Darkwood Shop /15 ⍟
DarkwoodHelmetDarkwood Helmet
Changes the appearance of any equipped helmet to the Darkwood Helmet.
DarkwoodBootsDarkwood Boots
Changes the appearance of any equipped boots to the Darkwood Boots.
DarkwoodGlovesDarkwood Gloves
Changes the appearance of any equipped gloves to the Darkwood Gloves.
DarkwoodBodyArmourDarkwood Body Armour
Changes the appearance of any equipped body armour to the Darkwood Body Armour.
DarkwoodCloakDarkwood Cloak
Adds the Darkwood Cloak back attachment to any equipped body armour.
DarkwoodWeaponSkinDarkwood Weapon
Changes the appearance of any equipped Dagger, Claw, Wand, Sword, One Hand Mace, One Hand Axe, Bow or Quiver to the Darkwood Weapon.
Weapon_DarkwoodWeaponEffectDarkwood Weapon Effect
Adds the Darkwood Weapon Effect to any equipped weapon.
DarkwoodFootprintsEffectDarkwood Footprints Effect
Adds Darkwood Footprints to any equipped pair of boots.
DarkwoodPortalEffectDarkwood Portal Effect
This character's portals use the Darkwood Portal Effect.
DarkwoodAuraEffectDarkwood Aura Effect
Your Aura becomes a Darkwood Effect.
DarkwoodHeraldEffectDarkwood Herald Effect
Your Herald becomes a Darkwood Effect.
DarkwoodRaiseSpectreSkinDarkwood Raise Spectre Skin
Your Spectres have a Darkwood Skin.
DarkwoodCarrionGolemEffectDarkwood Carrion Golem Skin
Your Carrion Golems become Darkwood Carrion Golems.
DarkwoodVolatileDeadEffectDarkwood Volatile Dead Effect
Your Volatile Dead becomes a Darkwood Effect.
DarkwoodCremationEffectDarkwood Cremation Effect
Your Cremation becomes a Darkwood Effect.

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