Furniture Hideout Doodads /249 ⍟
Crypt Table
Crypt Tomb
Sitting Log
Vaal Furniture
Amplifier Chair
Brutus' Cradle
Prison Bunk
Prison Desk
Prison Table
Market Debris
Market Shelf
Shelf Debris
Large Shelf
Prison Rostrum
Tools Board
Prison Stocks
Prison Rack
Spiked Chair
Iron Boot
Torture Table
Iron Maiden
Scavenger's Daughter
Lounge Chair
Dining Chair
Book Shelf
Study Desk
Dressing Table
Broken Painting
Gilded Book Shelf
Temple Chair
Temple Divider
Drawing Table
Long Table
Temple Stool
Tea Set
Gilded Tools Board
Ornate Chair
Ruined Book Shelf
Ruined Chair
Ruined Divider
Ruined Large Sofa Bed
Ruined Long Table
Ruined Ornate Chair
Ruined Sofa
Ruined Sofa Bed
Ruined Standing Lamp
Ruined Stool
Ruined Table
Ruined Torture Table
Ruined Experiment Table
Temple Sofa
Large Sofa Bed
Gilded Table
Gilded Stocks
Gilded Cradle
Gilded Spiked Chair
Gilded Cage
Gilded Bastinado
Gilded Iron Maiden
Gilded Scavenger's Daughter
Experiment Table
Torture Urn
Damaged Shelves
High Chair
Display Case
Skull Display
Messy Study Table
Small Bird Cage
Medium Bird Cage
Large Bird Cage
Floral Chair
Lordly Chair
Dining Table
Side Table
Torture Device
Letters of Exile
Pedestal Cage
Temple Desk
Gilded Torture Table
Pillars and Flag
Temple Throne
Arcane Throne
Infernal Throne
Verdant Throne
Solaris Throne
Animal Cage
Voll's Confession
Wooden Plate
Sack of Gems
Classical Wall Decoration
Kaom's Throne
Wasteland Campsite
Cloth Post
Courthouse Bench
Courthouse Armchair
Interrogation Tools
Dominus Portrait
Interrogation Chair
Reading Desk
Courthouse Side Table
Coffee Table
Court Bookcase
Courthouse Desk
Jury Stand
Courthouse Table
Writing Desk
Burned Chair
Burned Bookcase
Burned Desk
Ornate Vase
Strange Globe
Metal Relic Stand
Ornate Relic Stand
Tiny Relic Stand
Small Relic Stand
Small Looted Stand
Relic Stand
Looted Stand
Small Relic Display
Small Looted Display
Small Relic Table
Small Looted Table
Relic Display
Looted Display
Relic Table
Looted Table
Large Relic Display
Relic Case
Looted Case
Relic Crate
Looted Crate
Map Board
Shrouded Furniture
Bestiary Notes
Catherine Wheel
Comfy Chair
Slave Gallows
Hitching Post
Incense Burner
Innocence Altar
Innocence Bench
Innocence Candelabra
Innocence Candle
Innocence Candle Row
Innocence Shrine
Innocence Side Table
Iron Stove
Karui Carving
Kitava Altar
Kitchen Cabinet
Laboratory Alembic
Laboratory Apparatus
Laboratory Fireplace
Laboratory Flask
Laboratory Flask Tower
Laboratory Shelf
Laboratory Work Bench
Laboratory Table
Menagerie Altar
Oriath Ladder
Oriath Scaffolding
Ramshackle Ladder
Slave Pens Bed
Slave Pens Bench
Slave Pens Bunk Bed
Slave Pens Chair
Slave Pens Dining Table
Slave Pens Drawing Table
Slave Pens Stool
Slave Pens Table
Target Dummy
Templar Experiment Table
Templar Torture Table
Vaal Armour Rack
Vaal Atlas Chart
Vaal Bookshelf
Vaal Curtain
Vaal Reading Table
Vaal Weapon Rack
Wooden Stool
Wooden Tray
Wooden Workbench
Beast Trophy
Syndicate Drawers
Syndicate Shelf
Syndicate Ladder
Syndicate Cabinet
Syndicate Table
Syndicate Desk
Weapon Display Table
Syndicate Armour Rack
Blacksmith's Rack
Assassin's Daggers
Sword Display Case
Geomancer's Bench
Syndicate Helm Stand
Syndicate Mannequin
Syndicate Shield Stand
Karui Weapon Holder
Karui Weapon Rack
Karui Weapon Display
Primeval Bench
Primeval Throne
Primeval Chair
Primeval Table
Classical Painting
Altar Burner
Maraketh Cushion
Tasuni's Shrine
Shrine Table
Oyun's Throne
Maraketh Gong
Maraketh Table
Huntsman Building Supplies
Wild Shrine
Wrangler Pylon
Black Building Supplies
White Building Supplies
Laboratory Benches
Twisted Experiments
Angelic Curios
Demonic Curios
Sunrise Objects
Nightfall Crystals
Suffering Curios
Misery Curios
Lightbringer Curios
Darkshard Curios
Ornate Bar
Ornate Wall Hanging
Lotus Terrace Stand
Lotus Bench
Venarius' Drawings
Engineering Desk
Weapon Display
War Table
Stable Objects
Kalguur Weapon Rack
Kalguur Altar
Kalguur Brazier
Maraketh Trinkets
Maraketh Pillows
Karui Seat
Cosmic Turtle Marble Bench

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