Commands /64 ⍟
/played/played/played displays how long you have played this character for
/age/age/age displays how long ago you created this character
/remaining/remaining/remaining displays the number of monsters remaining in the area
/deaths/deaths/deaths displays how many deaths you have incurred
/ladder/ladder/ladder shows the top ten characters on the current ladder
/destroy/destroy/destroy destroys the item on your cursor (be careful!)
/whois/whois/whois displays some information about a character by name
/itemlevel/itemlevel/itemlevel displays the level of an item on your cursor
/bug/bug/bug reports a bug and gives you the report reference number
/ignore/ignore/ignore ignores an account by character name
/unignore/unignore/unignore stops ignoring an account by character name
/clear_ignore_list/clear_ignore_list/clear_ignore_list removes all accounts from your ignore list
/passives/passives/passives displays a breakdown of your Passive Skill points
/atlaspassives/atlaspassives/atlaspassives displays a breakdown of your Atlas Passive Skill points
/invite/invite/invite invites someone to your party by name
/friend/friend/friend adds a friend to your list by name
/autoreply/autoreply/autoreply [message] Autoreply to whispers with a custom message.
/afk/afk/afk [message] Autoreply to whispers that you are AFK. Performing any action, including chatting, will cancel AFK mode.
/dnd/dnd/dnd [message] Autoreply to whispers that you are DND and ignore all incoming messages.
/global/global/global [X] changes to global chat channel X.
/trade/trade/trade [X] changes to trade chat channel X.
/recheck_achievements/recheck_achievements/recheck_achievements Forces a recheck of certain achievements
/reset_xp/reset_xp/reset_xp Resets your experience per hour calculation.
/save_hideout/save_hideout/save_hideout Saves the current Hideout layout to a file that can be later loaded or shared.
/itemfilter/itemfilter/itemfilter allows you to specify a filter by name to instantly switch to using it
/kills/kills/kills displays how many experience granting kills you have accrued
/feedback/feedback/feedback submits feedback to the dev team
/leave/leave/leave Leaves the current party
/invitetohideout/invitetohideout/invitetohideout invites an account to your hideout by character name
Realm /18 ⍟
AmericaTexas (US)1
WashingtonDCWashington, D.C. (US)1
SanJoseCalifornia (US)1
EuropeAmsterdam (EU)1
LondonLondon (EU)1
FrankfurtFrankfurt (EU)1
MilanMilan (EU)1
BrazilSao Paulo (BR)1
ParisParis (EU)1
MiamiMiami (US)0
RussiaMoscow (RU)1
AotearoaAuckland (NZ)0
KoreaSeoul (KR)1
CanadaCanada (East)1
SouthAfricaSouth Africa1

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