Doryani's Institute
id: GemRoomIII
Tier: 3
Contains chests full of gems and a device that can corrupt gems in a special way.
The enlightened fall victim to Doryani's dark dictum.
Doryani's Institute Monster /1
Doryani's Institute Attr /3
Flavour"Doryani himself conducted gem research at Atzoatl in its final days. What brilliant discoveries were lost with that temple?" - Icius Perandus, Antiquities Collection, Third Ciphered Tablet
AlvaTempleFeature_GemRoomIIIGoodness, if Chitus had ever found these... he'd have been unstoppable.
Incursion_GemRoom3They should call that room Zalatl's jewellery box! Imagine what their value will be today!

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