and they're common enough that you can pretty quickly replace whatever you use. Using these currencies on flasks can let you customize their behaviour.

If you're in need of a damage boost, try using them on a weapon base-type that is close to your level. Sometimes a magic item with the right mods is better than a rare item with the wrong ones. We've listed out some of the more common currencies, and what they do, just below:

There are many more currency items than just these, and they can be used in other ways. Later on, you will be able to fill your Hideout with devices which let you spend currency to modify your items very precisely. If you've accumulated a few of a type of currency, don't be afraid to try using it on an item. Sometimes the results will surprise you!

Even strongboxes can be modified with currency. Keeping some with you will give you a degree of control over the contents of the strongboxes you come across.