Manifest Dancing Dervish
Level: 15
Cooldown Time: 0.5 sec
Cast Time: 1 sec
Requires Level 1
Manifests Dancing Dervish to fight by your side. While Dancing Dervish is manifested, you have Onslaught and cannot use Weapons. Cannot be supported by supports that would create other minions.
disable_weapons [1]
Minions have 25% increased Attack Speed
Minions deal 110% increased Attack Damage
100% chance to Trigger this Spell when you Rampage
30% increased Minion Movement Speed
25% chance to gain a Rampage Kill when Minion hits a Unique Enemy

Manifest Dancing Dervish

BaseType Manifest Dancing Dervish
TypeSpell, Minion, CreateMinion, Triggerable, TriggeredGrantedSkill, Type72, CreatesMinion, Type96, Triggered
Manifest Dancing Dervish Unique /2

Manifest Dancing Dervish Unique /2

Level Effect /1

Level Effect /1

LevelRequires LevelSupported Skills have 25% increased Attack SpeedSupported Skills deal 110% increased Attack Damagechance_to_cast_on_rampage_tier_% [100]Supported Skills have 30% increased Minion Movement Speed25% chance to gain a Rampage Kill when Minion hits a Unique EnemyExperience